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Is it time for you to invest in a brand-new gaming chair? Since when is it so hard to tell the difference between a good product and a bad one? You can count on us. The new AKRacing Nitro will be examined to see if it meets your requirements and, maybe more significantly, if it fits inside your budget.


Everything about it is appealing from the get-go. The Nitro has a racing-car type bucket seat meant to distribute your weight properly, just like other gaming seats.

Why do you think this is? In terms of long-term comfort, you’ll find that it’s far superior to a low-backed office chair.

Despite the lack of any breathable cloth in this chair, the chair works hard to keep the user from overheating. See how the backrest curves inwards at the bottom and the two cutouts at the back?

In a well-ventilated area, the cold air can reach you, despite the chair’s size.

Our reviewers were glad to learn that this chair has a robust metal frame, as this isn’t a cheap chair on the market. A class four gas lift with a 330-pound capacity and a five-spoke, well-built base are both included.

AKRacing Nitro Review 2022 - Why This Chair Is AWESOME!


They say PU leather chairs are less comfy than their fabric-upholstered counterparts, but this isn’t universally true. However, when it comes to comfort, the foam padding inside is all that matters.

AKRacing Nitro’s high-density foam is not only resistant to compression but also extremely comfy.

Two fully-adjustable and removable lumbar and headrest cushions are included with this chair. While these do aid with comfort, their primary function is to alleviate the stress on your back and neck that comes with sitting for lengthy periods of time.

If your job requires you to sit at a desk all day, you’ve probably noticed how sore you get at the end of the day. These issues have been especially addressed by the Nitro.

Reclination and rocking up to 12° backward are also possible without any instability. Although there is a tilt locker available if you like.

If you’re thinking, “It’s going to be a nuisance to move this chair around,” you’re not alone. As a matter of fact, this isn’t a clunky machine at all: it weighs just 22 kilograms (48 pounds).


A lousy armrest is a lot easier to manufacture than one that is both useful and well-designed. Surprise!

AKRacing has accomplished this! Adjustable inward/outward/upward/downward 2D armrests are standard on the Nitro. As an added bonus, the two pieces can be moved separately.

There’s a lot of leeway for personalization. Adjusting the seat’s height by 8cm (3″) and choosing from six color schemes ensures that you’ll find the perfect fit for your home’s decor.

In our opinion, the black and white version conveys a sense of “relaxed but professional,” which we found appealing.

The Nitro itself isn’t too difficult to put together. It has a few separate sections and is held together by a series of Allen screws like most other items on the market.

It should just take around 10 minutes to build, and you don’t even need a companion to assist you, which is a big plus.


Priced at about €310 ($358, £278), this chair falls into the mid-range for gaming chairs. In this price range, there is a lot of competition.

There are times when a product has additional functions, such as fully configurable back frames, that you don’t want or need.

Instead of going overboard with features like movable armrests and ergonomic design, the Nitro sticks to the essentials while still remaining inexpensive.

In addition, AKRacing offers eSports sponsorships, an option that few other firms provide. It’s possible to get a Nitro for free if you’re the best in your field.

Deliveries outside of Europe may be prohibitively expensive due to the fact that AKRacing is situated in Sweden and uses a third-party courier service.

Even if you reside in a remote location, the company promises to deliver your chair in a week or less. That’s not too awful considering the size of the bundle.


With every gaming chair purchased from AKRacing, a 14-day money back guarantee and shipment tracking information are included, as is a two-year warranty that covers manufacture faults.

Since most of its competitors only provide coverage for a year, we’re already ahead of the game. What if you have an issue with the product after you’ve purchased it?

AKRacing can be contacted via the customer help form, email, or social media if you need assistance.

However, you shouldn’t have to resort to these methods because the help page for the website provides comprehensive assembly manuals and FAQs. The manual contains all the information you’ll need.

The fact that you can pay by credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer is worth mentioning.

PayPal, in particular, simplifies the purchasing procedure when there are only a few payment methods available.

Main Features

Customers’ back support demands have been taken into consideration when designing this racing chair for gaming. It’s a good choice for lengthy periods of sitting because it promotes a relaxed, untense posture.

AK RACING Nitro Gaming Chair Review

The chair’s black and green leather surface adds a dash of sophistication to its overall design. A lot of seats are made with gamers in mind, but the AKRacing Nitro Ergonomics is not only ideal for gaming, it also looks great in an office.

The chair’s exterior is made of black and green leather, which is both stylish and easy to clean. Sweat stains, hand prints, and food and drink spills are frequent on chairs that have been used on a daily basis for an extended period of time. Because of this, it’s more difficult to clean a chair upholstered in cloth, thus leather is preferable. With a leather exterior, it’s simple to wipe dirt off or clean it periodically in order to keep it fresh and clean.

Professional gamers frequently suffer from severe back and neck pain as a result of their work. The Nitro’s design is extremely comfortable and provides excellent back support. Additionally, Nitro Ergonomics gives much-needed neck support by way of its extra padding in the back. With this, you may rest your neck and take chair breaks with ease.

The adjustable back feature is also a huge benefit because varied buyers’ heights and postures dictate their specific back adjustment requirements.

