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For under $300, you can get a good-looking gaming chair from Arozzi called the Torretta. A nice value for the money, but nothing exceptional.

Finding the appropriate chair, whether you’re working in an office or just playing video games for hours at a time, is half the battle. How can you know which product is the best when there are so many out there? Fortunately, we’re here to help with that!

Today we’ll be taking a look at one of the most popular mid-budget gaming chairs on the market, the Arozzi Torretta gaming chair. From its ergonomic design to its sturdy construction, this chair has a lot to offer. Isn’t it wonderful? Let’s get started straight now.

We must begin at the beginning. The Arozzi Torretta chair isn’t the cheapest thing on the market, but it’s also not the most expensive. In spite of this, there are numerous chairs that are significantly more expensive, thus the Torretta is a good compromise. What makes it stand out from the rest of the pack?

Well, this chair is unique in that it is supported by a sturdy metal frame. You’ll be less likely to harm it if you were to unintentionally knock it over because of this. It has five casters that function equally well on carpet as they do on hard floors, as well as a deep tilt and 360-degree rotation.

It’s not over yet! The arms may be moved in, out, up, and down to provide you with the maximum level of comfort. Straps secure the lumbar support cushion and headrest to the chair. As a result, it’s simple to move them about and even take them out if you don’t want them anymore.

The Arozzi Torretta gaming chair is no exception to the rule of eye-pleasing design in gaming chairs. It’s available in seven various colors, including a lovely shade of cherry red that would look great in any setting. Although it’s soft, the padding is sturdy enough to keep you from experiencing any of the more prevalent forms of back pain.

Arozzi Torretta Review 2022 - Is It Really Worth Your Money?

Additionally, this model’s construction is quite straightforward. Because of the excellent documentation, you won’t be left wondering what that one last screw is for after just a few minutes of putting it together.

There is, however, one minor problem. While this chair can support 230 pounds, it falls short of its competitors in terms of weight capacity. Even with the metal frame, we were expecting a little more. The problem is still minor and won’t affect the vast majority of people.


The Arozzi Torretta Gaming Chair isn’t something I replace my workplace chair with every day, but this time I wanted to spoil myself. It’s not cheap at £169.99, but if you’re going to be sitting at your desk for long periods of time, you might as well get something comfortable. To be fair, I’m not going to try to cover everything Arozzi has to offer in just a few paragraphs.

The Torretta is shipped in a huge box, with all of the components well-protected and in place.

Metal is used to construct the chair’s frame, as opposed to the plastic used in most office chairs.

It has a racing-style back and side supports to keep you comfortably seated.

Memory foam padding and removable, machine-washable coverings are included with the base unit.

Despite their high quality, all of the fittings appear to be pretty straightforward to put together.

Reasons to buy the Arozzi Torretta XL

  • Long and heavy users would appreciate its impressive size.
  • Made in a larger-than-average size, which is unusual for the typical player.
  • In terms of measurements, the backrest is 820mm high.
  • A 545mm seat pan width was used in the design (410mm effective seating length)
  • Adjustable armrests are included (295mm to 395mm expandability)
  • Not as likely as other Arozzi gaming chairs to be coated with textile fabric.
  • Considerably better for hotter temperatures because of the increased breathability.
  • The backrest has been given the capacity to recline (12° maximum)
  • Heavy users will find this product to be extremely accommodating (220lbs or 100kg maximum weight capacity)
  • In terms of posture control, a fully ergonomic design is far preferable.
  • A lumbar support pillow with adjustable height straps is included.
  • Including a little pillow for the headrest (uncomfortable for some gamers)

Reasons not to buy the Arozzi Torretta XL

  • Staining is a common problem with textiles.
  • At 46.2 pounds, it’s a hefty chair compared to the other Arozzi chairs.

All the important features and positives of the Arozzi Torretta XL

On a daily basis, using the Torretta XL is an excellent choice. When compared to other chairs, this one has a more laid-back vibe. With its open design, it fills the gap between the Arozzi Verona Pro V2 and the Arozzi Enzo. In spite of its lateral support, the gaming chair’s backrest is larger and more comfortable when fully reclined, making it ideal for gamers.

Ergonomics and foam cushioning comfort

All gamers should be aware of how well-cushioned the foam is in this headset when it comes to overall comfort. A basic principle governs the usage of the same type of foam for both the backrest and the seat pan, making this foam invisible. Unlike most other gaming chairs, this is not the case here. Gamers can rest easy knowing that Arozzi used a 46 kg/m3 foam density. It’s important to note that this foam is already denser than many of the less expensive options available in this price range. To put it another way, this means that the foam will hold up better for heavy users.

