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The Arozzi Milano is a chair with few frills.. It’s a great option for those who desire the advantages of a racing chair but don’t want to deal with all the extraneous frills.

It’s a big decision when you’re shopping for a new chair. It’s up to you whether you want the finest of the best, or something a little more restricted. The problem is that there are a lot of low-quality, expensive seats out there.

It’s like finding a four-leafed clover to find a high-quality chair at an affordable price. As a result, the Arozzi Milano is an excellent choice. We’ll describe what we like and don’t like about it, as well as who this chair is best suited for.

Let’s start with the cost. Not the cheapest item on the market, but it’s also not the most costly either. When it comes to chairs with these features, this is exactly what we’d anticipate from one. In other words, how does it all appear now?

There are five different color options listed for the Arozzi Milano, however only the trim is actually changeable. Black PU leather dominates the interior, however there are a variety of complementary hues to offset this.

This chair has a racing-inspired design. This reduces the stress on your back from sitting for lengthy periods of time, which is one of the reasons gaming seats are so popular. Lumbar support may be adjusted, as can the headrest, which unfortunately isn’t changeable.


The Milano chair was designed to provide gamers with the ultimate level of comfort for a longer and more intense gaming session. PU leather covers the Milano series gaming chair’s composite plywood frame, which is supported by cold-moulded foam. However, its ergonomic design is geared toward gamers, but it may also be used by other people..

Arozzi Milano Review 2022 - Is This Gaming Chair Worth It?

The Milano chair features a racing-style design that has become a staple in many homes. When it comes to sitting, the human back benefits from this design even after a lengthy amount of time. Additionally, it features an adjustable lumbar cushion to for optimal back support and comfort.


Although the Arozzi Milano chair isn’t one of the cheapest, it’s still one of the best affordable high-quality gaming seats on the market today. It’s no secret that the Milano series of chairs is known for their high level of quality and affordability. It’s wonderful to have a chair that’s both incredibly comfortable and extremely cost-effective.

Options Availability

The chair from the best line available in a variety of colours like red, black, blue, green &; white, it’s mainly with the major black colour contrast with coloured trim. The entire chair is upholstered in black PU leather, which works well with brightly coloured accessories.


Comfort, support, and durability are all hallmarks of the Milano gaming chair. Composit plywood is used in the chair’s construction to boost both its stability and durability. Whereas, the chair’s resilience and stability are boosted by the use of high-quality materials including synthetic PU leather, cold-molded foam, and PU castors.

Best Features and Our Opinions

On the surface, the Arozzi Milano gaming chair appears to be a decent chair. With an Amazon page that emphasizes ergonomic design, softness and comfortability, and longevity, it’s a stylish piece of furniture. Compared to many other gaming seats, this one is quite inexpensive at roughly $170. Just like most office chairs, it comes with a few basic functions and no back support at all.

The Arozzi Milano, on the other hand, features a gaming-inspired racing theme. This design ensures that your long gaming sessions don’t leave you in agonizing discomfort in your neck and back. A lumbar support cushion is included with the chair to assist you maintain good posture. If you’re taller than 6’2″, you’ll have to find an alternative solution because the headrest doesn’t adjust to your height.

Check Arozzi Milano’s Current Price

I have a few more gripes with this chair that I’d want to bring to your attention. Although frustrating, the lack of a recline option does not, in my judgment, ruin the game. However, because of its comparatively low weight capacity, the Arozzi Milano chair is not suitable for everyone. Even a slim or moderately developed person will have to go elsewhere if they weigh more than 211 pounds.

The armrests are also non-adjustable. This is the second problem. The chair’s overall design is geared on minimizing the amount of strain placed on the user’s body. However, the armrests’ inability to be adjusted simply adds to the discomfort of the chair, which is already rather heavy. They’re cozy and well-padded, but their size and proximity to the chair make them uncomfortable. Armrests can be removed if desired, although they are an essential part of any gaming chair. To be honest, the ability to customize them based on your height should have been included.

The rest of the chair, on the other hand, is quite useful and of high quality. A full 360-degree swivel is possible. It features its own built-in rocking mechanism that can recline to a 12° angle. On carpets as well as hard floors, these casters move effortlessly. For a chair that costs less than half the price of most other chairs on the market, it provides a fair set of features. It’s not quite the same as a Dowinx Gaming Chair, but it has enough features to keep you comfortable for hours of gaming.

A two-year warranty is the best part of this 170 dollar gaming chair’s features. This chair may be reasonably priced, but that doesn’t imply it’s cheap. Still, 170 dollars is quite a lot of money, and wasting it would not be a good use of it. It at least covers you in the event of minor damage to the chair that occurs without your knowledge. The warranty will protect you, for example, if it is damaged during shipping or if it breaks by chance.

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Arozzi Milano Color Options

At the very least, the Arozzi Milano gaming chair claims to be available in five different colors. You can choose from red, blue, black, green, and white colors for the chair’s trim. There aren’t many color options because the chair is almost entirely made of black polyurethane leather (which, by the way, is really soft).

