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The built-in stand of a monitor is not always adequate. Perhaps you’d benefit from a bit more height or the ability to tilt your seat to make your gaming sessions more tolerable.

Perhaps you just need a larger workspace. A monitor stand could be the answer to your problems in any of the above situations.

We’ve compiled a list of the best monitor stands currently available to help you make an informed purchase in 2022.

Stands ranging from the simplest desktop models to those with advanced features like VESA mounts are provided below.

Fitueyes Monitor Stand

Constructed from a wooden material

A dark, inky black

The Pros:

  • Available in both shelf- and non-shelf-based forms
  • Affordable

The Cons:

  • Absolutely no color variations

When it comes to stands, Fitueyes is pretty much the go-to brand, whether you need a stand for your monitor, TV, or something more general. That’s why it makes perfect sense that their goods are featured here.

The first monitor stand is a basic model without any extra features; it is made of wood and has a matte black finish. You can get it with or without a shelf, too. Naturally, the latter is preferable if you’re short on desk space and want to keep your things organized.

Overall, it’s a cheap and straightforward monitor stand, with the strength lying in the latter trait. There’s nothing wrong with the stand itself, but we can imagine that some customers would like to have more color options to complement their desk veneers, but this stand is only available in black.

Fitueyes Glass Monitor Stand

Components: Glass and Metal

In terms of body color, the legs are silver.

The Pros:

  • Sleek style
  • You can choose between two sizes.

The Cons:

  • It can be challenging to get the leg lengths just right on all four legs.

Fitueyes offers a glass alternative to the aforementioned stand for those who don’t care for the black finish.

A fairly thick sheet of tempered glass rests atop four silver legs to form this stand. This not only results in a reduced overall footprint, but also allows for varying leg heights. In addition, this stand is offered in two versions that differ primarily in width: a 15-inch and a 20-inch. Sadly, no shelf-equipped variants are available at this time.

Even though there are no major problems with the stand itself, it may be a bit of a hassle to get the stand to be completely level if you intend to use the adjustable legs.

Halter LZ-500 Monitor Stand

Metal is the substance of choice.

And the color is black.

The Pros:

  • Structured with high-grade metal
  • There is a decent amount of room for storage

The Cons:

  • A tad more costly than competing items.

Halter’s LZ-500 metal monitor stand is an alternative to its wood and glass counterparts. It’s a classy black stand that has two shelves and some storage space below. Only the stand’s high quality of construction really stands out.

Halter LZ-500 Premium Vented Two Tier Metal Monitor Stand - 2 Tier Monitor Riser Laptop Stand w/Keyboard & Mouse Storage - Supports Up To 50 lbs (Black): Buy Online at Best Price

Depending on your perspective, this could be seen as a good or bad development. This monitor stand is simple and well made, making it a good option if you only need a sturdy place to put your screen. However, there are no additional features to speak of, so consumers who aren’t particularly concerned with durability may not find it to be worth the cost.

SimpleHouseware Monitor Stand

Alloys of metal

Term for the absence of all other colors: black

The Pros:

  • Lots of room for stuff
  • Several different storage areas

The Cons:

  • The quality of construction is subpar.

One more similar monitor stand, this one focusing more on storage space than on aesthetics or construction quality.

Besides its roomy top shelf, the SimpleHouseware monitor stand features two smaller shelves on either side and a larger one underneath. Even if they aren’t strictly office supplies, these can be useful if you have a lot of small items that need to be kept together on your desk.

The only minor flaw is the product’s construction, which isn’t quite as sturdy as competing metal stands.

AmazonBasics Monitor Stand

Made of metal

As a color, black

The Pros:

  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Simple, minimalistic, and spotless

The Cons:

  • Faultlessly devoid of distinguishing characteristics

Plus, AmazonBasics has come through with a bare-bones but solid option. Their stand, being constructed out of black metal in a manner similar to the Halter LZ-500, is aesthetically reminiscent of that model.

Nonetheless, it lacks the additional shelf space and ventilation of its Halter-made counterpart, and it has a much more streamlined and minimalistic appearance. The AmazonBasics monitor stand, on the other hand, more than makes up for this with its sturdy construction.

While there are no major issues with the stand, some may feel that the price is too high considering there are other stands available at a similar price that also include useful extras.

