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At some point in our lives, we’ve all experienced a bad office chair. It’s a pain to sit in squeaky, flimsy seats that scratch your back. However, this does not have to be the case. If you know where to search, you may find some truly amazing office chairs on the market.

Anda Seat Kaiser Series is the subject of this evaluation. A high-end chair necessitates a careful examination of its virtues and weaknesses, as well as whether or not its price tag justifies it.

Here are some details about it, as shown in the following table:


A quick glance at this chair reveals that it isn’t your normal model.

In lieu of expanding to cover the entire backrest, it eliminates the small, adjustable lumbar and neck rest cushions. It’s not like the backrest is just a few inches thick; it’s more like it’s curved.

If you don’t want them, you can take them out. For racing-style seats, preserving all of the backrest padding is essential to distributing your weight evenly.

Anda Seat Kaiser 2 review: XL gaming chair goes heavy on comfort | Windows Central

In spite of the fact that PVC is not a breathable material, this chair has a huge vent at the back. When it’s hot outside, you don’t want to feel like you’re stuck in a chair when you get out of it.

Because the structure is made entirely of metal, this chair can support 441lbs, unlike most other items on the market, making it ideal for persons of all sizes.


Because it’s a high-end office chair, you’d expect the Anda Seat Kaiser Series to be exceptionally comfy. Its filling, high-density mold shaping foam is to blame for this.

You won’t have to worry about the comfort of this chair deteriorating over time, because it is both luxurious and compression resistant.

Additionally, this chair has 4D armrests that can be adjusted in any direction.

To put it another way, you can adjust them in any way conceivable to reach the most comfortable position. You won’t find this feature on lower-priced devices, so it’s a pleasant addition.

In spite of the fact that this chair does not allow you to fully recline, you may get very near. It’s because heavier people are more likely to tilt the chair over.

You can lean back up to 14 degrees with the Kaiser Series, which is just enough to reduce stress and relax you without jeopardizing the product’s stability. We believe this is a reasonable trade-off for the benefits.


The only innovative features here are the armrests and the tilt mechanism. Do you have any idea as to why this is so? It’s because the Kaiser Series doesn’t require a massage function or an extended footrest to win you over. No matter what, it’s sure you’ll adore it because it was made to the greatest standards.

Because Anda Seat understands that you want to get your hands on their products as soon as possible. As a result, the Kaiser Series has been designed so that it can be assembled by one person in a matter of minutes using only a few discrete parts.

As a buyer, we appreciate the effort put into this aspect of the purchase.


The base price of the Kaiser Series chairs is roughly $530, but the full-sized support cushions will run you a little extra. Since high-end seats can cost upwards of $1000, we weren’t expecting this to be as cheap as it was.

Even if you only need one chair for your home office, this pricing shouldn’t be a problem. However, the cost of furnishing a commercial office can soon escalate.

It’s important to keep in mind, though, that these seats alleviate muscle strain and save you money in the long term.

In the end, even though purchasing a high-quality chair costs a lot of money up front, you’ll repay that money in the end. In addition, because it is less expensive than many comparable products, the Kaiser Series is significantly more accessible to independent contractors, freelancers, and startups.


Except for the upholstery, all Anda Series chairs are covered by a six-year warranty. It’s a little unusual that the covering isn’t protected from factory defects.


  • With the exception of the upholstered parts, all Anda Series chairs come with a six-year warranty. The fact that the covering isn’t guaranteed to be free of manufacturing flaws is rare..
  • LeatherAD PVC Leather Leather
  • a framework for AD S+
  • Alloy five-star base XL Aluminum
  • Casters: PU-coated XL-universal casters
  • An AD Foam Mold
  • Mechanism: XL heavy-duty tilt with several functions
  • Yes, the Tilt Angel Locker
  • Class 4 hydraulic heavy-duty piston
  • Back: Chair/Seat The backrest is completely padded.
  • Recliner: 90°-160° high-grade spring
  • Comfortable 4-directional armrests with PU-covered foam cushions
  • AD Memory M size pillow for the head
  • AD Memory XL size lumbar pillow
  • Do you need to assemble it?
  • Dimensions (in centimeters): 87L*66W*42H
  • Weight33.8kg
  • A 5-year AD Care* warranty excludes normal wear and tear.
  • Static load: 200 kg
  • The Dynamic Load Capacity is 150kg.
  • 210cm is the maximum height.
  • This chair has a backrest with a shoulder width of 60.5cm
  • 73-75.5 cm from armrest to armrest
  • The inner seat base width is 42 centimeters.
  • Dimensions: 58cm seatbase width, including sides
  • Adjustment of the armrest 2.5cm to the left or right
  • Wheelbase Inches wide: 76cm
  • The backrest is 87cm long.
  • Adjustable Armrest Height: 9cm
  • Lowest-to-highest point of the armrest: 63.5-78cm
  • 54cm is the seat depth.
  • 49cm-56cm floor to seatbase
  • A 7cm Height Adjustment is available

The evolution of chairs has been fascinating. Ergonomic designs range from the simple to the outlandish. The quality of the chair is what sets them apart, not the style. With each year, new gaming chairs are released that promise to be high-quality or ergonomic, only to be found to be the same chair with a new design. The Kaiser 2 by AndaSeat breaks the pattern and is a fantastic new addition. ‘ DuraXtra AD+ Leather, a PVC leather developed by andaseat, covers the seat of this high-end gaming chair. Real leather’s feel and sturdiness may be perfectly replicated by this synthetic substance. The goal of this bonded material is to provide comfort while still being durable and resistant to scratches. Andaseat’s full tubular steel frame, which is bent and curved rather than cut and welded, is supported by andaseat’s entire tubular steel frame.

