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Shopping for a new chair for the office might be a bit of a distraction. The essential features that make a chair practical are often overlooked in favor of dazzling aesthetics. Our focus today is a product that does the bare essentials well without sacrificing style.

We’re talking about the AKRacing K7, of course. The design, functionality, and even the upholstery of this chair scream “premium.” The best part, however, is that it’s reasonably priced at just under $300. Let’s begin with a look at how it’s put together.

The racing-style seat is the first thing you’ll notice. Even after extended years of use, your spine is supported by this form, ensuring your comfort. Because this chair doesn’t have a leather upholstery, it’s a lot more comfortable than other similar chairs.

Although this material is more difficult to clean, it eliminates a common problem with leather chairs: being too cold in the morning. Lumbar support and headrest cushions are also fully adjustable (and removable) to ensure maximum comfort. Isn’t that great?

The K7 is stuffed with cold-molded, high-density foam. Because of its resistance to compression, this chair will retain its original level of comfort for many years to come. If you choose, you can even select one of three other trim colors. As a result, you can easily fit this chair into your office decor.

AKRacing K7 Review 2022 - So Is It Worth The Money?

What about the functionality of the product?? Actually, quite good. This chair can be rocked back and forth, and it also has a complete 180-degree recline. It has a steel frame that can sustain persons weighing up to 330 pounds. That’s a 10% improvement over the majority of other gaming chairs on the market.

You can, at least, elevate or lower the armrests, which is better than nothing. With that being said, it’s hard to complain too much because this is a unique feature to find in a chair at this price point. If you prefer, you can remove these armrests.

When it came to warranty coverage, AKRacing outdid itself. It has a 5-year warranty on any manufacturing defects and a 10-year warranty on the steel frame inside. That it’s free speaks volumes about the company’s commitment to quality.

If you want to play games or work from home, the AKRacing K7 is for you. If you spend a lot of time sitting down, this chair is designed to keep you healthy. To be honest, it’s one of the best in this price range.

The lack of ability to lock the backrest at a specific position is the only drawback of this chair in our opinion. In order to keep the chair from returning to its original position, you will need to exert some pressure on the back of the chair itself. Despite this, we’d still recommend the K7 to our friends and family members.

AKRacing Masters Series

AKRacing’s top-tier line is the Masters Series. Armrests on Core Series chairs are 3D, whereas those in Master Series chairs are 4D. The padding of Master Series chairs is likewise more generous. The most expensive chair in this collection, the Master Series Pro, is the best of the best. It features 70% more padding than the Core Series Ex.

A 70% increase in padding is a luxury that can’t be overstated. It will feel like you’re floating on cloud nine if you’re willing to pay for it.

AKRacing Master Series Pro

High-end luxury gaming seats like the AKRacing Master Series Pro are some of the best available. Only the Secretlab Titan is capable of matching the Titan’s high-quality features and outstanding build.

Seventy percent greater cushioning than Core Series Ex models is one of the model’s best features. The perforated PU leather upholstery is another important element. When you sit down, you’ll notice that the chair’s contact points have perforations that help keep it cool. This model’s attention to detail is evident in this particular feature.

Master Series Pro sizing

One of the widest seats of a huge chair is included. Extra wide users will also have plenty of area for their legs, as will most users.

  • the seat’s width and depth are 17 inches and 21.6 inches, respectively (D)
  • Height and width of the backrest: 33.8′′ (H), 23.6′′ (W)
  • Between 47.8 to 57.4 inches in height.
  • Sizes: 5’7″ to 6’6″; 330 lb. max. weight.

Master Series Pro features

Despite its expensive price, the Master Series Pro boasts an astounding array of luxurious amenities.

  • Features include 4D armrests, a deep recline of 180 degrees, and a tilt lock of 12 degrees.
  • 70% more cold cure foam padding than the Core Ex in terms of cushioning.
  • Perforated PU leather in five different color schemes is used for the upholstery.

