Updated at: 24-04-2023 - By: Leo Hall

We have known for quite some time that IO Interactive is developing the sequel to the most recent Hitman reboot. Hitman 3 will be released early next year on Xbox Series X and many other platforms, and we now have our first official look at the game.

The third and final installment of the Hitman rebooted trilogy will once again put players in the role of Agent 47 and is expected to include a wide variety of environments, disguises, and bizarre methods of eliminating enemies, as well as likely performance improvements thanks to its release on next-gen platforms. Everything we know about Hitman 3 is outlined below.

What is hitman 3?

Third in IO Interactive’s rebooted trilogy, Hitman 3 is the latest game in the long-running Hitman series. The “World of Assassination” trilogy that has been built over the past few years will come to a close with the release of Hitman 3.

Hitman 3 Freelancer Trailer Peeks at the New Game Mode - GameSpace.com

Although the game’s eventual story arc remains a mystery, a teaser trailer for the game accompanied by the tagline “death awaits” suggests that this may be the final chapter in Agent 47’s life. ”

The 10 best Hitman levels – including Hitman 3 locations

10. Isle of Sgail: ‘The Ark Society’ (Hitman 2)

James: Have you ever wished you could go to an Eyes Wide Shut party minus all the sexy parts? The Isle of Sgail level in Hitman 2 allows you to do just that, transporting you to a lavish castle party not far from the coast of Scotland. It took me a while to get used to Sgail’s high security zones and the sheer number of outfits available, but once I did, I found myself wandering the expansive castle and killing in every conceivable fashion.

9. Mumbai: ‘Chasing a Ghost’ (Hitman 2)

James:  I can’t say for sure that Mumbai is the biggest Hitman level ever, but it feels enormous compared to the others. This detailed map features a partially constructed skyscraper in addition to narrow, busy streets. You’ll be tasked with tracking down three targets spread out across the map, and the sheer distances between some of them at the outset of the mission will drive home just how vast the environment is. I’ve put in a lot of time going into every store and walking around the entire city, and while finding the Maelstrom on subsequent runs can be a pain, the game is still highly replayable.

8. Berlin: ‘Apex Predator’ (Hitman 3)

James:  I have waited in line for the infamous Berghain club on the outskirts of Berlin, only to be turned away; however, Hitman 3 granted me entry to Berghain (or, more accurately, Club Hölle) and even allowed me to DJ there. The story mission in Berlin is a bit of an experiment: you have to eliminate five targets, but you can’t do so until you’ve determined who they are. Second time around, when you have Hitman vision and can see all 10 targets at once, the level becomes even more enjoyable. One of the hardest parts of the series is clearing out all of these people, who are spread out from the dance floor to the club’s ceiling in rapid succession.

7. Miami: ‘The Finish Line’ (Hitman 2)

James:  The level that serves as Agent 47’s return to the action at the beginning of Hitman 2 could have been a weaker choice as you get used to the game’s format, but it ends up being one of the best in the sequel. This is the most action-packed chapter of the trilogy, and there are a lot of puzzles to solve. The addition of a moving target that you must try to eliminate as they race around the track amps up the tension. Either that, or I’m too distracted by the novelty of committing murder while dressed as a large flamingo.

6. Whittleton Creek: ‘Another Life’ (Hitman 2)

Samuel: Whittleton Creek is the spiritual successor to a popular level in Hitman: Blood Money, and it has you tracking down a heavily guarded former KGB operative who has gone into witness protection in the American suburbs. In addition to snooping around the homes of the locals and maybe even dropping in on a lovely garden party, you can also blow up your main target by hiding explosives in the mole holes that have been ruining the grass in his backyard. The atmosphere of this location is unlike anything else in the three Hitman games, and it’s fantastic.

5. Hokkaido: ‘Situs Inversus’ (Hitman)

James:  What a fantastic conclusion to the first book in the trilogy. Everyone loved Sapienza and Paris because of how crowded they were with NPCs and how many public events took place there. IO Interactive shifted gears dramatically for this stage, replacing open areas with mazelike corridors, secret rooms, and other obstacles. Although Hokkaido is notoriously challenging, it can be immensely rewarding once you’ve finally figured out how everything works.

