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We decided to find out if the high price tag was really justified by testing out the Herman Miller Celle office chair. Now, then, what have we learned? If you want to know more, check out our comprehensive review.

Do you want a chair that not only looks good, but also provides great support and reduces the risk of developing sore muscles after long periods of sitting? Here’s some good news: the Herman Miller Celle might be just what you’re looking for.

Herman Miller Celle Review 2023 - Is It Worth The Money?

The Celle continues Herman Miller’s tradition of producing high-quality furnishings. Its price tag of $794 MSRP may seem steep at first, but if you want the best, you have to be willing to pay for it. As you read this review, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of this chair and its features, allowing you to make an informed decision about whether or not it meets your needs.

  • 39.25-44″ H x 29.5″ W x 27.5″ D
  • Maximum 350 pound weight.
  • Shades of Graphite, Black, Cerulean, and Shale
  • Polypropylene, the material.


  • It’s a top pick for the majority of tough settings.
  • When you lean back, Celle’s Harmonic tilt prevents your lower back from sliding off the backrest. When you lean back in the chair to a comfortable 28 degrees, this will provide you with the necessary support and equilibrium.
  • Celle is designed for users up to 350 lbs, which is roughly 90% of the global population.
  • flexible in terms of setting and user
  • The chair’s adjustability is truly remarkable. Everything from the position of the arms and the amount of tilt tension to the depth and height of the seat is adjustable. With so many ways to alter the chair’s settings, it can be tailored to the specific requirements of any user. All of the dials and knobs for adjusting settings are clearly labeled and logically arranged.


  • The chair lacks style, support, and comfort. It’s slightly better than average in every way, but it still might not be the chair you want to sit in for the next ten hours straight.


It’s unlikely that the word “comfortable” will be the first thing that comes to mind when you take a look at this chair. Though it appears to be hard and rigid, you’ll find that the back is actually quite flexible while still providing the necessary support to help you concentrate while working.

There is not a lot of comfort to be had from sitting on the seat. The slight indentation in the middle helps redistribute your weight, making it more comfortable and reducing the need to move around as the hours pass. The Celle has got you covered with chairs for both working and relaxing.


The Celle stands out from the crowd thanks to its sleek, contemporary design and see-through back. Because it was designed by the highly skilled Jerome Caruso, it probably will. The Celle chair comes in a number of colors, some of which may seem garish at first glance, but upon closer inspection are actually quite subdued, and they all look fantastic together.

The aesthetic quality of the mechanisms has not been compromised. It’s not uncommon to find a tangle of controls and levers on the floor beneath the seat. The Celle, however, conceals them within a plastic casing, and all of the controls, such as the gears and the knobs, are conveniently placed.

Dissecting the Celle

General Appearance and Layout

When it comes to office chairs, the Celle chair stands out from the crowd. This air of refined luxury permeates nearly every Herman Miller office chair. While the Celle chair may not have the appearance of a high-end item, it is in fact well above par. At first glance, I see that this chair is well constructed and sturdy. Although it lacks the elegance of other Herman Miller chairs in appearance.

The chair’s transparent backrest contributes to its contemporary, eclectic aesthetic. As an additional plus, I appreciate how neatly the various moving parts such as levers, knots, and gears were hidden. Ingeniously, all the moving parts under the seat have been encased in a spherical plastic cover.

Since the gears beneath the seat are visible, it stands out from other office chairs due to its unique design. The levers and knots on most desk chairs follow the same pattern seen on the Akir chair and the Ergohuman chair.

There’s something distinctive about the Celle chair’s bottom compared to the seats of other Herman Miller models, like the Aeron and Mirra 2. The Celle chair’s design is more rounded and polished. The chair will have a one-of-a-kind appearance and feel because of this. I can’t think of too many other office chairs that have as much panache in their knots and gears as this one.

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The Celle chair is even more adaptable than the Cosm and the Mirra, two other popular Herman Miller chairs. The cellular suspension method is used in the production of these Herman Miller chairs. This gives you complete freedom of movement and flexibility. More freedom of motion is afforded by the chair’s usual construction, which involves cells suspended together.

This office chair lived up to its billing in every way. The rating for adaptability is excessive. As I’ve already mentioned, among Herman Miller chairs, it might offer the most adjustability. There is a singular Celle size. However, thanks to its innovative technology, the chair can be adjusted to fit virtually any body type. As a result, it is applicable to a wider range of people and can accommodate most of them. Those of varying heights and statures can still find a comfortable position. It’s possible they won’t have to because the chair’s adjustability will cover most of the bases.


