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The Embody is yet another well-liked chair by Herman Miller, and we’ll be investigating it in detail today. The Embody was one of the forty or so chairs we used in our research. The Embody not only made my top three list, but it also replaced my previous daily driver. Having a wide selection of chairs to try out and evaluate over the past few months was a lot of fun. It was interesting to see which chairs ended up being the most popular because of the wide variety of preferences in our office.

When it comes to seating, I am picky. About ten years have passed during which I have sat in the same Nightingale CXO chair. I have seen many beautiful chairs, but none that I believe can unseat my CXO. Then I stumbled upon the Embody. I’ve been using the Embody for a while now, so I’ve had plenty of time to think things over and form an informed opinion. I will describe the features that make this chair so appealing to me, as well as any drawbacks I’ve discovered and any issues that have been raised by other office members based on their testing. No one should expect the Embody to be the ideal chair. This evaluation of the Embody should be useful in determining whether or not it meets your requirements.

Herman Miller Embody Review Snapshot

  • Construction Quality: 8.9
  • In terms of how cozy the seat is, we rate it a 7.7.
  • Help for Your Back: 7.4
  • Sustenance of Armrests: 7.4
  • Modifications for Ergonomics: 6.5
  • Conditional 9.2
  • Constructivity Score: 10.0


  • Built to last and made to the highest standards in the USA
  • accommodates a large variety of individuals.
  • Pixelated Help adjusts to your individual dimensions.
  • Adjustable back and seat height promote freedom of movement
  • Separate lumbar inclination adjusting
  • Extremely solid guarantee
  • Safe for use around the clock
  • Completely fabricated vessels


  • Exorbitant cost
  • It’s not possible to make any changes to your lower back
  • There is no way to change the armrest cushions.
  • Very few available upholstery types
  • Not everyone enjoys pixelated help.


In order to create the Embody chair, Herman Miller enlisted the help of Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber. Herman Miller, which was started by De Pree, has been around since 1923. The business was founded as the Michigan Star Furniture Company by Herman Miller, De Pree’s father-in-law, but later changed its name. As expected, the rebranding involved a shift in emphasis for the company. Herman Miller, once known for its household furnishings, has shifted its focus to the office.

Herman Miller Embody Office Chair: REVIEW

As time has passed, Herman Miller has grown to become a global powerhouse in the furniture industry. They have establishments in a variety of international locations, including manufacturing plants and administrative offices. Herman Miller has become one of the most recognizable names in the business sector as a result of the company’s commitment to hiring renowned designers and producing only the finest goods.


Herman Miller says that over 30 doctors and PhDs in biomechanics, vision, physical therapy, and ergonomics contributed to the design of the first Embody. The Logitech variant is the result of expanded study into “what gamers need from their chairs.” On paper, this should produce a chair suitable for both long workdays and late-night gaming sessions.

The Embody’s seat and back utilize proprietary support technology to allow for these prolonged periods of use.

The springs in the seat look like they belong in a mattress rather than a chair. The “Pixelated Support” system has four distinct layers: a base of flexible support straps, the aforementioned spring suspension system, a layer of “copper-fused cooling foam,” and Herman Miller’s proprietary Sync fabric.

Herman Miller designed a two-piece system for the back. The structural component is mounted on a central pillar that is styled and shaped like a human spine for optimal comfort and efficiency of use. To achieve the goals of providing full back support and allowing the user to maintain an active sitting position and posture throughout the day, this primary support holds a complex array of pivoting, flexible sub-structures.

The perforations in the backrest’s rubbery material serve two purposes: they provide airflow and allow the backrest to take on the shape of its occupant. We’ll get into more detail about Herman Miller’s “PostureFit” spinal support system and “Backfit” adjustment system in a bit.

Although the Embody’s seat and back appear to be from the future, the chair’s base and arms are decidedly more conventional. A standard five-pointed base terminates in carpet- and hard-floor-friendly casters. The arms, meanwhile, can be adjusted in height and width but not in the same ways that other office and gaming chairs can. We’ll return to this shortcoming later in the evaluation.

