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Anda Seat has been constantly enhancing and redefining the gaming experience for gamers over the past few years.

To date, this company has made great strides in the eSports business.

The AndaSeat T-Compact Gaming Chair, a little but impressive addition to the company’s long history, has just been released.

Small gaming areas may benefit from this novel chair, which can be folded up and stored away when not in use.

In addition, it has some other features including a longer lifespan and a higher density.

AndaSeat’s T-Compact Gaming Chair has a lot to offer computer enthusiasts in this review.

The Pros:

  • There is a wide range of reclining angles.
  • Made from long-lasting materials such as linen cloth and steel.
  • Ideal for apartments with a limited amount of space
  • The latest in technological advancements for improved density and endurance
  • Armrests that are large and adjustable in four dimensions for enhanced arm support
  • Multipurpose – great for both the office and the home

The Cons:

  • Larger persons may find it difficult to fit in.


Every gamer, programmer, home computer user, and workplace computer user prioritizes comfort when shopping for a chair.

Anda Seat T-Compact gaming chair review -- Seams a bit rushed

A computer user’s accuracy and well-being are both improved by a comfortable work environment. Individuals and businesses benefit from increased productivity when they work in positions that aren’t taxing on their bodies.

High-quality 4-dimensional armrests on the AndaSeat T-Compact Gaming Chair help to relieve arm strain.

The soft PU rubber coating enhances the chair’s comfort and makes it appear more expensive.

Your neck and shoulders are less likely to hurt if you utilize an armrest to support your forearms and elbows while working for lengthy periods of time on a computer.

Using this backrest, you may easily switch from a working to a napping position without causing any discomfort to your body.

For long gaming sessions, the AndaSeat T-Compact Gaming chair is constructed of linen, a breathable material that keeps you cool even after hours of sitting.

To prevent slouching, it comes with an Ant-Man Edition medium-sized neck pillow and lumbar support that can be removed.

Depending on your size, the chair’s 54cm seat base width may limit your ability to stretch out or move freely within it.


Computer geeks, like office workers who spend nearly eight hours a day in front of a computer, prefer to work in positions that allow them to be as comfortable as possible.

Improved comfort and accuracy can be achieved with the use of an adjustable chair.

An adjustable backrest with the new ‘comfort tech’ is just one of the latest features you’ll find in the AndaSeat T-Compact Gaming Chair.

This chair has an 89cm high backrest with a 90-160 degree adjustable angle, allowing you to work and rest in whatever position that is most comfortable for you.

More than one angle of support is possible with the armrests. They have an 8-cm height adjustment and a 2.5-cm sideways adjustment.

Changing positions and being comfortable are made possible thanks to the medium-sized lumbar cushion’s detachable design.

11 cm of height adjustment makes it possible to increase the distance from the floor to the seat back 54cm.

Your back may begin to hurt if you sit in the same position for too long.

With the use of an ergonomic adjustable chair like the AndaSeat T-Compact Gaming Chair, musculoskeletal issues can be reduced.


Since gaming consoles, gaming tables, and seats can be quite expensive, it’s no surprise that gamers are on the lookout for long-lasting options.

You can expect the AndaSeat T-Compact Gaming chair to last for a long time because it’s built with strong and powerful materials.

What do you think?

AndaSeat’s chair has a 73cm wheelbase built of aluminum and Oc-Tios AD+, a strong sign of the company’s intention to provide you with a long-lasting chair.

The sturdy steel frame measures 22 millimeters thick and is wide enough to support hefty loads. This chair can support up to 170 kg in a stationary position and 130 kg when rocking, making it ideal for heavier users.

Due to its improved density, the new Re-Dense AD+ technology extends the battery life even more. The occasional sagging of the seats is also reduced by this new technology.

The chair’s cushion is engineered to maintain its shape over time, proving its quality and ensuring its occupants’ comfort at all times.

AndaSeat’s chair covers are made of washable linen cloth for long-term use.

Value For Money

Gamer comfort and enjoyment are top priorities for AndaSeat T-Compact Gaming Chair designers.

Because of its small size and several adjustable components, it offers exceptional comfort and value.

One of the strongest and most durable fabrics is linen. It guarantees long-term use.

The steel framework of this chair is covered by a lifetime warranty from AndaSeat.

Also covered by a second, two-year guarantee are other elements such as armrest and wheel malfunctioning as well as backrest and hydraulic reclining issues as well as missing parts during shipping.

Comfortable and stylish, this chair is made of high-quality materials that will endure a long time and look great in any room.