4. Dartmoor: ‘Death in the Family’ (Hitman 3)

Samuel:  It’s too soon for me to say if this one is as replayable as some of the others lower down on this list, but your first run at this Hitman level is nearly unbeatable. I suspect not, but I’m looking forward to trying the escalation contracts in more detail. Most players will understandably jump right into the role of a private investigator to help solve the murder of an elderly, reclusive member of a wealthy British family before going on to eliminate the matriarch. There is only one chance to explore this massive country estate in search of clues, but doing so may be the most rewarding part of the entire mission arc. I’d enjoy playing an entire game devoted to this sort of sleuthing.

3. Mendoza: ‘The Farewell’ (Hitman 3)

Samuel:  Since the level is so large and has so many distinct sections, I find myself coming back to it more than any other in Hitman 3. It’s the only new location that can compete in scale with established cities like Sapienza, Miami, or Mumbai. Some of the possible deaths of your two targets are truly hilarious, as you are essentially attending a party on a massive vineyard concealing a James Bond-style villainous lair. A triumphant send-off for the trilogy, this game is a shining example of how the sandbox simulation approach to stealth game design has improved Agent 47’s exploits.

Hitman 3 Gameplay Trailer

2. Paris: ‘The Showstopper’ (Hitman)

This is the first Hitman level in the World of Assassination trilogy to be released, and it’s also the most challenging in terms of timing. I adore this stage, which takes place in a grand Parisian mansion and features gorgeously realized ceiling textures and incidental props around the mansion. Meanwhile, on the second floor, a room full of complete idiots is holding an auction for top-secret military information. It was extremely fun and set a high bar for future levels by allowing you to do things like become a male model and walk the catwalk.

1. Sapienza: ‘World of Tomorrow’ (Hitman)

I know some old-schoolers who think Hitman is a bit overrated these days, but Samuel: The king of Hitman levels. The Sapienza level takes place in a modest Italian seaside town, and while the bulk of your mission objectives will be fulfilled in a single large mansion with an underground Bond villain-style lair, there are plenty of other reasons to venture out and explore the rest of the map. This is, by far, my favorite place to return to in the Hitman series, despite the fact that completing the final quest step on each run can get annoying. It’s a beautiful slice of an open world, and the game’s 10 missions have a ridiculously large scope. Sapienza is essentially its own separate game.

Can I check out any hitman 3 trailers?

Only the reveal trailer shown at Sony’s Future of Gaming PS5 event has been released so far as promotional material for Hitman 3. In addition to this trailer, IO Interactive released a short gameplay demo highlighting some of the activities available to players in Dubai.

What’s gameplay like in hitman 3?

Hitman 3 follows in the footsteps of the first two games in the series, challenging players to plan and carry out meticulously planned assassinations. Gameplay, according to Tavis Barbour, senior community manager at IO Interactive, “encourages players to explore and interact with the game world in new ways that will reward them in future playthroughs” (from a blog post detailing more of the game). ”

This suggests that the stealth features from the first two Hitman games will be carried over into the third game. If necessary, sneak around, change into a new disguise, or even use an ordinary pan or briefcase as a weapon. A new blog post from IO Interactive describes each of the six new locations in Hitman 3. In Hitman 3, players will visit the following locations:

  • Location: Dubai, UAE
  • Location: Dartmoor, in the UK
  • Chongqing ()
  • Specifically: Berlin
  • Argentina; Mendoza
  • Romania’s Carpathians

Will hitman 3 support 4k and 60 fps?

Fans may be wondering if Hitman 3 can take advantage of the power of the new Xbox Series X/S and PS5 consoles. IO has released a new video this week showcasing the capabilities of their Glacier Engine, so it appears that these hopes will be realized. The video claims that Hitman 3 can support up to 300 NPCs in-game at once, and that the game will be playable in 4K at 60 FPS with High Dynamic Range (HDR) on next-gen consoles and PC.

IO also mentioned that, for those who purchase Hitman 3, the entire trilogy’s worth of missions will be made available to them, including improvements to rendering, animation, and artificial intelligence.