Country of Origin

USA Originated


This item has external measurements of 29.5″W x 26.5″D x 42-45″H.
Chairs can be adjusted to a height between 16 and 20.5 inches.
Maximum Allowable Weight is 300 Lbs.
Dimensions of the Seat Area: 21.25″W x 15″-18″D
Across the back, it’s 14 inches wide and 23 and a half inches high.
Armspan can range from 21.25″ to 32.5″
Arm Rest to Floor Distance: 4″ – 8.75″
Roundness of the Bottom: 26.5″
Weight of Chair = 51 lbs.
Measurements for the packaging box are 40.5″ x 28.5″ x 28″
It weighs a total of 63 pounds including packaging to be shipped. 


Pixelated bolstering structure
Height-adjustable pneumatic seats
Modifying the force of the tilt
Modifiable depth of seat
3-way tilt lock
Modifying the Height of Your Arms
Size Modification of the Arms
Modification of lumbar inclination with BackFitTM

2022 Starting Price – $1,745.00

The Embody’s lack of personalization options is a major drawback. The chair’s functionality is unaffected by your selection of finishes, upholstery, or casters. The evaluation chair we ordered was upholstered in rhythm green apple, had a black frame, a graphite base, and carpet wheels. This model has a starting price of $1,745.00.

  • Two hundred and seventy dollars for a white/titanium finish
  • Graphite/Titanium Coating, $125
  • Priced at $145.00 (Ghost White/Graphite)
  • Rollers for hard floors cost $50.
  • Clear wheels cost $80.00

Return Policy

A full refund is available for up to 30 days after receiving your Embody from Herman Miller. There is no restocking fee to return an item to Herman Miller, and the company will pay for the shipping costs. Even if you don’t have the original packaging, Herman Miller will do what they can to help you return your purchase.


A 12-year warranty protects your investment in an Embody. The warranty covers round-the-clock use by people up to 300 pounds. The 12-year warranty covers absolutely everything about the chair. The Embody is a complex chair, and you may need expert help if you ever need to fix it. If you are located near a Herman Miller dealer, the company will send service technicians to your location at no additional cost. If you are unable to take your chair to a local dealer for service, Herman Miller will pay to have it returned to their facility for maintenance.

Herman Miller Embody 1 Month Review - Worth it? - YouTube


The FedEx/UPS ground service brought us our Embody. The box it came in is over 60 pounds! Having someone on hand to assist you in moving the chair is essential. If you opt to handle the relocation of your Herman Miller yourself, you will find two convenient handles on opposite sides of the packaging. The minimal amount of packaging for this chair is made specifically to keep the chair in place during shipping. Our Embody was undamaged, and I imagine that’s the case with the vast majority of these chairs.


We received a fully assembled Embody chair. The chair can be rolled out of the box after its side is opened. A plastic bag covers the chair, but once you take it off, it’s ready to use. Those of you who don’t want to put together chairs will appreciate this. If you need a large quantity of chairs but don’t want to pay for laborious setup, this is a good option to consider.

Build Quality

The Embody was the result of extensive planning on the part of Herman Miller. Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber conceived the plan for it. The group set out to develop a chair with cutting-edge ergonomics that would mitigate or even reverse the ill effects of sitting. The Embody chair was designed after consulting with over 20 medical professionals and PhDs from a variety of disciplines. The Embody is undoubtedly one of the best ergonomic chairs on the market due to its combination of illustrious designers, copious amounts of data, and premium Herman Miller components.

Finally, we gave the Embody one of the highest scores we have ever given for its build quality (89/100). This is due to a number of factors. The Embody is made by Herman Miller in the United States, and it features some of the highest quality parts we’ve seen. Numerous plastic and aluminum components were manufactured specifically for this project. In addition to being very sturdy, the chair is also very heavy due to the high steel content.

Embody’s seat and back feature a novel pixelated support system and high-end mechanism. The Embody’s features, which have clearly been given careful consideration, are impressive. The Embody is well made all around. All of the pieces are precisely designed to work together. It’s clear that this chair was designed for a specific office setting, but its sleek appearance makes it suitable for many others.

Scope of Users

Because of its adaptable design, the Embody can accommodate a wide variety of users. In this respect, it received a score of 75%, one of the highest possible marks. Having a weight rating of 400 lbs. means that even heavier people can use chairs like the Steelcase Leap and Gesture, which is why they are popular. The maximum user weight for the Embody is 300 pounds.