AndaSeat T-Compact Gaming Chair Review 2022 - GamingScan


As soon as I received the Anda Seat T-Compact Premium gaming chair recently, I started unboxing it. Inside and externally, the packaging of this chair was just like that of most other chairs. Only the first “wow” factor is lost when it is thrown away. For me, it’s not a huge problem.

Gaming chairs can be quite hefty, so if your workplace is on the second story like mine, you might want to bring a companion. Everything was wrapped with plastic, bubble wrap, or Styrofoam before being placed in the box. A few more pieces had to be unboxed from this chair because I’ve become accustomed to chairs that come with armrests pre-attached.


With everything spread out, putting it all together seems like a huge task. To their credit, the T-Compact Premium gaming chair from Anda Seat comes with a printed handbook in five different languages. Instead of a single picture to comprehend, this multi-page handbook explains the assembly process step-by-step.

I followed the instructions in the manual to the letter and installed the wheels first. When it came to putting them in position, they were a bit of a challenge for me. Once I got the armrests placed right, the installation was a breeze.

Four screws were pre-installed on the backrest of the chair, despite the fact that it had a package of fourteen. However, these screws must be removed in order for the backrest to be attached to the seat. I’m stumped as to why those screws weren’t included in the packaging with the rest of the hardware.

My attention was drawn to some really crude-looking metal rings that appear to be holding some fabric in place as I was putting the backrest together. There is no way these rings are going to stay in place for an extended period of time.

However, I had no further concerns with the plastic side covers. In order for them to fit over the metal, they have to have a different form, however I find it annoying that the designs on the front are slightly different. Right-side protrusions are more pronounced and the top is wider on the right-side one compared to the left-side one. That’s the end of symmetry, then.

Aside from that, the installation of these items was extremely difficult. Possibly the wrong coverings, but the metal housings they’re supposed to protect don’t fit snugly. To get them in place, you have to use some force, which causes the plastic to bow out and deform the fabric of the chair in the area.

They are secured by elastic bands that attach to the chair’s rear. All it took was a couple clicks, and I was sitting down.


4D Armrests

The armrests of the Anda Seat T-Compact Premium contain a solid but pleasant rubber padding. Even after prolonged gaming sessions, I never have any discomfort from these. As I move and shoot, the sleeves are long enough to cover my full forearm.

With the 4D mobility, there’s a lot of flexibility as well. There are a few different height options, but the process of changing between them is a little sluggish. The armrest can be cumbersome to change between locations at times. Smoother forward/backward and side to side shifts.

However, I appreciate the subtlety of the angular rotation, which has a smaller range than I expected. When I use my keyboard and mouse, it’s exactly where I want my hands to be.

The Rocker

There’s only one setting on this chair’s rocker that works for me. In order to design my next strategic gaming move, I don’t have to exert myself at all. The reason these rockers are so stiff to move eludes me, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

If you don’t want to rock the chair at all, you can slide the height adjustment lever inward. It would be wonderful if the rocker were a little looser with these kinds of features.

The Recline

It’s hard to beat a rocker/recline combination. Allows you to recline almost horizontally in the Anda Seat T-Compact Premium. Despite the fact that I haven’t tried it yet, the chair is more than comfortable enough for me to sleep on. It’s still possible to recline back to an angle of 160 degrees even if the rocker feature is locked in place. Leaving the lumbar support pillow in place while you’re relaxing could create discomfort.

Headrest Pillow

When I’m reclining back in the chair, this headrest pillow has the right catch. If you’re taller than average, you’ll be able to fit comfortably on this pillow. Due to the fact that you can’t move it, you can’t move it.

I find the cushion to be fairly firm on my head, yet I find it to be quite pleasant. Despite the fact that I rarely use the headrest pillow, it’s great to know it’s there in case I do.

Lumbar Support Pillow

As with the headrest, a lumbar support pillow made of the same fabric is included with this gaming chair. Because I prefer a firm pillow against my lower back, this is a godsend. It’s completely adjustable in height and width, so you won’t have to worry about finding the perfect position for your back.

Height Adjustment

At 17.5 inches off the floor, the Anda Seat T-Compact Premium is lower than most other chairs. The seat may be raised by an additional three inches to a maximum height of 20.5 inches. My seat is set to the maximum height because I am over six feet tall and would not tolerate it being lowered farther. A problem may arise for those of you who are taller than I am.

Anda Seat T-Compact gaming chair review -- Seams a bit rushed

Build Quality

The Anda Seat T-Compact Premium Gaming Chair’s construction quality has me quite impressed. From a distance, it appears to be solid, and it remains so even after a long gaming session. There are some minor issues with the armrests, but nothing on the chair appears out of place on a high-end gaming chair.

