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These add-ons are essential if you’re playing Valheim right now. These are currently the top Valheim addons.

You and your friends can live out your Viking fantasies in Valheim’s wild and unpredictable open world, which combines the best elements of survival and sandbox gameplay.

The game has received a lot of early support from modders, and there are a ton of options for players who want to enhance their experience with mods, despite the fact that it is still in Early Access.

The best mods for Valheim in 2022, including those for crafting, building, and managing inventory, are featured in this article.

Please check back later for updates, and let us know if your favorite add-ons were left off the list.

Valheim Plus

Modifications to Gameplay

The more you venture out into Valheim’s vast, procedurally generated world, the more you’ll become aware of the many flaws in the game’s systems.

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By allowing players to adjust settings like stamina consumption, carry weight, structural integrity, workbench radii, and more, the Valheim Plus mod aims to address many of Valheim’s flaws.

You can adjust the level of challenge to suit your tastes, and you can even restrict access to your server to players with the same settings.

Craft from Containers

Modifications for Crafting

For example, in order to craft that new sword or armor piece, you’ll need to move items from a chest to your character’s inventory. This is a classic example of the “busy work” that is so prevalent in survival games.

When the Craft from Containers mod is activated, Valheim will automatically harvest supplies from chests within a user-defined range.

It can be used for the standard purposes of improving tools, refueling campfires and torches, and smelting additional ore.

Share Buildings

Type: Structure Alteration

We’ve all been jealous of someone else’s skill at constructing elaborate buildings in Valheim at some point.

Don’t worry if you’re not great at establishing a foundation. The problem is solved with the Buildshare addon.

You can export your player-created structures as.vbuild files, which can be downloaded and used in any game.

Better Archery

Modification Type: Warfare

It’s true that you can shoot an arrow in Valheim, but I think we can all agree that there’s room for improvement, particularly when it comes to where you keep your arrows.

With the Better Archery mod, you can make a quiver out of leather, which will give you three extra inventory slots for storing different kinds of arrows.

It also allows you to retrieve any arrows you shoot (except fire arrows), giving you more flexibility in combat when using a bow.

Sleep Anywhere

Modifications to Gameplay

There’s always a lot going on in Valheim, so it’s easy to get sidetracked and find yourself out hunting deer or mining ore well after dark.

Since staking claim to a new bed alters your respawn location, you’ll have to return to camp before you can crash there.

However, with the Sleep mod installed, you can make and sleep in beds, including beds that belong to other players, without claiming them as a spawn point.

Unrestricted Portals

Modifications to Gameplay

The inability to bring raw minerals through Valheim’s portals is a minor inconvenience considering how useful they otherwise are.

When the Unrestricted Portals mod is activated, players can take any amount of copper, tin, and iron with them through any portal.

If you think that’s too much of a cheat, you can always modify the mod so that it only affects certain types of materials.

First-person Mode

Camera Improvements

The scroll wheel on your mouse can be used to zoom in and out of Valheim’s third-person camera, which is pretty handy.

Some players, especially those interested in survival games, may still prefer the first-person perspective.

While there are a number of perspective-altering mods available, we recommend trying out First Person View because it adds a fresh, immersive viewpoint to the game that can be toggled on and off at will.

Ivy’s Texture Pack

Graphical Modifications

Graphical mods, such as Ivy’s Texture Pack, can be installed to increase immersion in Valheim alongside camera adjustments.

It’s a graphical remake that improves the game’s textures while keeping Valheim’s signature pixelated style.

Floors and walls made of wood look crisper than ever before, which is perhaps the most impressive result.

Time Modifier

Modifications to Gameplay

The clock in Valheim is always ticking, which can increase the tension of a game but makes it less convenient for short breaks like eating or using the restroom.

Fortunately, a Time mod exists so that players can manipulate the passage of time in-game.

You should use it with caution because it’s most effective in solo play, where it won’t have any impact on anyone else’s enjoyment of the game.

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Map Sync

Modifications to the User Interface

Valheim’s online cooperative mode is perfectly playable, but it could use some work, especially in the area of synchronization.

Each player’s exploration is their own, making it impossible to share your map with other players.

