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I’ve never written a review of a DXRacer gaming chair because I don’t like to fall for marketing gimmicks. However, if I were to do so, I would start by buying a model with a weight capacity of at least 300 pounds, as stated by the manufacturer. This is precisely what I did. At this point, the Killabee Big and Tall wannabes and other posers become obvious.

Is it worth the price tag, and how did one of DXRacer’s priciest models fare? Learn the answer right away.

Overview of DXRacer Big and Tall Chairs

DXRacer releases a bewildering number of models, making it difficult to know which one is best suited to a given individual’s proportions.

The two models that you should be considering if you are a big and tall person are the Both the King and Tank series are excellent. The one on the left was the subject of our analysis.

  • Type of Seating: Racing or a Bucket Seat
  • Fabric Type: PU Leather/Vinyl Upholstery
  • You can pick from black, white, grey, red, and blue.
  • The dimensions are 522527 inches.
  • Chair Cushion Dimensions (16″ W x 21.5″ D)
  • Height from Floor to Top of Seat: 19″ to 23″
  • Recommended Weight: 275 lbs.
  • Ideal height range: 5 ft. 9 in. to 6 ft. 2 in.
  • Estimated cost: n/a.

Assembly of the DXRacer King Gaming Chair

The DXRacer King can be assembled by a single person in 45 minutes to an hour.

One advantage is that the armrests have been mounted beforehand, saving you time, and the major bolts have been prepositioned so you can easily identify their homes.

However, the DXRacer King weighs in at a hefty 66 pounds, making assembly trickier than usual. The five star base has a total of ten moving parts, the most time-consuming of which is the securing of the five faceplates. There were, however, no major shocks to be found.

Build Quality

For me, the build quality is the most crucial aspect. In the event that the DXRacer chair is no different in appearance or performance from any other gaming chair, there is no reason to pay more for the DXRacer brand.

So, the DXRacer King is appropriately named.. There’s no need to worry about the chair collapsing under the weight of a heavy person, even one up to the recommended maximum of 300 pounds.

The DXRacer King has the heaviest seat I’ve ever used, and it’s not without good reason. What’s the rationale when you flip it over?

Do you see those three metal plates? What a way to calm your nerves!

Which one is the backrest, if either?

The King chair’s seat and backrest are padded with chill-cured padding, which is both excessive and unsettling. The 4 inch thick foam at the end of the backrest makes it feel like you’re sitting on another seat.

The DXRacer King’s metal 5 star base is the most expansive of any gaming chair I’ve seen, and its enormous 3″ casters are noticeably larger than those of the Andaseat Big and Tall.

Armrests are all plastic and feel flimsy in comparison to the rest of the chair, but that’s the only flaw I could find.

Conclusion: With the exception of the armrests, the DXRacer King is one of the heaviest and best-constructed gaming chairs we’ve tested. This is a good chair to consider if you want to find one that will last for a long time without sagging or breaking.

DXRacer King Chair Size and Target Audience

I wouldn’t recommend the DXRacer King to everyone, and I don’t just mean the really short or really tall. The company is up front in the product description about who the chair is most suited for:

  • Between 5’9″ and 6’2″ is perfect.
  • Target Weight: 275 lbs.
  • Recommendation for User BMI: 30

These percentages seem about right to me. Although the chair’s construction should be able to support up to 350 pounds, its small size makes it unsuitable for many people. The company may have done this on purpose to highlight the differences between the King Series and the even larger Tank Series, in my opinion.

When the side bolsters are not counted, the King’s seat is 16 inches wide and 21.5 inches deep. This is larger than average, but it’s not quite king-sized. Players weighing more than 300 pounds may find the side bolsters to be too confining.

The DXRacer King has a height-adjustable seat that can be set anywhere from 19″ to 22″ (from the floor to the top of the seat cushion). I’m 5 feet, 8 inches tall, so I can just about put both feet flat on the ground. I can’t use it because there isn’t a footrest. It’s safe to assume that anyone 5’9″ or taller will be fine.

Last but not least, the DXRacer King’s enormous backrest ensures that even those who top out at 6’3″ will have no trouble sinking into it.

Conclusion: According to my measurements, the DXRacer King is best for those between 5’9″ and 6’3″ tall and under 300 lbs. If you’re significantly larger than average, you may want to check out the DXRacer Tank Series.

