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StudioMDHR Entertainment created and released Cuphead, a run-and-gun game for both single and multiplayer players. It’s a game based on cartoonists like Max Fleischer’s Fleischer Studios, which has a fascinating gameplay. Player control of Cuphead is granted infinite lives and weaponry that can be used in between deaths in this game. The player is able to continuously fire his bullets and use his quick rush to take on opponents in this game.

Coins may be used to purchase new weapons in the game. Each of Cuphead’s levels can be played at a different difficulty. Before attempting to unlock new levels, you must first complete the current level by beating all of the opponents in it. Players can take up the role of Mugman in the game’s two-player cooperative mode, however this could make the game more tough.

Hollow Knight

PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch are all supported, as well as a desktop or laptop computer.

Hollow Knight is a great substitute for Cuphead if you’re looking for a similar challenge. The 2D Metroidvania was published in 2017 by the independent developer Team Cherry and surprised many with its amazing graphics and high difficulty.

The game takes place in the perilous and dark Hallownest region, and it casts you in the role of an armored knight on the prowl for the kingdom’s mysteries.

Enter the Gungeon

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC

Despite the fact that Enter the Gungeon is not a 2D game, its twin-stick shooter game gives the same level of thrill and pandemonium as Cuphead.

Rogue-lite “The Gungeon” is a large, randomly generated maze filled with bullet-shaped foes and potent weapons that players must explore.

The Gungeon’s complexity increases as you progress through the game’s several sections, ending in a challenging boss fight at the end of each one.

Blazing Chrome

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC

In terms of visual appeal, Blazing Chrome surpasses the run-and-gun designs of the past from which Cuphead draws influence.

This video game takes place in a future that mirrors that depicted by the Terminator. Small groups of humanity are still living in caves controlled by AI-driven robots. Your aim is to kill yourself by hacking into and destroying an AI-controlled power plant with advanced and powerful weapons.

Neon the Ninja

The PC is the platform of choice.

As a lover of challenging platformers like Cuphead or Super Meat Boy, Neon the Ninja may be the perfect game for you to satisfy your craving.

Punk rock-inspired 2D graphics, skill-based gameplay, and smooth controls harken back to the likes of Ninja Gaiden and Mega Man classics in this action-platformer.

With the ability to submerge into vibrant settings and conceal from adversaries when they are within range, you play the role of a Ninja.

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is a puzzle-platform, action-adventure, and single-player video game created and released by Nintendo. Donkey Kong’s journey to save his princess is similar to that of the Mario series, in which the player assumes control of a Donkey Kong. The game’s world is packed with dangerous enemies aiming to kill the player.

A terrific side-scrolling platform game that allows players to use their talents, collect all the power-ups, and perform various tasks in order to progress. Donkey Kong is a fun game with great gameplay, a compelling plot, and stunning visuals.


Press Play created and Microsoft Studios published Kalimba, a puzzle video game. The action takes place on the fictional island of Kalimba, where the forces of evil overthrow the totem pole and the island’s benevolent shamans. The game allows players to control the totem pole as they move one character throughout the designated area. A second character keeps tabs on the action. In order to proceed without risk, the game gives the player the option to fill in the missing numbers. The player can avoid all threats in the game.

With time, players must find all of the power-ups and things that can help them defeat their enemies and gain bounce points. Features like Multiplayer Cooperative Mode, Power-ups and various stages are included in Kalimba. The addictive gameplay and content-rich storyline make this a great game to enjoy with others. Compared to other games of the same genre, Kalimba is one of the best.

Twin Robots

Thin ice developed and published Twin Robots, a platforming, side-scrolling, 2.5D video game. Two robots can be controlled by players in the game. Currently, they are incarcerated, and they must devise a strategy to escape and proceed to the next phase. Two characters can be controlled at the same time, allowing the player to tackle the game’s numerous puzzles in tandem. All the power-ups needed to transmit power from one robot to the other must be collected by both robots.

The game has a range of difficulty levels. The gaming mechanics of each game are unique and difficult to master. A wide variety of challenges, power-ups, fluid gameplay, replayability, engaging gameplay, well-written narrative, great gaming mechanics, and breathtaking graphics are all included. Play Twin Robots and you’ll have a great time.


PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC

As another boss-rush game, Furi is sure to provide Cuphead fans with a good time. In this game, you’ll be immersed in a 3D world instead of 2D. At first glance, you’ll be dazzled by the brilliant neon colors and fascinating action.

You are a hero on the run from a gang of criminals who have imprisoned you in an extravagant prison.

Dust: An Elysian Tail

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC

Dust: An Elysian Tail, a stunning Metroidvania, was launched in 2012 for Xbox Live Arcade and slid under the radar of many gamers. The locations, characters, and cutscenes in this game, like those in Cuphead, have a distinct style of art that emphasizes attention to fine detail.

