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It’s hard to believe that Grand Theft Auto 5, which was first launched in 2013, has become one of the most popular and mod-friendly games on the PC platform.

If you conduct a fast web search for GTA 5 mods, you’ll find an almost infinite number of possibilities, from changing the game’s aesthetics to causing a tsunami to sweep through Los Santos.

Some of the best PC mods for Grand Theft Auto V have been rounded up and we’ve included a few others that are simply too absurd to leave out of the mix.

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We’ll be adding additional mods to this list in the future, so keep checking back.

Make Modding Much Easier

Modifications to the Script Hook V and Native Trainer

Modding Grand Theft Auto 5 can be made much simpler by using Script Hook V, a mod that lets you utilize custom scripts to edit the game’s code. Control over everything from how much money you have on hand and how fast you run to teleporting or creating any vehicle in the game is available here.

Keep in mind that this mod is not compatible with GTA Online, therefore it will be immediately disabled when you switch to multiplayer. You can always add more later, but having this installed is a good starting point.

Trigger Pedestrian Riots

Chaotic/Ped Riot Mode Mod

Even if Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is already a chaotic mess, there’s always potential for improvement. Why not give the people of Los Santos a fighting chance instead of just rushing around with a rocket launcher and killing them? This is possible with the Pedestrian Riot/Chaos Mode mod.

This means that people will riot in the streets, firing at anything that moves and driving carelessly. You can modify which weapon types are allowed and how many civilians are rioting at any given time, but be warned, your game will crash if you set the amount too high. Other than that, have fun imagining yourself as a character from the Hunger Games.

Explore Building Interiors

Modify All Interiors to Be Visible

Because of the game’s design or lack of progress in the tale, every player has desired to explore a place they couldn’t. With the Open All Interiors mod, you no longer have to worry about being locked out of the interiors of any locations you visit.

The sites you can enter will be indicated on your map after the installation, making it easy to keep track of the places you’ve already investigated. It’s not only about adding doors, elevators, and pedestrians; this mod also contains interiors that weren’t included in the final release.

Realistic Ragdoll Physics

Modifications to the Euphoria Ragdoll

Many GTA 5 players complain about the game’s unrealistic systems. There are many GTA modders who spend a lot of effort fine-tuning various aspects of GTA, such as its ragdoll dynamics.

This hack alters the way characters’ bodies react to various types of violence, such being shot, punched, or run over.

To make things more immersive, if you land a headshot, the subject will fall to the ground and NPCs will try to shield their heads when an explosion occurs close.

More Missions

The Red House Modification

Despite the fact that the main story of GTA 5 takes roughly 30 hours to complete, some gamers may wish that Rockstar North had included a few additional DLC missions.

With the Red House mod, you’ll get 20+ additional missions and a heist, as well as bodyguards who’ll fight for you in the base game.

Assassination Contracts, Mob Cleanups, and Protection are all examples of distinct mission kinds. Additional stealth-based missions have been slapped on by The Blue House upgrade, which is also included in this version.

Realistic Graphics

NaturalVision Enhanced

When it comes to games, one of the most popular mods is to change the game’s aesthetics, whether for the better or worse. GTA 5’s graphics are completely reworked thanks to the NaturalVision patch, which alters everything from the weather effects and lighting to the ambient colors and tone-mapping to the weapon systems and more.

All of this is done to make the line between fantasy and reality in the game even more blurred. Installing a graphics mod, if your PC is capable of handling it, may quickly give an old game a fresh new look and feel.

Realistic Crime Monitoring

Mod for rebalancing and improving the police and criminal justice systems

Unrealistic police monitoring and response times have also been a problem throughout the series. While it’s easy to imagine what it might feel like to conduct these acts, shooting someone and seeing the cops come up within seconds shatters the fantasy.

With the Crime and Police Rebalance mod, you’ll have to wait for witnesses to call the cops before you’re arrested. In other words, if you can eliminate civilians before they have a chance to notify the police, you may be able to get away with it.

