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If the catalog of games and the price are good, subscription gaming services can be worthwhile. Right now, these are the top video game subscription services.

With a subscription, you’ll be able to play the most popular games no matter what platform you choose.

In addition to saving money, these services provide access to hundreds of high-quality, premium titles.

We’ve compiled a list of the finest gaming subscription services, along with information on their pricing, platform support, and target audience.

Now let’s take a look at the top PC, console, and mobile gaming subscriptions.

Xbox Game Pass

Per month, you’ll pay anywhere from $9 to $14.99

PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and Microsoft Windows

Xbox and PC gamers alike will appreciate this.

You can get a lot of value for your money by signing up for Xbox Game Pass, which offers more than 100 high-quality games for both Xbox and PC owners. Each game is downloaded to your console or PC and played locally. The selection varies by platform.

Mua Xbox Game Pass cho Bảng điều khiển: Tư cách thành viên 3 tháng [Mã số] trực tuyến tại Vietnam. B07HRDSTZ4

The XGP catalog has a lot of significant triple-A titles, including first-party Xbox games, so keep that in mind. In comparison to rival services, which tend to focus on older games and smaller indie developers, Microsoft’s service offers a much wider selection of titles.

Even more importantly, Microsoft is constantly adding new capabilities, such as streaming integration with Project xCloud, their cloud-gaming service. Customers that have Game Pass will be able to play on their smartphones, tablets, and web-enabled devices in the near future.

For a brief period, PC Game Pass was offered at a discounted rate compared to its Xbox One counterpart because it was still in beta. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which includes Xbox Live Gold as well, now charges $14.99 for all four tiers, with each tier costing $9.99 separately. A one-time fee of $1 is offered to new subscribers.

PlayStation Now

The monthly fee is $9.99.

PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5

PlayStation gamers that want to play vintage PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 games

PlayStation Now, a gaming subscription service from Sony, is often regarded as being superior to Xbox Game Pass, despite Microsoft’s dominance in the console market.

This is mostly because the vast majority of PS Now games are classics from prior generations. The good news is that you’ll find a good number of newer titles on PS Now, many of which are also accessible for PC. Volume-wise, it has a mind-boggling 800+ game collection spanning the PS2 through PS4 periods (and soon the PS5).

It was formerly only possible to play games online, but Sony has subsequently made it possible to download and play games locally. To save money, you can sign up for three months for $25 or a full year for $60 when PlayStation Now is $10 per month. For seven days, new PS Now users can test out the service for free.

EA Play

The monthly fee ranges from $4.99 to $14.99, depending on the plan you choose.

PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox X/S, and PC are all supported.

Fans of sports video games and Star Wars should check this out.

More than 90 games are available to play for free thanks to EA Play, which was previously known as EA Access and Origin Access. However, you can also get newer releases from well-known series like Star Wars, Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Need for Speed as well as older sports games like Battlefield and Plants vs. Zombies.

If you’ve missed out on any of the above series or wish to rewatch them for less than their combined retail price, this is an excellent option. To receive six months of EA Play for the price of a year’s subscription, all you have to do is pay $30.

You may upgrade your PC account for an additional $15 per month or $100 per year to get some nice extras. It was originally known as Origin, and it is now called EA Play Pro. Members of EA Play Pro get a 10 percent discount on digital content from EA’s store (previously known as The Vault), and they get early access to some titles (up to five days before they go on sale).

Nintendo Switch Online

Monthly cost: $3.99

Nintendo Switch as a gaming console

Ideal for: Nintendo aficionados with a strong commitment to quality

Unlike Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo has always taken a totally different approach to creating video games and launching new services than the other two. Online multiplayer was free up to the release of the Nintendo Switch, but the other two need an extra fee.

Signing up for Nintendo Switch Online is primarily for the purpose of taking advantage of online multiplayer and cloud-based storage. However, whether you’re a lifetime Nintendo fan or simply enjoy retro games, there’s a lot more to discover.

The reason for this is because Switch Online has a growing collection of NES and SNES games, in addition to Switch-only titles like Tetris 99 and Pac-Man 99. Save states, alternative display settings like 4:3, Pixel Perfect, and CRT filters, and local/online multiplayer are now supported in these games.

Nintendo wisely scaled Switch Online’s monthly charge in comparison to Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Now, despite the fact that its offers are far less extensive. Paying $4 a month, $8 every three months, or a one-time fee of $20 for the entire year are all options for users. Up to eight people can share Switch Online with a $35 annual family package.

Uplay Plus

The monthly fee is $14.99.

Computer (PC)

PC gamers that primarily play Ubisoft games are the best fit for this

It’s worth joining up for Uplay Plus if you’re a fan of Ubisoft franchises such as Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Watch Dogs, or other Tom Clancy games. It includes a collection of over a hundred Ubisoft titles spanning the company’s entire existence.

The only drawback is that it’s now only available for PC use. ” However, if you’re already spending a lot of money on Ubisoft games and DLC each year, why not save a few dollars and receive access to a huge library of shooters, open-world games, and more?

