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With the right mods, Horizon Zero Dawn can reach new heights. Mods for Horizon Zero Dawn are in high demand right now.

PlayStation exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn is one of a number of games currently available on PC that allow modders to experiment with new gameplay experiences.

After some investigation, we were able to find more than 10 unique mods that bring new gameplay, graphics and cosmetic options. Despite this, the current selection is pretty restricted.

Horizon Zero Dawn PC mods highlighted and described in this article are the finest of the best.

Please let us know if we’ve overlooked any of your favorite mods that are currently available in the game’s modding community by visiting this page again in the future.

Improve Visuals

Modification: True HDR for Project Zero Dawn

Modifications to the graphics

There is nothing that can be done to improve graphic quality in a game like Horizon Zero Dawn, which is already so visually stunning.

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The game’s HDR, or rather Sony’s rendition of HDR that may function just great for PS4, but doesn’t quite hold up on PC, is a good place to start.

Using the “True HDR” approach provided with UE4, Project Zero Dawn, developed by Vanguard1776, replicates HDR and allows for more subtle lighting effects to improve HZD’s graphics as a whole.

Reduce Rain Visibility

Modification: Natural Rain

Modifications to the weather

Due to how much rain obscures visibility in HZD at night or in dimly lit regions, it might have a negative influence on gaming performance.

In order to fix this problem, Dziggy’s Natural Rain mod reduces the rain’s brightness and opacity, making it easier to see through.

The designer recommends using Variant C, Medium Density first to achieve the best effects from the raindrops included in the pack.

Customize Aloy’s Hair

An Aloy mod for customizing your hair color.

Mods for cosmetic purposes

To spice things up and add more customisation, it’s a good idea to mess with your character’s model, which is a tried-and-true technique to modding.

AlexPo’s Hair Colors is one of our favorite cosmetic mods, allowing you to change Aloy’s hair color from white to black and everything in between.

There are hints of pink, turquoise, and purple in addition to the more natural-looking light blonde and auburn hair to give Aloy a more fashionable look.

Unlock New Game+ Items

Add-on: Saved File Game

Category: Mods that allow you to cheat.

Players who complete several playthroughs of Horizon Zero Dawn’s New Game+ option will be rewarded with new items and abilities.

Consider utilizing Lupercalll’s Save File Game Plus mod to unlock different face paints, poses, focus effects, clothes, weapons, and more if you don’t want to play through the same scenario multiple times.

All purple rarity weapons and equipment are included in the “Ultradifficult” save file, however nothing from the Frozen Wilds DLC is included.

Enable Cheats

Mod: Horizon Zero Dawn Cheat Table

Category: Mods that allow you to cheat.

Modding allows us to re-create the sense of fiddling around with a game’s files in order to perform all sorts of fascinating things, while traditional cheat codes have all but disappeared from video games.

To make that fantasy a reality, Marcus101RR’s Cheat Table mod allows you to activate God Mod, grant yourself endless ammo and buffs, and even move Aloy to various locations throughout the world.

Many more tools are available, but they should all come in helpful if you ever get lost, or if you want to take images and record gameplay without having to engage in combat.

Get More Realistic-Looking Graphics

ReShade: Natural Clover

Modifications to the graphics

Horizon Zero Dawn’s HDR lighting was improved by a graphics mod at the top, but here we have a more styled reshade to give your game a more genuine appearance.

It was designed by Saldax to enhance HZD’s visual quality by making color and brightness adjustments and sharpening the image as a whole.

Reduced fog effects and hue modifications for a more realistic look are among the changes that will be most evident on game nights.

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Replace Aloy’s Character Model

the library for swapping out model data

Mods for cosmetic purposes

xRaq’s Model Swap Library mod offers 16 new playable secondary characters, including Talanah, Sylens, Helis, and more, if you’re sick of playing as Aloy and want a change of pace.

Aloy’s original face motions remain intact, therefore texture clipping and pop-ins aren’t a problem, even in dialogue and cutscenes where Aloy’s facial animations are preserved.

As a bonus, the mod includes a button that allows you to skip all of the opening logos at the beginning of the game. The quality of the models is on par with Aloy.