The Map Sync mod fixes this problem by allowing you to instantly swap maps with nearby players on the same server simply by pressing the F10 key.

Equipment & Quick Slots

Inventory Changes

Some of Valheim’s storage arrangements are illogical; for instance, why is armor kept alongside wood and other raw materials?

Having separate slots for each piece of armor and quick slots for consumables makes the Equipment & Quick Slots mod a huge time saver when managing your inventory.

Keep in mind that the extra storage space will only be added to your character’s inventory and not their tombstone.

Get More Slots

Inventory Changes

Get More Slots is an alternative mod that does exactly what its name implies: it adds more storage space.

Even though it’s not as flashy and doesn’t have a separate section for specialized gear, the ability to increase your inventory size to 16 slots is a huge advantage.

It is important to remember to remove any items from the extra slots before uninstalling this mod, as they will be lost otherwise.

Quick Stack

Inventory Changes

Quick Stack is a must-have mod for anyone who wants to spend less time managing their inventory.

By pressing a player-defined shortcut key, you can have multiples of the same item automatically stack in your inventory.

You shouldn’t have any trouble maintaining order with this strategy, as it applies to nearby storage chests as well.

Discard Inventory Items

Inventory Changes

Since Valheim’s release, players have asked for the ability to permanently delete looted or crafted items.

Any items you throw from your inventory do not disappear when you move away, so it is still possible to pick them up by accident.

Discard Inventory Items is a mod that allows you to permanently delete any selected item from your inventory by pressing a single hotkey.

Console and Chat Extender

Type: Modified Cheats

You can always download the Console and Chat Extender addon if the cheats and console commands found in Valheim aren’t enough to satisfy your needs.

Its purpose is to give you more agency in the game by giving you access to more systems.

You can fly, enter God Mode, repair items at no cost, construct buildings at no cost, change the terrain, and much more; it works with both local and online servers.


While the architecture in Valheim is certainly impressive, you won’t have much say over the aesthetics of your ship when it comes time to set sail. Therefore, this addon is necessary. With the ValheimRAFT mod, you can use a raft as a foundation and then add on to it like any other structure, giving you unprecedented freedom to create your ideal ship. A captain’s wheel and masts are included as well as some supplementary building pieces. In addition, standard construction practices are not required, freeing you to let your creativity run wild.


You’ve probably seen the incredible forts, bases, and settlements(opens in new tab) that players in Valheim have been building. And now there is a way to share entire buildings with other players by uploading and downloading them. With Buildshare(opens in new tab), players can share their creations with the community by compressing them into a.vbuild file.

Forever build

The structural integrity of buildings constructed with the vanilla building system in Valheim is remarkable. Different components of a building need different amounts of support from the ground up to prevent them from collapsing. However, if you want to have some fun (in singleplayer mode), feel free to construct anything you like. You can construct as high and as far as you like because each element will believe it is secure.

Crafty Carts

Workbenches, which must be erected in order to repair weapons and construct stuff, can now be brought along for the ride instead of having to be set up everywhere. With the help of Crafty Carts, you can put your workbenches on wheels and roll them anywhere you need to do some work before bringing them back. In a word, it’s useful.

Item Drawers

This mod’s lackluster description belies its usefulness if you, like me, tend to forget which chest particular items were stored in. The game provides the components necessary to create directional signs, but hurrying can cause you to misplace them. The Item Drawers add-on reveals all! To put it simply, you can make a new chest-like storage container (at no additional cost) that has icons on the outside that indicate how many of a specific item or material are stored inside. That’s pretty cool, huh?

Epic Loot

Epic Loot by Randyknapp expands Valheim’s selection of magical items, which is great if you’re getting bored of making everything and want to spice things up with some powerful weapons or armor. The rare and powerful items you find in chests and the like when you defeat enemies and bosses are completely at random. These drops can be as rare as authentic magical swords and armor, but that only adds to their value when they do occur.