AKRacing Masters Series Premium

The Premium model offers 30 percent more padding than the Core Series EX, while the Pro has 70 percent more padding than the Core Series EX

Apart from the reduced padding and lower price, the Premium is identical to the Pro Series in terms of high-end features.

Master Series Premium sizing

In terms of length and breadth, the AKRacing Master Series Premium is shorter and slimmer than the Pro.

  • It is 23.2 inches wide and 18 inches deep (D)
  • Height and width of the backrest: 33.8′′ (H), 21.6′′ (W)
  • Total height: 47.8″ to 51.3″
  • Height range: 47.8 to 51.3 inches

Master Series Premium features

From 47.8 to 51.3 inches tall overall

  • Four-dimensionally adjustable armrests, a 12-degree tilt lock, and a 180-degree recline round out the list of features.
  • 30% extra cushioning compared to the EX Series..
  • Six multi-color style possibilities for PU leather upholstery.

AKRacing Masters Series Max

The Master Series Pro is enlarged to support 400 pounds with this hefty product. With reinforced elements, a broad seat, a gas lift with a powerful motor, and extra-thick padding, it is built to last.

Master Series Max sizing

The Master Series Max features a little narrower seat than the ultra-wide Pro. Even so, most people with unusually large bodies will be fine with that.

The Max is higher and features a strengthened backrest to withstand bigger weights.

In terms of overall size, below are the differences between the Pro and Max seats.

Master Series Max features

The comprehensive feature set of the Pro is carried over to the Master Series Max.

  • Adjustable armrests; reclining to 180°; tilt lock at 12°.
  • The Core Series Ex has 70% more cold foam padding than the Ex.
  • Black or black with colored trim PU leather upholstery
  • Height and weight limits: 6’7″ maximum; 400 lbs maximum

AKRacing Core Series

It’s AKRacing’s most affordable product line. The padding in this series is thinner and the armrests may be adjusted in 3D. These chairs are identical in size to Master Series chairs, despite the price reductions.

AKRacing Core Series EX

AKRacing’s cheapest and most basic chair is this one. It’s a solid, dependable chair for gaming that’s devoid of frills.

The padding in this chair is of the highest quality, but there is less of it. Consistent comfort that gets the job done, but doesn’t blow you away is what you can expect here.

Soft fabric upholstery is the chair’s most notable characteristic. Fabric-covered gaming chairs, on the whole, are more comfortable, more breathable, and more long-lasting.

Core Series Ex sizing

Most AKRacing gaming seats, such as the Core EX, are similar. It’s a good fit for most average-sized persons. ‘ Consider the Core EX-Wide or Master Series Max if you are tall or wide.

  • 20.9′′ (W) x 19.7′′ (D) are the dimensions of the seat (D)
  • Height and width of the backrest: 32.6′′ (H), 21.2′′ (W)
  • Seat height ranges from 13.75 to 17.25 inches.
  • Height range: 46-49.3 inches
  • 5’3″ to 6’3″; 330 lb. weight capacity

In terms of features, the Core Series is on the cutting edge, but it isn’t out of this world. Check out the Core Series Ex review for additional information.

  • It features 3D armrests, a deep recline of 180 degrees, and a tilt lock of 12 degrees.
  • It’s a five-year warranty on the padding: cold-cured foam padding.
  • Upholstery: 100% polyester fabric with contrasting stitching of various hues.

AKRacing Core EX-Wide

An extended variant of Core Series Ex, this one is more wider. The seat’s width is the only thing that differs.

Here’s how the two chairs stack up when it comes to the most important measurements:

AKRacing Core SX

In comparison to the Core EX, the SX is a bit more substantial. Premium PU leather replaces the mesh fabric, in addition to providing a wider and higher chair seat.

Check out our comparison between the Core Series LX and the Core Series SX for a more in-depth look at the differences:

Wider and taller backrests distinguish this model from the Core EX.

  • Measurements of the seat’s breadth and depth are 22 inches (W) by 19.3 inches (D)
  • The backrest is 33′′ (H) by 21.6′′ (W) (W)
  • Height range: 47.1 to 50.1 inches
  • Sizing: 5’7″ to 6’2″ in height, with a maximum weight of 330 lbs.

