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Becoming familiar with your computer’s capabilities through benchmarking is a terrific way to learn more about the games you can play.

Benchmarking software and websites abound, but most demand you to fork up cash you’d be better off spending on actual video games.

To find the best games on your gaming PC, look for those with the best built-in benchmarks.

Here we’ll feature the greatest games with built-in benchmarks, including both free and premium games you’ve probably previously purchased before.

After all is said and done, you should have more than enough games to select from, but don’t forget to come back often because we’re always adding new games!

Free Games With Built-in Benchmarks

If you want to test your PC’s performance but don’t want to spend any money, try one of these free games.

Best Games With Built-in Benchmarks 2022 [+24 Games]

We’ve arranged them alphabetically by year of release and included links to their respective benchmarking tools on Steam or their own homepages.

It’s worth noting that certain games will require you to download and install the whole game before you can access benchmarking settings via the launcher or in-game menu.

It’s worth noting that Wiggly Boy isn’t actually free, but rather costs $1.

It’s important to note that the rest of this list focuses on games with built-in benchmarking tools and titles that frequently go on sale or may be played through subscription services.

It’s important to remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to benchmarking, although there are some games that have stronger built-in tools than others.

Be sure your computer satisfies the minimum specifications before purchasing any of the following games.

Rainbow Six Extraction

The year 2022 has been selected as the release date.


It’s a tactical first-person shooter designed for three players to battle aliens and infiltrate their hideouts in Rainbox Six Extraction.

You may access it by going to the Main Menu’s Cog Icon and selecting Options/Video/Benchmark from the drop-down menu.

Players can experiment with their video settings to increase performance and compare the results of each test from this page.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Date of Release: 21st Century

Style: Adventure/action-comedy

“Guardians” is a new take on the now-iconic group of misfit heroes that wander the galaxy causing havoc.

In addition to delivering one of the best inbuilt benchmarking tools in recent memory, the game performs an excellent job of balancing story and gameplay.

A minute of gameplay in a market scenario will be recorded for you to see at the end, with data on FPS, VRAM, and more.

Far Cry 6

Date of Release: 21st Century

Shooter and open-world video games

Open-world gaming enthusiasts are sure to have played at least one Far Cry title, including the most current, Far Cry 6: The New Dawn.

Yara’s environment is vast, ecologically diverse, and beautiful to look at as you wreak havoc on Castillo’s soldiers by boat, automobile, helicopter, and more.

Because of this, the in-game SystemOptionsBenchmark menu item is a strong contender for PC benchmarking.

Forza Horizon 4

Year of Publication: 2018

Racing Simulator is a subgenre

When it comes to stress testing games, Forza Horizon 5 remains one of the best additions to Xbox Game Pass’ repertoire.

The game builds on its predecessors by offering a large, fully-explorable open environment with stunning views, weather effects, and a wide range of racing competitions.

The built-in benchmarking tool in Forza Horizon 5 is a great way to assess how well your gaming PC performs on these occasions.

Hitman 3

Date of Release: 21st Century

Action, Stealth, and Suspense

As compared to prior iterations, Hitman 3’s benchmarking tool is far more user-friendly, and it takes you to the second task of the level Dartmoor.

By pushing a tempting big red button, you can wreak havoc on the surroundings with weapons that have endless ammo and unleash waves of guards.

Hitman 3’s fascinating sandbox concept and the fun of playing with benchmarking tools are showcased in this game.

Immortals Fenyx Rising

2020 is the release date.

the RPG genre

Immortals Fenyx Rising, Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed-meets-The Legend of Zelda open-world RPG, features benchmarking options.

Ubisoft hài lòng với doanh số của Immortals Fenyx Rising - Phê Game

The Greek gods summon you to destroy Typhon, a Titan with an army of mythological creatures that has conquered the planet, in this game.

In spite of the game’s stylised cartoonish aesthetics, running it at High, Very High, or Ultra settings reveals stunning amounts of detail that may not be apparent at first.