AmazonBasics Adjustable Monitor Stand

Made of plastic

Inktense: Black

The Pros:

  • Alterable in stature
  • Built to last

The Cons:

  • Possibly worthless.

The primary strength of the AmazonBasics adjustable stand is, as the name implies, its ability to be adjusted, despite the fact that it is made by the same brand and costs about the same.

Made of black plastic instead of metal, which, while not exactly cheap, lacks the stability and aesthetic appeal of a metal stand. As was just mentioned, the stand’s main selling point is its height adjustability, which is provided by three sets of removable legs.

There are no problems with the stand itself, but the plastic construction may be unsatisfactory to some users because of the relatively high price compared to other stands with all-metal constructions in the same or similar categories.

Songmics Monitor Stand

Construction: wood

As a color, beige is neutral.

The Pros:

  • Lovely bamboo grain
  • Ample room to keep your trinkets and such

The Cons:

  • When not in use, storage niches and slots can look awkward.

The Songmics stand is a welcome departure from the many other, more dreary options, thanks to its bamboo-like finish.

In addition to its sleek design, the Songmics stand features a number of cutouts and slots that can be used to better manage your desk’s clutter. For those who struggle to keep their desks organized, this is a fantastic solution.

However, if you don’t actually use the stand’s storage spaces, their empty indentations will detract from its visual appeal. They’d be unsightly imperfections on an otherwise lovely bamboo surface.

Wali Monitor Stand

Metal, the material of choice

Darkest Black as a Color

The Pros:

  • Outstanding overall worth.
  • Superbly crafted, with no flaws
  • Three distinct editions are readily accessible.

The Cons:

  • It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing mount or stand

To begin, Wali has taken a few different positions:

  • The Commonplace Desktop Holder

Attaches to your desk with a clamp in its most fundamental form. The cable management-equipped arm holds the VESA mount, which in turn is fastened to a stationary vertical pole.

  • Mount Gas-Spring

This second design also uses a clamp to fasten the mount to the desk (see image above), but it is more refined in terms of the arm’s aesthetics and cable management. There is also a wall-mounted model available.

  • A Mount That Doesn’t Need to Be Attached to Anything

The last type is a freestanding unit that can be set up on a desk like a standard stand. While this version’s stand isn’t particularly attractive and the mount could use an arm, it still offers a lot of customization options.

Single Monitor Desk Mount Stand M001 - WALI ELECTRIC

Displays typically adhere to VESA patterns of either 75x75mm or 100x100mm, both of which are supported by both versions. In conclusion, for a relatively low price, each of the aforementioned Wali stands is a highly-adjustable, well-built monitor stand.

In terms of aesthetics, there are some minor differences between the versions, but these can be overlooked in light of the incredible value these mounts provide.

Vivo Dual Monitor Stand

Metal, the substance of choice

As a color, black

The Pros:

  • Outstanding overall worth.
  • Obtainable in three distinct forms

The Cons:

  • An insufficient level of craftsmanship

While the aforementioned solutions from Wali are general-purpose, the following products from Vivo are tailored to dual-monitor configurations.

Vivo also offers a wide variety of mounting options:

  1. The Traditional Desk Clamp Mount – This mount is traditionally used to attach to the side of a desk.
  2. In contrast to the standard desk mount, the Tall Desk Mount stands at an impressively lofty 4.5 inches.
  3. The Free-Standing Mount is, once again, meant to be used on a desktop.

With the exception of the tall variety, Vivo’s mounts are surprisingly affordable. As a result, the mount isn’t quite as well made as it could be because the arms aren’t as sturdy as they would be on better models. However, if you use a pair of monitors, this is still an excellent bargain.

AmazonBasics Premium Monitor Stand

Metallic substance

It’s a black color.

The Pros:

  • Superb craftsmanship
  • Highly modifiable
  • There are both single-monitor and dual-monitor options.

The Cons:

  • Pricey enough to be noticeable

Finally, here is another group of AmazonBasics products, but these stands are anything but simple. This high-end monitor stand has a single-monitor and a dual-monitor version, both of which clamp to a desk. In addition, they, too, support the aforementioned 75x75mm and 100x100mm VESA patterns, just like the aforementioned products.

In contrast to the Wali and Vivo stands described above, however, the first thing that jumps out about these AmazonBasics stands is their noticeably higher price tag due to their superior build quality.