Because many gamers want to recline as frequently as possible, having the same foam density on the backrest can be beneficial. The chair’s ergonomics are enhanced by using this sort of foam. Those who are taller than average may want to try the Arozzi Torretta XL, which has a higher backrest. Even if gamers still need a separate head cushion, the backrest has a built-in headrest.

There’s also a focus on lumbar support. The lower backrest of the chair has a natural curvature, which is well-liked in a population where poor posture is common. This semi-hugging shape also includes the seat pan. Users do experience a unique sink-in sensation. As a result of the chair’s deep seat pan, users can feel like they’re actually racing in it.

Posture and the role of the added pillows

In addition, the gaming chair’s position can be modified. Two additional foam pillows are included with the Arozzi Torretta XL upon purchase. They’re there to provide lumbar and head support, respectively. In order to link the cushions and make them changeable in height, a few straps need be put to the backrest.

Customer Reviews: Arozzi Torretta Premium Soft Fabric Ergonomic Gaming Chair Ash TORRETTA-SFB-ASH - Best Buy

Is this cushion worth the money or is it just a marketing ploy? As far as supporting the lower back is concerned, the lumbar cushion is undoubtedly capable of doing so. Because it is adjustable, it can accommodate a wide range of heights. A headrest cushion can be helpful, but it must be properly fitted to prevent forward head posture, which is becoming more common and needs to be corrected. In order to get the most out of these posture-supporting pillows, most gamers should conduct some further research.

A steep recline function with rocking freedom of movement

Come on, let’s go back! Up to 145° of reclining is possible with the Torretta XL model. If you need to take a break from sitting in the same position for long periods of time, this is a good option. When it comes to posture, this is very relevant. Stretching the body has its benefits. Additionally, it has the ability to boost energy levels. Extra activity is always encouraged for higher energy and even improved mood since most people can feel depressed on some days.

Together with Arozzi’s lockable rocking mechanism, this enormous creature has a new lease on life. Most gamers see it as a reasonable choice for a protracted gaming session that is taking a toll on their physical health.

Armrests to tackle any type of keyboard

A “2D” armrest is one that may be moved in two directions. The chair’s armrest can be shifted vertically. Closer to the desk, gamers can adjust the chair’s height to fit. If their desks already have a lower keyboard tray, they may be able to find a way to raise the armrests.

The forearm angle is represented by the second armrest adjustment setting. There’s no need to keep them apart. With the help of the adjustable armrests, the forearms can also point towards the body’s interior. The best angle for a game relies on the preferences of the players. Gamers, on the other hand, can choose from a variety of viewpoints, depending on their mood at the time. In contrast, adjusting the armrests is one of the advantages of more expensive gaming chairs.

An extra-large design with a higher weight capacity

The chair is based on a big design, as its name suggests. It has a maximum user weight capacity of 220 pounds (100 kg). A few Arozzi Torretta XL gaming chair reviews note out that it doesn’t take much extra weight to affect the armrests, and this limit must be respected. The chair is sufficient for most people.

The extra-large chair necessitates a little more room in the gaming den. That’s not to say it isn’t versatile enough to be used by gamers of all shapes and sizes.

Arozzi Torretta XL Gaming Chair Review A Large Chair With Extra Strength

I want a black chair; I want a green chair!

For the Arozzi Torretta XL, the color possibilities are excellent. With the Torretta XL, Arozzi has taken a completely different approach to color, with vibrant colors covering every inch of the chair.

  • Black
  • Gray
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Red

These colors can be chosen to fit any gaming environment and even to match a gaming desk if desired. In order to avoid stains, it is necessary to clean the green, orange, and red hues more frequently than the other colors, although it should not be too difficult to do so.

Areas for improvement for the Arozzi Torretta XL

Due to its uniqueness and lack of being a failed hybrid, many gamers see nothing wrong with the Torretta XL. In actuality, the following are simply some of the disadvantages.

Textile breathability and textile cleaning issues

One of the most common complaints in user reviews is the difficulty in washing the various types of textiles. Some gamers complain that the gaming chair’s cover is difficult to clean compared to cheaper PU leather equivalents. It’s important to maintain the chair clean in order to keep odors and bacteria at bay. In order to clean the chair, you may simply vacuum it with a dust attachment, and then use a sponge soaked in soap and water to remove any remaining debris.


