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The original of this chair is no longer available, despite the fact that it is a fantastic piece of furniture.

There’s virtually no need to buy this model unless you can get one on sale from a third-party distributor at a discounted price.

When purchasing a chair, most people focus on the cushioning or other amenities. You may, nevertheless, desire a chair that stands out. The Verona Pro armchair by Arozzi is one such example. It’s visually appealing, but there’s a lot more to it than just that.

Since this model has been superseded by the Verona V2, it is only possible to purchase one from a third-party vendor going forward. If you haven’t already, check out our review of the Verona Pro below to see why we think it’s still worth your time.

  • a metal framework
  • Nylon covers
  • Maximum weight: 290 kg
  • Armrests: Adjustable height.
  • The maximum angle of recline is 180 degrees.
  • a dense, lightweight material
  • Back and head support
  • Motion of tilting and rocking

Arozzi Verona Pro Review 2022 - Is This Gaming Chair Worth It?


  • Exceptional construction and coverings
  • Various color schemes
  • supreme ease and luxury
  • Additional cushions and support are available.


  • Only the height of the armrests can be altered.
  • Problems with sizing and padding

Stuff That Needs For Gaming

Arozzi’s Pro V2 is a mid-priced, feature-rich gaming chair. The chair’s design is enticing to both novice and seasoned gamers. Arozzi enthusiasts are likely already familiar with the chair’s proven characteristics.

Also, it has a racing-inspired style that’s better than many other brands’ offerings. Extra room may be seen in the backrest and seat pan of the Verona’s second generation.

The most major improvement is in the ergonomics of the new model. Without the use of foam cushioning, almost all sections of the chair are free of complaints.

The Support & Ergonomic Design

Designing gaming seats with ergonomics in mind is key. The reason for this is that Arozzi provides chairs with the same technique regardless of price.

This V2 is the greatest option for a gamer in this category because it has a better design than many other gaming chairs in this price range. Moving up from the entry-level chair, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how comfortable the fashionable one is.

This chair’s hanging design has the greatest effect on the user’s lateral support needs, which are concentrated in a relatively small area. The concept is based on the racing car seats in a literal sense. The united efforts of everyone ensure that you get the most out of your chair.

Back Pillows For The Additional Help

Many gaming seats in this price range aren’t particularly focused on positioning. If you want to learn more about the importance of good posture while sitting for a long period of time, the Pro V2 is the best option. There are two pillows on either side of the chair, one on each side of the seat.

The lumbar support is provided by the lower chair in this set of two. It includes two straps that may be adjusted in height to accommodate people of various heights. Furthermore, you may remove the upper one when it’s not needed to use as a head rest.

A Fun & Functional Steep Recline

The Arozzi’s steep recline isn’t the problem if you unfairly blame it for its flaws. The Pro V2 is the greatest gaming chair since it offers everything you need to have a good time while gaming. In terms of reclining, you may get as low as 165 degrees.

So, you can adjust it to the angle that best suits their needs. It’s easier to take a break from gaming and you don’t have to get out of your chair. After a lengthy period of sitting, it may be beneficial to relax and straighten your back.

Get Moving With A Rocking Function

The chair has an unique rocking feature. It’s obvious that the chair’s impact on increased activity is a topic of discussion among its users. Gamers, on the other hand, are well aware that this is an effective strategy for staying focused and having fun when under a lot of strain.

As a result, many gamers appreciate its rocking feature because they can only access it if its core obtains a little bit of space. In addition, it’ll help you maintain a healthy posture when you’re having a good time. In addition, it aids in the development of your postural muscle group.

Enough Adjustability For The Gamers

The gaming chair might, in fact, be enhanced with additional functionalities. However, this isn’t always the case when users want to be able to select the features they want in their product. Because of this, V2’s adjustable backrest is a leading solution among many others.

Its two support pillows, as you may already be aware, give it a distinct personality. It’s true that some gamers only recognize the chair when they see the two pillows with the height-adjustment straps.

Moreover, the reclining feature is really useful in this situation. Many gamers, however, can sense the limitations of actual support and armrests in some circumstances. When they weigh more than 290 pounds, it is more common.

Great To Talk About Armrests

This gaming chair’s adjustable armrests are a welcome feature. However, the Torretta’s height adjustment capabilities allow its users to achieve their ideal standing height.

Therefore, it is commonly used for gaming reasons. The height-adjustable armrests are the key player in this scenario since they allow you to choose the ideal height for maximum comfort.

Best Value Of The Pro V2

Investing in the Pro V2 is a wise decision that will pay off in the long run. It’s all set to give you the most freedom in terms of ergonomic design and remarkable space, in addition to adding additional value. Consequently, it provides the necessary sustainability to be a design that is future-proof.