The AmazonBasics Premium monitor stands have more wiggle room, are more sturdy, and are made out of high-quality plastic for a neater, tidier appearance; they also manage cables in a more covert manner.

To sum up, this is the best option for a monitor stand with a VESA mount. If you don’t think the high price is warranted by the stand’s sturdy construction or its convenient retractable arm, though, you’re better off with one of the two cheaper options.

Vivo Dual Desk Mount

The workhorse of dual-screen workstations


Allows for the use of two displays

Ample freedom of movement

Cable routing is a part of it.


Very little leeway in terms of height adjustment

In common uses, the Vivo Dual Desk Mount proves to be a reliable and sturdy accessory. It can handle displays up to 22 pounds in total weight and can hold displays up to 27 inches in size.

The Vivo allows for a wide range of motion and is compatible with monitors that use the VESA 75 or 100 mounting systems. Each arm can be rotated a full 360 degrees and tilted an additional 180 degrees. The Vivo’s central pole makes it easy to change the height of the display, and both portrait and landscape orientations are supported by the devices.

The Vivo can be attached to any desk via a strong C-shaped clamp or a grommet (sold separately). Clips on the arms and the central pole make it easy to conceal cables and keep your desk neat.

The product’s one and only flaw is that it cannot be adjusted in height independently of the central pole. If you can get past that minor annoyance, though, the Vivo is an affordable and highly adaptable solution for mounting multiple displays without breaking the bank at just $40.

VideoSecu ML12B


Plenty of workable single-screen action

Superb cost-effectiveness plus



One-screen mode only

If you only need a single monitor for your work, we recommend the VideoSecu ML12B. It can accommodate any TV or display that has an external mounting system, as it is compatible with the widely used VESA 75 and 100 mounting systems.

This impressive gadget, available for only $21, can hold displays up to 32 inches in size and 44 pounds in weight. That’s more than even the most basic desktop mounts, so it can hold a wider variety of devices.

In addition, the ML12B can be rotated a full 360 degrees and swiveled 180 degrees, allowing you to easily switch between landscape and portrait orientations. It’s compact, too, with a folded out depth of just 2.40 inches.

Although the ML12B is a highly effective device, it does come at a reduced cost. The maximum tilt angle is only 10 degrees, and there is no height adjustment available. But we’re willing to make those sacrifices for this sum of money.

Grovemade Wooden Dual Monitor Stand


Fashionable layout

Allows for simultaneous use of two screens

Accumulates extra space


-Few room for alterations

First things first: at $240, the Grovemade Wooden Dual Monitor Stand is more expensive than many of the other two-display options you’ll find on the market.

You might think that’s ridiculously expensive for a monitor stand, but consider that it’s made in the USA, has a hand-polished finish, and comes in your choice of Walnut or Maple. It’s much classier than the cheap, plain metal stands and mounts that are also available.

The Grovemade unit raises your screens, providing a more comfortable viewing angle and making for a more ergonomic work environment. It has a width of 46 inches, a capacity of 100 pounds, and a handy aluminum shelf that can accommodate notebook computers, files, and books.

Weighing in at a hefty price tag, this stand is well worth it as the finishing touch to any tastefully decorated workplace. To complete your office’s coordinated look, Grovemade also makes accessories like desk pads, stationery trays, laptop risers, and wireless charging pads.

Vari Pro Plus 36


Addition of eleven tiers to a person’s height

Sturdy construction

Rapid progression Effortless action



The devices from Vari range in price from $249 to $359. While this is a sizable investment, the quality of the product makes it worthwhile. That’s a novel approach to getting things done, but if it boosts output and personal well-being, it might be worth the investment.

When it comes to desktop adaptability, the VariDesk Pro Plus 36 has you covered on multiple fronts thanks to its two levels of adjustment. The top shelf is 36 inches wide and can accommodate two monitors, while the lower shelf provides convenient access to your computer’s input devices.

Using a quiet, spring-loaded mechanism, the VariDesk can be raised to one of eleven different heights in seconds.

The Vari Pro Plus 36 is a wonderful device. Making the change to a standing desk has been shown to improve health and productivity, and this unit’s tiered design allows for more work surface area.