The depth of field, motion blur, and ambient occlusion are just a few of the many variables that can be tweaked while doing stress testing.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

2020 is the release date.

the RPG genre

Because of their poor PC optimization, Assassin’s Creed games are a safe bet when it comes to stress testing.

At the same time, the series’ graphics, especially Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, have been dependably photorealistic.

For a useful benchmarking game that will look excellent and put your PC to the test, combine these two factors:

These glitches serve as evidence of Ubisoft’s ability to transform historical and legendary settings into engaging romps.

Borderlands 3

2020 is the release date.

Shooter, role-playing game

For benchmarking purposes, Borderlands 3’s unfriendly DRM can be a headache to play casually, but it’s beneficial for testing your CPU’s capabilities.

On Pandora, a barren wasteland said to contain hidden vaults loaded with treasure and superior technology, the game takes place seven years after the events of Borderlands 2.

In addition to many sliders that let you improve speed on your machine, it features several graphics presets optimized for low to high-end devices, like most contemporary PC releases.

Finally, thanks to Unreal Engine 4, the game can take advantage of RTX-enabled GPUs and Microsoft’s DirectX Raytracing for path tracing.

Watch Dogs: Legion

2020 is the release date.

Style: Adventure/action-comedy

If the stylised landscapes of Immortals aren’t cutting it for you, try a different Ubisoft game with ray-tracing compatibility instead.

Playable NPCs with various abilities allow you to enter enemy headquarters and wreak havoc in Watch Dogs: Legion, a game about rescuing London from a corrupt private military group

Ubisoft went to great lengths to recreate modern-day London, even down to the puddles and slick surfaces you’d expect to find in the neighborhood where Big Ben calls home.

Thus, RTX-enabled graphics cards may exhibit their abilities to extract more detail from light and water reflections on automobiles, windows, city streets, and more.

F1 2020

2020 is the release date.

Racing Simulator is a subgenre

Since they’re usually intended to show off graphics, racing games are an obvious choice for benchmarking.

F1 2020 is a good choice if you’re looking for a recent racing simulator that demands a moderately strong PC to run well.

In part, this is due to the game’s renownedly complex physics engine and a large variety of real-world courses that have been meticulously replicated in the game.

Dirt 5

2020 is the release date.

Racing Simulator is a subgenre

The benchmarking tool in Dirt 5 provides a detailed assessment of the game’s performance based on three-minute chunks of gameplay.

The evaluation report is saved as a separate file on your PC once the benchmarking test is completed, allowing you to run several tests and compare them one at a time.

While the graphics in Dirt 5 may not be as eye-catching as those in F1 2020, the rendering quality of the vehicles in this game is superior to others of its kind.

Environmental weather factors, such as rains, dirt, and so on, can have an effect on how well a device performs.

Horizon Zero Dawn

2020 is the release date.

Style: Adventure/action-comedy

A rough debut on Steam was not a surprise because Sony has an unimpressive history of moving their first-party titles over to other platforms.

Giá game Horizon Zero Dawn tăng gần 400%: Đòn trừng phạt dành cho người chơi lợi dụng VPN để chuyển vùng và mua game rẻ trên Steam

If your PC can run such an unoptimized game with decent results on your PC, imagine what it could achieve with properly formatted ones. This makes it a good choice for benchmark testing.

By taming and defeating mechanical monsters, Aloy attempts to show her value as an outsider in the game.

Horizon Zero Dawn will always be demanding, even if you have a modern graphics card, despite Sony’s efforts to improve the game’s performance.

Red Dead Redemption 2

2019 is the year of release for this film.

Style: Adventure/action-comedy

When it comes to Rockstar’s PC games, Red Dead Redemption 2 has been the worst offender to far.

PC port was plagued with glitches and lacked performance even on high-end graphics cards, despite the console version’s flawless performance.

In spite of Rockstar’s improvements in this area, it’s still a good idea to do your own testing before diving into Red Dead 2’s meticulously detailed open world.

