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For Xbox One and PC, the Elite Wireless Controller for Xbox One and PC is the most comfortable controller I’ve ever held. It’s miles ahead of anything else on the market, be it for the Xbox 360, the Playstation 3, or any other platform.

The Elite Xbox One controller is noticeably heavier than the standard Xbox One controller. It has a luxury feel to it, making it feel solid and opulent. The tactile feedback and smoothness of each button on the controller is superb. In addition to a matte rubberized finish, the controller’s grips have additional textured details. It’s as if you’re holding a high-end piece of technology. You can’t leave it on a coffee table or couch because of the molded carrying case included.

Shift choices for buttons are available for the first time on the Xbox Elite 2. As a result, any of the controller’s other buttons can be remapped by holding down a paddle or a button. Fortnite’s building mode and strategy games that require a large number of actions to be entered quickly, as well as when looking down sights for clean headshots, might all benefit from this macro-like functionality.

You have so many options in the Xbox Accessories app when it comes to personalization that it’s nearly overwhelming. I appreciate the adaptability, and I’m confident that this will lead to a slew of new and entertaining possibilities for a wide range of games.

In addition, the Elite 2’s triggers now have a textured patch and a setting for even shorter hair-trigger locks, thanks to Microsoft. These hair-trigger locks can be set to three various lengths, and both triggers can be set to these different lengths individually. I wish these could be linked to the profile switch since, in a game like Destiny 2, I discovered that I desired shorter trigger lengths on specific guns and I frequently swap my loadouts and weapons during PvP games.

Overview and Key Features

Despite the fact that the original Xbox Elite Controller debuted in 2015, it has since become one of the most popular options for Xbox and PC gamers wishing to update their controllers. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the controller’s latest iteration, the Series 2, which is now on sale for $157.99. If you’ve been debating whether or not to buy it, this is a good moment.

Microsoft’s Xbox Elite controllers have always been about personalization, and that hasn’t changed in this second version. Switch between joysticks and D-pads, lock down triggers for faster fire, and fine-tune stick tension in the Xbox Accessories app to suit your preferences. As a bonus, there are four back paddings that can be assigned to a face button or Xbox shortcut so that jumping and drop-shooting doesn’t require you to take your thumbs off either stick. The Series 2 is among the best aftermarket controllers in terms of customizability.

However, the Series 2 represents more than just a cosmetic upgrade. The Xbox 360 controller now has more capabilities and functionality than ever before thanks to improvements made by Microsoft. There are a number of improvements over the original Elite Controller, such as shorter trigger stops and the addition of USB Type-C. With xCloud, you’ll be able to use your Elite Controller on a tablet and enjoy full access to all of your gaming controls. This time around, instead of peeling, the grips have been extended around the entire controller, making it easier to hold and more secure. In addition, the Dashboard features a profile indication LED, letting you know which profile you’re now using.

Other changes are more noticeable. The instigator It has a built-in battery, so you won’t have to worry about running out of juice during a game. New wraparound textured grips make it more comfortable and secure in the hand during long gaming sessions. As amazing as the Series X/S Controller was, having a tactile finish on every surface your hands touch is simply more pleasant.

Microsoft also did a great job of making this controller feel like a high-end kit when taken as a whole. The controller now has a more substantial weight to it, giving it a more substantial impression right away. An accompanying hardcover case acts as an external charger for the device. You can run a USB cord through a cutout in the back; it plugs into the charging cradle, so your controller is safe throughout the charging process and will always have a full charge (though, you can let that slide thanks to its 40-hour battery life).


Intensely eye-catching while still feeling comfortable in the hand

The layout of the buttons has also been tweaked. A single button instead of a switch now allows you to select from three different profiles, which means the peripheral takes up less space and is more graceful in its overall design. The Xbox Elite Controller 2 doesn’t modify anything that doesn’t need to be fixed, instead choosing to gradually enhance parts of its predecessor to create something even greater..

The carry case’s customizable attachments make all the difference. Thumbsticks, d-pads, and other peripherals are conveniently stored inside the Elite 2’s sturdy storage container and can be attached and removed with ease. When I first opened the controller, I played around with the various settings until I found one that worked well for me. When compared to the previous model, there have been a few changes implemented.

When Microsoft discovered that only a tiny number of players were using the tall thumbsticks in Elite 2, they decided not to include two of them in the game. So, if you prefer the regular Xbox One controller arrangement, or if you choose to harken back to the Xbox 360 days, you may do so. Another approach would be to use a combination of both.