The Embody excels in every category except one: weight. There’s a comfortable range of adjustment for the 95th percentile. Although the back is not adjustable in height, the high back design ensures that it is comfortable for the vast majority of users. In addition, the armrests can be adjusted to accommodate users of varying heights and arm spans. The chair’s seat depth can be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of users. 

Seat Comfort

One of the most interesting things about the Embody is its seat, which helped it earn a 77 out of a possible 100 points for comfort in an office-wide vote. Nobody gave the Embody’s seat comfort less than 70 out of 100 points, so it’s a good choice for a wide variety of people.

The Embody is the only chair available with a truly unique seat design. It consists of four layers of varied construction materials. They are made to provide you with a lightweight, pliable, and supportive material that also allows air to circulate. In addition to the stacked structure, a pixelated underpinning is also present. Based on your weight and the way you move in your seat, the pixels are programmed to provide the appropriate amount of support.

The seat is roomy and gently rounded. Frame edges are softened considerably. Having the ability to alter the seat’s depth is a nice perk that can aid in finding the most comfortable and healthful sitting position. The seat is spacious without feeling cumbersome. In the Embody, the seat’s armrests can be adjusted to a narrower setting, making it suitable for shorter users. The seat is just the right amount of softness for me, and I appreciate that it doesn’t feel too bare. The cushioning is soft and supportive even as it maintains a cool temperature. The adjustable nature of the seat is another perk.

I’ve heard a few people in our office say they can sometimes feel the pixels more than they’d like. Some people may feel uneasy at the prospect of feeling each individual pixel.

Backrest Comfort

The Embody has a novel seat, but its back is perhaps even more remarkable. The backs of most office chairs are designed to fully support the user’s back. The Embody boasts a much more compact backrest than its competitors. Its shape is intended to support the natural arc of your spine. Compared to chairs with a thicker backrest, this one makes getting up and out of its seat a lot simpler. You can simply move in more directions. The top of the backrest on the Embody can flex, which is a neat little feature. This makes it suitable for use in a variety of positions, from fully reclined to rigidly upright.

The backrest, like the seat support, is pixelated. It’s intended functionality is analogous to that of the human rib cage. The mobility it affords means that it can follow you wherever your work takes you while still providing the necessary support. There is no lumbar adjustment mechanism, but there is a pronounced lumbar curve in the backrest. But you can adjust the back angle separately. Adjustment by Herman Miller is known as The BackFitTM. By adjusting the backrest’s angle, you can ensure that you’re always sitting in a relaxed and healthy posture. If you prefer a backrest that moves vertically, this is a nice addition.

You can rely on the Embody to keep your upper back in comfort thanks to its high back design. Some people will see this as an advantage, but for others it was a drawback in our workplace. Our staff voted the Embody’s back support as 73 out of 100 total points. Two complaints were voiced to me by those around me. The first issue is that the chair’s back can cause your shoulders to rotate inward. Naturally curved, the backrest can be awkward for some. The absence of a lumbar support adjustment mechanism was the next common criticism.

Armrest Comfort

We decided to poll everyone in the office because we felt the armrest category was the most subjective. After polling everyone in the office, they received a 74 out of a possible 100 points, placing them in the lower half of the top 10. The fact that they can only be adjusted in height and width is the primary reason they were not given a higher grade. You can’t adjust the armrests, a standard feature on any ergonomic office chair worth more than $500.

We found the arm sizes to be among the most adaptable we’ve seen. Those arms can drop almost completely out of sight. As an added bonus, they can be adjusted to fit people up to about 6 feet, 5 inches tall. The arms can be adjusted to two different widths, allowing users as wide a range as 21 inches to sit comfortably.

I like the pads themselves a lot. Their size makes up for the inability to pivot and change depth. In addition to being gentle, their rounded corners look great. While using the arm pads for long periods of time, I experienced no discomfort.

Ergonomic Adjustments

In terms of ergonomics, the Embody lost a lot of points. It lacks the ability to adjust for height, arm depth, arm pivot, and lumbar support. Since you can’t fine-tune the Embody as you can with other models thanks to the lack of these controls, you might want to look elsewhere.

