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What better way to get together with your family or friends than to play a few games on the sofa? All of your co-op gaming needs are catered to with games that cater to couples as well as quartets and trios, so there’s something for everyone in your party. These are the best games to play with a friend on the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch.

Luigi’s Mansion 3

While playing Luigi’s Mansion 3, Mario’s younger brother is given the task of protecting his family from a terrifying motel. After an hour or so into the plot, the game’s multiplayer feature is one of the most straightforward co-op games in recent memory.

Alternatively, you can have your companion take on the role of “Gooigi,” a Luigi replica composed of green goo if your friend is unfamiliar with the game’s mechanics. Although it has a lesser health pool, it possesses a limitless number of reincarnations. It gives players the freedom to be a fool and die over and over again without having to redo levels or boss fights. There isn’t much difficulty in the game itself, and since Gooigi is a vital part of solving the riddles in the game you and your companion won’t think of them as a sidekick.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Despite the fact that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a four-year-old update for a seven-year-old Wii U game, it is Nintendo’s best-selling Switch product for a reason: it is welcoming to players of all experience levels, both in how it plays and how it presents itself.” Mario Kart’s distinctive “BS” is always on the prowl, and it’s up to the players who put forth the most effort to get their talents recognized. There are few equalizers as effective as Blue Shell.

Although Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is fundamentally a rehash, the game’s collection of tracks is among the most endearing in the series’ history. A variety of track configurations ensures that no two races are ever exactly the same. Every race has its own own character, which adds to the enjoyment of simply driving around and taking in the scenery. This is also true for Nintendo’s lovable and cute cast of characters. (Except Metal Mario, who’s a complete klutz). Nintendo has now figured out how to make driving a kart at high speeds in video games as smooth and simple as possible.

Overcooked! 2

Overcooked! As a team of up to three chefs, your job in 2 is to prepare a wide variety of dishes. It’s a simple idea: gather the necessary ingredients in the kitchen, cook or chop them to your specifications, assemble the meal, and ship it out. Every meal, on the other hand, is counted down in the game. As a result, more people start placing orders. Before you can get anything else out, you must clean the plates that are dirty. Finally, the levels begin to shift. During this period, several of the food items catch on fire. Deep chasms can also be slid into. You may also be hit by a car.

It’s a series of increasingly stressful scrambles that put your communication skills to the test. A Gordon Ramsay moment is likely between you and a friend if your gameplay is uninterrupted and at a high level.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

In a Dangerous Situation For a game that is both entertaining and charming, Spacetime is a must-have. Anti-Love forces threaten the universe, so you and three other players board a light battleship to navigate the tangled lanes of space. While one player controls the ship, the other players must protect it with weapons, shields, and other technical devices as they jump from base to base.

It is up to you to rescue space bunnies, fight off baddies, and dodge rock formations that may destroy your ship after completing the various phases.

Clubhouse Games

From checkers and Yahtzee to shogi and nine men’s morris, Clubhouse Games is a collection of traditional board and card games in digital form. Players who possess more than one Switch can use a free “guest pass” to play games that require several consoles connected to the internet, however not all mini-games allow local multiplayer on a single Switch.

The game’s universal appeal makes it tough to think of a better one. In the Clubhouse Games collection, many (but not all) of the games are easy to understand, and each one comes with a welcoming introduction to its rules. The overall curation is of the highest caliber and includes a wide range of genres and styles of gameplay. While some games rely on skill, others are purely a matter of chance. You’ll need to be patient with some, while you’ll be sent into a frenzy with others. Physical strength is one factor, while mental foresight is another.

Minecraft Dungeons

Consider Minecraft Dungeons if you’re looking for a lighter and simpler take on the Diablo formula. It’s not particularly innovative, but it’s an adorably cute dungeon crawler meant to be played with a companion (or more than three). Accessibility is also a major focus of the company. The game’s controls are simple, the storyline is easy, and the character upgrades aren’t overpowering. The randomly generated levels are mainly linear, and the difficulty may be set to a low or high level according to your preferences or the preferences of your buddy.

With its simplistic gameplay and emphasis on collecting stuff and making your character’s statistics go up, it is a far cry from the more complex gameplay of the original Minecraft. A huge sense of satisfaction comes from being able to enjoy all facets of the game. With the help of an assortment of amusingly odd leveling powers and characteristics, this is what this is all about. It’s possible to summon a llama to help you fight in this game.

