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Curious as to the efficacy of the Haste program? Will it make your ping better? If you’re wondering whether Haste is a scam or not, we’ve got you covered.

This tutorial examines Haste.

Evidently a savior for every gamer experiencing unplayable lag and ping, it promises to end connectivity issues once and for all.

The question is, though, what Haste actually is and whether or not it actually helps.

What Is Haste?

Since the convoluted, congestion-prone route usually borrowed by any given ISP is the primary impediment to low ping, Haste’s opening salvo centers on rerouting the connection between PC and game server.

Because of competing traffic, infrastructure costs, and bandwidth availability, an ISP may choose a route that requires data to travel through several servers. It’s sluggish, to put it simply.

In order to speed up communication between players and developers’ dedicated game servers, Haste proposes a system of “fast lanes,” or a series of dynamic, individualized connections.

Does Haste Work? Is It Legit? [Simple Guide] - GamingScan

Haste can switch between paths without experiencing any hiccups in latency or lag while doing so. Each user is given a customized route that takes into account their physical location, the type of game they’re playing, and other telemetry data in order to reduce the likelihood of packet loss.

This is accomplished by Haste’s “a mesh network of private connectivity to specifically optimize real-time applications” protocol and algorithm suite designed for gaming.

For the sake of argument, let’s say a CS:GO player in Portugal tries to connect to a server in Luxembourg. An Internet service provider’s route starts in Spain, winds through the south of France, briefly stops in northern Italy, then climbs through Switzerland, continues on to Frankfurt, and then drops down into Luxembourg.

However, if you were in a hurry, you could take a shorter but more circuitous route through Spain and on to northeastern France via a crossing of Luxembourg. This Haste path is more intuitive to the eye, and it also yields better ping times.

Does Haste Work?

Putting aside all the technical jargon, the question of whether or not Haste actually works becomes paramount.

If you want to avoid falling for the sugary trappings of marketing, a healthy dose of skepticism when considering miraculous solutions, like Haste, goes a long way.

The promise of eliminating lag in online gaming is an ambitious one, given that data packets must travel from one location to another along miles and miles of cabling. It is impossible to eliminate delay altogether.

Haste’s claims become even more dubious when you consider that additional server stops almost always increase latency rather than decrease it. Should the Haste system be looked down upon as just another attempt to rip off gamers?

We don’t think Haste is trying to take advantage of gamers’ desires for victory by posing an unbelievable solution to lag. It has been shown that a stronger internet connection improves gaming performance, and Haste is an attempt to provide a theoretically sound solution to this problem.

There is no doubt that reducing the number of hops between servers reduces ping. To what extent Haste’s infrastructure and algorithms can improve upon preexisting ISP routes is the question at hand.

When the ping is high, the controls become less responsive, shots may not register as intended, and the game may lag. Increasing one’s ping is a natural goal in games where split-second, knee-jerk reactions determine success or failure.

The crux of the matter is that the potential benefits of using a service like Haste are entirely dependent on the path to the game server that is currently being dictated by your ISP. If your computer is already connected to the shortest path to the server, Haste will either have no effect or will make things worse.

However, if you’re playing on an unstable connection that’s located far away from the game server and suffers from latency spikes and lag, Haste will likely make a noticeable difference.

Haste Supported Games

Haste currently only supports a small selection of games and geographic regions. This list, however, is constantly growing. In addition, the Haste website lets you make suggestions for additional games they should back. If your favorite game isn’t here, keep hope alive; it may be added in the near future.

