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A new office chair is on your shopping list, then. However, finding a chair that’s both cheaply priced and built to withstand daily wear and tear while also being comfortable and, more importantly, healthy for your long-term health is considerably more challenging. Let’s take a deeper look at the Alera Elusion, a product that claims to do so.


Notice the chair’s backrest, which is higher than usual and made of mesh, which provides not only good back support but also better-than-average air flow. Moreover, the four-spoke frame ensures that your weight is redistributed uniformly throughout the shoe, so you won’t wear out one location.

See how the wingtips are tapered and how the seat has a small bulge in the middle? Racing drivers have seats like this, which are meant to make sitting for long periods of time as pleasant as possible, but it’s rare to see one on an office chair. As a bonus, these also distribute your weight, minimizing numbness, pain, and strain in your muscles.

At first appearance, the casters appear to be of poor quality. Numerous supports look to be plastic as well. Alera Elusion features a lower weight limit than other office chairs: just 250lbs, compared to more than 300lbs. A person of ordinary weight should not have any difficulties with this.

Alera Elusion Review 2022 - Is This Gaming Chair Any Good?


The seat has a lot of padding, as you can tell. There are certain chairs that have this problem, but the Elusion doesn’t because it’s comfy and doesn’t impair your posture. However, this would completely undermine its purpose as an ergonomically designed product!

For your comfort, there are some small extras here and there. The backrest may be raised or lowered to accommodate taller users by rotating the height adjustment knob on the seat’s backside. To begin with, the armrests on this chair may be adjusted in two dimensions, allowing for a wide range of body types and sizes to comfortably sit in this chair.

When you first see the mesh back, it’s tempting to dismiss this as “just another office chair.” Despite the odds, the Elusion manages to gently blend different ergonomic and health-inspired elements with a seat that is pleasant enough to sit in all day.


The Alera Elusion has a surprising amount of customizable for an office chair. To begin, there is the capacity to recline and tilt back, lock the seatback at any angle, and even tilt forward — something most high-end chairs do not even enable. Those who are prone to muscle tension will find this to be a great benefit.

Seat gliding is included with the package! Seats can be moved further out from the backrest if you’re heavier, so you don’t have to put up with an awkward sitting position. Limits apply; if you weigh less than the suggested amount, go ahead and try it!

The casters on the Elusion, however, are extremely tough. As a result, it’s possible that they’ll scrape or damage hard flooring in the process. This isn’t a big concern because rubber-coated replacements are affordable and easy to install.


However, this chair isn’t the cheapest option available on the market at $375. Given the degree of control and personalization it provides, its low price may come as a surprise. In order to justify paying this much per chair, you may want to consider purchasing it through a reseller or on Amazon – we’ve discovered shops offering it for as cheap as $180..

Isn’t it possible to acquire a decent office chair for less than $100? For a few weeks, it might even be fine. To the contrary, it is far easier to injure oneself with repetitive effort than it is for the injury to heal itself. Can you cut corners when the health of your staff is on the line?

In the long run, it’s more cost effective to go with this model of chair. After all, a muscle strain might take weeks to heal, which means that one of your fully-trained staff will be absent from the workplace for weeks at a time. Alera Elusions will pay for themselves in the long run, despite the higher initial cost.

Alera Elusion Review 2022 - Is This Gaming Chair Any Good?


Alera goes above and above the standard one-year or two-year limited warranty offered by most manufacturers. This manufacturer offers a five-year frame warranty and a two-year upholstery warranty on all of its chairs. Please note that unintentional damage is not covered by this policy.

The warranty policy also reveals an important fact: it applies regardless of whether you purchased the chair from Alera directly or a third-party reseller. The ability to shop around for the best price is rare, and this allows you to do so.

Sadly, there is no other help other than the general measurements and construction instructions. There are usually detailed specs or at the very least, a way to get in touch with the manufacturer if something goes amiss. However, such is not the case here. As a result, any communication you have with the company must adhere to the warranty service policy in place.

Some tweaks are easier than others

We all have different tastes and needs based on the type of job we do and our height and body proportions. Adjustments for seat height, seat depth, tilt, and armrest height are all available on the Elusion. However, some of these changes are more straightforward than others.

A lever situated under the seat makes it easy to modify the seat’s height to your preference. Simple enough to operate even while sitting. From the floor to the top of the seat, you can change the seat’s height between 19 and 22 inches. For our 5-foot, 4-inch frame, the lowest position and the seat’s smallest depth worked best. A footstool, on the other hand, may be necessary if your height is less than ours.

The tilt can also be adjusted by turning the seat height adjustment handle. To lock the handle, simply pull it out, adjust the tilt, and then press it back in. The Elusion, on the other hand, does not tilt very far. Slightly leaning back in the chair feels more like you’ve loosen the seatback than you’ve totally reclined. No matter how far you lean back on the chair, it won’t stay that way unless you press against it with your feet or hands.

The backrest can also be moved forward to change the depth of the seat. In comparison to the seat height or tilt adjustment, this modification is not nearly as simple to operate. Three screws on the underside of the chair must be loosened using an Allen wrench in order to move the backrest. Adjust the backrest, then tighten the screws again. There is a chance that needing to adjust the chair every time you use it may be more trouble than it’s worth if you plan on sharing the chair with someone else in your household.

Adjusting the armrest height (they can be moved outward and higher) is a cinch. We only had to press a button on the foam rest’s bottom and shift it to our preferred position. However, adjusting the width of the armrest is more difficult. A dial may be found at the base of the chair, near the point where the armrests link to the seat. You can adjust the distance between the armrests and your body by loosening or tightening this dial. Afterward, the dials are tightened to the proper breadth.

The contouring of the seat cushion was just right for all-day use, according to us.

All in all, this chair contains all of the necessary adjustments, however some require the use of tools. Because users can only adjust the seat height and tilt level, the Elusion isn’t the greatest option for a multi-user household or business.

Options for every need and aesthetic

It costs less than $60 on Amazon, but there are no options for adjusting the armrest height or seat depth on this mid-back office chair. It might work for a few days a week of working from home or a few hours of gaming, but not for 40-hour weeks in the office.

Alera Elusion Review: Mid Back and High Back Series | Office Chair Picks

The Langley Street Sweetwater Task Chair is ideal for those who prioritize style above ergonomics and a personalized fit. Sweetwater Task Chair (see on Wayfair) by Langley Street is the perfect fit for a mid-century modern decor. The only way to customize this chair is to raise or lower the seat height due to its stiff design.


Alera Elusion is a high-quality office chair for those who want a combination of affordable comfort, ergonomic design, and eye-catching aesthetics in a chair.