Though I must say, all of the colors contrast well with the chair’s black polyurethane leather, especially the white and red color. If green isn’t your favorite color, don’t buy it. Actually, I’m not a fan of how it turned out (personal opinion, obviously).

Arozzi Milano Gaming Chair Review: DURABILITY

The chair’s life expectancy is between two and three years. Unless you use it sparingly, this chair won’t last you more than four years. This chair is unquestionably manufactured from high-quality materials. Polyurethane leather and padding in the armrests, lumbar cushion and chair itself use a large portion of this high-quality material, which is used sparingly on the human body. Durability isn’t a concern with this chair; it’s all about comfort and aesthetics.


When it comes to comfort, this chair doesn’t offer a whole lot of wacky features. Many modern gaming seats don’t have a reclining feature, and this one doesn’t either. The chair, on the other hand, is really comfortable to sit in, with arm rests that are well-padded. Having adjustable armrests would have solved this chair’s only concern with comfort, which is that the armrests are either too high or too low for some people.


This chair, like any other product, is susceptible to damage during transportation, and the manufacturer is not to blame. Despite the unclear assembly instructions, the chair is surprisingly straightforward to assemble. It’s simply a few pieces to put together like a jigsaw puzzle, then it’s ready to use!

Padding & Ergonomic Design

The Milano chair, to be honest, isn’t an engineering marvel, but it’s padded to the gills for maximum comfort. For long-lasting comfort, Milano features extra thick padding on everything from the padded fixed headrest and backrest to the padded seat.

In addition to the padding on the armrest, this chair’s ergonomic, racing-style design promotes a variety of spine benefits. Similar to its rivals in terms of appearance, Milano can be compared in terms of comfort and cushioning.

Premium Grade Plywood Frame

High-quality wooden frames provide the Milano chair for gaming its long-lasting stability and durability. The Milano chair appears to be more pleasant and supportive because it has the strongest and most robust frame.

Partially Adjustable

The Milano gaming chair has a few wonderful features, such as an adjustable lumbar cushion, that allow users to personalize their level of comfort in terms of support. It is also possible to lock the rocking angle of this reasonable Milano, but only in the upright position.

In addition, the chair’s height may be easily adjusted by pressing a button located beneath the seat. Additionally, Milano’s 360-degree swiveling feature allows you to rotate it in any direction.

Solid, Smooth Castors

Milano’s five-wheel nylon castors are a direct result of this innovation, whereas the other seats in the series remain unchanged. The Milano chair boasts the best smooth castors and the most durable foundation in the series thanks to an improved and robust base. Rolling on any surface is a breeze with these five nylon twin castors.


  • An ergonomically built chair that is particularly comfortable to sit in.
  • It has a lumbar pillow that can be adjusted.
  • Sufficiently sturdy
  • Solid, smooth castors and a new, improved base
  • Provide adequate support and a pleasant place to rest.
  • it can be locked in place by its rock
  • Assembled more quickly
  • Completely upholstered chair for maximum comfort.


  • There is no way to alter the position of the armrests.
  • Limits on the amount of weight one can carry


As far as long-term comfort and support when gaming and working are concerned, the Milano series chair has all the essential features. It’s not the best gaming chair, but it has all the comfort features you could ask for.

Arozzi Milano Gaming Chair Review

Overall, the Milano chair is touted as the best gaming or office chair for casual use. It’s comfortable enough to use on a regular basis as a gaming chair for fun. Arozzi Milano Gaming Chair is a great option for anyone looking for a low-cost office or gaming chair.


Are Arozzi gaming chairs good?

The Arozzi Torretta is a good gaming chair for less than $300 dollars. A nice value for the money, but nothing exceptional. Even if you’re merely playing video games for hours at a time, a good chair may make all the difference.

Does the Arozzi Milano recline?

It’s not hunched over. The only way to go backwards a few degrees is to use your feet to push yourself backwards.

Is Arozzi Vernazza good?

The Vernazza is not only useful, but it is also a gorgeous product. It’s not just because it’s comfortable, but because it’s just so darn nice looking. The black base is simple but professional, and the comfortable fabric seat complements each other nicely.


As a result, this chair appears to be a good option at first glance. There are, however, a few things to keep in mind. They don’t bother me much, like not being able to recline. However, there are a few items that do.

For starters, the Milano’s 231-pound weight limit is far lower than that of most of its competitors. Secondly, the armrests are not adjustable at all, which is a pity because they are very comfy. Even height-adjustable armrests would have been ideal if the chair’s entire design was geared at decreasing strain?

To be fair, you can remove these armrests if you prefer. 360-degree swivel, 12-degree rocking recline, and casters that work on carpets and hard floors are all standard features. The question is, for whom is a chair of this caliber ideal?

Honestly? The vast majority of people. Office workers, gamers, authors, you name it. The Milano is well-equipped and, for the price, it looks fantastic. There’s no recline mode or showy design, but when it comes to getting things done, this chair has everything you need.

A two-year warranty is also included at no additional charge. Even though you’re purchasing a low-cost chair, this does not imply that it is of low quality. Additional peace of mind is provided by this warranty, which ensures that you won’t have to pay for any manufacturing errors.