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Factorio provides players with the means to unleash their creativity and construct elaborate manufacturing facilities that place a high value on automation and high levels of efficiency.

Base-building, tactics, and survival game features combine to create a satisfying and addicting gameplay experience that can be difficult to put down.

These are the greatest Factorio clones to play in 2022, including the best resource management and best automation clones.

Finally, we’ll be adding new games to this collection in the future, so check back often and let us know if we’ve missed any!

Automation Empire

The PC is the platform of choice.

Fans of Factorio might check out Automation Empire, a similar strategy game focused on automating production lines and constructing robust manufacturing facilities.

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It takes time to build up a vast network of interconnected factories and machines that can move materials across the various maps in a given area.

While it doesn’t have as many features as Factorio, you can unlock more tools as you go through the game and complete the challenges on each level.

All of these machines can be used together to make your production line run smoothly in the later stages of the game.


The PC is the platform of choice.

In Factorio, Hydroneer focuses primarily on mining, but it also introduces some fantastic new features, such as terraforming.

By reshaping the environment, players can develop vast cave networks and quarry pits and mud mountains to increase production and gather new minerals.

You may construct and optimize your network of pipes to control water pressure using a modular system for building structures and powering machinery.

Crafting new materials, weapons, and decorations for your bases can be done with the resources you gather.


The PC is the platform of choice.

Automated resource management and a never-ending drive for efficiency are hallmarks of Satisfactory.

Things start out tiny, but soon you’re surrounded by conveyor belts and assembly lines, and you forget that you have all the resources you need to truly create something.

There are numerous ways to put your resources to good use, from weapons and tools to structures and vehicles that open up new areas and reveal new species, resource types, and exploration opportunities.

Coffee Stain Studios, the game’s developer, is constantly updating the game based on player feedback while it is in Early Access on Steam.


PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

Unlike the hazardous environment of Factorio, Astroneer takes place on a beautiful and colorful extraterrestrial planet devoid of any potentially harmful organisms or elements of danger.

Oxygen and power restrictions are constant difficulties you must overcome in order to progress through the game.

The Terrain Tool in Astroneer is unique among base-building games because it allows the user to shape the landscape to his or her liking.

Astroneer is constantly being updated with additional planets, vehicles, cosmetics, hazards, and craftable things, making this a useful tool for exploration, manufacturing, and innovation.

Oxygen Not Included

PC, Mac, and Linux are all supported as platforms.

In the vein of Factorio, Oxygen Not Included is a hard space survival game.

An alien world where oxygen is scarce forces players to build a colony in underground tunnels and then expand it.

In order to keep your colonists alive, you must assign crew members to various stations, acquire resources, and conduct research into new technologies in order to develop your base.

The stakes are enormous, as a single bad call can easily result in the eradication of a significant chunk of your colony.


A variety of operating systems are supported: PC, Macintosh, Linux

OpenTTD, which came out in 2004, predates Factorio by more than a decade, but it is technically older because it is an open-source recreation of Transport Tycoon Deluxe, a 1995 business sim.

In this game, players use a network of land, sea, and rail vehicles to carry passengers and freight across long distances of road, train, water, and air.

Towns will continue to grow and invent new forms of transportation, resulting in new industries and chances to maximize productivity.

Open-source means players can tweak the game to their heart’s content or discover a wealth of community-created material via an in-game content provider.

Space Haven

PC, Mac, and Linux are all supported as platforms.

Managing a motley group of space explorers in quest of a new home for humanity’s decreasing population is the goal of Space Haven, another colony management sim set in deep space.

Like Factorio, the game lets you create your ship by placing tiles one at a time, allowing you to fine-tune the location of entrances, walls, and hulls.

Keeping an eye on the needs of your crew and ensuring that they have enough food, medicine, and oxygen will be your responsibility.

Random events like alien invasions, abandoned ships, and internal crew conflicts can have a significant impact on the mental and physical health of crew members as they sail through space.

Stormworks: Build and Rescue

PC and Macintosh

When it comes to base building games like Factorio, Stormworks is a great option for those who are looking for something a little more expansive.

The game challenges you to put your newly acquired skills to the test in real-world rescue scenarios.

Aside from planes and underwater vehicles, Stormworks allows players to design their own scripts and create unique scenarios that may be shared with other players, as well.

Multi-difficulty settings, an extensive building toolkit and Steam Workshop compatibility are all included in the game.


PC, Mac, and Linux are all supported as platforms.

Similar to Factorio, RimWorld’s base-building, survival, and strategic game elements are nearly flawless, with lots of room for personalization.

After selecting a biome, you and your crew crash-land on a randomly created extraterrestrial planet.

Each of your settlers must have their physical and emotional needs fulfilled, which includes providing adequate shelter and extending your colony when necessary.

An AI-driven storyteller famed for its horrific and ludicrous gameplay circumstances significantly enhances its deeply gratifying gameplay loop.

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PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone, and iPad are supported.