The only exception is the chair’s metal hooks, which are used to keep the fabric in place. They’re tucked away and out of sight, yet this is the part that worries me the most. Baby crawling around and putting their fingers in there would also make me nervous.

Besides, I can’t see any loose seams or broken threads in the stitching. Pillows are manufactured to a high standard, matching the rest of the chair’s quality. They are both made of solid foam, which I find to be really comfortable.

When it comes to gaming seats, I’m all for using linen cloth instead of synthetic leather. The darker fabric hue of the T-Compact Premium definitely looks and feels great. Leather tends to give a higher quality impression. Additionally, linen is extremely long-lasting and made to withstand a great deal of wear and tear. To be honest, the main drawback is that the seat accumulates every stray fluff or crumb, making cleanup a headache.

The chair’s inner workings are made entirely of bent steel. The design’s durability is greatly improved by bending the steel rather than cutting it. It’s covered by a lifetime warranty in the event of any problems. Continuing the metal theme, the wheelbase is made of lightweight, yet incredibly strong, aluminum. Because the chair’s foundation is sturdy, I don’t have to worry about hopping onto it. It’s also the most beautiful wheelbase design I’ve ever seen.

The rest of the chair follows the same philosophy. When treating it a little rough, there’s nothing I’d be concerned about ruining or breaking. In this Anda Seat chair, whether I’m playing for six minutes or a full day, I feel safe and secure.

As far as I can tell, the Anda Seat T-Compact Premium gaming chair is free of the typical creaks and moans associated with metal joints. I’m astounded by how quiet the chair is, even when I’m moving around a lot when I’m gaming.


The Anda Seat T-Compact Premium gaming chair has shown to be a very comfortable chair to sit in after many hours of testing. I have to adjust the lumbar support from time to time, but I can sit in this chair for long periods of time without noticing.

From the headrest and lumbar support cushions to the curvature of the chair’s back, it’s obvious that this chair was created with ergonomics in mind. The seat and backrest padding is generously thick, and despite its firmness, it is able to keep my body securely in position.

When I’m playing a game, the linen upholstery looks and feels great on my body. When it comes to leather, sweating and getting stuck to the material isn’t an uncommon occurrence. That’s not an issue with linen, and I love how soft and nonabrasive fabric feels next to my skin.

There is no innovative technology in the armrests, but they are comfortable against my forearms while I play games for long periods of time. Having four different adjustment points makes it easy to choose a configuration that works best for your setup. As I place my keyboard and mouse near one other, I maintain the armrests facing inward.

For some reason, I always have issues with headrest pillows that are either too tiny or too low for my height, but this one is a generous size and fits perfectly. As I contemplate my next move, I find myself relying on it frequently. Because of this, I can’t picture sitting in this chair without the lumbar support pillow. Having it in my life is a blessing that I wouldn’t trade for the world.


The Anda Seat T-Compact Premium Gaming Chair has almost nothing to fault it. Steel and aluminum construction, as well as linen upholstery and dense cushioning, ensure the chair’s long life. In addition to the already excellent chair, the headrest and lumbar support pillows provided by this model are among the best I’ve seen.

My carpeted office floor is no match for the chair’s effortless glide and plush comfort. In order to find the optimum position of your arms, you can adjust the 4D armrests.

I’m a little surprised that this chair isn’t a little more expensive for its great quality design. With a $400 price tag, you’re looking at a quality chair.

When I was testing the chair, I found the armrests to be difficult to adjust. The mechanism is flimsy and can get stuck during movement. There are some loose metal rings holding part of the cloth in place underneath this chair, and I’m not sure if it’s just me. They appear to be of poor quality, are a stumbling block, and I’m not sure how long they’ll be in place.

What I like

You can’t go wrong when you buy the AndaSeat T-Compact. Depending on my mood, I can slump and lean like Captain Kirk, or sit upright and correctly. It’s easy to get in and out of, has a lot of features, and isn’t too much of an eyesore (depending on how much you detest having company branding plastered over your furniture).

The chair’s two provided pillows—one for the head and one for the lower back—enhance the sitting experience and ensure that you’re never sinking into the chair at a bad angle. When I’m seated, my posture remains rock-solid. If you’d rather have the chair’s padding, you can remove the pillows.

From a reclining angle of 90 to 160 degrees, the chair may be raised or lowered to suit your personal height preferences, and the armrests can be positioned in a variety of ways. Your arms will be supported no matter how high or low they rise, drop, rotate, or even slide back and forth.

The T-Compact comes in a variety of vibrant colors. Color options include black, gray and blue. AndaSeat’s website images show the gray choice, thus I’m convinced that the other two color selections are also accurately depicted. The T-Compact is a great option for anyone looking for a stylish, yet functional, aesthetic solution.

