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Traditional gaming seats are familiar to most of us, don’t we? To appeal to folks who have more money than wisdom, they’re often bright and obnoxious (or taste). But what if we told you that not only does it look good, but it also feels good?

Our focus today is on the Noblechairs ICON, a gaming chair that’s more refined than the majority of the rest. However, it’s not just about the looks. We’ll go over some of the other reasons why the ICON is a must-have in a moment.

Begin with the fundamentals. There are two variants for this chair. The lower-priced model ($445) has a fabric and PU leather seat, while the higher-end model ($700) has genuine leather upholstery. The latter, on the other hand, is clearly not for everyone, but the ICON itself speaks volumes.

Consider the armrests, for example. These versions can move in, out, up, down, and be oriented in any direction you desire, unlike some of the ICON’s competitors. They deserve special attention because they’re designed to function on both hard and soft surfaces so that you may focus on the greater picture rather than sweating the small.

Ghế Gamer Noblechairs ICON Series - Black Ultimate Chair Germany

Pros & Cons


a rock-solid wheel base

2. The quality of the PU leather appears to be excellent.

3. It reclines quite far back


For the price of the chair, the arm rests are an excellent value.

I had to use a butt pad since the seat is so uncomfortable.

The chair had plainly been used and was damaged when it was delivered to me. Noblechairs assured me that they would send me replacement parts and that I would have to return them. OK, that’s OK. After weeks of correspondence and numerous back-and-forth communications, they have yet to send any components. Arm rests and reclining mechanisms were malfunctioning at this stage. By this point, I was sick of it, so I requested a refund. They told me I had to return everything in its original packaging, including the box, packing foam, and other accessories. It was told to me that I had no reason to keep any of this. This led to a speedy delivery of the box, which I was surprised by. “You MUST return your item (in the same or comparable packaging as they were sent to you with all the original parts, accessories, and menu/documentation included).” I then received an email saying exactly that. Due to poor/inadequate packaging, if the chair or any of its primary parts/components are received in an unsatisfactory state, it may be subject to additional expenses. stuff.

Noblechairs icon review

This chair, like many others, was designed with the user’s comfort in mind. It’s true that gamers have particular needs when it comes to their chairs. Remember, it’s not just a seat. Basically, it’s a battle station with a cockpit attached. A computer and a chair are the keys to our livelihoods for some of us. So, how does the ICON contribute to your success?

With its padded back and neck support, it may be used for a long amount of time. High-density foam filling should not flatten out over time, thus it should be pleasant for many years. Once the ICON has proven its ease of use, the real test will be whether it can withstand the rigors of regular use.

Noblechairs ICON Review 2022 - Is This Gaming Chair Worth It?

Noblechairs ICON

In fact, I’d say it went nicely. After all, the robust framework is constructed of solid steel. No need to worry about the aluminum base, either. Regardless of whatever version you choose, spills will easily be wiped away from the fabric. Even if you select the cheapest option, nothing will be visible against the black fabric. Quite amazing, don’t you think?

We’re not done yet, believe it or not. Neck and lumbar cushions are included, although they don’t utilize the conventional straps found on other products. Textured backing prevents them from sliding once in place, instead of a smooth surface. This chair has a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds, making it suitable for even the heaviest users.

Noblechairs icon gaming chair

The ICON is backed by a two-year manufacturer’s guarantee as well. This will not cover any unintentional damage, but if it arrives broken or one of the components breaks due to no one’s fault, you will not be responsible for any further costs.

In our opinion, the leather version is a little excessive. As a result of its high cost, it is more geared toward a user who values self-esteem than practicality. However, we believe that the basic Noblechairs ICON is a good value for the money, given its many advanced features.

Features & design

  • Textile and synthetic leather choices are also available.
  • Armrests with a ‘4D’ design
  • Foam sandwiched between a steel frame

With the Icon, noblechairs claims to have taken user input into account to create an even better chair than the previous iteration, the Epic.

It’s less “racing car bucket seat” and more “executive office” in style. There are many who prefer a more subdued, polished look, and the absence of overt branding should make this a popular choice.

1x1 pixelFor those who don’t care about color highlights, the stitching on a synthetic leather variant (such as the one pictured above) has a black alternative. Real leather is also available in black, as shown below, as well as cognac and black for the cigar-smoking gamer. 2mm-thick hide is used to cover it.

The hybrid synthetic leather has been chosen as the material of choice for this project. Both Java and Black are available, and they both use the same’vegan leather’ that you might find on some high-end vehicle seats. We put this to the test on the Epic and were blown away.

For this evaluation, we put the Icon through its paces in both the new TX fabric and the synthetic leather model. The PU leather is thicker than conventional chair covers, at 1.5mm.

In addition, the internal steel frame of the Icon is 2mm thick regardless of the finish, whereas most competitors employ 1-1.5mm. The chair is made of high-quality materials, including an aluminum base.

Unlike recycled foam, the foam used in the base and backrest of the chair is not repurposed. Initially, the 55 percent density may feel a little more pronounced than you imagined, but this also implies that it will hold its shape. Over the course of a year, we have found that the synthetic leather version of the emblem does not sag or lose its shape.

The backrest’s ergonomic design means you won’t need to utilize the lumbar cushion that comes with the chair. In addition, there is a pillow for your head, which you may or may not use depending on your particular choice.

To be expected, there is a lot of adjusting to be done. It has a 135-degree back recline and you may unlock the chair’s rocking mechanism and adjust the resistance to meet your weight.

In addition to its dark chrome appearance, the armrests may be adjusted in four dimensions (thus the 4D). Because there isn’t a lot of padding, these shoes aren’t exactly the most comfy.

However, the chair itself is quite cozy and supportive. For those of us who are a little shorter and a little slimmer, the Icon is a better fit than other noblechairs models. Despite this, it is capable of supporting users weighing up to 150 kilograms (250 pounds).

Keep in mind that the Icon’s headrest, like that of any chair with a high back, can cause issues with software that can’t tell the difference between your head and the headrest.

noblechairs EPIC, HERO, and ICON Gaming Chairs: The Black Edition Review - New vs. Old Models: ICON Series | TechPowerUp

Price & availability

Icons are available directly from noblechairs, but they’re also sold on Amazon, albeit for a little more expensive cost.

The TX (fabric) and synthetic leather versions start at £339.95 / US$429.99, while the Black Edition – the hybrid synthetic leather – costs £394.99 / $489.99, and a real leather chair costs £529.99 / $619.99.

You may check out our list of the best gaming chairs and our review of the noblechairs Hero for more recommendations.


Are Noblechairs good?

Incredibly easy to assemble and extremely comfy to sit in, the Noblechairs Epic Black Edition is a great chair for any office or home. In spite of its higher price, this chair is made of high-quality materials and is really comfortable to sit in.

Are Noble chairs worth it Reddit?

For the past three days, I’ve been using the Noblechair, and I can’t get enough. The Noblechair’s materials are of the highest quality and the stitching is flawless. However, the Noblechair isn’t excessively large in both height and width. It fits me perfectly, even though I’m 6’3″ and about 82 kg (180 kg).


This is a gaming chair, but it’s also a great choice for those who spend long periods of time sitting at a desk. So you can work on it during the day and play games while you’re not working, in reality. Costs are high, but it’s well worth it.