Red Dead 2 features a sophisticated benchmark tool, but it takes 5 minutes to do a single test and significantly more if you’ve got many GPUs at higher resolutions running at full speed.

Metro Exodus

2019 is the year of release for this film.


It may not have meant much to PC gamers, but Metro Exodus’ reputation as a truly next-gen experience was a good sign of the game’s technical prowess before to its release.

It’s a great choice for benchmarking because you’ll need a very powerful system to maintain a stable frame rate.

DirectX, gamma, motion blur, tessellation, texture filtering, and V-Sync are just some of the choices available in the graphics settings.

Because of how well it showcases RTX, this is the first game you should run as a benchmark if you do.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Year of Publication: 2018

Style: Adventure/action-comedy

This game, along with Metro Exodus, is one of the most popular benchmarks because of its beautifully rendered environments and dramatic setting.

It also has a built-in benchmarking tool that examines three-minute blocks of playtime.

The amount of information you obtain by benchmarking at three-minute intervals may seem excessive, but the pain of sitting through that much time is worth it.

There aren’t as many built-in benchmarks like Shadow’s, which has an fps chart, frame graphics, and an overall report to compare performance.

For Honor

The year of release is 2017.

The genre is combat.

Many Ubisoft games are built on the same engine, so we thought we’d highlight one that is frequently discounted.

You can play as a Knight, Viking, or Samurai in For Honor, which is a third-person arena fighting game in which you compete against other players and AI opponents in several online modes.

Incredibly well-optimized for PC, the PC port offers a wide range of graphics options, such as dynamic reflections and ambient occlusion, as well as texture filtering.

It’s a benchmark tester’s dream game when you combine all of this with action-packed multiplayer combat.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

It was released in the calendar year 2016.

Shooter and RPG

On sale for as little as five dollars at times, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is an excellent benchmarking game.

Additionally, the game has a built-in benchmark tool that allows you to test different graphical settings and see how well your PC can handle them.

Hidden in the Extras menu, the gadget takes 90-second snippets of gameplay and analyzes the footage before providing you with a full assessment of your progress.

Grand Theft Auto V

Calendar Year of Publication: 2015

Style: Adventure/action-comedy

With Grand Theft Auto V, you have to finish Franklin’s first plot task before the benchmarking tool can be used in its full capacity.

Fortunately, there are a slew of graphics settings you can fiddle with before doing a stress test if you can get access to them.

The open world of Los Santos is represented by five different situations in the benchmark.

To get the best results, you’ll need to run a number of tests and average them to get the most accurate data from GTA games.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Even though it isn’t as demanding as some of the other games on this list, Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla is a great opportunity to test your PC’s capabilities. It features a built-in benchmark that consistently gives reliable results, allowing you to compare it to other machines of a similar type.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla for Xbox Series X|S, PS5, PC & More | Ubisoft (GB)

AnvilNext 2.0, the game’s engine, is no longer supported. Valhalla is a lovely game, but it’s not as demanding on the engine as some other titles. What matters is that it be consistent. No matter how many times we performed the Valhalla benchmark, there were only slight differences in the results.


With real-time ray tracing and Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling, Control is an excellent DirectX 12 benchmark (DLSS). Some of the most demanding tasks a PC can accomplish today are highlighted in the game’s physics simulation and lighting. A built-in benchmark is missing, thus you’ll need a patch of the game to measure your own performance.

Despite the fact that Control is an excellent tool for testing the latest GPU innovations, it’s not always reliable. A constant testing location is difficult to come by because enemies spawn at random, and the physics simulations can also throw things off. Control, on the other hand, is a terrific method to push your hardware to its limits and put the newest graphics card features to the test.

Metro Exodus

The Metro series has long been a standard-bearer for PC gaming, and Metro Exodus continues that tradition. Rather than taking into account what individuals already have, its graphical options focus on what they might have in the future. In addition to using the newest Nvidia technologies, this game features incredibly detailed textures and dynamic lighting effects.

