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You can buy new headphones for $100 if you have the money. Get the best of both worlds with a high-quality sound system and a wide range of features. You don’t have to read anything, and the Status Audio CB-1 is available for purchase right now. Read the remainder of this article if you’d want to learn more about why I recommend the CB-1 so highly.

We previously tested Status Audio’s flagship open-back headphone, the OB-1. As far as the price-performance ratio is concerned, this week we’re focusing on the closed-back cans. Even though we’ve written a lot about the advantages of open-back headphones in the past, we’ve never been able to confidently endorse a pair for less than $100 that sounds this amazing.

Build, Design & Packaging

The Status Audio CB-1’s build quality is a mixed bag. When you consider the price, it’s impressive, and it has a few features you’d expect to find on pricier headphones. However, there are situations in which material selection may have been improved substantially.

To begin, consider the entire atmosphere. The CB-1 is built with high-quality materials, yet there are still a lot of low-cost plastics in it. Headband slider and earcups are a little on the flimsy side. For further security, we would have preferred a metal headband slider like the Status Audio OB-1. We were able to change and hold positions as expected, despite the fact that the materials used felt a little flimsy in certain places.

Here, the CB-1 shines over its similarly priced competition because of the wonderful items you get. The headband can be bent in the most absurd ways. Even though we were able to twist and condense it quite a little, it always returned to its original shape. The CB-1’s padded headband is also quite comfortable to wear for extended listening sessions.

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Regarding ease. Have a look at those massive pads! The pads on my cheap headphones are always the first item I replace. The CB-1s, in contrast, have deep memory foam and soft, breathable protein leather coverings instead of the usual thin, unpleasant plastic cushions. It’s a great touch that will be appreciated by those that listen all day.

The CB-1 has a single-entry detachable cable, which comes with two in the package. It’s clear that the cables are of the highest quality. With this purchase, you get two cables: one that’s 5 feet long, and one that’s portable. Headphones will last longer if the jacking points are sturdy and robust, and the strain relief spring mechanisms are superb.

Both of these cables, however, are better suited for household use because of their weight and size. The V-Moda Speakeasy cable was a simple and effective way to make the headphones more convenient to transport. In addition to transforming the headphones into a headset, the inbuilt microphone significantly reduces the weight. As of this writing, the CB-1 is capable of receiving and making calls.

The package is cheap, yet it has a nice appearance about it. It protects the headphones well enough. Only the headphones and two cables with a 1/4 inch Jack converter are included in this set.

It’s worth noting that Status Audio has decided to leave out any branding from the headphones’ design altogether. We understand that they may look a little less unique, but in the end, it saves money, so we’re fine with it. The companies’ ethos is to make non-branded headphones without sponsors or aggressive marketing to pass savings on to the consumer directly.


They are, nonetheless, really comfy. Luxurious comfort is ensured thanks to the light weight and ample padding in the cups and headband. The Status CB-1 headphones, for all their foam and cup depth, don’t do much to filter out noise. These don’t look like audio earplugs at all.

There are two cables included with the set, and they are both twist-to-lock. However, the two are distinct in that one is coiled, while the other is a longer, straight wire.

Neither of these is ideal for usage on a phone because they are very long. They’re designed for professional audio, but the coiled cable means they’re suitable for everyday usage without causing a tripping hazard. Also included is a 6.3mm adapter.


Highs that are uncommon at this price point coexist with weak aspects that most big-name brands would avoid in the Status CB-1s’ sound.

Most impressive is the sound’s massive scope. The fact that they employ 50mm drivers doesn’t ensure a wide soundstage, but the one you get with these headphones is as wide and open as you’d get with other open-backed competitors. The headphone’s grand scale and adequate width for a closed-back design make it a winner.

In comparison to the Audio Technica ATH-M50X, the treble here is more prolonged and less crisp. If you’re looking for a balanced and neutral sound, Status headphones are not for you. The bass is powerful and hefty. As well as being soft, it is also disorganized.

However, the primary issues are not in the bass or treble, but rather in the middle of the range.. The wide soundstage of these headphones is used to reduce the affects of untamed mid- and upper-bass frequencies. It’s hardly a complete failure.


It’s possible for a song’s midrange resonance and bloat to generate some distracting frequency conflicts.

It reduces the CB-1 sound’s meat to dough, resulting in poor vocal separation from other midrange aspects. The sound is bogged down in the claggy mids due to imprecise timing and a lack of focus.

The Status CB-1 is substantially less tight and dynamic than the Audio Technica ATH-M50X and SoundMagic HP151. They’re a little flat.

Even though it has a good treble extension and wide soundstage, the unpleasant aspects of the sound take over as you continue listening.


A pair of Status CB-1 headphones is worth a closer look. It’s rare to find a pair of Sony- or Sennheiser-branded headphones at this pricing point without having to rely on Chinese imports.

A lot of gear is included in the price, including several cables, a sturdy design, and powerful drivers that produce enormous sound.