Reasons to consider the Arozzi Verona Pro V2

  • With a weight capability of 290 pounds, this vehicle was designed (130kg)
  • To date, this is the first Arozzi (from entry-level to high-end) model to feature an innovative seat mechanism.
  • With its rocking feature, it’s entertaining to use.
  • Those who enjoy the locking tilt advantage of Arozzi will enjoy this.
  • Locks at any point along the way to a fully reclined position of 165 degrees.
  • Large casters that don’t get stuck on carpets are used.
  • The entire thing is cushioned.
  • It’s made of high-density foam padding
  • It weighs in about 48.5 pounds.
  • a 540 mm wide seat base
  • All-height adjustable 820mm tall backrest
  • Adjustable armrests of 260 mm are included.
  • Based on the 470mm depth of the seat pan, this is the most comfortable position.
  • Lumbar support pillow may be adjusted in height.
  • A neck pillow is included with the package.
  • Blue, carbon black, grey, green, orange, and red are all appropriate colors for both men and women.

Reasons not to consider the Arozzi Verona Pro V2

  • High-density seat pan (40-45 kg/m3 for the backrest) with variable foam density (25 kg/m3)
  • Only the height of the armrests can be adjusted.

A few tempting features of the Arozzi Verona Pro V2

The Verona gaming chair has been updated for the second time. Both the seat pan and the backrest display this. For the most part, the chair’s ergonomics have been upgraded. It’s impossible for gamers to complain about too many things. Differentiated foam padding could be an exception. However, this is Arozzi’s policy, as the Torretta and Torretta XL models have such an upgraded design.

The support provided by the ergonomic design

Chair ergonomics have always been a major selling factor for the product. As a result, Arozzi manufactures chairs of various price points that all use a similar approach. The Arozzi Verona Pro V2 gaming chair is a popular choice among gamers since it is a solid starting point. It has more features than the majority of competing models in its price range.

Arozzi Verona Pro V2 Gaming Chair Review

The chair is quite comfy for those moving up from the traditional entry-level cash & carry option. The chair’s hugging design has a large part to play in this effect. It doesn’t necessarily required to have lateral support. It’s based on racing car seats, where this type of support is critical in tight corners. This is where the gaming chair comes in. It takes all of that and elevates the experience for the user.

With the additional support provided by the back pillows

Verona Pro V2 features a few extras to assist gamers recognize how important good posture is in a world where they sit for long periods of time, unlike other gaming seats in this price range. The chair has two more pillows. Lumbar support is provided by the lower pillow. It has two straps and is height-adjustable to accommodate people of varying statures. When not in use, you can remove the upper pillow, which is primarily intended to provide head support. Both of these pillows provide the user with a new level of comfort.

To begin with, why would a gamer opt for a lumbar cushion at all? What about those for the elderly? For appropriate posture, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the lumbar region needs attention. Because improper posture takes years to develop, students and professionals who sit for long periods of time are the most vulnerable. If your back is straight and your shoulders aren’t rounded, a modest lumbar pillow can be a good option. A proper thoracic alignment is also supported by the lumbar pillow.

Arozzi’s backrests have more to teach us about their ergonomics…. Users must, however, educate themselves on good posture and how to get the most benefit from the lumbar support pillow.

A helpful and enjoyable incline reclining.

When it comes to faults, the steep recline isn’t one that belongs on Arozzi’s plate. All of the company’s gaming chairs now have this feature. However, the Verona Pro V2 has a reclining function of 165 degrees. For a few minutes, gamers can let their hair down and relax with this handy feature. Breaking away from gaming doesn’t require you to get out of the seat. When you’ve been sitting for a lengthy period of time, your spine can relax and straighten.

Get moving with a shaky function

The chair’s rocking feature is a lot of fun. Of course, it has an effect on increased activity, as is often discussed. But, as gamers know, it’s a great method to keep yourself occupied and engaged when the stakes are high. It’s one of the few moments in a gamer’s life that they’re able to activate their core muscles. Sitting in a pleasurable way can also enhance postural strength.

What gamers wish Arozzi Verona Pro V2 would improve

The Arozzi Verona Pro V2 is a popular option for gamers looking for a new controller. But when it comes to the chair’s cushion, they aren’t so sure. The armrests are also a source of concern for some.

The backrest and seat pan each use a unique type of foam.

If you look closely at the chair’s numbers, you’ll see that the density of the foam in the backrest is lower than that in the seat pan. It’s important for users to understand that this differentiation is also present in a wide range of other brands.

For starters, it’s possible that the chair is designed for the ordinary user, thus the backrest doesn’t need to be as strong. It is more likely that this foam has a lesser density because it is cheaper. Most people won’t even notice a significant difference. The Torretta gaming chair, on the other hand, is better suited for gamers who weigh less than 290 pounds.

Talking about armrests is in order here.

The fact that the armrests of the Verona Pro V2 are detachable immediately makes it a plus. However, they do not have the same degree of adjustability as the Torretta’s. They can be customized to a person’s preferred height by the user. Although they are suitable for everyday usage, they won’t be ideal for those with high expectations, such as gamer enthusiasts, who are searching for high-end designs.

