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This site shows that you’ve already played Control and are looking for more of the same. Control is an excellent action-adventure game. We’re here to help you find the best games that are similar to Control.

We’ve put together a list of the top 10 best action-adventure games, and we’re confident that you’ll enjoy them.


PlayStation 5

Returnal, a PlayStation exclusive third-person shooter based on an astronaut who becomes stuck in a time loop after landing on an extraterrestrial planet, is a good choice for Control aficionados.

When you die and have to return to familiar regions to fight extraterrestrials in a roguelike design, this is exactly what you’ll be doing.

Similarly, both games feature female protagonists who must investigate odd phenomena in increasingly tense settings.

Breaking Returnal’s loop will reward players with shocking findings, as well as a satisfying conclusion that makes for classic science fiction.

The Sinking City

XBox One, Xbox One X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Prior to the success of their original IP, The Sinking City, developer Frogwares was best known for a series of Sherlock Holmes detective games.

It has some things in common with the previous games from the studio, such as an emphasis on investigation game mechanics and a setting, story, and cast of characters inspired by Lovecraftian mythology.

Additionally, combat is much more pronounced than any of the Sherlock Holmes games, making for a more engaging, action-driven experience reminiscent of Control.

Additionally, combat is more prominent than in any of the Sherlock Holmes games, allowing for a more exciting, action-driven experience reminiscent of Control.


Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Prey, despite being a first-person shooter, has many similarities to Control in terms of narrative themes and world exploration, despite being a first-person shooter.

As a scientist researcher, you must navigate an alien-infested space station to find a way to return home.

With new equipment and abilities you’ll be able to take advantage of the station’s various features and unlock new areas to explore.

In the Talos I station, the Metroidvania design encourages you to return to previously explored sections to accomplish side tasks and uncover secrets.

Quantum Break

Microsoft Windows and Xbox One

However, Quantum Break does have an original story and several unique gameplay elements, making it Remedy’s first attempt at producing Control.

It’s up to you to save your timeline from ending by mastering an arsenal of unique time-based powers as Jack Joyce.

As a live-action television series with some events discussed in greater detail, it requires a bit more time investment from the player.

Most Remedy fans think that Control does a better job of using live-action material to tell its story than the original.


Microsoft Windows

It’s another atmospheric shooter with a female protagonist that explores sci-fi concepts such as the notion of parallel universes.

You play as a young lady tasked with tracking down a coworker who inexplicably vanished on the same night the Berlin Wall fell in Germany.

After investigating a hidden research facility, she is transported to a parallel universe where robots have taken over the city.

In spite of the fact that it’s only four hours long, it manages to create a tight narrative that, like Control, keeps players guessing throughout the entire experience.


Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox One X/S, and the Nintendo Switch are all supported.

There may not be much in common in terms of visuals between Unsighted and Control, but both games include massive Metroidvania levels packed with secret boss fights, lore, and other fun surprises.

While playing the role of cyber-enhanced automaton Alma in Unsighted, you will discover a world in ruins, as her fellow machines have turned against her.

In fast-paced, action-packed combat, Alma can find new weapon combos by experimenting with different combinations of her arsenal.

While traveling an eye-popping sci-fi environment, the protagonist must investigate why things have gone amiss while utilizing their powers to open new doors.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android

Check out a more typical Metroidvania if you’ve enjoyed Control’s approach to the genre’s world design.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is a spiritual successor to the Castlevania series, and it does an excellent job at capturing the spirit of that series.

Alchemic experiments as a child have given Miriam extraordinary powers, and the story takes place in the 18th century in England.

While exploring an eerie castle inhabited with demons and other monsters, Miriam is able to unleash her powers and eliminate any foes in her way, much like Jesse Faden did in Control.

The Evil Within

Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

If you’ve ever played Control, you’ll be right at home with the third-person perspective of the Evil Within games.

Sebastian Castellanos, a detective sent to investigate a murder, unexpectedly finds himself in a weird, seemingly unreal world populated by horrifying monsters in this game.

At the beginning of the game, Sebastian is easily outmatched by his foes until he acquires the right weapons and upgrades.

Re-creating The Oldest House from Control’s spooky atmosphere is possible with both its original and sequel.

Deadly Premonition

Windows and Nintendo Switch are supported platforms.

Twin Peaks is one of Control’s main inspirations, thanks to the show’s enthralling tale and spooky themes.

Numerous games, including the cult classic Deadly Premonition, have drawn inspiration from the game since its release.

On assignment to investigate a teenager’s murder, an FBI Special Agent discovers that the case bears remarkable similarities to several other cases around the country.

Contrary to popular belief, this game has a fighting system that isn’t quite as polished or satisfying as Control’s.

Beyond: Two Souls

Windows and PlayStation 4 are the two available platforms.

Each game from Quantic Dreams is best described as an interactive drama rather than a typical video game.

As a result, how much you appreciate the story and characters, as well as your tolerance for fast-paced events and dialogue-heavy interactions, will be a major factor in your enjoyment.

Check out Beyond: Two Souls if that sounds like something you’d be interested in. It’s a gripping novel that explores the supernatural secrets of parallel universes and the afterlife.