Anda Seat Kaiser Series Review 2022 - Why This Chair Is GREAT

The body undergoes a variety of stresses and strains as a result of prolonged gaming sessions. If you’re looking to buy a gaming chair, comfort and ergonomics are two of the most important factors to consider. While each user’s posture and seating style may alter significantly, the essential needs remain the same. Lumbar support is necessary to alleviate lower back discomfort and weariness. Your body should be supported for short to extended periods of time by soft, yet durable cushioning. In order to alleviate tension and fatigue in the neck, a headrest is an absolute necessity! When all of these requirements are accomplished, the user should see an increase in productivity and performance. The body is able to focus more clearly on the work at hand when these components are eliminated. Setting up a sniper camp is a good example. While searching for the objective, you may have to remain completely still for long periods of time.

The gaming chair market is not the only one that benefits from these chairs, let’s be honest. For the same reasons, they’re becoming more common in the workplace. When the user’s body is supported and calm, they can work more quickly and effectively. As a result, workers may take fewer rest breaks, which will improve their output and efficiency.


I began my assessment of the chair as soon as it was delivered to make sure everything was there and to look for any damage that might have occurred during delivery. Andaseat did an excellent job of putting the components in the package so that they were adequately guarded. I proceeded to assemble the chair as planned.

It’s easy to put together thanks to the thorough instructions that come with it. There was no need for extra tools thanks to the included double-ended allen key. Threading the screws was a breeze, and everything was precisely aligned. Assembling a product may take longer or shorter depending on your past experience.


The chair’s first impressions were positive. The first day, I spent a couple hours familiarizing myself with the chair. Because of the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship involved, the molded foam cushions are incredibly comfortable. The experience was never a discomfort. In terms of ventilation, the material was adequate and did not create an environment known as perspiration.

The chair has held up well over the course of many hours of gaming. This sparked an idea in my head, so the next day, I took it to work with me to put it to the test. Because my cat can’t get to it, I was finally able to get rid of the pricey office chair that didn’t support my lumbar area properly and was a short-back chair. The headrest on the Kaiser 2 was yet another feature I took for granted. Working long and irregular shifts can lead to physical and mental exhaustion. Every now and again, I find myself having to get up and move around. When I can sit comfortably for longer durations without feeling like I just spent 24 hours on a 2-hour assignment, I know I’m making a healthy choice. But it’s good to be able to sit comfortably for longer periods. As soon as I brought the chair into the office, my coworkers were enthralled by it. As a result, it appears to be a big hit at work in multiple ways.

Extra care was put into making the backrest more comfortable, just like a real-life racing seat would. Over time, posture becomes less of a priority. As a result, you may find yourself in uncomfortable sitting positions, which can lead to increased levels of tension and exhaustion in your body. As a result of the shape of the backrest and support cushions, AndaSeat has your back covered. Over a decade of research has culminated in this, and the goal is to assist better posture and comfort.

While adjusting the recline settings on the Kaiser 2, I noticed no wobbles. Without a footrest, it was difficult to find a comfortable posture to rest. So, to sum things up, it was a wonderful addition to my normal routine. The aluminum wheelbase provides a stable foundation for this char, which can be easily gilded when required. Before making a purchase, players should double-check the lowest height specifications, as well. When I was at the lowest height setting, I couldn’t fully plant my feet on the floor, making it appear taller. It measures 49cm-56cm from the floor to the base of the seat.

The Kaiser 2’s lumbar and neck pillows were supplied with the chair. The majority of the time, these are low-quality additions that are simply thrown in because “let’s do it.” It is a credit to AndaSeat that their cushions are not only comfortable, but also aesthetically pleasing. With the quick attach hooks and straps, these two cushions may be readily removable, offering the user more options for placement and modifications.

I can’t stress enough how sturdy this chair is. AndaSeat’s high-quality construction is to blame for this. AndaSeat’s frame is made from a solid piece of steel that is bent and rolled to shape it, as opposed to less expensive processes that include cutting and welding metal together. As a result, the structure is more durable and less likely to snap or bend with time. I hope that this chair will continue to prove itself through time, even though it is difficult to predict exactly what it will accomplish.

The 4D armrests, of course, aren’t the least important feature. Over time, I had to grow used to this feature. As a result, it was now much easier to have a few chairs with this feature on hand. They’re very convenient because I can change their settings on the fly. It’s easy to lower them after I’m done use my chair. With my 6-year-old in the room, I’m able to fine-tune my viewing experience by making adjustments from forward, backward, up/down/left/right/angle inward and out. I’d go so far as to say that without the 4D armrests, I’d be a little disoriented. While AndaSeat is a pioneer in this field, it is neither the first or last to use this approach to seating. Their placement is perfect, in my opinion. The design is sturdy and dependable, and the controls are simple to use. My only suggestion would have been to add more padding to the chair.

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The Kaiser 2 exceeded all of my expectations during my time with it. Leather made from PVC is long-lasting and breathable. There aren’t any obvious indications of wear as yet. No evidence of early wear can be seen on the foam or upholstery, which have held their shape and for a long time. Overall, the chair provides a comfortable sitting experience while also supporting good posture. For those looking for a high-end chair that can be utilized for gaming as well as office warfare, look no further than this model.