Huanuo Dual Monitor Stand HNDS6


Possibility to go wherever you want, whenever you want

Adjustable height that works on its own

Fault-tolerant architecture


-More expensive than equivalent offerings from rival vendors

The Huanuo Dual Monitor Stand’s $70 price tag places it above many of its rivals, but the stand more than makes up for the premium by providing more useful features.

The premium gas springs allow for effortless movement, and the arms can be adjusted individually for height, allowing you to use two displays at different heights. This feature is often absent from cheaper dual display arms.

Each arm can hold a 27-inch panel weighing up to 14.3 pounds, and it can swivel 180 degrees, rotate 360 degrees, and tilt 80 degrees. The range of applications it can serve is remarkable.

The HNDS6 is secured to your desk with a strong C-shaped clamp, and it can support a single monitor, two monitors, or even three screens with the company’s dual arm or triple screen mount.

Simple Houseware Monitor Stand


The metal construction is sleek and unobtrusive.

Theoretically more roomy


This feature is single-screen only.

In order to better your posture and ergonomics while working, the Simple Houseware Monitor Stand is a great option.

SimpleHouseware Metal Desk Monitor Stand Riser with Organizer Drawer, Silver - Walmart.com

The metal unit from Simple Houseware weighs less than four pounds, making it simple to move from one location to another or set it on your desk, and it comes with some useful features, such as a sliding drawer underneath for storing paperwork and supplies and side caddies for organizing writing implements.

If you need more flexibility from your desktop but don’t want to spend a ton of money doing so, this monitor stand is a great option.

Desktop vs Mount – Which To Pick?

Choosing between a desktop stand and a stand with VESA mounts is the first step before settling on a final stand. Currently, adaptability and cost-effectiveness are the two most crucial considerations.

There are two major benefits to stands that come with mounts: greater adjustability and, if you choose a clamp-style mount, less desk clutter. However, the flexibility is the most crucial aspect to think about. Mounting your monitor is the best option if you have trouble finding a comfortable position or if you want to be able to view it from a variety of angles.

Typically, desktop holders have lower price points. Not only are they less conspicuous, but some of them even have handy extras that help keep your desk neat and tidy.

If you want your monitor to be as flexible as possible, we recommend getting a mount. If you don’t care about that, then a simple desktop stand could be the best way to raise your monitor, clear off some desk space, and maybe even get your desk a little more organized.


How did we choose these monitor stands?

Besides cost, I looked for monitor stands that could support a number of screens of varying sizes and weights. When picking out stands, I looked for ones that could also serve as desk organizers or storage, so that I could keep everything I needed close at hand without adding more clutter. I considered the materials and ended up going with a more robust build over a more lightweight model.

Which monitor stand is right for you?

A smaller, lighter stand is preferable if you only use a single monitor or laptop; you should also check that it has mesh construction or ventilation holes to prevent your laptop from overheating. A longer riser or two separate mounting arms will be required to accommodate multiple monitors. It would be a terrible disappointment to have your pricey monitors fall to the floor because the mount or stand couldn’t support their weight.

Is a monitor stand worth it?

As an alternative to investing in an expensive standing desk or chair, they are an excellent way to improve the ergonomics of your working environment. Many have caddies or drawers for small supplies like pens and sticky notes, and others have room for a keyboard, tablet, laptop, or phone underneath.

Can I use any monitor with a mounting arm?

Mounting arms should work with any monitor that is VESA-compliant. However, you should verify that the VESA rating of the arm is compatible with your monitor and that it can support the weight of your screens.

Can you mount a curved monitor?

It’s possible, but you’ll need either a unique mount or some additional preparation. Not all VESA mounting arms and brackets will fit a curved monitor due to its unusual shape. As luck would have it, options exist such as the AVLT dual monitor arm mount that are tailored to accommodate displays with a curved shape.


The AmazonBasics Monitor Stand is the only monitor stand we would consider buying if we had to choose just one.

As you can see, there is a wide range of products available here in terms of design and purpose. With so many options, it can be difficult to settle on a single recommendation, but we’ve stuck with the AmazonBasics model because of its solid construction and low price.

To be sure, that is entirely up to us. Perhaps you’re looking for a monitor stand that is less noticeable on your desk, or perhaps you’d like one that has extra space for storage or is equipped with a VESA mount for maximum adaptability.

Keep in mind your own needs and the limitations of a stand before making a purchase, but rest assured that any of the monitor stands on this page will serve you well.