It has some nice adjustability, but it lacks some important ones. The seat’s height and depth can both be adjusted by a pneumatic mechanism. It’s helpful to be able to adjust the depth of the seat, even if doing so is sometimes difficult. You can customize the fit of the armrests to your needs by adjusting the height and width. You can adjust the tension and the back angle separately from each other, and there is a range of tilt positions that can be locked in place.

The Embody’s ability to recline is a nice feature. It’s reminiscent of the Herman Miller Aeron. Although I do not find it to be quite as silky as the Aeron, I do find it to be a close Second.ndaccording to my own personal viewpoint. The synchro-tilt mechanism ensures a consistent sitting angle across the entire reclining range. The arms follow you wherever you go, so you’re never trapped. Unlike other expensive ergonomic chairs, the Embody actually has a pleasant rocking motion.

Wheel Options

On the Embody, you can choose between three distinct casters. Casters come in a standard 2.5″ diameter, and can roll easily over carpets with a medium to low pile. Black in color, these casters feature a pair of wheels. Their form and function are both aesthetically and functionally pleasing.

The alternative casters function similarly to the regular ones, but they can be used on hard floors as well. There will be a $50 fee added for these wheels.

The last caster option is compatible with both hard floors and carpet. These dual 2.5″ wheels are translucent rather than black. You can expect to pay an extra $80 for these.

Upholstery Options

You can select either the Rhythm or the Balance type of upholstery. Both have passed a 200,000 double rubs test and are made of grade four, 100% polyester. The double rub is best visualized as two separate instances of a person sitting in and rising from a chair. The Embody’s upholstery can withstand a whopping 200,000 double rubs, meaning it will look and feel like new for years to come. The American-made Rhythm upholstery is uniform in hue and pattern. The dotted fabric used in the Balance’s upholstery was designed in Italy. There is an additional $200 cost for the remaining balance.

The Embody comes in a rainbow of hues, with ten to pick from. When compared to other brands, the available options here are rather limited. The Embody is not a good choice if you prefer luxurious materials like leather or elaborate designs on the upholstery.

Finish Options

The frame and the base both have customizable color finishes. You can choose between a white or a graphite coloured frame. Black graphite. In order to upgrade to a white frame, an additional $145 will be required. The seat’s underside, back, mechanism, and armrests are all part of the frame.

Graphite, titanium, and polished aluminum are the three available finishes for the bottom. Graphite is dark gray, titanium is silver, and polished aluminum resembles chrome. Graphite is a dull material. Titanium’s sheen is noticeable. Shiny as a mirror, polished aluminum is. 

Environmental Focus

The environment is genuinely important to Herman Miller. This is true from the beginning of production all the way through the finished product’s packaging. Herman Miller’s Greenhouse production facility in Holland, Michigan is where the Embody chair is made. The Embody uses only eco-friendly resources in its production.

The Embody contains 44% recycled materials, 40% of which are post-consumer waste. The chair can be recycled up to 95%. All of the packaging is recyclable and 95% is made from recycled materials.

The products made by Herman Miller have earned a wide range of environmental and safety seals of approval. These include the GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD GOLD certifications as well as BIFMA levelTM 3, Global GreenTag (CM) CertifiedTM Greenrate level A, and certifications from other similar organizations. 

What Do I Like? 

Made in USA with high end build

The Embody’s high price tag reflects the product’s high-end materials and American manufacturing. You can see exactly how your money is being spent from this seat. 

Fits wide range of people

There aren’t many chairs that can accommodate such a wide variety of body types, but the Embody is one of the best we’ve seen. Perfect for when you need to buy supplies for an entire office. The Embody also serves a purpose because it is a great choice for shared offices at home. 

Pixels provide unique support

We’ve never seen a more cutting-edge system on an office chair than this pixelated support structure. It’s a big part of what makes the Embody special because it gives it a distinctive feel.

Flexible seat and back

Seat and back are both made of flexible materials for maximum comfort. You can freely move around in them, unlike some competing styles. They would prefer that you get up and about. 

Independent back angle adjustment

Independent back angle adjustment is a feature I appreciate greatly. It’s great because you can adjust the backrest to just the right height and angle for your body.