Core SX features

The Core SX has a 12° tilt-lock enhancement over the Core EX. Core EX employs mesh fabric, but Core SX uses PU leather, for another difference.

  • It features 3D armrests, a deep recline of 180 degrees, and a tilt lock of 12 degrees.
  • It’s a five-year warranty on the padding: cold-cured foam padding.
  • Premium PU leather for the upholstery.

Buying advice

If you prefer leather over mesh fabric, choose the Core SX over the Core Series EX. In terms of aesthetics, leather is a clear winner. In contrast, it’s a lot more difficult to breathe. In warmer temperatures, PU leather can stick to your skin and leave a greasy residue.

AKRacing K7 Review 2022 - So Is It Worth The Money?

Despite this, leather is still preferred by the majority of consumers because to its striking aesthetic.

AKRacing Core LX

Among the Core Series chairs, this one is the largest. The Core EX has 20% more padding and a taller frame than the Core EX. That’s why it’s a good choice for gamers that enjoy a lot of room to stretch out in.

  • the seat’s width and depth are 21.5 inches and 20 inches, respectively (D)
  • Height and width of the backrest: 34.5′′ (H), 22.4′′ (W)
  • 48.3 to 51.6 inches in total height
  • Sizing: 5’7″ to 6’3″ in height, with a maximum weight of 330 lbs.

Core LX features

The Core LX’s softer curves lend an air of refinement to the chair. More padding and better PU leather are used in this version over the standard Core Ex.

  • It features 3D armrests, a deep recline of 180 degrees, and a tilt lock of 12 degrees.
  • Cold cure foam padding that is 10 percent thicker and will keep its form and density for five years is available.
  • Premium PU leather for the upholstery.

Buying advice

The best Core Series model is this one. It offers the thickest padding and the greatest imitation leather quality. The chair also has a taller and wider frame to allow users to cross their legs while sitting on it. The LX is an excellent choice if you need a large chair for working, gaming, relaxing, and hanging out.

AKRacing specialty chairs

AKRacing also offers an extra-small chair and an office collection in addition to the Core and Master Series collections. Both are summarized in this section.

AKRacing California (extra small)

For the first time, AKRacing is offering a unique edition of its California Series. AKRacing claims that the “sunny California” inspiration for these three designs. A white Laguna, a blue Tahoe, and a purple Napa are available.

The California chair is examined in depth in this section. Check out the full review for a more in-depth look:

California chair sizing

One of the world’s tiniest luxury gaming chairs, the California chair is extremely portable. This is a fantastic choice for children or individuals who are really little.

  • 21.25′′ (W x 15′′-18′′) x 15′′-18′′ (D)
  • Dimensions of the backrest: 23.5 inches high by 14 inches wide (W)
  • Size: 4’9″ to 5’6″; weight: 100 to 155 lbs (max load is 330 pounds).

California chair features

The California chair has a few nice options. The armrests are merely 3D. It’s also missing a tilt-lock mechanism with multiple functions. In this case, you can only rock the chair, but you can’t lock it in any position.

  • Features include 3D armrests, tilt tension rocking, and a 180-degree recline.
  • Resilient cold foam cushioning; neck and lumbar cushions; premium PU leather cover for maximum comfort.

California chairs are an excellent choice for those who are low in stature, such as children. Be on the lookout for (regular) sales discounts in order to get one at a lower price.

AKRacing Onyx Office Chair

The Onyx is AKRacing’s most expensive chair. The PU leather model costs $599 on AKRacing.com. Full-grain leather is available for an additional $100. Both include pro features that are comparable to the top professional esports seats on the market today. For those who like an executive design, the Onyx varies from other AKRacing chairs.

An overview of the Onyx chair may be found below. Check out this review for a more in-depth explanation:

Onyx chair sizing

The seats of onyx chairs are flat and wide, and they have a lot of space. If you’re in between sizes, these chairs should be able to accommodate you.