Does hitman 3 support vr gameplay?

IO Interactive announced the Hitman trilogy, including the upcoming Hitman 3, would be playable in virtual reality during a recent State of Play from Sony. IO Interactive later announced in a blog post that Hitman 3 would indeed support virtual reality gameplay, with VR support for all three games’ environments on the way. There are no plans to add VR support to Hitman 1 or 2, and the game is currently only playable in VR with Hitman 3.

It appears that the PlayStation VR is currently the only VR platform supported by Hitman 3. Hitman 3 will have PSVR support at launch, as stated by IO Interactive’s Communications Manager Travis Barbour in a recent post on UploadVR; however, no other VR platforms were mentioned. Recent gameplay suggests that Hitman 3 will not yet have support for the PlayStation Move Controllers.

This week, IO Interactive released a new Developer Insights video that dove deeper into what Hitman 3 on VR could look like. Senior Game Designer Eskil Mhl confirmed in an Ask Me Anything on Reddit this week that the developers do, in fact, use DualShock 4 controllers for movement in the video. The company hasn’t ruled out adding support for the Move in the future, but for the time being it appears content with the hybrid control scheme they’ve implemented.

In a recent post on the PlayStation Blog, IO Interactive’s Communications Manager Travis Barbour went into greater depth about the virtual reality features in Hitman 3. In his blog post, Barbour detailed four features of Hitman 3’s virtual reality mode:

  • Barbour remarked that Hitman 3’s first-person perspective was made possible by IO Interactive rethinking the placement of the game’s various components, including the camera. Agent 47’s height and the areas of his body that will be detected have also been adjusted for optimal virtual reality play.
  • Innovative Gameplay: Hitman 3’s “high level of fidelity and realism” required IO Interactive to ensure that the act of holding certain items wouldn’t leave a paper trail. Because of this, Hitman 3’s virtual reality mode will feature the ability to “prime” an item, letting players freely carry anything but only attacking when they choose to do so. The R2 button on the DualShock 4 is used to achieve this.
  • IO Interactive appears to have spared no effort in maximizing the immersion, which is one of VR’s primary selling points. New responses and trigger dialogue appear when players interact with people in virtual reality. Tapping someone on the shoulder, for instance, will either get their attention and allow you to sneak by, or provide the necessary diversion.
  • Hitman has always been about hiding your identity and sneaking up on your enemies. Hitman 3 in virtual reality (VR) takes this to a whole new level by allowing players to actively play out their disguises. This means that if you disguise yourself as a waiter, you can go work in a restaurant and do things like clean tables and help customers while you plot your next move.

What’s the story so far in hitman 3?

While details on Hitman 3’s plot are still scarce, developer IO Interactive has provided some information on the game’s website. The studio claims that Hitman 3 is the “dramatic conclusion to the World of Assassination trilogy,” and that it will take players to six “sandbox locations” around the world. Players won’t have to wait for additional content drops like they did in Hitman 2, as the entire game will be available at launch.

Agent 47 Gets A Snazzy New Suit In Hitman 3 Pride DLC Trailer

More hints from IO Interactive point to Agent 47 teaming up with an old friend, Lucas Grey. The developers say their goal is to eliminate Providence’s alliance, but they anticipate having to change tactics en route. As the final chapter in the trilogy, you can be sure that IO Interactive has saved all the best for last.

Is hitman 3 coming to xbox one and ps4?

Yes. Hitman 3 will launch not only on next-gen consoles, but also on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. To make things even more convenient for players, IO Interactive has confirmed that all 20 locations from the first two games can be imported into Hitman 3, and that progress from the entire trilogy can be carried over if played within Hitman 3. If you complete a mission in Dubai and unlock a certain item, you can take it with you to Paris and use it there.

Players who put in a lot of time with Hitman 2 won’t have to worry about starting over when Hitman 3 releases because their weapon progression and unlocks will be carried over.

What’s the release date?

The projected launch date for Hitman 3 is January 20, 2021. When it does come out, you can get it for Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and PC (via Epic Games Store).