As if it wasn’t impressive enough, the construction is top-notch. Though I haven’t had time to test the seat’s longevity, I can state that at this very minute, it feels solid.. In the course of my daily activities, I am convinced that the five-wheeled chair will maintain its shape, never abandon me, and never let me down.

What I don’t like

The T-Compact chair may be doomed by a thousand cuts, at least for those who are sensitive to the compounding effect of numerous minor complaints. While the chair appears to be solid, there are a number of flaws, both aesthetically and structurally, that prevent it from reaching its potential.

Then there’s the assembling, which takes longer than it should because the chair comes with a mediocre manual. As a result, the “leisure mode” and the chair’s rocking functions are not described in full in this handbook. Having features is useless if customers are forced to figure them out on their own, which increases the likelihood of anything being damaged during use. To be sure I understood the function, I contacted AndaSeat. Once you reach 120 degrees of recline (which I didn’t) you can feel the rocking, and the reclining feature is in “leisure mode,” according to what it said.

The chair’s reclining mechanism, on the other hand, can be jerky. However, there are instances when it snaps into place with a loud and abrasive sound. To avoid harming yourself in these occasions, the handle’s noise and the suddenness of its movement may be uncomfortable enough to make you avoid adjusting the seat for no apparent reason. According to AndaSeat, the less one leans against the chair while reclining, the less of a jolt there will be. Most of the time, following such advise is a good idea.

It’s also a good idea to think about the chair’s material. Linen and foam are both comfortable, but they aren’t as easy to maintain as other materials.. AndaSeat recommends vacuuming your chair at least once a month because it appears to be designed to absorb summertime gaming perspiration and return some dank scents if allowed time to build up.

Then there are the aesthetic considerations. AndaSeat’s logo appears on both pillows, the chair’s front (twice) and back (once). The T-Compact may turn you off if you’re not a fan of companies plastering their logos all over your seats. Your chair will appear to be wearing suspenders because of how the pillows are attached, and you’ll feel them periodically.

In and of themselves, none of these issues are deal-breakers, but the $400 price tag could deter some buyers from purchasing the product.

Anda Seat T-Compact gaming chair review -- Seams a bit rushed

The competition

You may want to check out our best gaming chair roundup to see if there are any other options out there, given the pros and downsides of the T-Compact gaming chair. If you’re looking for a less expensive alternative to the T-Compact, consider the EasySMX memory foam chair or the Zenith ergonomic mesh chair, both of which pay close attention to ergonomics. If you’re interested in learning more about both seats, be sure to check out our summary.

The $500 Razer Iskur chair has a unique lumbar support design if you’d rather spend more money on a chair with additional bells and whistles.

Should you buy?

You should buy this if …

  • A chair that is both robust and comfortable is what you need for gaming.
  • You’re a sucker for swiveling armrests.
  • You are drawn to color schemes with a more subdued tone.

You should not buy this if …

  • You’re not a fan of making concessions.
  • You don’t want your looks to be branded.
  • You have an appreciation for the finer things in life.

Even so, AndaSeat’s T-Compact gaming chair is a solid option, although there is room for development. Newer seats could benefit from better instruction manuals, less branding on them and an easier-to-use reclining mechanism. The T-Compact that we’ve got here today is a solid choice for those who aren’t concerned about getting the absolute best value for their money and just want a comfortable, solid seat to rest their buttocks on.


Are gaming chairs really better?

With taller backs, greater adjustability choices, and lumbar cushions for the lowest price range, gaming chairs do give better ergonomic support for longer sessions. However, if money is an issue, investing in more expensive, higher-quality office chairs can result in a more satisfying overall experience.

Are gaming chairs good for sitting all day?

A lack of lower back support, pressure spots that induce discomfort, and wings that push users into awkward seating positions make gaming seats difficult to sit on for lengthy periods of time.

Why are gaming chairs so hard?

You can become a hunchback as a result of poor posture practices. Your legs, back, neck and shoulders are all affected by this. Tight muscles need to relax while you sit in a gaming chair. At first, this may be extremely unpleasant for persons with poor posture.


AndaSeat’s new gaming chairs continue to amaze us with their efficiency. There is nothing new about the T-Compact Gaming Chair.

New features including the improved Re-Dense technology, which has made it more comfortable, distinguish it from the competition..

The chair’s size may be its single drawback, but since it can fit a wide range of body types, it’s not a deal-breaker for most individuals.

The AndaSeat T-Compact Gaming Chair may limit your freedom of movement due to its compact size, but if you like to remain comfy and undamaged, this is the chair for you.