At launch, the games and any additional material, such as DLC, add-ons, or season passes, are available. The monthly fee for Uplay Plus is around $15, which is more expensive than the competition, given that you can only play games from one publisher.

Humble Choice

The monthly fee ranges from $4.99 to $19.99.

Computer (PC)

PC players who wish to own their games while supporting a good cause should consider this option.

Previously known as Humble Monthly, Humble Choice (also known as Humble Monthly) is a membership service that allows gamers to own most of the games they play. It’s a PC-only service that requires you to download games through Steam.

It’s well worth it if you enjoy playing a variety of games, and it’s even better if you like supporting charitable organizations because each month, 5% of your subscription fee is donated to a preselected charity. If you’d want to get a sense of what to expect, we recommend checking out prior months’ offerings.

The Humble Trove, a collection of roughly 100 games, is available for as little as $5 a month for the ‘Lite’ tier. A 10% storewide discount and three hand-picked games from a pool of 10-15 each month are included in the ‘Basic’ $15-a-month tier. In exchange for a $20 monthly fee, players receive access to nine additional games and a 20 percent discount.

Apple Arcade

Cost: $4.99

iOS, iPad OS, tvOS, and macOS are all platforms.

Users of Apple products

Those who want to enjoy the best mobile video games might benefit from a subscription to Apple Arcade. Over 100 products from well-known publishers are available. The best thing is that you won’t have to deal with annoying commercials or in-app purchases that keep popping up.

Apple Arcade là gì? Mức phí bao nhiêu? Cách đăng ký, hủy đơn giản - Thegioididong.com

Many of the games are exclusive to Apple Arcade, and they range from puzzles to full-on RPGs. The disadvantage of utilizing it is that new games aren’t added as frequently as they are on Xbox, PlayStation, and even Nintendo.

Apple’s launch assortment was stunning, but the company’s recent performance has been lacking. Given the low cost of the service — $5 per month (or $50 per year) — and the free trial offered, this isn’t a deal breaker.

Google Play Pass

The monthly fee is $4.99.

Android is the operating system used.

It’s best for Android owners.

More than 350 mobile games and apps are included in Google Play Pass, which costs the same as Apple Arcade. There are no commercials or in-app purchases to worry about, and most Android-based devices are compatible with Play Pass.

Play Pass may have a wider selection of titles than Apple’s, but it does not have the same number of polished and high quality games. If you can locate a game you like, you may also profit from having access to additional premium applications.

Prime Gaming

The monthly fee is $12.99.

Computer (PC)

Twitch users and Amazon Prime subscribers are the best fit for this product.

A lot of freebies are available to Amazon Prime members, including free movies, free music, and even free video games through Prime Gaming (formerly Twitch Gaming).

Users of Twitch could take advantage of interesting benefits and free in-game goodies for a limited time. Since then, the list has been expanded to include up to 12 free games that are cycled out each month. Games that have been redeemed can be kept.

As an added bonus, Twitch Prime subscribers get a free Twitch subscription credit each month. You can also get special stuff via Twitch, as well as free in-game resources. It costs $120 a year for Amazon Prime, which is $13 a month.

GeForce Now

Prices range from free to $9.99 a month.

Nvidia Shield TV, Android, and PC

Fast and dependable internet connections are ideal for gamers.

GeForce Now is a game-streaming service that enables gamers with low-end PCs, Macs, Android smartphones, and Nvidia Shield TVs to enjoy their favorite games in high definition. Depending on your internet connection, the results you get will be affected by how much bandwidth and speed you have available.

GeForce Now does not contain a library of games like Google Stadia, but rather a selection of free-to-play titles like Destiny 2 and Fortnite. It may not be worth it for you unless you plan to bring your own digital games.

However, its low entry-level price makes it a better choice than Stadia or even Shadow. GeForce Now’s ‘Founders’ tier costs $10 a month and comes with a free trial. Priority access to Nvidia servers and the ability to stream RTX-ray-traced games for up to six hours at a time is granted to Founders. If you don’t need ray tracing, Nvidia has a “Free” option that allows you to play for one hour at a time.

PlayStation Plus

Pros: new and improved games are released on a monthly basis.

A disadvantage is the discontinuation of support for the PS3 and the Vita.

PS4 and PS5 are the most recent versions of the consoles.

Price: £6.99/$9.99

PlayStation Plus is required to play most online PS4 games, but you get your money’s worth from the monthly freebies. Until Sony stepped up their game with titles like Bloodborne and The Phantom Pain, which are already worth the price of admission, it was a somewhat lackluster experience.

Although the Vita and PS3 are no longer supported, Sony has provided additional cloud storage to compensate. Adding in the fact that you’ll have to pay to play online, which is a ridiculous idea to PC gamers, gives you pause before signing up for a monthly subscription.

Sony did, however, introduce the PlayStation Plus Collection with the PS5’s launch, a very substantial collection of the PS4’s best successes.