Mindustry, a resource management game with a focus on tower defense combat, may appeal to Factorio fans.

To fight waves of adversaries, players must place and connect conveyor belts to move ammo, manufacture minerals, and build turrets to protect their base.

Enemies’ formations can also be tweaked with the help of a robust map generator tool that allows you to construct unique surroundings.

Customizable rules and tools are also available to keep the gameplay exciting even after you’ve completed the campaign.

Dyson Sphere Program

The PC is the platform of choice.

There’s no better sci-fi sim than Dyson Sphere Program for honing your factory-building talents than starting from scratch and constructing your own galactic industrial empire.

You play as a space engineer who is entrusted with building gigantic star-orbiting structures that collect energy and convert it into power for Earth in a distant future with sophisticated science and technology.

Because of the procedural nature of the game’s creation, each playing will have a different set of variables that will affect your Spheres, such as the distribution of planets and resources.

Using DSP, you may dispatch teams to move resources back and forth between planets, as well as create materials to your exact requirements.


The PC is the platform of choice.

Complex mechanisms and a high learning curve dwarf Factorio’s in Stationeers, an open-world survival crafting game.

Your character’s fundamental requirements are met through providing food, warmth and power to keep the space station running, as well as managing the space station itself.

Resources are gathered and mechanized production employing machines and programmable computers is used to accomplish this.

You have complete control over how your station looks and performs in Stationeers, just like in Factorio, which includes online multiplayer.

Assembly Line

Looking for a more portable version of Factorio? Afterwards, you should give this a shot. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to run a factory from your iPhone or iPad, this is it. It has a lot in common with Factorio in terms of gameplay and features, but it also has a unique appeal that is impossible to ignore.

This is a game that will never have the depth of its PC counterpart, but it’s one that deserves to be played. When you’re AFK, you’ll be able to receive your Factorio fix thanks to this enjoyable and satisfying experience.


Program-like puzzles that use a corporate office worker as an analogy for assembly language can be found in the Human Resource Machine. To accomplish each level, the player must solve a variety of puzzles based on ever-changing principles.

Over the course of a year, Human Resource Machine challenges its employees to solve roughly 30 programming tasks. New rules and challenges are introduced each year as you progress through the ranks. It’s a bizarre dystopian civilization where workers are gradually being replaced by robots.

In order to solve each of these riddles, you must move blocks from the inbox to the outbox of the game. In order to shift things between the two, you’ll have to re-arrange the sequence of objects and even put two numbers together. This is the key problem.

There are a variety of orders that may be given to the office worker in order to make this process easier. Moving an object to the outbox, leaping, adding numbers, and copying are all examples of this. Players will soon find themselves solving complex puzzles using this visual representation of code, which makes it easy to see what each step of your sequence will do.

A handful of advanced puzzles are available for those who prefer a more challenging challenge. Players are encouraged to accomplish each task in the shortest amount of time and effort possible, with two additional challenges for each puzzle.

With Human Resource Machine, you’ll be able to play a game in which you’re continually learning new rules or mechanics.


  • Visual programming can be used to solve puzzles.
  • Complete all of the objectives, both mandatory and optional.
  • Robots are progressively taking over the workplace.
  • Human Resource Machine is a never-ending educational experience because of the constantly changing mechanics.
  • For use with Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh computers, and the Wii U.


Train Fever, anyone? Take on the task of building a multi-town transport empire in this business simulation adventure. In order to accomplish your financial goals, you’ll be able to design the service lines and landscape around them with trains and buses.

Since its first release in late 2014, Train Fever has gone through numerous iterations and revisions, all of which are expected to continue in the near future.

A single-player game lasts roughly 20 hours, and the maps are produced at random for each session. The levers for map size, topography, difficulty, and starting period provide players some control over this random generation. Players can’t make any changes to the time period until they reach certain milestone years in their initial game, which takes place between 1850 and 2050.

From the first days of horse-drawn carriages in 1850 to the most advanced electric trains in the world, players will have lots of opportunities to develop their transportation methods. In order to build a transportation empire, you’ll need to take use of all the available technology and construct efficient routes for your buses and trains.

Using these service lines, players can simply create unique routes for single or multiple cars in Train Fever. A comprehensive UI allows players to readily analyze their most profitable routes and the vehicles assigned for service. This information is useful in determining what is and isn’t working, as well as where to make improvements to vehicles and roads in order to increase the maximum possible speed.

Throughout the course of the game, players will have to transport a wide variety of people, commodities, and general cargo from various hubs to the game’s towns, which can number in the dozens on larger maps and gradually grow in size over time.

Train Fever, despite its lack of depth and purpose, is a joy to play because of its attention to detail and tight concentration.


  • Build a transit empire in a world that is constantly changing.
  • Take a trip down memory lane with the history of trains and buses.
  • Improve your bottom line by developing and analyzing high-performing service channels.
  • To build over and through terrain, train track building is easy to utilize.
  • Years later, a crowdfunded game is still being worked on by the same team.