  • It is 23.6 inches wide by 19.7 inches deep (D)
  • Height and width measurements for the backrest: 22.8′′ (W) and 33.8′′ (H) (H)
  • From the floor to the seat: 17.8 to 20.3 inches (W)
  • 50.1 to 50.6 inches in total height

Onyx chair features

AKRacing Onyx chairs are designed for professional esports use. 4D armrests, a multifunction tilt lock, deep recline, and luxury-grade cold-foam padding are just some of the features of this chair.

  • Armrests have four-dimensional design; multifunction tilt lock (3-18° range) and 180° recline.
  • High-density cold foam cushioning, a lumbar support pillow, and an extra-large headrest cushion provide comfort.
  • Heavy-duty steel frame, aluminum base, and Class 4 gas lift support up to 290 pounds.

Non-gaming power users will appreciate this expensive but worthwhile solution. While sitting in the Onyx chair, you have a variety of options for moving your body.

Adjust the backrest a few degrees forward or back when you’re feeling worn out. The seat can also be tilted and locked at an angle using the multifunction mechanism. In addition, you can activate a variable-tension rocking option. Finally, the armrests can be positioned in four different ways. To keep your arms and shoulders moving while you’re working, switch between different postures frequently.

AKRacing brand summary

All AKRacing seats are covered by a lifetime warranty and come in a variety of sizes.

AKRacing chair warranty

A 5-year parts warranty is standard on every AKRacing gaming chair. There is a 10-year warranty on the steel frame.

This reduces the cost of these seats. AKRacing seats are among the best in the business when it comes to reliable, long-term support.

The ultra-high-quality cold foam padding is a common characteristic in all seats. The seat density is 55 kg/m3 and the floor density is 50 kg/m3 (back).

The padding on the Core Series EX is the thinnest of all. The Master Series Pro features a 70% increase in capacity. It is possible to sit comfortably for long periods of time on any of these extremes. After eight hours of sitting, the foam will maintain its shape. As soon as you sit down, it’s flexible enough to conform to your body’s contours. Standing causes it to return to its former shape.

AKRacing Sizing

Chairs from Core Series are smaller than those from Master Series. A small to medium-sized business can benefit from these. The chairs of the Core Series have the following measurements:

The chairs in the Masters Series are larger and have a wider seat. The three Masters Series chairs have the following dimensions:

How to buy AKRacing chairs

Amazon and AKRacing.com both sell Akracing chairs in the United States. Customers in the UK and Canada can purchase AKRacing seats on Amazon.

In most cases, AKRacing chairs are less expensive to buy via Amazon than at AKRacing.com. When AKRacing.com offers a storewide discount, this is no longer the case. As a result, it’s a good idea to compare prices before making a purchase.

Visit AKRacing.com to see all of our USA Chairs.

Shop by area on Amazon.com. On Amazon USA, Amazon UK, or Amazon Canada, you can find all AKRacing chairs. All three countries have chairs to choose from.

AKRacing Master Series Pro gaming chair review | ChairsFX


Is AKRacing a DXRacer?

It’s possible to find cheaper gaming chairs, but DXRacer and AKRacing are worth the extra money…. Metal frames and gas lifts support a combined weight of 450 lbs. (DXRacer) and 330 lbs (AKRacing). Both companies’ armrests look and feel the same.

Are gamer chairs overrated?

Overhyped is a word that describes gaming chairs. You may end up paying more for a brand’s name than for the goods itself in some situations.


AKRacing gaming seats are available in a variety of racing-themed styles. The quality and durability of each chair is what sets these chairs distinct. Even under full-time gaming or working situations, these seats are built to last.

Luxury gaming seats typically come with two year warranties. As much as 150% more long-lasting, AKracing seats come with a 5-year warranty.

The bottom line is that AKRacing gaming chairs are an excellent choice if you’re seeking for dependable, continuous support. You’ll get the best in comfort and assistance from an established name in the business.