Mario Kart Is The King Of Couch Co-Ops

When it comes to having fun with a friend, Mario Kart is hard to beat. If the driver gets hit by the blue shell, it could either increase the friendships of everyone or perhaps cause a rift in friendships. However, Mario Kart is always fun.

Rayman Legends Really Goes Hard

In Rayman Legends, the classic sidescroller series gets a new lease on life. With this one, you can play with other people at the same time. Depending on the number of players, the encounters can be a little more fierce, but they don’t make it too difficult.

Among Us Is A Smash Hit For A Reason

There’s a good reason why the Among Us series has gotten so much attention. Playing with your friends, family, or even distant cousins may be a lot of pleasure. As a bonus, it’s cross-platform compatible, which is a huge plus. As a result, gamers of various skill levels can play the game on whichever device they like.

Portal 2 Is A Cult Classic

Creating a vast game to go through in Portal 2 was a big improvement over the first game. Additionally, the game allowed players to work together with friends to solve puzzles in a variety of challenging games.


Snipperclips is a delightful puzzle game in which each player has control over a different form. Puzzle-solving is made easier when the layered shapes are chopped into pieces and reassembled into new shapes.

Stardew Valley Lets Up To Four Friends Handle The Farm

Since its release, Stardew Valley has become one of the most popular games on Steam, reshaping the genre of farming simulations into something absolutely remarkable. The design is charming and simple, making it a breeze to do the task at hand.

Cuphead Brings Back A Vintage Animation Style

You don’t have to ask too many questions in order to play Cuphead. Its key selling point is that it combines an older style of animation with cutting-edge gameplay.

In Cuphead’s cooperative mode, players battle it out with their fellow Cupheads to advance through the game. Cuphead is both fun to play and fun to look at, thanks to its retro aesthetic and abundance of collectibles.

Diablo III

In its current condition, Diablo III is a gratifying and smooth-playing dungeon crawler that many Diablo aficionados have Strong Opinions(TM) about. While newcomers to action RPGs may be intimidated by the game’s numerous upgrades and item management system at first, they’ll quickly realize that it’s more approachable and accommodating than most of its competitors. Almost immediately, Diablo III will be channeling the portion of your reptile brain that enjoys cutting down foes, snatching loot, and watching stat numbers climb.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch

In a Dangerous Situation As a couch co-op shooter, Spacetime pits up to four players against each other in a race against time and space.

To put it another way, each station on the ship is assigned a specific purpose, from firing cannons to steering the ship to activating shields.

Each participant can only run one station at a time, and it’s up to you and your teammates to pick what each player does at any given time.

Portal 2

PC, Mac, and Linux

You may be surprised to learn that Portal 2 features an offline split-screen option that allows you and a friend to team up using controllers or a keyboard and mouse.

As Chell, a female platformer, GLaDOS, an anti-AI oversees her through a series of puzzle-platformer tests in the Half-Life universe, this tale of the series revolves around her.

Making wormhole bridges with human-sized proportions is one of the most impressive features of the games thanks to the portal gun’s capability.

Darksiders Genesis

Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Among the four games in the Darksiders series is a spin-off called Darksiders Genesis, which we’ve decided to include in this list of highlights.

Due to the fact that it combines the best of the fast-paced combat from the show with couch co-op for two players.

For this, it borrows from Diablo by zooming out the camera to create an isometric view, which gives both players a clear view of the battlefield at all times.

Heave Ho

Nintendo Switch and PC

In this cooperative platformer, your goal is to reach the finish line without falling. Climbing and gripping walls, objects or even your own pals is how you accomplish this.

Even though you’re urged to work in teams, this could lead to amusing fatalities that are accentuated by brilliant explosions and fart noises, so be careful.

Unravel Two

Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

In Unravel Two, you and a third player take control of two Yarnys (miniature creatures made of yarn) and embark on a cooperative platforming adventure.

It’s a really beautiful game with a wide selection of environments, including beaches, caves, and abandoned factories.


Playing video games on the couch is one of our favorite pastimes. Being in the same room as your friends and playing fascinating games together is like nothing else. Since most pandemics occur at home with your family or roommates, this is especially important if you’re in close proximity to them. Our friends and I have always enjoyed playing couch co-op games, but online multiplayer games may be just as exciting.