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Top-tier mesh back office chairs include the Herman Miller Aeron. Our metrics give it a high score, placing it near the top of the fleet. It came close to winning, but ultimately fell short. It is well-made, comes fully assembled, and provides a high level of comfort thanks to its many customization options. It has one of the highest suggested retail prices in the bunch, which is a bummer.

Performance Comparison


The majority of each chair’s final grade is based on its level of comfort, which is the most important metric we used in our tests. We had a panel of judges try out each chair for at least an entire workday and then fill out a questionnaire to rate and score this highly subjective metric. We asked them to give each chair a score based on how long they could comfortably sit in it, as well as rate the comfort of the seat, armrests, and backrest.

Herman Miller Aeron Review 2023 - Why This Chair ROCKS

The Aeron majority of our reviewers gave it favorable marks, particularly for its armrests. They’re well-padded, which is a plus, but the level mechanism on the back can be finicky to use, making it hard to get them perfectly parallel. Taller testers in particular had complaints about the Aeron because the backrest isn’t as comfortable as the others they’ve tried and is a bit lower than many of the others.

Every single one of our testers gave a rating of “average” or “above” for the seat’s comfort. They also gave the location of the Aeron You’re among the best of the bunch and right at the top. Our judges generally agreed that it was acceptable for an entire workday, though there were slightly more complaints than with the most luxurious chairs.


Afterward, we compared and contrasted the number and variety of adjustments available on each of these office chairs to accommodate a wide variety of users and sitting arrangements. This factor contributes less to satisfaction than convenience, but more than you might think. Aeron’s tally of the points. It doesn’t have as many customization options as more expensive models, but it still performs admirably. Here, we compared how frequently and for how long people sat in the optimal ergonomic position by adjusting the chair’s back, armrests, seat, and reclining resistance. For this final evaluation, we once again assembled a sizable panel of judges to try out each chair at a variety of heights and with a wide range of sitting preferences.

The Aeron provides a wide range of adjustments for the back and lumbar support. The “PostureFit SL Lumbar Support” consists of two cushions meant to fit your shape and provide cushioning for your lower back. These pads are not height-adjustable, which is not a problem because they are quite tall, but the level of support and firmness can be changed.

This desk chair allows you to choose from three different reclining positions, including fully upright, partially reclined, and fully back. The reclining resistance knob is conveniently located underneath the front of the chair, allowing for straightforward adjustment. The backrest, however, doesn’t go very far, ending at about the same level as most chairs’ midbacks.

The armrests can be adjusted in height, swiveled, and moved forward and backward, but not in width. The seat is adequately padded, but there is no way to modify the depth of the seat pan. Our judge is only 5 feet, 3 inches tall, but she still had plenty of legroom in this chair. Overall, this chair can be adjusted to an ergonomic position at most desks with minimal effort, though the thick armrests may become entangled depending on your workstation’s design.


The following battery of tests targeted, Aeron’s Much less weight is given to construction and warranty than to comfort and adjustability. We looked up information on frequently encountered problems, and we paid special attention to how well each chair held up during our own in-house testing. The Aeron performed admirably in this regard, placing near the top of the fleet as a whole.

We looked through as many customer reviews of the Aeron and came across zero complaints. People’s complaints about the chair’s fit to their individual bodies were the most common type we encountered. It passed our durability tests without a hitch, so you know it’s well made.

Ease of Assembly

As a fourth and final metric, we ranked and compared the level of difficulty associated with putting together each of these chairs. While this metric isn’t weighted heavily, we still consider it to be significant. The Aeron Among chairs, it ranks highly because it requires hardly any assembly. The Aeron comes pre-assembled; it only took us 10 minutes to go from opening the box to settling into the chair.


The Aeron offers a reasonable value for the money, but has a good overall score.

Herman Miller Policies

Herman Miller’s Aeron Chair comes with the best warranty coverage available for office chairs. There is a 12-year warranty covering the entire chair. Each component of the seat, including the mesh, is included in this. Coverage is guaranteed for the full 12 years, during which time they will either replace the faulty component or send a technician to your location.

An Aeron chair comes to your door pre-assembled when you order it online. Moreover, if you decide you don’t like the chair, you have 30 days to send it back and get a full refund. A benefit of receiving a chair that is already assembled is that, in the event that you decide you don’t like it and want to return it, you won’t have to waste time disassembling it. Very few chairs on the market come with such comprehensive guarantees.

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Aeron Chair Build Quality

When you buy a Herman Miller Aeron chair, you are getting one of the most well-made seats available. Out of more than fifty different office chairs we tested, the Aeron was deemed to have the highest build quality. This chair’s high quality is reflected in its origins: it was crafted in the USA. The chair’s components all fit snugly together, it glides effortlessly when used, and its design is so appealing that it was displayed at the Museum of Modern Art. The Aeron is, all things considered, a very high-quality chair.

Aeron Armrests

The fully adjustable arms offer three different articulation points, so we highly recommend them. There is a lot of leeway in the height, depth, and pivot adjustments, so you can set it up however you like to move and rest your arms. Although the arms don’t allow for width modification, the pivot adjustment more than makes up for it with its extensive range of motion and ability to effectively alter the width of the structure.

The armcaps themselves are extremely plush and relaxing. In all of our testing of different chairs, these arm rest covers have proven to be among the most pleasant to use.

Aeron Chair Back Support

Furthermore, the Aeron chair is well-known for its flexible lumbar support options. A no lumbar option relies only on the backrest’s natural arc for lumbar support. Alternatively, you can get a lumbar system that is height-adjustable, or you can get the Posture Fit SL, which covers a larger area of your back and allows you to adjust the lumbar area to a specific depth. You can expect to have good back support with the Aeron, as it received high marks from nearly all of our office testers.

