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There are better gaming seats available at this price point than the Arozzi Monza. Compared to the Big Joe chair, it is equally as comfortable.

Choosing a new gaming chair is a difficult task. In most cases, you’ll find that the most highly rated things are simply out of your reach. Chairs of great quality and reasonable price can be found, however. If you know where to look, you’ll find it.

Arozzi Monza, a stylish gaming chair with a price tag of roughly $225, is the subject of today’s review.

Whether or not it’s the ideal model for your situation will be determined by highlighting its strengths and weaknesses.

Cheap And Cheerful

Streamlined, racing-style bucket seats can be seen on the Monza’s sleek exterior. PU leather is durable and easy to clean, despite the fact that this isn’t a leather chair. Consider the fact that PU leather is not as durable as genuine leather and is more prone to ripping. Most gamers can use it because it has a weight restriction of 100 KG. While this chair may be ideal for lighter gamers, it may not be the best option for heavier players. Excessive weight is not advised, despite the fact that it is a relatively safe option.

Arozzi Monza Review 2022 - Why This Chair Is Not Worth It

For both gamers and workers, the Monza’s 360 swivel design is perfect, giving a smooth motion but at a more affordable price Gas springs allow the chair’s height to be adjusted. The orange plastic cap on the gas system is merely a protection and must be removed in order for the system to function appropriately for buyers while constructing the chair. Compared to plastic armrests on other cheap seats, these armrests are significantly more pleasant and durable. Although the armrests aren’t adjustable, this is a minor drawback. This chair’s tilt can be locked, unlike many others on the market, so you can find your optimum gaming posture and secure it.

On the Monza, you can change the backrest height up to 79cm, which is good but may not be suited for taller players. Gamers searching for an adjustable chair may not be satisfied with the Monza, which has a wide range of additional features.

Design Alternatives & Original Accessories

With a variety of colors to choose from, the Arozzi Monza is available in a variety of fashionable hues. PU leather is the foundation for all of these colors, giving them the motor sports aesthetic that some gamers love while others despise. Due to the chair’s lack of further features and the fact that it is primarily a low-cost alternative, there are presently no aftermarket attachments for it.

Monza Series Size Guide

The broad 54cm seat width of the Monza makes it ideal for anyone with wider thighs. However, if you weigh more than 100 kilograms, the Monza will not suffice. The chair’s height may be adjusted up to 190cm, however that may not be enough for certain players who are particularly tall. With its affordable price tag and wide range of uses, the Arozzi Monza is an excellent choice for those who are both thin and chubby. There is a 51.5cm wide lower backrest, and a 56cm wide upper section of the backrest on this chair Bigger players may want to double-check the sizing on the Monza to make sure it’s appropriate for their stature.


This is a reasonably priced chair. This chair has a hard plastic base and armrests, and the upholstery has some creases. The chair’s vented back and overall form, on the other hand, were appealing to us.

This model’s standout feature is that it comes in a variety of colorful colors. Coloured parts contrast beautifully with the black trim, and there’s no “single black version.”

The yellow and cherry red covers stuck out to us, however this may not be acceptable if you work in a business setting.

This chair, on the other hand, lets you show off your unique sense of style. One of the few inexpensive gaming chairs to provide a pink option that looks as good as this is a rarity. Aside from that, the chair has only one logo on the backrest, which is not only modest, but also fits well with any color scheme.

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Despite its small size, the Monza is surprisingly roomy. The back and thighs are relieved thanks to the bucket-style seat.

Additionally, the lumbar support ridge is integrated into the seat, eliminating the need for additional cushioning. It’s always a good indicator when the armrests are well-padded.

It is now impossible to recline in this particular chair. However, you have the option to rock back and forth and lock the bar if you prefer to remain upright.

Because of the plastic frame, the chair is incredibly light and easy to move about. There’s also a 360-degree swivel, but that’s to be expected.

For those of us who live in hot climates, the vented back of the jacket is an absolute necessity. Because the upholstery doesn’t have any breathable mesh sections, you’ll have to rely on these vents to keep you cool and comfortable while sitting for lengthy periods of time. It’s amazing how much of a difference it makes.


In terms of functionality, the Arozzi Monza is somewhat limited. You can’t change the armrests, and there are only a few possibilities to personalize your experience, such as the tilt tension dial or the height adjustment.

There aren’t any issues with the wheels locking up, and they aren’t overly noisy.

This does not imply that this chair is in any way inferior. When compared to other office chairs in this price range, the Monza is a decent mix between comfort, cost, and practicality.

A massaging feature isn’t fair to expect from a low-cost chair, but the rest of the amenities are fine.


Arozzi offers model-specific customer service through a dedicated part of its website. This includes a list of frequently asked questions, how-to tutorials, and a contact form in case of problems. However, as a customer, are you adequately safeguarded?

There is a two-year limited warranty for the Monza This protects you from any manufacturing flaws or defective parts that were not your responsibility. You have 14 days from the date of purchase to return the chair.

However, shipping costs must be borne even if the item is defect-free. This is a very conventional set of features for a low-cost chair, to be honest.


With that being said, the Arozzi Monza is not going to be enough for those who are looking for everything.

At half the cost of some more popular chairs, it’s an attractive and comfy option. What if that isn’t valuable? We don’t know what else is.

Certain things can be done better, no doubt about that. For example, the plastic body didn’t sit well with us.

This is a reasonable compromise, however, given the price. The Monza is an excellent choice if you work from home and require a chair that won’t strain your back.

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Are Arozzi gaming chairs good?

If you’re on a budget, the Arozzi Torretta is a decent gaming chair. In terms of quality and value, it’s adequate, but not exceptional. Finding the appropriate chair, whether you’re working in an office or just playing video games for hours at a time, is half the battle.

Is gaming chair good for back pain?

The health benefits of gaming chairs may have become obvious to you by now. Sitting sickness has finally found an antidote in them. Gaming chairs support your back and improve your posture whether you’re sitting for a short time or for an extended period of time. The core muscles in your body are strengthened by gaming chairs, resulting in increased energy.