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It’s common knowledge among PC gamers and enthusiasts that the best way to create a custom computer is to do it yourself. Making your own PC is the most cost-effective option if you’re looking to play games or do some basic visual work. We provide both pre-built units and particular components that you may purchase to design your own personalized experience to assist you in the decision-making process.

PC Builder

PC Builder, which was introduced in 2020 with the goal of making PC component compatibility as simple as possible, has quickly amassed a large following. Thousands of compatibility algorithms, according to the site, have been developed to test the compatibility of various PC parts available on the market.

This is a great resource if you’re planning on building your own PC and want to make sure the parts you buy are compatible. All you have to do now is choose the components you desire from the “System Builder” tab. Simply displaying the PC components that are compatible and there is no fluff.

A new version of the website has been created to accommodate all of the current web-based technology. We welcome your feedback in the comments box below, as well. They have me in awe.

Build My PC

The Build My PC website has a useful tool for determining if a PC’s components are available. It’s a useful tool for verifying the compatibility of Amazon- and other-seller-sold parts. As the name suggests, this website mostly deals with products sold by Amazon.com and shipped to customers in the United States as well as the United Kingdom.

A PSU calculator and a bottleneck checker are among the more complex features on the website. Additionally, you’ll be able to look at the custom-built PCs, but this program does not have the same level of thorough compatibility testing as PC Builder.


For determining whether a PC part is compatible with other parts, PCPartPicker is one of the most well-known and oldest websites to do it. Philip Carmichael started the website in 2011. Websites like this are among the oldest and most well-known that offer thousands of items for sale.

I’ve had an incredible time on this site. This website is a gold mine for anyone with expert computer building skills because it has everything you could possibly need to build a computer. If you have a basic knowledge of computers and their components, you may get lost on this site.


NZXT’s BLD is yet another powerful PC building platform on the market. NZXT, one of the most well-known websites for PC gear, is a part of it. This site is similar to the one I previously mentioned, but it helps you build a custom PC.

This site has a nice, simple interface for building a custom computer, and the latest components are readily available.


iBuyPower is another well-known retailer in this niche. In addition to CyberPowerPC, you’ve probably heard of this other well-known website. Amazon is another option that CyberPowerPC provides, and it too has received a lot of excellent feedback from clients.

When I tested the “Easy PC Builder” on their website, it worked in a different way from the compatibility testing websites I had previously used. Choose the game you’d like to play on your computer, then select the name of the processor. After you select a game, it will show you similar builds and allow you to customize the build.


Utah’s city of South Jordan

The next custom PC builder to check out is… Custom PC builder Xidax Systems, situated in Utah, has an excellent track record of delivering high-quality systems to its customers.

Many desktop PCs and workstation computers are available for purchase on the site. Starting at roughly $800-900, desktop computers can be upgraded to $5000 and meet the demands of most customers. Because Xidax accepts cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, it has an edge.


A place in California called Industry

NZXT, the other well-established company on this list, is a parent company of BLD, making it appear to be a relative newcomer to the industry. After being founded in 2004, NZXT has developed dramatically in recent years, mostly due to its cooling and computer case solutions.

Beginners will like BLD’s easy-to-understand PC construction method. There are four kinds of computers: Starter streaming, H1 Mini, and Creator. BLD displays the projected in-game performance of each one of these four categories. There are a few modest customization options built into these PCs.

The “Build Your Own” option is also available. Beginners will appreciate this choice because it will assist them choose the right components based on the games they intend to play.

Digital Storm

Fremont, California is the location.

There is a well-known and well-established company that builds gaming PCs, laptops, and workstations, Digital Storm, that we’ll be looking at.

Lynx, Lumos, Velox, Aventum, and Bolt are among the company’s five gaming computer names. Mid towers make up the first three, whereas Aventum is an Ultra Tower, and Bolt has an unique casing.

Following your selection from among the five brands, you’ll be able to customize the internals to a larger degree. There are a wide range of customization options available based on the model you select.


Specifically in the town of Twinsburg, Ohio:

On the next page, we are introduced to a company that has been in operation since 2000. AVADirect offers a wide range of pre-built computers that may be customized to suit your demands and budget, as well as the option of paying for up to 36 months in payments..

Based on your budget, preferences, and favorite games, AVADirect has a tool that will help you figure out what kind of PC you should buy based on your needs. Most importantly, you may choose the GPU and CPU bands that you want.


In Kenilworth, NJ.

More than two decades ago, the automotive industry had a significant impact on the firm that follows. In addition to laptops and desktops, MainGear carries a selection of gaming accessories.

Vybe, R1, Turbo, Rush, and F131 are just a few of the brands they carry. All of them provide a wide range of hardware defaults and allow for further hardware and RGB lighting customization. All of this can be purchased in one lump sum or over the course of three to twenty-four monthly payments.

CyberPowerPC (Best for Beginners)

CyberPowerPC is known as one of the most custom-built PCs at price for its vast choice of parts. Starting at $769, you can construct a gaming desktop. Affirm is also a financing option available on the site.

Additionally, you may buy gaming rigs that are specifically built for gamers. From cable management to water cooling, CyberPowerPC has a wide choice of services to choose from.

You may also use the website’s personal laptop and PC building tool to select components based on your budget. You can also choose the game you want to play and the parameters you want.. You can then specify the FPS resolution, frame rate, and other specifications that CyberPowerPC will use to build the components for your PC to suit those requirements.

Origin PC

Custom laptops and desktops, as well as a variety of PC peripherals, are all currently available at Origin PC. Origin PC has a custom PC builder application that may assist customers in designing and customizing their personal computer using various components from Origin PC.. It’s possible to customize the components, but there are no lower-end variants for sale. The only drawback of Origin is that the pricing is a little high, even though monthly installments are available.


Our custom PC builder websites worth it over building a PC yourself?

Components and other components are purchased in bulk by PC building websites, allowing them to buy parts at a lower cost. As an alternative to creating your own computer, you may be better served by going with a trustworthy custom PC builder website instead. Consider them as a possible option.

What is the best custom PC builder website?

It’s a personal choice. It’s a good idea to compare the many custom PC builders on this list before making a final decision.

Should I buy an extended warranty?

If the warranty lasts the entire year, we don’t see the use in purchasing an extended one. Within the first year, even if the problem isn’t immediately apparent, the issue is almost guaranteed to arise from a factory defect.


Even if you’re a seasoned PC user or you’re just getting started, each of them can suit your requirements.