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Each and every player is searching for tools that will help them unlock all of the possibilities in the game and turn their talents into success.

An audio enhancer is sometimes neglected in the sea of PC gear and gimmicks, but it’s the one piece that ties your performance and enjoyment together.

One such tool is the Atlas Edge from Turtle Beach, which will be examined in depth in this review.

Using the Control Studio is as simple as plugging in a USB audio enhancer to your PC. There are many perks, including:

  • An audio and sound technology called Waves Nx transforms any PC game into a 360-degree immersive 3D sound experience.
  • It is possible to hear your own voice in the headset thanks to Waves Maxx sound technology and Mic Monitoring.
  • Superhuman Hearing, a Turtle Beach-exclusive feature, has been upgraded for PCs to give you an advantage over your opponents by allowing you to focus on low-level sounds like footfall or weapon reloads.
  • The cable is 1,5 meters long and may be used with any passive 3,5 mm wired headset from any manufacturer.
  • An optional add-on for your own headset, you can use it to improve your audio quality.


The cable had a standard rubber design when it came out of the box. Aside from the fact that we wish it were more durable, it appears to be able to handle a lot of abuse (yeah, we say this from experience).

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As long as you have a USB port on your PC, you may plug in any passive gaming headset to the other end of the adapter.

However, keep in mind that wireless operation is not an option. Even if Bluetooth was supported, the low latency provided by a cable connection cannot be beaten.


Controlling this PC audio enhancer is a piece of cake with the Turtle Beach Studio Control software suite.

The controls are easily accessible because to the easy-to-use interface and intuitive menu system. Everything is up to you after that — the bass, mid-range, high-ends, vocals, and the overall mix. You name it, and I’ll give it to you.

Additionally, you may use this software to remap your headset’s buttons, making it easier to use. Our initial reaction was to disregard it, but we soon realized that it might be used to set up shortcuts within the game itself, such as turning on or off 3D Audio or temporarily muting the sound.


When we say “use the program to tweak your audio,” here’s what we mean.

Bass Boost, Natural Sound, Bass and Treble Boost, and Vocal Boost are some of the settings available to you. They’re quite self-explanatory, and you’ll find just what you need with a little experimentation.

Everything about this tool, including the gifts you design with it, may be customized.

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The Superhuman Hearing, an award-winning audio effect, is also worth mentioning because it does exactly what it says it will. When you hear gunfire, you can tell exactly where it’s coming from, and there is no room for guesswork.

This is a well-rounded booster because of its combination of characteristics.

However, not everything is a rainbow and a hummingbird.

We got the feeling that the output options were not taken into consideration. Although the manufacturers missed the mark in this area, it nevertheless contains a few features connected to the microphone.

You can use Waves MaxxVolume to boost the loudness of your colleagues’ chats so that you can hear what they’re saying, and vice versa.

Isn’t it the best? To ensure that it doesn’t interfere with the game’s audio, it scans for the ideal time to boost conversation volume (on both ends). It’s possible to win a game thanks to this clever feature.


The sound quality and customizability of this tiny device are a perfect match, and that’s saying a lot.

Listening to a recording of your voice after it has been recorded will allow you to verify that the sound is crystal clear and free of distortion when speaking with others.

With this device, you’ll be able to play your favorite games at a level that you never thought possible.

When playing first-person shooter games, it’s critical to be able to hear every footstep while simultaneously communicating with your teammates via voice chat, and this application does just that.

The Good

As a result, it was a simple plug-and-play setup. From there, things became a little more tricky because I suddenly had greater control over the share amount setting. I believe it is a piece of cake for the audiophile gamer or customer that has a firm grasp of their craft. However, I am not one of those people that is familiar with how to connect my headset and adjust the level. Because there are settings to choose from, I was able to experiment and fine-tune it to my preference much more easily. That’s the appeal of audio: it caters to a wide range of tastes. You can use any headset of your choice with this device, and it will open up new possibilities. Every bar in the EQ has a sound example next to it so you can hear how the change will sound. (they are primarily for the purpose of assisting with game sound settings)

To a certain degree, the capabilities of your sound system will be enhanced depending on the type of headsets you’re using, but even so, you may be surprised by the difference it makes. The Atlas Edge was able to play music from the speakers on my desk even if I connected them for fun. The amount of customization achievable with just two speakers is modest, but it did allow for a slight increase in the overall enjoyment of movies.

Turtle Beach Atlas Edge Review 2022 - Why This Device ROCKS!

The Bad

There were a few minor details that may have enhanced the user experience. Toggle or adjust functionality with the dongle’s physical buttons or switches. I wish there had been a mechanism to adjust the volume of the microphone so that it could be used for both the game and chat. In this way, it would be feasible to create various sound settings for each game. There are macro options, but it would be tough to remember all of the keys you’ve given because of the large number of settings.


What is the Turtle Beach Atlas Edge?

The Atlas Edge from Turtle Beach is a simple idea that has been implemented flawlessly. In essence, it transforms any 3.5-millimeter wired headphones into a USB headphone jack.

There is a USB connector on the Atlas Edge, which is 66 inches in length, and an attached 3.5-mm jack. The Atlas Edge connects to your computer through USB, so all you have to do is plug in your headphones.

Alternatively, you are now ready to begin. You’ll have to put in some extra effort to get your headphones to sound radically different because the difference between digital and analog sound on a PC is so subtle.

For the first time, the gadget has access to the Turtle Beach Control Studio software.

Using the Atlas Edge, the Turtle Beach Control Studio program is able to change the sound profile of any headset. Bass and treble equalizations, 3D (surround) sound switching, bringing conversation to the front and changing game/chat levels are just some of the fun things you can play with with. You can even write macros to activate or deactivate these settings on the fly.

It’s not necessary to go into great depth regarding how these functions work in gaming headsets. It’s possible that this is the first time you’ve ever been able to adjust the sound profile in addition to merely changing the level.


On the other hand, when I disconnected the Atlas Edge from my analog headphones, everything sounded just fine. The Atlas Edge isn’t going to change the entire soundscape if you already have a pair of high-quality headphones.

Similarly, the Atlas Edge won’t improve the sound quality of your headphones if you’re using a cheap pair. In the end, it’s all about enhancing the current experience rather than developing a whole new one.

Though it answers a specific need, the Atlas Edge is welcome from Turtle Beach, which is known for its high-quality audio gear. For those who don’t want to buy a new gaming headset, this is a simple and cost-effective alternative. Also, if you’re happy with your current setup, $30 will get you a ton of great midbudget games.