As in Control, the protagonist (Elliot Page) is led by an enigmatic force to delve deeper into the world around him in order to learn more about his past and future selves.


Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Macintosh computers

Aside from BioShock’s underwater city Rapture, The Oldest House is one of the most memorable video game environments in recent memory.

As a passenger on a plane that crashes in the Atlantic Ocean and wakes up in a mystery lighthouse in 1960, you play as Jack in this first-person shooter.

As Jack tries to reclaim his memories and deal with the unpredictable hazards that plague Rapture’s submerged corridors, things begin to spin out of control…

Setting the scene and keeping things interesting are two of the most important aspects of both games, and they do so with ease.

Arkham Asylum

Available for Windows, PS4, Xbox One, and Mac.

Lastly, the Arkham Asylum is an excellent contribution to the 3D Metroidvania genre, with a tighter story and setting than the subsequent games in the series.

When it comes to gameplay, players are restricted to a single location where they must uncover mysteries and fight familiar enemies from Batman’s wide rogues gallery.

The Dark Knight’s arsenal of weapons and gadgets grows as the game progresses, allowing players to take on new challenges and see more of the universe.

Many visually distinct locations can be found within the confines of Arkham Asylum’s confines, just as The Oldest House.

The Sinking City

The Sinking City has a mesmerizing atmosphere that reaches deep into the recesses of your subconscious. In the game, it’s clear that learning the answers to Oakmont’s secrets could cost you more than just your life. The Sinking City is a fantastic introduction to the supernatural detective genre, despite certain problems in the characters and fighting.

The Sinking City is an open-world adventure and investigation game based on H.P. Lovecraft’s universe. Oakmont, a city partially immersed in water, has fallen under the control of otherworldly forces. You’ve been hired as a private investigator to find out what’s been taking over the city and the thoughts of its residents.

Alan Wake Remastered

No one should be surprised by our top pick, given that Remedy’s other terrific title, Alan Wake, shares many similarities with Control.

A decade after its release, Alan Wake is still acknowledged as one of the best video games ever made. Even after completing the DLC, Remedy had me craving more, and I couldn’t get enough of it. Though I hope that the cutscenes in Remastered can be rectified, I think it’s a terrific job all around. If you’re a fan of mystery thrillers, I can’t recommend Alan Wake Remastered enough.

Max Payne

Over a dozen actual firearms have been included into this third-person shooter’s weapon setup, making it a perfect fit for the game’s crime-story setting. There are more than 80 hand-painted comic panels that serve as backdrop to the action, helping to enhance its dark mood and attitude while also helping to introduce the game’s deadly cast of characters.

It’s a far cry from the supernatural thrills of Control, yet there’s still a sense of connection between the two.

Deadly Premonition

No one can deny the effect of Twin Peaks on Control. It’s safe to say that since the early ’90s, most media has taken at least some inspiration from the groundbreaking television series. This impact is more prominently displayed in Deadly Premonition. The film’s strange characters and otherworldly plot feel like they belong in a David Lynch film. However, the sequel to this cult masterpiece should be avoided at all costs. There are numerous technical concerns with the Nintendo Switch exclusive.

Arkham Asylum

Despite the fact that Arkham City and Arkham Knight have more expansive settings, there is something about Arkham Asylum’s more intimate atmosphere that makes it stand out.

Even though this is Rocksteady’s first Batman game, the asylum is full of surprises, and the sensation of discovery is equally as intense as it is in the later games. If you’re lucky enough to find a triple-A game with a lot of mysteries and exploration opportunities, you should take use of it.

System Shock

A tremendous impression was made on the genre by the two System Shock titles. In a similar vein to its spiritual sequel, BioShock, players begin their journey aboard the secluded ship with little idea of what they’re in for.

System Shock stands apart from the rest of the horror genre because of its ambient fear; the squeamish will want to wet their pants. As a result of gog.com, both of these games can be easily accessed and run on modern operating systems.


The first-person shooter genre was forever changed by this game. Everything took place in a single location, the story was delivered entirely through gameplay, and the player was never deprived of any sense of agency.

The impact of the monstrous invasion was more palpable for players when they saw Black Mesa as a normal, working research center before things went horribly wrong. Like The Oldest House, it lacks the player growth of Control, but the location remains in the imaginations of participants. A hallmark in the genre, the first game’s story takes place exclusively in a research facility, and it’s what makes it so remarkable. In addition, the modding community has taken this game to a new level. .


Is Control actually a good game?

Control is a difficult game, and there are no difficulty levels…. You may learn a lot about Control’s mythology by taking on battle challenges, which are one of the greatest ways to do so. Exploring the fiction of the game is the best way to get better at the fighting, which is experimental and satisfying.

Is Quantum break like Control?

A few times in Quantum Break, Control was mentioned. In one of the Quantum Ripple events, a “Bureau of Altered World Events” conspiracy will develop. There are also references to Altered World Event (AWE) and AWE throughout the game.

Does Control have a new game?

Both Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games have agreed to work together on a Control multiplayer spin-off. … A spin-off to the world of Control, codenamed Condor, has been unveiled today by Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games.

Why is Control so bad?

Weakest part of a game is gameplay. Sluggish and tedious gameplay, an uninteresting modification/crafting system and a lack of side activities make this game feel like a chore to play.