Even more convenient for short naps, the racing chair may be quickly tilted back. As soon as you shift your weight, most chairs with a good degree of tilt feature either bounce back or topple over. This chair, on the other hand, has a tilt feature that allows the user to alter the angle of the chair, as well as a lock to keep the chair in that position. If you’re looking for a chair that’s comfortable enough for a sleep, this one is for you.

The seating area, despite being designed to provide back support, is noticeably lacking in padding. For a chair of this stature, the flat surface for sitting is unusually hard and sturdy. A lot of padding on the back won’t help if you’re going to injure your lower back anyway. For the sake of long-term comfort, this makes it more durable.

The arm rests on the chair’s sides can be adjusted and are padded. Adjustable arm rests are a welcome addition to a chair that otherwise lacks this function. Armrests can be adjusted to fit gamers and other users who are a little heavier. The chair’s upper construction is outstanding, with the proper curves and cuts for stability.

Buyers with wide hips may find the wings on the racing chair unsuitable, which could lead to discomfort when gaming. Because of the long back and limited height adjustment choices, it’s an unattractive choice for those who are short in stature. However, it is built to hold a huge 396 lbs. of weight. In every way, the chair is strong and long-lasting.

The chair’s base is made of high-quality aluminum. It’s made to withstand the weight of whoever is sitting on it, no matter how much pressure is put on it. The base is supported by a class-4 gaslift, which is necessary for a weight capacity of that magnitude.

The lack of free-moving wheels is a common deterrent for consumers. Many people’s lives are made more difficult by chair wheels that become stuck when being rolled about. The AKRacing Nitro gaming racing chair base has free-moving wheels that make it easy to maneuver around the house. The chair’s free-wheeling wheels allow the user to move about while sitting. The instructions for assembling the chair are clear and straightforward.

The AKRacing Nitro’s cost is likely the most critical consideration when comparing seats. If you compare it to chairs like the Vertagear SL2000 or the DXRacer King Series, this one is on the more costly end of the market. However, despite the numerous high-quality features that make one believe that it provides value for money, the downsides such as the firm sitting base are a big consideration.” Even if the features are good, the price is too high, especially if customers have to buy an extra seat cushion.


  • Adjustable Back support
  • Elevated or lowered
  • Arm rests that can be moved
  • Armrests with padding
  • An easy-to-use tilt function
  • Locking mechanism for tilting a vehicle
  • Wheels that can move freely
  • Base made of heavy-duty metal
  • Good symbiotic relationship
  • Support for Class 4 gaslifts
  • Intensely brief instructions
  • Weight capacity of 369 lbs is commendable
  • An improved back support system, as well as a more ergonomic design
  • Design inspired by a racing car
  • It’s a simple process to put together.


  • Quite a bit of money
  • Bulky people will be unable to fit comfortably in this space.
  • For persons who are short, there is no way to change their height.
  • Lack of padding in the sitting base causes the chair to be uncomfortable to sit on.

Setting Up

Because of this, when it comes to building and setting up any gaming chair, we tend to focus on the amount of time and effort required to do it. This is not the case, however, with AkRscing Nitro. To develop the Nitro, you don’t need any assistance from anyone; you’ll be able to do it all on your own.

In terms of the Nitro itself, it’s easy to put together. Just like most other products on the market, it consists of a few components and is held together by a series of Allen screws. It should take no more than ten minutes to build the entire thing. Also included is an instruction manual that will make it even easier for you to assemble your new chair.

AKRacing Nitro Gaming Chair


The chair’s adjustable armrests and added back support make it a great choice for gamers. A tilt lock and free-wheeling wheels are included. As a result, this chair is not only cozy, but it also considers ergonomics when designing it.

Using this chair for long periods of time won’t cause back or wrist ache because of the chair’s ergonomic design. As a result, this chair can be used at the office as well as in games.


Are AKRacing chairs good?

AKRacing is a well-known company with a long history of producing high-quality seats…… The chair’s heavy metal frame tells you that it’s a high-end item that costs a lot of money. The needlework on this piece is very gorgeous. Comfortable and long-lasting, they feature breathable PU leather upholstery.

Is AKRacing a DXRacer?

DXRacer and AKRacing are worth the extra money, even if you can find cheaper gaming chairs…. 450 lb (DXRacer) and 330 lb (DXRacer) capacity gas lifts are used in the construction of both brands (AKRacing). Both brands have the same armrests.

Are gamer chairs overrated?

Overhyped is a word that describes gaming chairs. In certain circumstances, you pay more for the brand name than you do for the product itself and its qualities, depending on the brand.


The adjustable armrests and additional back support of this racing chair make it an excellent choice for gamers. It has both a tilt lock and a set of wheels that may be moved freely. Although it has a huge weight capacity and a hard seat, the DXRacer Tank Series gaming chair is a better option for heavier users due of its narrow design. At the end of the day, it’s a solid and durable chair made of fine materials with a beautiful finish. When it comes to racing-style chairs, the AKRacing Nitro Ergonomic Series is a great choice because of its overall high quality and extensive feature set.