Hearth and Home Old Food Stats

This one delivers exactly what it promises to deliver. Valheim’s food can be reset to its pre-Hearth and Home values and statistics if you prefer it that way. The expansion makes certain parts of the game harder by reducing the effectiveness of good food by limiting it to either stamina or health rather than both. The Old Food Stats add-on requires HookGenPatcher, as well as Configuration Manager, BepInExPack, and Jotun.

Valheim Legends

You have to be a one-of-a-kind individual to become a legendary Viking. Because of the six new character classes introduced by Valheim Legends, you no longer have to play as just another generic Viking. You can pick from a variety of classes, such as the Ranger (who improves your stealth and ranged attacks), the Mage (who can throw fireballs and summon meteor strikes), or the Druid (who can call up angry vines from the ground and launch them like projectiles).


Do you ever wish you could give your character unique skeleton? While it may not be at the top of your priority list, BoneMod makes it possible to do so. Individual bones’ sizes can be altered, allowing you to transform from a normal-sized human to a monstrously large Viking(opens in new tab). This mod will allow you to change any feature of your body you want. Make sure you won’t be too bulky for your home base when you’re finished.

Give ‘Em The Boot

Except for the occasional annoying tool-breaking frustration kick, you probably don’t do a lot of kicking in everyday life. When you can accomplish your goal with almost anything other than a kick, why bother? While that is true, this mod essentially does what it claims to do: it significantly increases the knockback and vertical launch of your kicks. The next greyling that stumbles into your base may be in for a surprise, even if you have no plans to put down your weapons in favor of a pair of boots.

Odin’s BongLantern

This mod adds a BongLantern that, contrary to first impressions, can be used for more than just laughs in your home. It can be carried in your spare hand or slung over your shoulder like a torch to provide illumination wherever you go. When equipped, this item grants the “Baked” buff, reducing the amount of stamina normally expended when running or jumping. You’ll need Valheim crystal(opens in new tab) to make one, but since it serves no other purpose, you probably already have some lying around if you’ve been to the mountains recently.

Civilized Duels

Although Valheim’s multiplayer mode is fun, it’s not uncommon for Vikings to “borrow” each other’s weapons or slack off when they should be tending to the carrot crop. Seems like you two should face off in a fatal chess match. Fortunately, that is precisely what this addon does. If you and your opponent both have PvP turned on, you can play a timed game of chess in your browser by slapping each other with a fish. However, since this is a deathmatch, the loser will explode and be left with nothing but a tombstone in which to store their belongings.

Best Valheim Mods You Can't Live Without

How to Mod a Valheim Server Print

To mod your Valheim server:

To change the type of server you have running on your Valheim server, head to the administration menu.

2. Download the most recent version of the Modded type using the Server Type installer. (BepInEx is a part of this)

Third, your server needs to be restarted so that this can load properly.

Then, get the Valheim mods you want and extract them to a new folder on your hard drive. If the mods can’t be installed until you unzip them, then unzip them.

Five, after that, log into your server’s FTP and navigate to valheim/BepInEx/Plugins/.

Once you reach this point, you can upload all of the aforementioned mods here. (we recommend an FTP client like FileZilla if you’re having trouble transferring the files)

Seven, once the mods have been transferred, log out of FTP and restart the server for them to take effect.

The next step is to load the same mods on the client that are on the server.

To install mods to your Valheim client-side:

First, get BepInEx from their website and install it on your client-side computer. To get the most recent update, go to https://valheim.thunderstore.io/package/denikson/BepInExPack_Valheim/ and click the “Manual Download” button.

2. Unpack the BedInEx archive into a new, empty directory on your hard drive.

Third, log into Steam and access your collection of games. Find Valheim and select it by right-clicking there.

Right-click on the file, select “Properties,” then “LOCAL FILES,” then “Browse,” to access the files used by the Valheim client.

Fifth, the BepInEx package files can now be transferred to the Valheim client-side files without having to go through any intermediate folders.

Last but not least, move the mods from the server’s plugins folder to the client’s plugins folder, which can be found in the archive you just decompressed: /Valheim/BepInEx/Plugins/

After installing the necessary mods, launch the Valheim game, and you should be able to connect to the server.

Having trouble with adding custom content to your Valheim server? For assistance, please get in touch with MCProHosting’s staff.