Taking place in a fantasy world populated with anthropomorphic creatures, Blade of Ahah allows you to play as a swordsman with amnesia who discovers a sentient blade. Fidget, the flying fox-like monster that guards the blade of Ahrah.

BattleBlock Theater

The Behemoth developed BattleBlock Theater, an action-adventure puzzle platformer for single and multiplayer play. Hatty Harrington devised and crafted mini-games for the player to play. Playing this game is as simple as jumping, running, and kicking your opponent.

In each level, you’ll find crumbling bricks, sticky walls, and hazardous spikes that must be avoided at all costs. The game’s enemies and obstacles are designed to kill the player before they can complete the task at hand. Playing with a friend in co-op mode allows the user to take on the role of a hero and assist other players in a variety of ways.

There are several worlds to explore in the adventure mode. Each has a varied number of levels. To proceed to the next world, players must collect a small number of gems. During the last world, players will have to deal with a powerful and dangerous boss.

Titan Souls

PlayStation 4 and PC

Top-down action game Titan Souls offers Cuphead a chance to earn money through grueling boss confrontations.

Both your opponents’ ability to 1HKO you and your character’s reliance on a crude bow and arrow are to blame for the challenges you face. Be patient and understand each titan’s unique assault style while evading an assortment of scary attacks.

Bleed 2

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC

Bleed 2 is a fantastic first-person shooter with mechanics and features that fans of Cuphead will know right away. Fast-paced battles with bullet-reflecting parries and bright 2D graphics are among the game’s highlights, as are the numerous boss fights that are both hard and comprise various phases. It also supports local two-player co-op.

The Bug Butcher

Switch, PC, and Mac are all supported.

Our next game will be a shoot-’em-up called The Bug Butcher, a unique take on the genre in which you aim your weapon at the bugs rather than at the ground like in Cuphead. Shooting at creatures that continually jump and dangle from the ceiling is possible in this game.

This was based on the arcade game Super Pang! in terms of design. A huge step forward in establishing TBB as a game in its own right against similar offerings.

What you’ll get is a fun, arcade-style shooter in which you utilize strong weaponry and power-ups to rid a research center of a massive insect infestation.

Donkey Kong Jr

Nintendo created and released the arcade, action, platform, and single-player game Donkey Kong Jr. To punish Donkey Kong Jr’s father for stealing his girlfriend, Mario has reportedly captured Donkey Kong and imprisoned him. You can start your journey to rescue your father from Mario by playing as Donkey Kong Jr., and accomplishing various tasks.

Animals of many kinds attack Mario as he progresses through the game. Throughout the game, there are four distinct levels, each with a unique gameplay mechanic. In the first three stages of the game, the player must obtain a key from an enclosure in order to save their father. In order to grab the cage, the player can leap, run, and climb higher up the screen. Multiple stages, short cutscenes, distinctive characters, bounces, improved game mechanics, an interesting gameplay experience, and stunning visual elements are all part of Donkey Kong Jr.

Mega Man 9

Action, Platform, Side-Scrolling and Solo video game Mega Man 9 was developed and released by Capcom. It’s the ninth game in the Mega Man series, but it has a lot of new and improved gameplay. Players assume the role of a character from the Mega Man series during the early twentieth century in this game. As the player sets out on a quest to overthrow the world’s terrible robot force,

It’s staged, too, and each player faces an intimidating opponent boss, just like in the previous game. The game has a unique time-based mode that comprises fifty hard stages, and throughout each game, players attempt to accomplish the stage within a predetermined amount of time. In addition to essential features like varied modes, power-ups, replayability, extra lives and bonus points as well as new bosses, Mega Man 9 has a content-rich story, compelling gameplay, and beautiful visuals.


Is Cuphead a good game?

The fact that Cuphead has become a symbol of the hand-drawn game subgenre is worth noting for people who have yet to play it. Cuphead is a challenging video game because of its 1930s-inspired design style.

What are the best mystery games like Cuphead?

Both of these games are action-packed 2D platformers, similar to Cuphead. It is the fundamental purpose of Hollow Knight and Silk Song, two wonderful mystery games, to locate enigmatic caves and ruin sites. Insect-like creatures are encountered by the protagonist. Fast-paced, dramatic fighting is fierce, and the progression of events is highly exciting.

Does it seem difficult to beat Cuphead?

If you want to win, you’ll have to figure it out on your own; there are no instructions. Comparable to other similar games noted for their extreme difficulty, losing in Cuphead isn’t a complete loss but rather an opportunity to learn…. The sport of Cuphead, on the other hand, can feel more like a game than a punishment.