Features and Adjustments

The DXRacer King is a high-end gaming chair with a sturdy tilt mechanism and comfortable arm rests. A detailed description of all it can do:

  • Backrest swivels and reclines (135 degrees recline 30 degrees tilt)
  • Locking angle of tilt
  • Armrests in four dimensions
  • Extra cervical and lumbar support provided by two separate, external pillows

For me, the King chair’s ability to tilt in multiple directions is its most impressive feature. To sum up, it’s well-balanced so that even the heaviest person can rock the chair’s back with effortless grace. The chair has a springiness to it that causes the backrest to spring back up to an upright position after being leaned back, transforming it into a rocking chair that promotes constant motion.

The King chair, like other high-end chairs with a multi-tilt mechanism, features a seat tilt lock that allows you to lock the seat’s angle of recline independently (from 0 to 30 degrees):

Those who prefer a very reclined position while working will appreciate the seat’s tilt lock.

The 4D armrests on the King’s chair can be adjusted in every conceivable way, including up and down, in and out, forward and back, and pivoting. Except for the pivot, all other adjustments can be locked, and the pivot is tight enough that accidental angle changes are unlikely. They are roomy and accommodating as well.

The armrests are sturdy, but they lack a premium feel, which is my main gripe. The track underneath isn’t perfectly smooth, and they’re mostly made out of plastic. When you try to pull the armrests closer to you, you’ll notice this. Perhaps it’s because the armrests on my Secretlab Titan are so comfortable that I’ve become spoiled.

The King’s chair’s pillows are fairly typical. The coolest part is that the neck pillow can be positioned in two different ways: over the backrest, or through the cut out near the top to bring it closer down if necessary.

How Comfortable Is It?

Now is a great time to discuss convenience in general. Chair convenience and ease of use, after all, is paramount.

If I had to compare sitting in a DXRacer King to anything, it would be taking the shotgun seat in a luxurious Mercedes. Very calm, steady, and quiet. Not even the most advanced and technically advanced lightweight (quite literally) gaming chairs can compete with the feeling of security and steadiness that this chair provides.

A big factor is that the chair’s massive weight is evenly distributed across the chair’s five-star base and enormous wheels.

The high-quality padding on this chair is another important feature. To give you an idea, imagine sitting on two mattresses, one behind you and one under you. The cold-cured foam is moderately firm and has a high density, making it a good support system.

To what extent do you find it to be comfortable? As sure as the sun rises, that’s for sure.


king series dxracer

You’ll have to shell out $469 to purchase this chair, making it not the most affordable option. But we think this is a fair price for what you’re getting.

For one thing, 4D armrests are expensive. It’s also worth noting that DXRacer has a track record of making high-quality gaming chairs, and that this particular model is exceptionally comfortable.

And here’s some good news: shipping is on the house. If you live outside of the 48 contiguous states (sorry, Hawaii and Alaska), DXRacer provides a list of reputable international resellers where you can purchase their products.

The price of a King Series chair may increase slightly when shipped internationally, but this is a negligible extra expense.

dx racer king series review

We appreciate that DXRacer has a monthly payment plan option. Being a non-traditional office chair, the King is targeted at home offices, where space is at a premium and funds are often short.

So, if you want this chair and have good credit, you won’t have to go into debt to buy it.


dxracer king series

As far as online customer service goes, DXRacer’s got a good one. Exhaustive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), comprehensive assembly instructions, and everything else you might want or need.

These tell you what to do if something goes wrong, but what happens if the product is broken? If this happens, you have two full years to take advantage of DXRacer’s warranty coverage.

The frame is guaranteed for life, and the foam and upholstery are covered in the event of a manufacturing defect.

As it should be, DXRacer provides the kind of service one would expect from the purchaser of a high-end gaming chair.

Even so, not many businesses facilitate such simple communication. There are many ways to get in touch with DXRacer’s customer service team: via email, over the phone, through a support forum, or even by visiting one of their physical locations in the United States.

DXRacer King Gaming Chair Final Verdict

To sum it all up, if money is no object, I promise you won’t regret purchasing a DXRacer King. If your weight and height are within the recommended parameters. You will feel like a king sitting in this chair, high and mighty, surveying your realm.

Still, most of us aren’t princes or princesses, which is a shame. The DXRacer King is a high-priced gaming chair, so it’s only worthwhile if you’re a big and tall gamer (250-300 lbs) who routinely destroys cheap chairs. If that describes you, this chair is likely to be the most cost-effective option. If you’re like the rest of us, you’ll find cheaper options like the Kcream or even the Secretlab Titan to be much more agreeable.


  • Outstandingly balanced and fluid tilting and reclining
  • The most generous padding we’ve seen in a gaming chair’s back
  • Extra-sturdy metal construction with five-pointed star feet and three-inch wheels.
  • Lasts for at least ten years


  • Not quite a king-sized chair in terms of width
  • The plastic armrests are a cheap touch.
  • Exceptionally costly