The armrests are still height-adjustable, even under these extreme circumstances. Armrests can be adjusted to the user’s preferred height, and the arms can rest naturally on them. This can help alleviate the soreness and stiffness in the upper back and shoulders that might result from incorrect arm positioning over a lengthy period of time.

In contrast, the armrests lack the 4-direction flexibility found in the best gaming chairs. When playing with a keyboard and a controller, some gamers may have to give up on the idea of being able to adjust the angle of their hands. However, manufacturers often provide adjustable armrests as a standard feature at this price point.

Practicality of PU leather

PU leather is used for the seat’s cover. Industry experts put the material on chairs that cost twice as much because of its popularity. As one of the names that focus on practicality, the Arozzi Verona Pro V2 is easy to see why.

When necessary, gamers may fast and easily clean the chair. The chair can be kept fresh and odor-free for a long time with just a damp wipe and some cleaning solution. Wipe down the armrests, too. Regular cleaning is recommended for any surfaces that come into contact with the patient. In fact, several manufacturers advise that you dust your home while wiping the chair.

The mid-range option from Arozzi

It is possible to borrow some characteristics from high-end items while also borrowing features from lower-end products. The Verona Pro V2 is no exception. It’s based on a sturdy frame that is as mid-range as you can go, however. Full recline doesn’t pose any problems because to the sturdy wheels and 290-pound weight capacity. The huge casters, on the other hand, are useful. Users can simply glide on various carpets and the chair can be shifted out of the way with one hand thanks to these features.

Most players won’t need to make major alterations.

The chair may, of course, be enhanced with a plethora of different functionalities. In other cases, however, it is not always possible for consumers to simply select the features they like in their seats. The Verona Pro V2 is one of the most popular options for adjusting the backrest because of this.

Top 10 arozzi verona pro v2 gaming chair hay nhất 2022

Two additional pillows can go a long way. Symbolically, they symbolize a distinguishing feature. Indeed, many gamers remember the chair by the two pillows with their height-adjustable straps on them. Having the ability to recline is also beneficial. As a result, gamers who weigh more than 290 pounds may feel restricted by the chair’s armrests and support.

Adding color to the path to gaming escapism

Without color, the world would be a dreary place. Without color, a gaming chair would be lacking in character. To this end, we have Arozzi Verona Pro V2.

  • Blue
  • Infra-red:
  • Gray
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Red

However, the colors don’t actually change the entire surface of the PU leather from black. The Arozzi logo, the seat pan, and the side of the backrest are the only places where the colors have been updated. They can, of course, be worn in a variety of ways. Lighting fixtures for keyboards, desks, and rooms can all be coordinated with the help of these gadgets. Colors can be chosen based on the player’s personality.

Floor mats are also available for further personalization. In addition to the Verona Pro V2, Arozzi offers its own floormat for protecting hardwood floors. The floormat is 45.7 x 45.7 inches in size and provides noise reduction benefits by covering the entire chair while yet allowing for some movement.


There are lumbar/headrest cushions that can be removed and adjusted to ensure that you are always comfortable in this chair. Notice how the seat virtually hugs the user: this helps to transfer pressure throughout your body and reduce the risk of back strain after long periods of sitting.

The armrests can be positioned in any way you choose, and the seat itself has extra padding. We like how light and portable the frame is despite its solid construction. You can also recline or rock back and forth if you’d like to. The recliner may, of course, be locked in place.


If the plain black color scheme isn’t your cup of tea, try one of the other five available options. They say “I’m professional but both smart and relaxed” with their three-tone design. It’s not just the aesthetics: the recliner dial is coated in a stylish black and white veneer.

In addition, there’s no need to be concerned about it being damaged. You don’t have to worry about discoloration or water damage while cleaning up spills on faux leather furniture. Is it really necessary to have three Arozzi logos, if we had to find something to criticize? It’s unlikely.


Parts for this chair can be put together in a matter of minutes. It should only take around 15 minutes to put everything together, which is fantastic. On the other hand, its flimsy construction means it can’t match the strength of some of its competitors. This means that the Verona Pro’s weight restriction is 286 pounds, which is around 16 pounds less than the weight limit of most comparable chairs.


What is high-density foam?

High-density foam has a higher density per cubic foot than standard foam. With its solid cell structure, the foam also has a longer lifespan. During the manufacturing process, the foam is either injected or poured into a mold.

Is the Arozzi Verona Pro V2 worth it?

I highly recommend the Arozzi Verona Pro V2. Most gamers will be able to achieve their full range of motion on this chair. Unprecedented spaciousness is combined with an ergonomic design that ensures its long-term viability.


One of the best gaming chairs on the market, the Arozzi Verona Pro V2 can suit the needs of any gamer. With a host of new features, this is an excellent replacement for the Verona gaming chair from Arozzi Verona.

This chair comes highly recommended for its great weight capacity when compared to others in the same price range. This Arozzi Verona Pro V2 review is intended to assist you in making an informed decision about your next gaming chair.