Because of the enhanced edition, we’re included it. Because every light source makes use of ray tracing in this edition, you’ll need a GPU that can handle it. Only in Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition can the most powerful PCs see what ray-traced lighting is capable of, and this is a rare view into the future.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

A game like Metro Exodus, Microsoft Flight Simulator is built to take advantage of new technology. To stream in high-resolution textures, it necessitates a large amount of video memory and as many fast CPU cores as possible. In a nutshell, it succeeds on every level. This is a complex flight simulation that requires both the CPU and GPU to operate together.

Microsoft Flight Simulator has a direct impact on every aspect of your system, from your CPU and GPU to your networking. Metro Exodus, Control, and Hitman 3 all put a lot of strain on your graphics card, but Microsoft Flight Simulator provides a solid overall assessment of your system’s performance.

However, keep in mind how taxing this game can be. Your system’s weaknesses will be exposed that would otherwise go undetected.

Civilization VI

Testing frame rates in Civilization VI is a bad idea. It doesn’t require a lot of resources, and it’s built to run on low-end computers. For CPU testing, on the other hand, it’s fantastic. You can perform a simulation of the final game’s turns and see how long it takes them to complete using the in-game benchmark.

CPU cores can be tested using this method. In most cases, overclocking a processor will result in a noticeable improvement in the turn time benchmark. Using Civilization VI as a benchmark can help you ensure that your overclock is indeed enhancing your game performance..

Forza Horizon 4

Stunning racing game Forza Horizon 4 comes with a detailed in-game benchmark. GPU, CPU render, and CPU simulation all provide frame rate readings in this benchmark. To help you decide whether or not to increase your settings, it reveals how much RAM and video memory the benchmark requires.

As a result of its excellent hardware support, Forza Horizon 4 also offers a wealth of information about your gaming performance. That’s by design, since it can operate on anything from the Xbox One’s base model up to the Xbox Series X. It provides an excellent indicator of how your PC matches up against the competition by clearly depicting the progression of graphics card performance and price.


Control protagonist Jesse explores the setup of the game.

Due to its use of real-time ray tracing and Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling, steering is an excellent DirectX 12 benchmark (DLSS). Because of the game’s physics simulation and lighting effects, it showcases some of the most difficult tasks that modern PCs are capable of performing. A patch of the game is required to run tests because there is no built-in benchmark.

This is despite the fact that steering is a terrific way to test out the most up-to-date graphics card technology. The randomness of enemy spawning makes it impossible to test in a constant location, and the physics simulations can throw things out of whack. Even so, steering is an excellent method to put your computer’s power to the test and see how far it can go with the latest graphics card features.

See our assessment of the steering

Hitman 3

Hitman 3 Dubai level.

The in-game benchmark in Hitman 3 is quite fascinating. There is no predetermined scene in the game and you are greeted by an endless supply of weaponry and the ability to summon waves of guards. You can keep both your CPU and GPU busy at the same time in vast and complicated areas with rich AI for characters with this technique.

Even though Hitman 3 has the ability to focus on both, its GPU benchmark is excellent. Overclocking is not necessary because it is optimized to make the most of several cores. Complex physics simulations and particles, the majority of which are handled by your graphics card, are a major source of stress.

Set benchmarks in Hitman 3 are available if you desire a repeatable performance test in addition to the Dartmoor benchmark.

Read our review of Hitman 3.

Metro exodus

Metro Exodus gameplay.

When it comes to PC gaming, Metro Exodus is right up there with the best of its kind. Graphic alternatives don’t take into account what people already have, but rather take into account what people may have in the future. Nvidia’s latest technologies, high-quality textures, and dramatic lighting settings make this a challenging game.

The major reason it’s on this list is due of the New and Improved version. The new version requires a ray traced GPU because all light sources are rendered via ray tracing. When all graphics cards can produce ray-traced illumination, as in Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition, even the most powerful computers will be unable to keep up.

