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It’s not hard to see why the ATH-M50x has been so popular since its release.

If you’re looking for a portable speaker that produces a dynamic, diversified soundscape with a powerful bass, this is the one for you.

The Pros:

  • Astonishingly affordable
  • Versatile and easy to use
  • A time-tested style
  • Cables that can be removed and replaced
  • Soundstage of the highest order

The Cons:

  • Powerful bass can be a tad too harsh for certain listeners.
  • In comparison to other portable headphones, these are somewhat hefty.
  • Long-term use may cause a squeezing sensation in the skull.

A gaming headset is not what you want from the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x. When it comes to music listening, DJing, and audio production, the ATH-M50x is a terrific choice.

Even though the ATH-M50x has been out since early 2014, it has maintained its position as one of the highest-rated consumer headphones.

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In today’s highly competitive headphone industry, let’s take a closer look at why these veteran headphones are still making waves.

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Driver Diameter 45mm
Magnet Neodymium
Voice Coil CCAW (copper-clad aluminum wire)
Frequency Response 15 – 28,000 Hz
Maximum Input Power 1,600 mW at 1 kHz
Sensitivity 99 dB
Impedence 38 ohms
Weight 285g (10 oz), without cable and connector
Cable Interchangeable cables: detachable 1.2 m – 3.0 m (3.9′ – 9.8′) coiled cable, detachable 3.0 m (9.8′) straight cable and detachable 1.2 m (3.9′) straight cable
Accessories Protective carrying pouch, 6.3 mm (1/4″) screw-on adapter

Build & Design

The ATH-M50x is a compact sound card. The ear cups may be folded into the headband, allowing them to be easily packed in a bag. Leather pouches are also included.

With the earcups’ capacity to fold, they can swivel 90 degrees, allowing them to be worn around the neck in a flat position. Swivels are also useful if you choose to use your headphones on one ear only.

However, this bulkiness is offset by the earcups, which rest securely against your skull for a more discrete appearance while you’re out and about.

For those of us with large heads, the headband’s flexibility is an added bonus. The ATH-folding M50x’s and twisting earpieces, as well as its flexibility, make it extremely robust. If you carelessly drop them, they’ll probably bounce right back to you!

You won’t have to worry about the ATH-M50x slipping off your head, but you may feel the squeeze a little after wearing them for a lengthy period of time.

The padding of the earpieces is smooth, comfortable synthetic leather. If you notice any wear and tear on this faux-leather covering, you can purchase replacements.

What about the ATH-appearance? M50x’s Although the design is simple, it has lasted the test of time and will no doubt continue to do so, the black plastic shell features round aluminum embellishments on its earpieces.

To bridge the gap between “professional” studio cans and those meant to be used with a phone, Audio Technica has created the ATH-M50X cans. Unlike the Bose QuietComfort 35 II, they don’t seem as sleek and small as the Beyerdynamic DT770, but they won’t look out of place in public either.

However, their appearance may not be to everyone’s taste. To hold the ear cups in place, the ATH-M50X headphones include a thick headband with a hinged section. When compared to the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0, they sound like something out of a warzone.

However, this isn’t just an attempt at a bolshy style. They’re designed to be handled quite roughly, without even a slight threat of damage. The cups swivel around by 90 degrees and fold up right into the headband. Throw them against a wall or drop them from your desk and this movement will actually suck up quite a lot of the impact.

It’s not merely an attempt to convey an air of self-importance. They’re built to withstand a lot of abuse without causing any harm. Swiveling cups that fold into the headband swivel 90 degrees. Throw them against a wall or drop them from your desk, and this movement will actually absorb quite a bit of the force.

With the exception of the metal headband and a few aluminum accents, the Audio Technica ATH-M50X is entirely plastic. If you look closely, you’ll notice a ring around each cup, as well as two small silver circles. Metal is used in the construction of these pieces.

Almost all of the padding is made out of synthetic leather, which is made out of polyethylene. These headphones have served us well for two years now, however they’ve had their share of scrapes on the leather. This is a good indication of the headphones’ long-term endurance, but if you can’t bear to see your headphones scratched, you can simply purchase replacements online, thanks to the headphones’ widespread appeal.

You’ll have hot ears with the Audio Technica ATH-M50X after a time if you live somewhere hot. Pleather pads and shallow cups are not a good combination for keeping ears cool. In the UK, where we’ve been using the pair, this hasn’t been an issue at all.