Does Haste Work? Is It Legit? [Simple Guide] - GamingScan

Haste Supported Regions

  • Western Hemisphere
  • Western Europe
  • The Northern Latin American Region

Haste Supported Games

  • Play Apex Legends (Global, EU, LAN)!
  • Fornite (North America, Europe, and Local Area Network)
  • Battlegrounds (Global, Regional, and Local)
  • Online and local multiplayer DOTA 2
  • North American, European, and Local Area Network (LAN) League of Legends
  • COD: MW (North America, Europe, and Local Area Network)
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (North America, Europe, Local Area Network)
  • Battlefield I (North America, Europe, Local Area Network)
  • Conflict Zone V (North America, Europe, Local Area Network)
  • Competitive Play in CS: GO (National and Local)
  • Rainbow Six Siege (North America, Europe, Local Area Network)
  • National, European, and Local Area Network Versions of Rocket League
  • Competition in Hunting (National and Local)
  • NA, EU, LAN FIFA 20
  • FIFA 19 (North America, Europe, and Local Area Network)
  • 2018 FIFA World Cup (North American, European, and Local)
  • Global, European, and Local Servers for World of Tanks
  • Blitz Mode for North American, European, and Local Servers of World of Tanks
  • NA/LAN/Online Team Fortress 2
  • Brawlhalla (North America, Europe, and Local Area Network)
  • Overwatch (North America, Europe, and Local Area Network)
  • North American, European, and Local Server Heroes of the Storm
  • Smash (North America, Europe, and Local Area Network)
  • American, European, and Latin American LAN Paladins

Haste System Requirements

It’s possible that if you live in a Haste-supported region, you can play your favorite games on the service. You may or may not be able to run Haste even if this is the case. Haste requires the following to function:

  • Operating Systems: Windows 7 Service Pack 2/8/8.1/10 (64-bit only)
  • Complete Windows Update Installation
  • Powers of an administrator

Haste Pricing

We’ve already mentioned that you can try Haste risk-free for 14 days. If you’re still committed to Haste after this trial, you’ll have the option between two pricing tiers.

Haste Rewards

  • You can use it to rack up credits for free Haste playtime.
  • Nothing can slow down your Haste checks.
  • Free

You can get Haste for “free” with the help of Haste Rewards. Simply having Haste open in the background will earn you points. You can rack up more and more Haste points the more you play. Then, you can cash in your points for a reward like a Haste-enhanced gaming session.

Haste Pro

  • Optimization of networks in an unconstrained hurry.
  • Any number of Haste attempts are allowed.
  • An overview of Unlimited Haste.
  • Cost: $15 per month
  • Costs $120 per year

The full capabilities of Haste Pro can be tested for 14 days. For $15 per month or $120 per year (a 33% savings), you can keep using all of Haste Pro’s features. Getting started with Haste is as simple as creating an account and downloading the app.

The process of setting up Haste is simple. Some firewall and antivirus software may require exceptions to be set. Haste’s installation support page contains detailed instructions.

Optimize Your Connection without Haste

It’s possible that Haste won’t help with your stuttering or lag. Before even thinking about a service like Haste, you need to make sure your computer is ready for gaming.

One possible solution is to optimize Windows 10 for better performance. A faster gaming router is another option. If that doesn’t work, you may want to consider switching internet service providers. If you want the best experience from any game, you need to tweak its settings to your liking.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a great example of this type of game. Changing PUBG’s settings can increase frame rates and decrease input lag. The effectiveness of Haste is moot if, after making these adjustments, you discover you no longer require it.

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[Top 10] MTG Best Haste Creatures

10. Arclight Phoenix

I don’t see the appeal of this card.

  • The Arclight Phoenix is an ever-present danger that can be called upon even in death.
  • If you can cast multiple spells in a single turn, you can reanimate all of your Arclight Phoenix cards from the graveyard.
  • The result can be an unexpected aerial attack during a seemingly harmless card drawing party.

9. Craterhoof Behemoth

I don’t see the appeal of this card.

  • Craterhoof Behemoth’s strength is best put to use when there are many creatures on the board.
  • If you have a 5/5 body and give it and all other creatures you control a X/ X counter, you deal one million damage to the opponent.
  • The ability to cast cards without paying their mana costs makes this card useful in ramp decks.

8. Goblin Guide

I don’t see the appeal of this card.

  • One of the best mana-to-power ratios in Magic: The Gathering is a 2/2 with haste that costs only one mana.
  • You can get a lot of damage quickly, and all your opponent gets out of it is a land card.