Xbox Live Gold

The pros include a steady internet connection and a few good discounts in the store..

The quality of free-to-play games has been steadily deteriorating.

It is possible to play on all three of these systems at the same time.

Price: £5.99/$9.99

Since its inception, one of console gaming’s earliest services has remained reasonably priced. However, the quality of the “free” titles it offers hasn’t stayed consistent, especially if you’re looking for reasonably current AAA games.

Since the debut of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, PlayStation Plus has frequently outperformed Games With Gold, but now the tables have turned, with Games With Gold releasing some fairly uninspired content in an attempt to make Game Pass look even better.

Most premium games require it to play online, so if you prefer to play alone, you may be able to go without it. At this point, it should simply be a feature of the Game Pass.

Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack

It is possible to play N64 games on your Switch, which is an excellent feature.

Cons include a sluggish connection and a hefty price tag.

Platform: Switch

The annual fee is $49.99 / £34.99.

As a result, while Switch Online as a whole is a good deal, the Expansion Pack is the complete opposite.

Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, which costs more than twice as much as a standard subscription, includes all of the advantages of the original membership as well as access to N64, Genesis, and Animal Crossing DLC.

Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack công bố giá chính thức – nShop - Game Store powered by NintendoVN

However, when you take into account that these games are streamed, which means that your gaming experience is entirely determined by how many people are interested in Animal Crossing, it becomes clear that Nintendo’s internet gods have complete control over your gaming experience.


Games you can’t find anyplace else can be streamed.

Cons: There aren’t any recent, noteworthy games.

Platform: PC

Price: £4.49/$5.99

Utomik, while not as well-known as the other companies on this list, nonetheless has a lot to offer: over 700 games to be exact. Despite the fact that it doesn’t include the most recent releases in its collection, it nevertheless has a good variety of content.

Streaming services like Utomik also contain titles that are no longer playable on most PCs, but you just need to download a small bit of the game to play the remainder. If you want to play classic games for a low monthly fee, this is a good option to consider.

EA Play Pro

Pros: Monthly subscriptions for amazing PC games.

Another EA launcher is a con.

PC and Macintosh

Price: £14.99/$14.99

There are numerous similarities between EA Play and EA Play Pro, although EA Play Pro offers a few games that weren’t produced by EA. Of course, there’s a catch: you can’t play them on Steam since you need to use the Origin launcher.

EA Pro, on the other hand, provides you access to all of EA’s newest games as soon as they’re released, and you can keep playing them as long as you’re a subscriber. If you don’t want to pay full price every year for the same FIFA game, Pro is a better option.

To get the most out of your membership, you may play EA’s new games before they’re released, as well as the Ultimate Editions of the titles, like FIFA.

Loot Crate Gaming

Pros: lower prices for swag.

Negative: the odds are stacked against you.

Platform(s): N/A

Price: £28/$28.95

Unlike the other subscriptions listed here, this one does not include any games, but rather the products associated with them. Loot Crate Gaming’s membership boxes may be just what you’re looking for if you’re a video game enthusiast in general.

If you have no idea what you’ll get each month, it’s a bit like gambling. It’s possible that you won’t receive certain items you requested, or that you will receive items that are of subpar quality. Consider this geek subscription a luxury rather than a necessity because of the high price.


Which is the best streaming game service?

We’ve put together a list of the finest video game streaming services we’ve tried.

  • Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 4.0 costs $14.99 on Amazon.
  • It costs $5.99 per month to subscribe to Amazon Luna, a version 4.0 service.
  • The newest version of Nvidia’s GeForce Now service costs $4.99 a month.
  • PlayStation Now from Sony. 3.5. Playstation.com Monthly Subscription: $9.99
  • It’s 3.5 in the shadows.
  • AntStream. 3.0…….
  • The latest version of Google Stadia is 2.5.

What is similar to EA play?

  • Xbox One Game Pass.
  • Sony’s PlayStation Now service.
  • Playstation.
  • Nintendo Switch Online
  • Plus, there’s Uplay.
  • A Decision Made in Sacrifice.
  • The Apple Arcade
  • Pay for Google Play.

How much does a gaming subscription cost?

When it comes to playing video games, the Xbox Game Pass is a great deal. Many of the over 100 downloaded titles may be played on Xbox devices and Windows PCs for $15 a month.


In spite of the convenience of picking a favorite service, it’s crucial to realize that each service caters to a specific type of player. Xbox Game Pass and PS Now, Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass have certain similarities, but they all have their own idiosyncrasies.

It’s likely that if you play most of your games on a mobile device, Apple or Android will be your primary pick. This same applies to Xbox and PlayStation, however we have to acknowledge that Game Pass comes out on top in this comparison.

Finally, are you a fan of a certain publisher, such as Ubisoft, or do you have a soft spot for old-school Nintendo games? Alternatively, are you more concerned with using your passion for video games to inspire change and assist better the lives of others?

If this is the case, Humble Choice may be the best option for you. As a result, you have the option to test out a number of different services to determine which one is best for your needs.