In addition, the headphones’ shallow cups make them ideal for commutes to and from the office. If you’re looking for a pair of full-size headphones that don’t look out of place, the Audio Technica ATH-M50X might be the best option.


Upon first inspection, the ATH-M50x and its predecessor, the ATH-M50, appear to be very identical. However, there are significant differences in the cabling. Unlike the M50, the M50x does not arrive with any cables pre-installed, unlike the M50.

The ATH-M50x comes with three sets of cables: a 3-foot standard wire, a 10-foot studio cable, and a 3-foot coiled cable. This pick and mix cabling offers a level of flexibility that the M50 did not have.

You can’t use any 3.5mm cable with these headphones since the cords include a twist-to-lock mechanism. Although cable replacements are available online, just like with the earpads, if you ever need them.

These headphones aren’t going to blow your mind in terms of features. Bluetooth wireless and active noise suppression are not included in these headphones. For those who have fully embraced cord-free living, the AudioTechnica ATH-M50xBT may be the best alternative. However, the ATH-M50xBT retails for roughly $200.

However, don’t be put off by the lack of flashy features. It’s nice to see a pair of headphones with a simple aesthetic and few bells and whistles.

Why? Since only one thing can be concluded from this: Audio-Technica has made every effort to improve the most important aspect of any pair of headphones, the sound.

Sound Quality

However, despite the fact that there are other headphones with a more streamlined design, you’ll be hard-pressed to find better sound in this price range.

There are some people who may not wish to utilize the M50x as “professional studio monitors” because they don’t think they’re neutral enough for usage in a home recording studio.

When compared to comparable consumer headphones, the frequency response is rather neutral, despite the fact that it isn’t completely flat

The M50x delivers a powerful, balanced, rich, and exciting sound. Bass is high, but not overbearingly so, thanks to the 45mm drivers in the earphones.

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This, combined with the M50x’s crystal-clear mids and brilliant, well-defined highs, results in a beautifully rich soundstage that demonstrates why the M50x has been so widely embraced.

As a result of the M50x’s well-balanced and lively soundstage, it’s suitable for a wide range of musical styles.

The M50x’s sonic detail is unparalleled in consumer headphones, although the inexperienced ear may find it a tad harsh and piercing at first.

However, if you’re looking for a taste of high-end audio at a reasonable price, the M50x is an excellent choice.

It’s not perfect, but for $150 you won’t find a more dynamic, bright, and dramatic sound than that of the M50x. The M50x is the best sounding headphone you can buy at this price point.


There is little doubt that those who buy the ATH-M50X are doing so because of the rave reviews they have received on the internet.

As for the music, it’s a blast because to the bright and colorful sound that they produce. Bass has been beefed up and given more weight, as with many other straight-forward portable headphones. The Audio Technica ATH-M50X are not the ideal choice if you are looking for a neutral pair of headphones for your home studio. AKG K701 open-back earphones are a superior option in that case.)

Additionally, there’s a little bit of a lift in the upper mids. Although they don’t have a lot of treble output, this provides them a brighter sound that helps them avoid difficult sibilance or harshness.

The Audio Technica ATH-punchy M50X’s bass and zingy upper mids tell us they were tuned for impact and to amaze. As a result, this pair does not have a gaping hole of detail or texture in the lower mids, unlike many other pairs that employ similar strategy.

The Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 and the Audio Technica ATH-M50X are very different in terms of sound quality. Sennheiser’s method, on the other hand, pays dividends in shaping vocals.

When compared to the Audio Technica ATH-M50X, the lower mids are overshadowed by the more prominent upper mids in this model. Listening to lower-register male singers reveals it most prominently.

In terms of soundstage width, the Sennheisers have a slight advantage over ATH-M50X, but the latter headphones still sound expansive for a closed-back model. As a result, they have a feeling of scale and an all-around compelling sound.

There’s really nothing negative to say about the Audio Technica ATH-sound M50X’s if you’re a fan of pulse-driven music.

Additionally, it’s interesting examining how the headphone market has evolved since the M50X debuted in 2014. Some vintage headphones that have not been completely retired have seen their prices fall as a result of the decrease in the number of non-wireless headphones on the market.

To what end? A horrible time for wired headphones, but not a bad time to get a great deal on one. In contrast, the Audio Technica ATH-pricing M50X’s hasn’t altered significantly since launch since its audience is less likely to be turned off by a lack of technological features. Even if they were and still are a wonderful deal, bargain hunters are sure to discover lower prices elsewhere.