The Celle chairs’ backrests are made of a see-through plastic that also makes use of cellular suspension technology. The chair’s backrest can be adjusted in the most ways. The rear seat is airy and comfortable. The option to have upholstery placed over it is also available to you.


The Celle’s seat is slightly padded for comfort. When put next to the Aeron, the Cosm, or the Mirra. A more pleasant sensation can be felt in the Celle’s seat. The Celle’s cushioned seat is a welcome change for those who find the support provided by the mesh Herman Miller chair to be too severe.

There is also a slight curve to the seat’s design. Because of the improved weight distribution, sitting for extended periods of time won’t cause any uncomfortable pinching in the buttocks. Steelcase’s office chairs share some design cues with the Staircase Series 2’s back cushion, but their seats are much more plush and cushioned. If you want a cushion that sinks into your body completely, this is the one to get.

There’s enough room in the seat that you can do an Indian sit or cross your legs without any discomfort. Those who are a bit more plump around the hips and waist may appreciate the extra space the larger seat provides.

Celle’s cushion provides about par support. Rather than being overly soft or overly firm, it strikes a happy medium. This chair is fantastic if you require moderate assistance while sitting. If you prefer a softer seat, you may be disappointed. If so, you should consider the Mirra 2 or Aeron as an alternate.


The Celle chair would thrive in these conditions. Adjustable features for this office chair are nearly complete. You can modify the armrest height, height, tilt tension, forward tilt, and lumbar support.

It has height and depth adjustments, as well as a pivoting armrest that can be moved in and out. Furthermore, the viewing perspective can be adjusted. Its armrest is almost as flexible as the Mira and the top-tier Aeron chair. The Celle chair, unlike the brand’s other two luxury options, is significantly more affordable.

As a result, many sitters would be able to find the perfect height and arrangement for them.


When it comes to tailoring your office chair, Herman Miller is a top contender. In addition, each of their chairs can be altered to better suit the individual who will be using it. The Celle chair offers the same convenience.

The Celle can be purchased in a variety of subdued and vibrant color options. They’re modular, so you can create a seat that’s just right for you by combining different parts. Keep the cell suspension at the back, or have it upholstered in whatever you like.

Putting up your chair with a friend is like opening a bag of candy and seeing all your favorites in there. The total cost would increase, though, with each additional upgrade. While the Aeron’s price tag may be out of reach, a fully decked-out Celle may be within your means.

Capable of withstanding stress and bearing a substantial load

The chair appears to be entirely fabricated from plastic. However, it is supported by sturdy metal frameworks below. In this regard, the Celle chair lives up to its reputation as a sturdy and reliable seat. And its 350-pound weight capacity puts it squarely in the heavy-duty category. The Aeron C’s weight limit is the same as this one, so it can accommodate larger, taller people.

Therefore, there is minimal to no risk of the chair becoming too heavy.

What I wished were better

It’s possible that the Celle is a grab bag of goods. An additional recline option is available. However, I have a hard time securing the chair in the reclined position. The Celle is an acceptable choice due to its high degree of recline (28 degrees). However, if you’re in the market for a recliner, you may be disappointed. This isn’t how an office chair should be locked, but it’s a nice feature to have.

You can choose between the Killabee and the Duramont Executive if you need a fully reclined chair for your office. These two seats, though comfortable, are bonded with leather and get rather warm. They can only support a lighter load.

An above-average chair

The Celle chair offers a wide variety of convenient extras. To begin with, you can choose from a variety of sizes and hues. More than that, you get a ton of customizable options. Superior in adjustability to the well-known Aeron chair.

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The building’s framework and structure are both sturdy and reliable. And because it can support more weight, bigger folks can relax there, too. The seat and backrest cushions are adequate in their support.

The Celle chair’s many customization options are its greatest strength. Even if it only comes in one size, it can still fit quite a few people. In comparison to other luxury seating options, the price is high but not outrageous. Because it is a Herman Miller chair, the cost will also be higher than average.

Final takeaway

It’s possible that the Celle chair has everything you need in a high-quality ergonomic office chair. When compared to standard office chairs, it has the potential to provide superior comfort and support. And when compared to the high-end Herman Miller chairs in terms of support and comfort, it falls somewhere in the middle.

If you want a Herman Miller chair but can’t quite afford one right now, this is a fantastic alternative. Furthermore, among the Herman Miller chairs, this one can fit a wider variety of body types. You should know that the chair appears to be well-built and sturdy, but it is not particularly plush or stylish.