  • Construction with a metal frame.
  • Seat and backrest covered in thick padding.
  • Design for ease of use.
  • Upholstery material made of fabric or PU leather. PU leather on the backrest and on the sides of the seat, and fabric in the front and in the seat.
  • The swivel can be rotated in all directions at once.
  • Armrests that can be customized in height and width (height and rotation).
  • Height-adjustable gas spring.
  • Seat that may be tilted and locked for simple transportation.
  • Rolling nylon casters with five twin wheeled axles.
  • Choices in color number seven.


The screws didn’t fall out of the chair during construction, which made it one of the easier chairs to assemble. To maintain the chair’s overall beauty, each part is concealed within the chair to ensure that it is durable and long-lasting. The chair comes with “cushions” for the head and lower back that connect to the chair easily and allow for some degree of customization for people of varying heights.

When used over long periods of time, the arm rests do not cause discomfort to the arms because of their soft surface and rounded edges. Compared to other leather-like chairs, this one features a more comfortable substance. Although I chose gray and black, the color scheme doesn’t do justice to the gray; the white version, on the other hand, is far superior in my opinion.


Thank goodness for this function, which I just recently discovered, but this chair’s arm rests can be adjusted in height, which may seem like a tiny detail but is quite helpful for taller people. My arms get so fatigued and uncomfortable because so many chairs don’t have this feature. This chair has a large range of adjustment, allowing you to lower it to an even lower position than I require it to go. Ideally, the arm rests could be extended because they are currently too short. However, the current length is enough.

On the side of the chair, there is a unique handle that allows you to lock or unlock the chair’s capacity to “lean” for people who enjoy rocking. The chair may be turned forward or backward using a handle on the left side of the chair. Along with the chair comes a slipcover and a buckled cushion that can be attached to almost any area of the chair.

Although it lacks some of the more music-oriented chairs with built-in speakers, the chair is still able to be customized quite a bit. However, there are speaker mounting options on either side of the headrest, so it’s not all doom and gloom.

Overall Thoughts and Feelings

At a fraction of the cost of the AK Racing Player Gaming Chair, this chair’s design may be a better option for some. Depending on where you buy it, the price may vary slightly, but it appears to be a popular chair design right now.

Although the Arozzi Torretta meets all of my requirements, I give it a 4/5. Overall, I’m not a fan of the design. If you’re charging this much money for a chair, you may anticipate a little more in terms of aesthetics, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Aside from that, it lacks some of the characteristics of other chairs, but the ones it does have allow it to outperform them.

Arozzi Torretta Soft Fabric, ash Buy


Why is this chair so heavy?

However, the chair is not the lightest in Arozzi’s product line. Because of this, gamers may find their gaming chair to be more difficult to move around than they’d like it to be. But because of its additional weight, it can’t actually be any lighter. Foam padding in the backrest is the only place where weight can be lowered. However, gamers prefer the chair to have the same shape as, on the seat pan, the chair is fixed with its weight. Handling the chair shouldn’t be too difficult with a little practice, of course.

The chair’s additional weight can have a greater impact on hardwood flooring. Gamers may be tempted to overlook this issue because the casters roll so smoothly on any surface. But utilizing a mat or any other form of carpet is a better option than waiting for expensive hardwood floors to be ruined.

The added weight, though, has its advantages. The chair, for example, feels more like a high-end piece of furniture than a simple office chair purchased at the weekend. Because of this, even though the chair has a higher shipping weight and real weight, it has a unique feel that might be difficult to describe.

Are Arozzi gaming chairs good?

For under $300, you can get a good-looking gaming chair from Arozzi called the Torretta. A nice value for the money, but nothing exceptional. Finding the appropriate chair, whether you’re working in an office or just playing video games for hours at a time, is half the battle.

Is Arozzi Vernazza good?

The Vernazza is not only useful, but it is also a gorgeous product. Because it’s both comfortable and attractive, my wife constantly removes it off my desk. The cozy fabric seat is wonderfully complemented by the sleek black base, which is both understated and professional.


Ultimately, the Torretta exceeded our expectations in terms of quality. As expected, it has all the features you’d expect from a device in that price bracket, but it also takes the user experience very seriously. The Arozzi Torretta combines cost, comfort, and cutting-edge technology in a single product.

The gaming chair’s general structure is impressive, with a profile geared toward comfort in conditions of increased weight capacity. A number of racing seats can be unpleasant for taller or heavier people, but this one is entertaining to use.

The chair, in addition to bringing a sense of relaxation, is also well-equipped for long gaming sessions. When it comes to comfort, the seat pan and the backrest are made of the same material, which makes the cushioning materials of choice stand out for their cohesive design.

Using and mastering the additional back support pillows is also an option for achieving the ideal sitting posture. Every player takes up this position in a unique way. There needs to be a lot of focus on the lower back in order to provide better support.