Aeron Forward Seat Tilt

This chair has a forward seat tilt, which is a nice feature that not all chairs have. Although forward seat tilt isn’t commonly requested, it is a feature that some customers demand. This chair could be ideal if you’re trying to find a high-end option with that feature.

Aeron Recline Function

The Aeron’s recline function is possibly the smoothest adjustment available on an office chair, feeling like a cross between a knee tilt and a synchro tilt mechanism. It’s very similar to rocking, but you can quickly and easily return to a fully upright sitting position. It’s a great chair for those who like to rock or recline for long periods of time because of the excellent tension adjustment and multiple locking positions.

Aeron Chair Seat

Not everyone will find the Aeron’s seat to be comfortable, which is something to keep in mind if comfort is a factor in your decision. The first possible problem is that there is no way to alter the depth of the chair’s seat. Each of the three available sizes of this chair has a correspondingly sized seat, but no one will be able to adjust the depth of their seat. Some users may experience discomfort from the frame’s front edge pressing against the back of their legs if the chosen seat size isn’t quite right for them.

The plastic side frame also bothered some workers, who found it distracting. There isn’t a ton of room for movement or wiggle while seated because the design comes up and cradles you rather than providing a completely flat experience.

The seat itself is made of a firm mesh material and features a high back. The mesh is very comfortable and adaptable, but some of our office testers found it to be too firm. This is not the chair for you if you prefer a more plush and cushioned seating experience.

Aeron Backrest

Aeron’s backrest won’t appeal to everyone either, what with its pronounced frame and lack of back height adjustments. When leaning back or stretching, some people have reported feeling the frame on their upper back. There is no way to adjust the height of the frame so that it doesn’t rub against your upper back. This could be a problem if you tend to shift around a lot when you’re sitting.

Aeron Chair Price

The high asking price is a major deterrent from potential buyers considering this chair. This chair is very pricey, with prices starting at $1195 for the most basic model. It’s one of the priciest chairs available and can cost up to $2200 if you want it fully customized.

The question of whether or not this chair is worthwhile must be resolved using all of that data. You’ll be sitting in a chair that’s among the finest available and protected by the most generous warranty in the business. In addition to having the best recline function in the game, it also has an excellent arm and back package. More than that, you get a variety of customization options that you won’t find on most other high-end desk chairs.

The drawbacks associated with that option should be considered as well. Not everyone will feel at ease in the chair, and if you’re not using the correct size seat, the lack of backrest adjustments will make it even more problematic. In addition, the high cost may deter potential buyers.

We can say without hesitation that this chair is well worth its purchase price from a purely monetary perspective. The Herman Miller chair is affordable on a yearly basis because of the company’s excellent guarantee of 12 years. Depending on your selections during checkout, the annual cost of using this chair will range from $100 to $185. It’s not terribly pricey for a high-end office chair if you break it down into annual costs. You can choose a cheap chair that will need to be replaced every year, or you can choose a mid-range chair that will need to be replaced twice in the Aeron’s lifetime (once after four years and once after five years). We think the Aeron is reasonably priced given the chair’s high quality, long expected lifespan (12 years), and the fact that you’ll be sitting in one of the best chairs available.

Bottom Line

It’s true that the Herman Miller Aeron chair is a hefty investment, but it will provide you with years of premium support and comfort at your desk. Many owners have reported trouble-free use of their Aerons for nearly two decades; they are clearly a worthwhile investment.

We think the innovative PostureFit SL, the ability to adjust the seat’s angle, and the tilt limiter make this a great choice that will encourage healthy posture for years to come.

However, there are plenty of affordable alternatives to this type of office chair that still provide adequate comfort and back support. In most cases, an additional chair is preferable when working with a limited budget.

It’s simple to see why some people love it and others hate it, but the question of whether you should get it or not remains a gray area. All boils down to individual taste, particularly in terms of price range and desired features in an office chair.

However, the Herman Miller Aeron chair is currently on sale for 15% off, making this the perfect time to purchase if you’re in the market for a high-end office chair that will look great in your office for years to come.

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What’s the warranty like?

When purchasing from Herman Miller, you’ll be protected by a comprehensive 12-year, 3-shift warranty on both parts and labor.

Is it true that the Herman Miller warranty doesn’t cover chairs purchased on Amazon?

Manufacturer claims that the warranty applies to any genuine Herman Miller chair purchased from an authorized dealer directly and not through the Internet.

How can I tell if my Herman Miller chair is the real deal?

If you’re going to spend the money on a Herman Miller chair, you want to make sure you’re getting the real deal and not a fake.

Consequently, Herman Miller includes a certificate of authenticity with each chair. In order to further verify the authenticity of certain models, an additional label is placed under the seat in question.

Are the casters suitable for my hardwood floor?

The Herman Miller Aeron ships with carpet casters but features an available upgrade to hardwood floor casters.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair: Which Size is Right For You?

To help you decide between the A, B, and C sizes offered by Herman Miller, here are some guidelines to consider:

  • A for Baby: You should ideally be between 4’10” and 5’4′′ in height, and no more than 300 pounds.
  • Medium/B Size: The ideal height and weight range is between 5’2″ and 6′ feet, with a maximum of 350 pounds.
  • A Large, or a Size C: Ideal height and weight ranges are between 5’10” and 6’6″, or 225 to 165 centimeters.

There are some variations, so it’s important to consult the size chart before making a purchase. Herman Miller recommends the B-sized chair if you are between sizes A and B, or between sizes B and C, because it is made to accommodate a wide range of people.