Get More Inventory Space

Increased Inventory Space by 10x

Modifications to the gameplay

Many role-playing games, like Horizon Zero Dawn, have storage issues, therefore we’re grateful for modders like julianovento7 who can assist us free up more space.

When you enable 10X More Inventory Space, the default storage space is multiplied by 10, allowing you to carry many more resources before having to stop at a seller’s.

In order to gain greater values, you’ll need to get the next upgrade in the game. This is because the mod is integrated into the game’s usual resource exchanges.

Adjust Bullet Time Duration

Tweaks to the Slow Motion Mod

Modifications to the gameplay

Known as “bullet time,” slow motion allows Aloy to fine-tune her aim as she leaps through the air with her bow and arrow.

It can be incredibly useful for some players, but for others, it might disrupt combat’s tempo and momentum.

AlexPo’s Slow Motion Tweaks allow you to change how quickly or slowly the game goes in mid-air, as well as to totally disable the feature.

Increase Ammo Stack Amount

Three times as much ammo upgrades

Modifications to the gameplay

Ammo count in Horizon Zero Dawn is limited to Aloy’s capacity, however you can boost this quantity through in-game upgrades.

It’s possible to raise the ammo stack to 90-180 for various arrow kinds and 36 for bomb and whites with astonerii’s Ammo Upgrades Times 3 mod.

With this upgrade, you can cut down on the amount of times you have to stop for replenishment and be more effective in battle.

Aim Using Gyro Controls

Gyro Aiming Guides and Profiles for Windows DS4 Windows

Modifications for the controller

Splatoon and Zelda: Breath of the Wild are two of the better examples of games where you use motion controls to target and fire things, and this trend is expected to continue.

You may utilize Charmics’ Gyro Aiming Guide mod on PC for this purpose, which makes sense given that Aloy is armed with a bow and arrow and has the ability to slow time down when firing in mid-air.

On the mod page, you’ll find detailed instructions on how to set up the gyro-aiming profiles for Sony’s DualShock 4 controller, which are compatible with PCs.

Boundary Break HZD’s Map

Mod: Horizon Zero Dawn Boundary Breaking

Category: Mods that allow you to cheat.

In any game, after spending enough time exploring the maps, you may develop the desire to take a closer look at what lies beneath the surface and discover just how far you can go.

For Horizon Zero Dawn’s open-world, this is especially true, with its apparently endless landscapes and enormous cities.

You can now teleport to the highest mountains, previously unreachable camps, as well as the developer test region thanks to Me1ton’s cheat engine mod/guide for Boundary Breaking in HZD.

Natural Rain

Horizon Zero Dawn’s gorgeous landscapes are one of the most striking aspects of the game. Developers took great care in creating the landscape, and it shows in the finished product. Even the weather and the surroundings can change, presenting players with a greater challenge while hunting down adversaries and making the overall experience more immersive. Unfortunately, the game’s default rain effects can reduce visibility to the point that some players are forced to wait through the storm before continuing.

In order to address this issue, modder Dziggy created a mod that changes the appearance of the rain to be more translucent, giving it a more realistic appearance. The effects speak for themselves, and the rain-enhanced gameplay is undoubtedly enhanced by the addition of this mod. This is one of the best PC mods for Horizon Zero Dawn that you’ll discover on the Nexus hub, hands down.

True HDR

As a means to unlock a more authentic visual update, Vanguard1776 enhances the game’s visuals from their original beauty to that of the next generation. If you’ve never heard of HDR before, it’s a technique that Unreal Engine uses in its tech demos to enhance the graphics (calling back to all those old internet videos of Nintendo characters in a hyperrealistic Unreal field with high-def attack FX).

This isn’t the first time Vanguard has done HDR reshades for other games like Doom Eternal and Metro: Last Light. These are great games that only get better with HDR.

7 NG++ Unlocks

Fair challenges are hard to come by in many games, especially when it comes to unlocking rare weapons that are useless once the player has spent hundreds of hours unlocking them, which is often the case in some games.