7. Hellspark Elemental

In what ways does this card shine?

  • A powerful haste creature that can deal continuous damage, the Hellspark Elemental is a terrifying prospect.
  • You can deal three damage to your opponent for only two mana.
  • With the Unearth price, you can do it again. If you’re playing on a clear board, this is a fantastic method for dealing a lot of damage.

6. Goblin Chieftain

In what ways does this card shine?

  • In Magic: The Gathering, goblins have always been a formidable people, home to many speedy creatures.
  • In addition to giving your other Goblins haste, Goblin Chieftain also gives them an advantage.
  • It’s a potential victory condition because it can increase your board strength by a factor of two.

5. Hazoret the Fervent

In what ways does this card shine?

  • Hazoret the Fervent, with its high power and indestructibility, is a fantastic addition to aggressive decks.
  • It’s a secondary damage option that can prove decisive in nail-biters.
  • Since it cannot be damaged by normal means, this card can withstand numerous hits without taking any damage itself.

4. Bomat Courier

In what ways does this card shine?

  • Bomat Courier addresses the problematic card advantage enjoyed by mono-red.
  • Mono-red is a card game where drawing cards and refilling your hand can be challenging.
  • Bomat Courier’s ability, however, allows you to quickly draw a large number of cards, ensuring that you never run out of gas while casting spells.

3. Thundermaw Hellkite

In what ways does this card shine?

  • An opponent’s board can’t stop a thundermaw hellkite if it flies over it.
  • As it enters the battlefield, it taps any small flying creatures your opponent controls for 1 damage and then gives you a free attack.
  • This is a potent card because it can launch a surprise, lethal aerial attack.

2. Monastery Swiftspear

In what ways does this deck succeed?

  • It is a must-have in any Modern burn deck.
  • When combined with other low-cost spells, a one-mana, half-human creature with haste and prowess can be devastating.
  • The unpredictable growth of Monastery Swiftspear makes it challenging to manage. Even against larger creatures, it will often prevail in a block.

1. Bloodbraid Elf

I don’t see the appeal of this card.

  • The Bloodbraid Elf’s Cascade ability makes up for the fact that it costs 4 mana and has a low 3/2 body.
  • It deals 3 damage when it enters the battlefield and gives you a card at random.
  • This gives you a turn 1 advantage of nearly 7 mana.

The Bottom Line

You never know if success will follow haste. Trying out the service is the only way to find out for sure.

The company is transparent about this, which raises questions about the reliability of their business, and provides a free 14-day trial of Haste. You can sign up, download the software, and start playing without entering any financial information at all.

It’s important to note that right now Haste only supports a select few games and only targets certain game servers. Here are the twenty-four games and their respective server coverage:

  1. Fortnite (North American and European Versions)
  2. Pickup and Play (North America and Europe)
  3. NA-only Dota 2
  4. LoL (both North American and European)
  5. Black Ops 4 (North America and European Union)
  6. Battlefield 1 (North American and European Versions)
  7. Combat Grounds 5 (North America and Europe)
  8. Global Offensive in Counter-Strike (North America only)
  9. A North American and European release of Rainbow Six Siege
  10. NA/EU Release of Rocket League
  11. Battle: Hunt (North America only)
  12. FIFA 18 (North American and European Versions)
  13. FIFA 19 (North America & Europe)
  14. North American and European Versions of World of Tanks
  15. Blitz Mode for North American and European World of Tanks
  16. Warplanes: A Global History (North America only)
  17. Ships at War: North American Edition
  18. Battlefront 2 (North American and European Versions)
  19. TF2 (North American version only)
  20. In North America only, Brawlhalla.
  21. Global and European Overwatch
  22. World of Warcraft: Heroes of the Storm (North America and Europe)
  23. Defeat (North American and European Versions)
  24. Protectors (both in the North American and European Union).

At this point, it’s up to the individual to decide if the $15.00 monthly price tag is worth it. If you invested that money into, say, a fiber internet connection, you might get the same or better results.