Very strong warranty

The high cost of the Embody is partially explained by the fact that it has the best warranty in the business. For the next twelve years, at the very least, you have the kind of coverage that guarantees you a chair.

Rated for 24/7 use

The Embody can be used continuously without interruption, making it a viable option for 24/7 offices. If you’re looking for a luxurious ergonomic chair for your call center or dispatch center, the Embody may be a great choice.

Ships fully assembled

It was amazing to see the Embody arrive at our location with everything already assembled. The assembly of this chair is likely to take some time because of its complexity. Not only is it convenient for individuals, but also for entire offices that would rather not deal with chair installation, that the chair can be used immediately upon removal from the packaging.

What Don’t I Like?

High price point

The Embody’s high price tag is the device’s biggest drawback. It’s one of the more expensive chairs we’ve tested, with a starting price of just under $1800. Even though you’ll be receiving one of the best chairs available, the steep price tag of $1800 will make it unattainable for many.

No lumbar adjustment

The lack of a lumbar adjustment on the Embody was a big surprise to me. It has a slight arch to it, and you can tweak the angle of the back to make the lumbar support more or less noticeable. An independent lumbar adjustment would be a nice addition to such a high-quality ergonomic chair.

No arm pad adjustment

You won’t be able to get your arms into the ideal position as often without being able to adjust the arm pads. One issue I had was that I couldn’t rest my right arm on my elbow because the arm pad was too close to the keyboard tray and couldn’t be adjusted for depth. When I was tasking, I simply lowered the right side out of the way.

Limited upholstery options

There are limited color and upholstery choices for the Embody. High-end designers who want to use unusual colors or patterns may run into this issue. People who prefer an upholstery type that is not an option, such as leather, also run into this issue.

Pixelated support is not for everyone

Not everyone in the office is a fan of the pixelated aid. Some users complained that they were able to detect individual pixels, which was distracting.

Herman Miller X Logitech Embody review: "All the gaming chair you'll ever, ever need" | GamesRadar+

Overall – should you buy it?

The Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair manages to be both incredibly sophisticated and straightforward. Despite the obvious depths of its design and ergonomics-driven focus, it’s surprisingly easy to adjust for a personalized fit and just plain relaxing to use.

The cost, however, is difficult to ignore. Priced at around $1,500 or £1,300 each, you could buy several SecretLab chairs. or a top-tier portable gaming computer. Also a strong contender for best gaming TV or best gaming monitor. Really, I could go on and on. This can be mitigated to some degree by putting one’s attention on the lengthy guarantee of 12 years, but it remains a concern nonetheless.

The decision to spend this much on a gaming chair in 2022 is not black and white; in fact, it will be one of the most personal gaming purchases one can make. However, the Embody has taught me that investing in ergonomics is a seriously worthwhile endeavor if you can do it, and it has prompted me to reevaluate my entire gaming setup. You might never need another gaming chair again if you buy this one.

Bottom Line

With the Embody, a lot of things are happening simultaneously. Herman Miller used cutting-edge technology to design one of the most comfortable and supportive ergonomic chairs available. Although I enjoy using the chair very much, I can see how its shortcomings could cause others to seek out substitutes. Even though you’re paying among the highest prices for an ergonomic chair, it doesn’t even have the basic features of adjusting the lumbar support or the arm pads. There is also not as much variety in available upholstery as there is in some other luxury makes and models.

Despite these drawbacks, I liked the Embody well enough to finally get out of a chair I’d been sitting in for ten years. Although the chair is quite pricey, its high quality and exceptional guarantee justify the investment. The pixel chair is unlike any other option out there because it is both comfortable and supportive. The chair’s adaptability is great because it enables me to easily shift positions, stretch out, and move around as needed during the course of my workday. When you recline in the chair, you don’t have to worry about falling out of your comfortable position; instead, you can simply rock back and forth.

Not everyone will enjoy using the Embody. I understand that not everyone is willing to spend $1700 on an office chair, but I can see why that price is justified. You can count on me to argue that you’re getting good value for your money. The Herman Miller Embody is a great option for an ergonomic office chair, but it may be lacking in some of the key adjustments you require.