Audio Technica’s ATH-M50X wireless headphones are a great alternative if you’re worried about the future of 3.5mm headphone jacks on smartphones and other portable audio gear. They are a classic pair of headphones that have been tweaked to work with smartphones.

The Audio Technica ATH-M50X are a lot of fun, but don’t expect studio monitor-quality sound from them. They’re upbeat and bass-heavy, and if you like electronic music to pensive singer-songwriters, you’ll enjoy listening to them.


Who should get the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x?

  • These headphones are an excellent investment for college students and city dwellers alike. Plush cushioning and closed back design of these headphones do a decent job of reducing outside noise when you’re riding public transportation all day. Because they fold up so small, you can easily place them in your bag when not in use.
  • These inexpensive studio headphones are ideal for YouTubers and anyone who are just beginning to learn about audio production. This is a wonderful all-purpose headphone, whether you’re using it for film or music creation. A more accurate frequency response may be found in the Sony MDR-7506 (a standard in the audio editing field), but this headset’s minor bass accent in the low frequencies makes it suitable for both professional and recreational audio mixing and editing.

What’s it like to use the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x?

Audio-Technica has nailed the nail on the head with these headphones in terms of construction and design. In terms of style, it’s enough to catch attention, but not so much that it’s a nuisance. In addition to the original dark blue with tan leather color scheme, this headset is now also available in a stealthy all-black color scheme.

Apart from the design, the ATH-M50x are a reliable set of headphones. Even though it’s made entirely of plastic, you won’t find anything luxurious about it; nonetheless, when combined with the velvety padding and the lightweight plastic, it’s surprisingly cozy to wear for extended periods of time. When not in use, you may lay it flat on your neck with the ear cups rotating 90 degrees, and you can also fine-tune the fit for optimum comfort. There are better options for obtaining a suitable fit, but it’s not as comfy as the Bose QuietComfort 35 II.

Because of the padding, the ATH-M50x has a limited ability to dissipate heat, so you may have to remove it from time to time in order to avoid wet ears. As long as you don’t plan on stacking a ton of books or a laptop on top of it, you won’t have any issues with its longevity.

How do you connect these headphones?

Fortunately, Audio-Technica decided to include 3.5mm jacks on all three cables it ships with because it came out before the trend of eliminating the headphone jack became popular (which it ultimately failed to do). If you have an audio interface or other high-end piece of equipment, you can simply screw on the included quarter-inch adaptor.

The ATH-M50xBT headphones from Audio-Technica are also available in wireless models. Because of the wireless enhancements, and not just because cable-locking mechanisms have been removed from the ATH-M50x. A broken cable can now be replaced with any old TRRS to 3.5mm 3.5mm adapter. The quality of several codecs depends on whether you’re using an Android or iOS smartphone, so keep that in mind.

How does the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x sound?

The Audio Technica ATH-M50x monitor headphones are touted as such, but based on sound quality alone, they’re more like a Swiss Army Knife of audio. A minor emphasis on lower frequencies is seen in this headphone’s frequency response, which isn’t present in higher-end studio headphones. When listening to classical music, these headphones sound fantastic, especially at higher frequencies where string instruments can be heard. The ATH-mid- M50x’s and high-frequency reproduction is free of masking.

Passive isolation is fine, but these aren’t the headphones to take on an international flight.

Should you buy the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x?

ATH-M50x Audio-Technica
Unless otherwise stated, all prices are in USD. Prices might fluctuate over time, and they can also differ by region. There is no way we can display Amazon pricing on the site because they vary widely by currency.
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The Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones are here to stay because of their aesthetic, comfort, and sound quality. These headphones are frequently on sale, making them even more affordable. However, if money is no object, the Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT is a better option. Audio-ATH-M50x Technica’s Wireless Headphones are nearly identical to the wired ATH-M50x headphones.


The ATH-already M50x’s low price has lowered over time, but its quality has remained practically unequaled. The ATH-M50x wired headphones are an excellent choice if you intend to stick with wired headphones and want a high-quality product at a reasonable price.

Our final word? The ATH-M50x is a stylish and functional addition to any room. The look is timeless, understated, and understatedly attractive, despite the fact that it is a bit bulkier than some of its counterparts.

In addition, the M50x’s outstanding sound quality distinguishes it from headphones in its price range as well as those that cost significantly more.