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Pokémon: Sword and Shield introduces a slew of new features, although many series staples, such as natures, return. When battling, the order in which your Pokémon attack and take damage is determined on the type of Pokémon you’re using.

Pokémon natures will be explained in this tutorial, as well as how they work and how you can change the nature of your Pokémon. Check out our Beginner’s Guide for additional general advice on how to get started in Sword and Shield, including information on the Galar Region.

Pokémon Natures Explained

There are a total of 25 different natures that, in most cases, will boost a specific stat by 10% while lowering another by 10%. There is one exception to this rule: HP is unaffected by natures. Prior to a battle, a Pokémon’s nature is selected by chance.

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Since any Pokémon, even those of the same species, can have any nature, having a diverse group of Pokémon in your party is important for a range of fight conditions. Select ‘Check Summary,’ then ‘Pokémon Nature Check,’ and then look for the pen and paper icon.

List Of Natures

Serious MintFavourite Flavor Hated Flavor 10% -10% Nature Mint




Adamant MintSerious\sN/A\sN/A\sN/A\sN/A
Brave MintAdamant\sAttack
An Extraordinary Effort
Lonely MintBrave\sAttack\sSpeed
Naughty MintLonely\sAttack\sDefense
Bold MintNaughty\sAttack
Enhanced Protection
Impish MintBold\sDefense\sAttack\sSour\sSpicy
Lax MintSpecial Attack: Impish Defense
Relaxed MintDefense Specialty: Laxity
Modest MintRelaxed\sDefense\sSpeed\sSour\sSweet
Mild MintAttacks with a moderate special ability
Quiet MintDry sour with a mild special attack flavor.
Rash MintQuick Special Attack Speed with a Dry Sweet Flavor
Calm MintSpecial Attack & Defense Rash
Careful MintAttacks on the Special Defense
Gentle MintCareful Special Defense
An Extraordinary Effort
Sassy MintSophisticated Special Defence
Hasty MintThe special defense speed of an assertive woman
Jolly MintHasty\sSpeed\sDefense
Naive MintSweet Dry Special Attack Jolly Speed Up
Timid MintSpeedy Naivete Special Defense

How To Change Pokémon Natures

Chances are that most of the Pokémon you catch will not have their ideal nature because natures are randomly assigned. Natures that complement or at the very least do not detract from a Pokémon’s existing strengths are often the best choices. We’ll go over the two ways you can give your Pokémon new natures in the sections that follow.

Changing Natures With Mints

Using the new Sword and Shield item, mints, you can alter the stats of your Pokémon. After completing the main story, they can only be purchased from the BP Shop on the left side of the counter in the Battle Tower (Wyndon Tower). You may buy mints with the “Battle Points” you earn by winning Battle Tower battles.

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In order to use a Mint, choose the item in your inventory, then select ‘Use this item’ and the chosen Pokémon. While the corresponding metrics of your Pokémon will be altered by Mints, the summary page description will remain same.

Breeding For Specific Natures

Before, the most common way to pass on a particular personality trait to future generations was through the act of breeding. Using an Everstone before placing a Pokémon in daycare is still possible in Sword and Shield. This ensures that the egg will take on the characteristics of the parent who possesses the Everstone when it hatches.

Check which stats are raised/lowered by your Pokémon’s nature.

  • Attack is increased, while Special Attack is decreased by Adamant.
  • Defense is boosted while Attack is decreased.
  • Raises attack and lowers speed; this is Brave’s effect
  • Increases Special Defense and reduces Attack when calmed down.
  • Be wary: Special Defense is boosted, but Special Attack is lowered.
  • Increases Special Defense and lowers Defense
  • Speed is boosted, while Defense is decreased.
  • Strengthens Defense and reduces Special Attack
  • Strengthens Defense and reduces Special Defense. Lax
  • Loneliness: increases Attack and decreases Defense.
  • Mild: boosts Special Attack while lowering defenses
  • Increasing Special Attack while decreasing Attack is modest.
  • Simple: increases movement speed while lowering special defense.
  • Negatively affects Special Defense while increasing Attack
  • Silent: boosts Special Attack and lowers Speed.
  • Special Defense is reduced by Rash, which enhances Special Attack
  • Decreases Speed and Strength while increasing Defense
  • the special defense is increased and the speed is decreased
  • Intimidated: Speed increases, but Attack is decreased

How to check your Pokémon’s nature

  • Pressing X while the game is underway will bring you to the main menu.
  • On the following page, choose your Pokémon.
  • It is possible to check your Pokémon by pressing A while hovering over it. If you don’t have it in your party, you can move it to your Boxes by pressing R. Select it from the drop-down menu.
  • Next, peruse the summary.
  • By use the joystick, you may locate the pencil and paper icon. There will be a lot of information on pokemon nature.

You can buy Mints from the Battle Tower with the help of Sword and Shield once you’ve completed the main plot. You can change the nature and stats of your Pokémon by giving them various delicacies.

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What is the best nature in Pokemon sword and shield?

a list and graph of nature

Do natures matter in sword and shield?

There is no way to change a Pokemon’s nature, no matter what you do. Your Pokemon’s numbers can be influenced by altering their nature, however.

Is Sassy nature good?

Sassy. The fact that this Nature is so raunchy is a good thing, because we’re all fans of sassy stuff, right? The Sassy Nature of a Pokémon boosts its Special Defense while lowering its Speed, making it an excellent choice if you’re looking for a strong defender.


This was a Pokemon Natures-focused post. Pokemon Sword and Shield has a lot of moving parts that the average player may not be aware of. The storyline and capturing Pokémon can be enjoyed by non-competitive gamers. Serious gamers can fulfill their party’s stats by working on their Pokédex. Sword and Shield now lets you check the stats of your Pokémon by searching for their natures.