Some of the D-Pad settings are a little less obnoxious. This controller has only two modes of operation. I prefer the angled approach of the faceted attachments, which allow for significantly more nuanced input, than the normal attachments. Since it’s easy to make the wrong input when using its more complex sister, the vanilla d-pad is likely to favor classic platformers.

The paddles, at long last. These strange attachments are for gamers who are actually interested in customizing their inputs and creating distinct profiles for different genres. Any controller instruction can be given to a paddle, which can be used in addition to or in substitution of an existing button. When they’re not needed, you can use them as impromptu grips or remove them totally if they’re too distracting.

However, the Xbox Elite Controller 2 still has a few surprises up its sleeve. When playing Apex Legends or Call of Duty, speeding up pistol firing is easy thanks to two switches on the rear of the controller that let you fine-tune the actuation points of the trigger buttons. With the phone application and custom profiles feature, you may further customize each trigger’s level of activation.

As a result of the controller’s 40 hour battery life, charging the device is a breeze. The Xbox Elite Controller 2 features a long cord and a large charging dock for moving from an older input type to the more current USB-C. Because of a convenient aperture on the back of the case, the charging wire may be easily slid in and out.


After nine months of using the conventional Xbox Series X controller, I’ve been using the Elite Controller Series 2 as my primary controller for the last week. Even though I was already a great admirer of the stock controller, I had no idea how much I would enjoy the Elite 2 version. It’s a pricey improvement, but now that I’ve had a taste of the good life, I can’t go back.

Playing games with the controller has been an incredible experience. You may customize the feel and level of control to your heart’s content thanks to a wide range of settings. Alternate joysticks (one one that’s extremely tall), a separate D-pad, and a tensioning tool are all included in this bundle. In Call of Duty, I found that utilizing a tall stick with medium tension for aiming made it easier to aim. Hair triggers, mappable jumping and prone rear paddles, and more, and I’m confident in saying that this controller has improved my gameplay significantly. That’s something I never would’ve thought about before.

To my surprise, I likewise had no difficulty in applying the customizations. The Xbox Accessories app shows you a diagram of the controller. A pop-up menu lets you choose the replacement button or application shortcut you want to use for the button you’re remapping. Even swapping sticks or paddles is as simple as removing them and replacing them with the new component in question.

It’s not just shooters who can reap the benefits. The back paddles changed the way I played Red Dead Redemption 2 and Forza Horizon, two games I spent a lot of time with. My horse was more responsive when I used the rear paddle to spur him, and I was able to block and punch with two additional paddles. In Forza, the e-brake serves the same purpose. This type of paddle device should be standard on all game consoles.

Compared to the normal controller, the headset audio was noticeably better. When I was gaming, my stock controller would frequently go out. My corded headset had become unusable, and I was forced to switch to a less-than-ideal wireless alternative. As expected, the Elite Series 2 operated just as it should have, and the audio was always reliable. Hallelujah!


Should you buy the Xbox Elite Controller 2?

Any serious gamer would be foolish not to buy the Elite Controller 2 if money was no object. As long as it’s compatible with future platforms, you won’t have to worry about wasting your money on it in the future.

When it comes to the price, it’s hard to swallow for some casual gamers, but as a long-term investment, I think it’s worth considering, especially if you’re purchasing it with another new console or the forthcoming Xbox Series-X. It’s one of the best controllers I’ve used in recent memory, and Microsoft should be applauded for their efforts.

Is the elite controller worth it Xbox?

This gamepad is more functional than a conventional Xbox One, although many of its features are unnecessary. The Elite controller is the finest for Xbox One and PC gaming if money is not a problem.

Why are Xbox elite controllers so expensive?

It’s possible that the shortages are related to a lack of manufacturing capacity in China and a shift in production to the Xbox Series X, which will be released in Q4 of this year.

What is so special about the Xbox one elite controller?

The Xbox Elite controller can be customized to fit your hand size and playing style, and the thumbsticks can be changed to improve accuracy, speed, and reach. Customize your controls with a variety of metal thumbsticks and D-pads.


You’ve probably realized by now that there are no downsides in this article. In reality, there aren’t many other than its prohibitive price tag. This is a superbly crafted piece of jewelry. Intuitive, well-considered, and highly expensive. If you have the money to spare, this is a fantastic addition to your Xbox or PC.