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Traditional gaming chairs are either overly bright or have an unappealing appearance that only appeals to people who lack taste.

A typical gaming chair, on the other hand, can be both comfortable and visually appealing.

2016 saw the establishment of noblechairs as a Berlin-based firm. The Noblechair EPIC was the company’s first chair, and it was a German technical marvel created from premium materials.

The noblechairs ICON TX, the company’s newest model, will be the subject of this study because of its improved material and consequently improved comfort.


Gaming Chair from the Icon TX Series


A gaming chair can be a battle station, a cockpit, or even a driver’s seat for gamers. As a result, gamers place a high value on comfort because they spend so much time in front of a computer.

noblechairs ICON TX Fabric Chair Review - A Closer Look | TechPowerUp

Despite its sturdiness, the noblechairs Icon TX is not unpleasant to sit in. This means that the chair should be comfortable enough to sit in for a long time.

You may find yourself constantly relying on the chair’s lumbar support, but it’s also really comfy without it.

If you wish to relax with your feet up and a movie on the chair, you can use the neck cushion.

In addition, the “4D” armrests are very comfortable. Because they are much stronger than your chair, but with just a touch of softness at the top, they assist you maintain a proper posture while you work at your desk.


Adjustable armrests make it easy to choose the best position for your particular task.

The designers of noble chairs paid close attention to a factor that is sometimes disregarded when it comes to gaming chairs: legroom.

With no additional metal supports and the seat cheek flattening, the thighs are able to move more freely than ever before.

The high-density foam beneath the breathable fabric guarantees that the chair retains its shape for a long time.

The chair’s overall design focuses on user convenience. Back and neck comfort features are included in the design.

The ICON TX’s textured back guarantees that the neck and lumbar cushions stay in place when positioned appropriately, unlike most typical gaming chairs that employ straps.


If appearances are important to you while shopping for a gaming chair, the ICON TX is a chair worth considering.

Almost like an Aston Martin, the seat has a race car style that’s sleek and impressive.

Despite this, the seat’s overall appearance and general qualities are unaffected.

Black leather with white stitching is the most popular color option for this chair.

As well as providing support for your arms, armrests are an important part of the chair’s design. Both the fabric and the black powder finish on these chairs are eye-catching.


First and foremost, the rocking feature of the chair makes it perfect for computer gaming, computing, and other office tasks as well.

The adaptability of a rocking chair makes it an excellent choice for an office setting because it enhances user comfort and flexibility.

And what’s even better?

ICON TX boasts smooth castors that guarantee precise mobility. The chair will not go far from your desk unless you give it permission to.

If the armrests aren’t comfortable, even the most stylish and comfortable gaming chair will be a flop.

ICON TX noblechair armrests can be shifted in, out, up, and down as well as angled in any direction.

It’s no secret that folks who spend the majority of their workdays hunched over a computer in an office or gaming chair frequently have back pain.

noblechairs ICON TX Fabric Chair Review | TechPowerUp

However, if you go for a high-quality chair constructed of comfy materials, you won’t have to worry about backaches when working at your computer.

It is easy to find your ideal sitting posture with the noblechairs ICON TX’s 90-135 degree adjustable backrest.

If it doesn’t suffice:

A class 4 hydraulic gas lift with an adjustability range of 48cm – 58cm is used by noblechairs to accommodate users of various height.


The majority of high-end gaming seats cost a lot of money, and long-term use is a major consideration for any purchaser.

ICON TX shines the brightest in this regard.

It’s made of breathable fabric, which is both comfortable and long-lasting, even after a lot of wear and tear.

Despite the fact that the maximum load is 150 kg, the frame is composed of solid steel.

The base is supported by a five-point aluminum structure that is sturdy and long-lasting.


Noblechairs claims that the Icon incorporates user feedback to make it an even better chair than the Epic.

The general design is less “racing car bucket seat” and more “executive office,” so to speak. There are many who prefer a more subdued, polished look, and the absence of overt branding should make this a popular choice.

There is an option for a synthetic leather variant (like the one pictured above) where the stitching color is only available in black. Real leather is also available in black, as shown below, as well as cognac and black for the cigar-smoking gamer. 2mm-thick hide covers it.

Hybrid synthetic leather is the final material to be considered for this project. Two “editions”: Black and Java, which are basically identical to “vegan leather” on some high-end automobile seats, are available. On the Epic, we put this content to the test, and it’s quite stunning.

We put the new TX fabric and the synthetic leather Icon to the test for our review. In comparison to conventional chair covers, the PU leather has a thickness of 1.5 millimeters.

Additionally, the Icon’s steel frame is 2mm thick instead of the typical 1-1.5mm used by its competitors. The chair also has a solid aluminum base, making it a premium piece of furniture.

You won’t find recycled or reclaimed foam in the cushions. You might be surprised at first by how well it holds its shape despite its 55 percent density. Over the course of a year, we have found that the synthetic leather version of the emblem does not sag or lose its shape.

The backrest’s ergonomic design means you won’t need to utilize the lumbar cushion that comes with the chair. There’s also a pillow for your head, which may be used in a variety of ways.

Adjustment is necessary, as one could imagine. The chair’s rocking mechanism can be unlocked and the resistance adjusted to meet your weight.

They have a dark chrome finish and can be adjusted in four directions (thus the 4D). Because there isn’t a lot of padding, these shoes aren’t exactly the most comfy.


Are Noblechairs good?

With a wide range of movement, ease of assembly, and incredible comfort, the Noblechairs Epic Black Edition is an amazing chair. Although it’s more expensive than the normal gaming chair, the materials are durable, easy to clean, and it has a fantastic feel to it as well.
noblechairs ICON TX Fabric Chair Review - User Experience | TechPowerUp

Are Noble chairs worth it Reddit?

For the past three days, I’ve been using the Noblechair, and I can’t get enough. The Noblechair’s fabrics and stitching are both of the highest quality. Despite its substantial size (both in height and width), the Noblechair doesn’t feel obtrusive. It fits me perfectly, even though I’m 6’3″ and about 82 kg (180 kg).

Where are noble chairs made?

The Hybrid Vinyl / PU Leather material used on both our Black and Java Edition chairs was manufactured in Germany and exported for use in the creation of our chairs. Hybrid material eliminates the need for perforation thanks to its carefully developed composition.


ICON TX appears to be a high-end gaming chair. Does it perform well on the practical test? I would say yes to that query.

The structure and form of this chair, in contrast to the noblechairs EPIC, indicate more of a magnificent throne than a sporting seat.

Sleek, comfortable, great: that’s how it feels to sit in this chair.

With its well-padded seat, supportive but not confining backrest, generous legroom, and plush arm rests, the ICON TX is a top-notch model in practice.

In addition, the seat height may be adjusted, a rocker function is built in, and the bolsters, despite being greatly flattened, nonetheless provide support.