Status Audio CB-1 Studio Monitor Headphones Review: Great Price, Greater Sound | Tom's Guide

It’s hard to tell this from a competitor’s sound, but the sloppy low mids and off-kilter timing stand out as particularly amateurish.

A new best sounding headphone under $100 (closed Back)

The Grado SR-80e is still the best sounding headphone under $100, but open-back headphones can’t be used as a direct comparison. The Noontec Zoro HD and the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x are two headphones that come to mind for under $100. Sound-wise, the Status Audio comes out on top against these two competitors.

For the most part, the Status Audio CB-1 is a neutral-sounding headset. These speakers are capable of delivering an astounding level of clarity for less than $100, and the bottom end can stretch quite a bit when the music selection demands it.

In addition to the music sounding brighter, the treble adds depth and intensity to the mix. Because so many cheap headphones fail in this area, I was surprised to find that the top performs fairly well with jazz and classical.

Audio Technica’s more expensive ATH-M50x headphone has crisp and rapid mids, akin to what you’d expect from this headphone. We didn’t have any issues locating instruments in live recordings because of the excellent imagery. There’s just enough warmth and just enough of an uptick in the lows to make this an excellent performance.

I found the low end to be quick, tight, and well-controlled. CB-1’s bass did extend down, but it’s not a headset for bassheads in any manner.

Soundstage depth and width were almost equal, although there was nothing particularly noteworthy about them. The OB-1 is a viable solution for anyone looking for a larger soundstage.

It was unexpected that the isolation was so poor considering how substantial these headphones seemed. We suspect that the CB-1’s poor plastic construction is primarily to blame, as we discovered that it did allow in a significant quantity of outside noise. If you want to commute, you may want to look elsewhere, but they should be good in a quieter location.

Cheap and Very Cheer – Great Sound Without Damage to the Wallet.

If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a pair of headphones that sound as good as these Status Audio CB-1.

In terms of sound quality and comfort, there really isn’t a better closed-back headphone at this price point.

We’ve been impressed with Status’s ability to find high-quality OEM hardware, and it just shows how many headphones you can purchase without breaking the bank.

If you’re searching for a pair of closed-back headphones for under $100 right now, this is a great option.



The sound quality of the Status Audio CB-1 headphones is far superior than what you’d expect for the price. All-day comfort is provided by extra cushioning on the ear cups and the headband of the headset. Included are coiled and straight cords that can be removed.


The ergonomic ear pads, while pleasant, do not provide the optimum sound isolation. What can I say? It’s just a generic design. I don’t have any cases. For mobile use, their size and absence of an in-line microphone make them unappealing.


The Status Audio CB-1 over-the-ear headphones will appeal to those who value sound quality over flashy aesthetics or a well-known brand.

They sound flat or neutral, which is what you want in a studio environment, according to the company’s claims. As a result of their excellent sound balance, these headphones are suitable for a wide range of musical tastes. As a result, I was able to utilize them for long periods of time without experiencing any fatigue. I doubt you’ll be dissatisfied with their $79 (around £55 or AU$110) price tag.

However, the CB-1s may sound bland if you’re used to consumer headphones that amplify bass or boost vocals. It’s a similar story with the Audio-Technica M50x headphone, one of our favorite monitor-style headphones. As for the CB-1s, they just don’t appear to keep out the same amount of sound pollution as the M50x. Generally speaking, the M50xs are a better option for the additional cost (about $120) in this category. If you’re on a budget, the CB-1s are a solid choice; they sound and build better than the similarly priced Audio-Technica M30x.

However, despite the fact that the headphones have no business logos on them, they still appear to be generic. The ear pads, which are thicker at the front and thinner at the rear, fit snugly around the curvature of your skull, making them quite comfortable. Moreover, the headband is quite comfortable to use for long periods of time.

There is a cable input on the left ear cup, and Status Audio provides a coiled cable, an extended-length straight cable, and a 1/4-inch adaptor for use with this headset (but sadly no storage case or bag). Ensure that you twist and lock the cable in place before you plug it in, otherwise you may have some static.


Are CB headphones good?

These headphones are excellent for professional use. When connected to my spark amp, these headphones produce a fantastic guitar tone. I was surprised to discover that they were able to produce a high-quality guitar sound from my PC. Exceptional value for the price.

Status Audio CB-1 Review 2022 - Why choose these headphones?

Who is status audio?

Status Audio is a low-cost leader in wireless on-ear headphones sold directly to consumers. It’s a direct-to-consumer firm that offers unbranded, on-ear bluetooth headphones with excellent sound at a low price of $79 using its no-middleman business model (as of the date of our review).

How good are status headphones?

Status Audio’s Between Pro earbuds sound great, are stylish, and are simple to use…. Make no mistake, these earphones still sound fantastic despite the fact that the triple-driver design doesn’t appear to be in service of a more true sound signature.


The Status Audio CB-1 headphones are an excellent value unless you’re searching for a flashier style or are ready to pay more.