  • Explore a wealth of information and ingredients – A unique experience awaits.


  • The core gameplay never changes.

Have you ever fantasized of being the CEO of a multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical conglomerate? For those who haven’t yet experienced the joys of tycoon games, riddles, company management, and a dash of morality, Big Pharma allows you play out this life in its unique scenario.

Big Pharma’s goal is to take your firm from where it is now to where it will be in the future while simultaneously healing the world of its ills. Starting with little debt and only one competitor on a small map, you can face massive debt and a slew of competitors as you progress to larger maps.

You’ll be able to pick your company and CEO at the beginning of each scenario. From here on out, you’ll be working in a tiny factory that you can build with your own money to increase your productivity.

Creating a manufacturing procedure for drugs is the player’s responsibility on this floor. Importing a proper component and then processing it via a variety of machinery in order to achieve the intended impact are the most complicated parts of this process. This necessitates thorough consideration of the benefits and drawbacks of medications while also ensuring that the distribution process is as efficient as possible.

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It is from here that players can hire scientists to come up with new methods and explorers to go in search of new substances. Competitors’ products and how much demand there is for specific therapies that alter with global trends and tragedies are other important considerations for players.

You can save the planet just enough to keep them coming back for more remedies in Big Pharma because of its unique idea and engaging mechanics, which make it unexpectedly addictive.


  • Set up your own pharmaceutical company from the ground up.
  • This game combines management with a puzzle.
  • There’s a lot to go into here.
  • Defend yourself from rivals, look into new technologies, and seek out new ingredients.
  • Each scenario has more than 30 problems.



  • Competition between players is encouraged via leaderboards that focus on the most efficient creations..
  • As the game progresses and new parts are included, the riddles become more difficult and difficult to solve.


  • It hides far too many mechanics from players that should be made plain to them.
  • Final levels that are tiresome yet don’t rely on tedious design to artificially inflate the difficulty

An alien-controlled facility is at your disposal, and you’ll be tasked with creating production lines in first-person for blocks that must travel through six tough realms. Infinifactory has a lot to offer as you work your way through the challenges laid out before you, including a variety of block types to master, a competitive leaderboard, and a dark sense of humor.

It’s a highly structured game, with a central hub of six world chapters and 50+ overall puzzles that also acts as your prison to the alien captives that watch over you. To further complicate things, gamers will find audio logs left behind by other hostages who have gone insane due to the never-ending block-based puzzles that they have been made to solve.

There are many different mechanisms and challenges to overcome in each level and a sense of development as you travel through the worlds and unlock the next puzzle in a series. To solve a puzzle, you must move blocks from their starting place to the destination by building a transportation system from the blocks themselves. While this may appear to be a simple process, you’ll need to take into account factors like block modification in order to transform them into the proper delivery form.

It is necessary to install an endless number of blocks in order to transfer a variable number of cubes to a variable number of end locations between the two points previously indicated in order to make this happen. Conveyor belts, welders, sensors, and a wide variety of other devices are some of the basic building blocks. Sensors, conveyer belts, and pushing devices are some of the most common methods for solving puzzles, but there are many other ways to get the job done.

You’ll find your solution to the problem, which you can then compare to other gamers’, by placing all of these optimally in first person mode. Your assembly line’s efficiency is measured by the amount of space it takes up, the time it takes to go through your assembly line, and the number of blocks it utilizes.

Players can also use a jetpack to get a better look at their contraption in motion and see where they can improve upon it.. Additionally, the game’s sandbox mode allows players to experiment with all of the blocks accessible. Your puzzle adventure in Infinifactory will be both pleasant and addictive if you use all the tools at your disposal to their fullest extent.


  • Conveyer belt constructs allow you to move blocks around for your wicked alien overlords as you move blocks from point A to point B.
  • Utilize the several blocks and tools available to determine who is the most effective captor in the leaderboards.
  • There are over 50 game levels that will put your wits to the test, spread across six different gaming worlds and other bonus material.
  • With the help of your jetpack, you may fly through the air and see your inventions from a bird’s eye view.
  • For PlayStation 4 and PC (Windows, Mac, and Linux).

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Is Factorio like Mindustry?

Though it’s evident that Mindustry is a direct competitor to Factorio, the game nevertheless manages to stand out despite the obvious similarities. Mindustry, on the other hand, places a greater emphasis on the motion and employs a more spare aesthetic.

What makes Factorio good?

There is an increase in difficulty once you begin going through the complete game, but it’s still achievable. It’s not always easy, but that’s part of the appeal. Open-ended problem solving is taught in Factorio. However, there are an endless number of ways to accomplish your aim (launch a rocket into space) (open-ended problem).

Is satisfactory like Factorio?

One reviewer likened the game’s factory-building gameplay to that of Factorio in first person. The Satisfactory universe is pre-generated, in contrast to most other sandbox games like Factorio; each player’s map is the same.