Metro exodus review:

Microsoft flight simulator

An airplane flies over a city in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Metro Exodus and Microsoft Flight Simulator are examples of games developed to take advantage of future technology. As many fast CPU cores as possible are needed to stream in high-resolution textures, which consumes a lot of video memory. In a nutshell, it succeeds on every level. All of the simulation’s details are handled by CPU while GPU renders a beautiful world.

Microsoft Flight Simulator has a direct impact on every aspect of your system, from your CPU and GPU all the way down to your network. Flight simulator provides an excellent overview of system performance whereas Metro exodus, steering, and Hitman 3 and C.Civilization VI test your GPU.

But keep in mind that this game is quite difficult. The system bottlenecks you didn’t notice in other games will be exposed by this one.

Civilization VI

The map in Civilization VI.

Using Civilization VI to evaluate frame rates is not a smart idea. It’s not overly complex, and it’s meant to run on low-end computers. For CPU testing, on the other hand, it’s fantastic. Benchmarks can be used to simulate the final rounds and estimate their duration.

CPU cores can be tested using this method. When a processor is overclocked, the turn-time benchmark usually improves significantly, demonstrating the increase in clock speed. Civilization VI is a fantastic test to see if overclocking has improved your game performance.

Read our review of Civilization VI.

Forza Horizon 4

A car race in Forza Horizon 4.

Forza Horizon 4 is a visually stunning racing game with a large number of benchmarks to contend with. GPU, CPU rendering, and CPU simulation are all available as options for viewing frame rates in this benchmark. It also tells you how much RAM and video memory the benchmark is taking, and whether or not you may boost your settings to take advantage of this information further.

To top it all off, Forza Horizon 4 is a game that can be readily scaled through the hardware. Intended to run on any Xbox One, from the base model to Series X. It provides an excellent idea of how well your PC is functioning by highlighting the differences in performance and price between graphics cards.

Get the lowdown on Forza Horizon 4 in our review.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Lara Croft in Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

The inbuilt benchmark in Shadow of the Tomb Raider is fairly repeatable, like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. The built-in benchmark provides valuable information on performance, including CPU and GPU rendering times and 95 percent lower frame rates.

Even so, it’s best used as a test for DirectX 12. Shadow of the Tomb Raider is playable with DirectX 11, although it performs much better with the new API. Shadow of the Tomb Raider runs smoothly on a variety of systems and settings when DirectX 12 is used. It’s rare to discover a game that focuses on both settings and hardware.

Check out our review of Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation

A battlefield in Ashes of the Singularity.

Escalation is almost solely a CPU benchmark in Ashes of the Singularity: This is the primary rationale for adopting the GPU benchmark, even when one is readily available. It is a test that can make advantage of a large number of cores. Updated to use up to 32 cores in early 2021, the game is now capable of using significantly more than most other games do.

As a rule, it prefers to have many rapid cores With ash, you can measure not only your CPU’s clock speed but the number of processing units. Additionally, if you have a powerful graphics card and want to put it to the test, you can use Ash’s Crazy preset to do so.


What is the best gaming benchmark?

For digital content creation, a PCMark 10 score of 3450 or higher is recommended. 3DMark is a popular benchmark for measuring and comparing system performance for complicated rendering, real-time graphics, and gaming.

Is there a built-in metric for Cyberpunk?

Even the world’s fastest GPU can’t play at 4K in Cyberpunk 2077. Cyberpunk 2077 has been in development by CD Projekt Red, a Polish studio, since 2012, which gives the game plenty of time to create anticipation. Detailed PC benchmarks for the launch version of the game are only now becoming available.

Is there a Witcher 3 benchmark already built-in?

Benchmarking the Witcher 3 was the most time-consuming we’ve ever experienced. FPS at 1080p (ultra, medium, and low), 1440p (ultra, medium, and 4K) and 1440p (medium) were largely tested in the technique for the most accurate comparison (below) (ultra, medium).