In spite of the fact that Horizon isn’t the worst offender, it does offer a fair amount of rewards for repeat playthroughs and harsher level runs. While some players may not be able to devote so much of their time to the game, Lupercalll on Nexus hopes to alleviate this problem. The NG++ ultra-difficulty save file that comes with this mod has all of the rare goods and cosmetics available.

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Hair Customization

As a result, many gamers who had hoped for more personalization possibilities were let down by Horizon’s offerings, no matter how well Ashly Burch played Aloy.

Lewd options and misogynistic “reworks” of Aloy’s visage are the most common solutions in the modding community. This mod by AlexPo21 adds different hair colors without offending Aloy or her excellent actress counterpart, and it’s one of the more subtle ones available. However tiny the update may be, it’s still a good one, and it allows gamers to have a little more control over Aloy’s visual style.

Cheat Table

A fun little PC version of Marcus101RR’s cheat table works into the game files to enable God Mode, endless ammo, and other fun cheaty extras for veterans familiar with old Gameshark units.

In addition to being a fun side project for players, this mod is also useful for modders who want to experiment with the game in new ways. God Mode is a godsend for in-game photographers and video essayists, as well as aesthetic seekers who don’t want to risk getting brutally slaughtered by the game’s more scary residents due to the presence of photo mode and the game’s inherently cinematic presentation.


With regards to the modding community, it is not uncommon to see many pages on Horizon’s Nexus dedicated to various recolors and similar shading packs. There are a few nice ones that seek to restore some of the stunning overworld’s saturation and create a more natural, dynamic visual style, but most of them just alter the contrast to make the game look more “cinematic” or darker and shinier to reflect Zach Snyder’s developing visual insufficiency.

At any given time, the Natural Clover ReShade enhances the game’s atmosphere by removing some of the murky atmospheric occlusion and replacing it with brighter, more vivid colors and sharpening filter. At night, the blues and lights truly shine, giving the environment a more melancholy vibe without becoming too dark. This is especially noticeable.

Model Swap Library

xRaq’s model switch mod offers 16 new secondary characters to replace Aloy’s model, each with their own face movements, and is a great option for those who want a visual change. There is no noticeable texture popping or clipping like one might expect from GMod or Skyrim’s model swaps, making the models appear and feel equally as beautiful as Aloy’s.

Talanah, Sylens, Helis, and many other characters are included in the mod. There is a “skip intro logo” option in this mod that most other mods do not offer by choice, which indicates that the creator felt that the intro logos were redundant and resentful of their owners.

Old CPU Support

But luther d appears to have rectified this issue for those who wish to play Horizon but don’t have the necessary CPU installed. Actually, the mod’s title is “run game on phenom and core2,” which reflects its goal.

In spite of the fact that some players may find the mod superfluous, it does an outstanding job of allowing the game to function smoothly on older CPUs without even sacrificing a fraction of performance. As previously indicated, the mod’s relevance may be little, but it appears that some gamers have already begun to investigate it because their systems are “simply old” following the announcement of the hefty requirements.

Additional Inventory Space

Many open-world games have inventory systems that leave players unsatisfied, with some providing too little space and others overflowing and becoming a nuisance. Even if it isn’t ideal, there will always be someone who can add additional spaces to games like Fallout 4 or Skyrim or remove the encumbrance.

Inventory management can be a challenge as it keeps filling up and players are compelled to either store, sell, or drop stuff in order to continue on their journey through increasingly enormous game environments.. In games that break immersion with these methods, inventory becomes less mechanical and more bothersome. This is a particularly major concern. In this mod, user julianovento7 overcomes this problem by increasing inventory space by ten.


Are there Horizon Zero Dawn mods?

Although the PC version of Horizon doesn’t have as many GMod-inspired content improvements as the console version, there are still a few interesting mods available for those who want to take their game to the next level.

Does god of war have mods?

There are a few God of War mods available for Kratos now that he has landed on PC. Some mods allow you to come as near to a nude Kratos as possible, while the rest of them are simply shaders.

Is Nexusmods safe?

Despite the fact that Nexus Mods is a legitimate source, you should always scan any files you download before proceeding to install them and begin playing the game. In order to download the NMM or nexus mod manager, you need to know that the servers that host the nexus files are serving up a terrible malware alongside it.