A number of AI behavior tweaks are also included in this patch, which improve the realism of shootouts and speed up the process of eluding pursuing police officers.

Luxury Safe House

Safehouse Modifications in Marlowe Valley

This mod is for people who want to go directly to the good stuff without having to deal with the hassles of reality. In the vanilla GTA 5 game, there are six safe homes, but we believe that you should have access to nothing but the greatest.

Three helipads, a medium-sized runway, enough garages and parking spots for more than 50 automobiles, an interactive apartment, an automobile tuning garage, a military bunker and an outdoor garden are all included in the Marlowe Valley Safehouse mod. You can also drive a collection of pre-saved vehicles. It’s about time your criminal lifestyle paid off.

Replace Bullets with Cars

Weapons Mounted on the Vehicle

If you were to replace bullets with vehicles, what would the game look like? This is a question many of us can’t answer. We now know this because of the Vehicle Cannon mod.

The Vehicle Cannon is activated with a simple F-11 toggle, making it one of the simplest mods on this list. Fire any gun and cars will fly across the map, doing far more damage than just one bullet would have.

Turn GTA into a Battle Royale

This patch is ideal for people who want to enhance the difficulty of GTA 5 while also making it more rewarding. An entirely new gameplay mechanic is introduced in the Complex Control mod for GTA 5: random, procedurally-generated avatars with the ability to travel through time and space, as well as three other random skills that vary between runs.

In order to stand for at least four seconds in predetermined zones, you spawn at random spots around the world.

However, you’ll have to fight your way through a slew of foes that are on the prowl for your blood. Single-player GTA 5 only; it will not work with GTA Online.

Put your hands up and give me all of your valuables!

Even while you can easily raid stores in GTA 5, you can’t break into someone’s house. Up until now. The Home Invasion mod gives you the option of sneaking into houses or charging in with guns blazing to loot the occupants. In some cases, homeowners will fight back and there are seven dwelling styles, including mansions.

Welcome to L.A.

Los Santos is a fantastic metropolis, and while some places are clearly based on real-world sites, there is no escaping the fact that it is a completely fictional city. In an effort to remedy this, the Real California Architecture mod includes a slew of real-world landmarks such as the Hollywood Sign and the Hollywood Wax Museum, as well as two In-N-Out locations.

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Turn Los Santos into a photorealistic gangster’s paradise

GTA 5 mods don’t exist without the hard efforts of hackers who work diligently to bring Los Santos to life in the most magnificent way imaginable. For pure “phwoar” power in Grand Theft Auto 5, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of visual mods to choose from for the game.

The update was aimed to make “GTA 5 look visually similar to Southern California in real life,” offering 4K resolutions and a complete revamp of Rockstar’s original aesthetic. Real life SoCal couldn’t have looked better in these images. For the first time, NaturalVision takes Los Santos out of the uncanny valley and into the realm of photorealism.

Become Iron Man

Iron Man famously declared, “I am Iron Man,” in the film Iron Man, and now you can do the same in GTA 5 with this perennially popular mod. When it says it’ll give you an Iron Man suit, it means it’ll give you an Iron Man outfit with boost thrusters, repellor beams, and that oh so gratifying blaster sound.

Alternate variations of the outfit, such as the hefty Hulkbuster armour, let you add your own personal touch. Tony Stark would be proud of you.

Return to Vice City

In spite of Rockstar’s recent updates, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City still has a special place in many gamers’ hearts. As a result, Vice Cry: Remastered, a port of the Vice Cry mod for Vice City, has transformed the fictional Miami into one of the most visually appealing places in the game.

New missions are being released as well as improved road maps, automobile generators, and working traffic signals, so this is much more than a spruce-up. Putting on a Hawaiian shirt and going back to the 1980s will be well worth your time.

Pretend you’re playing Blade Runner in a neon-soaked Los Santos

If you’re not a fan of Cyberpunk 2077, you may still enjoy Grand Theft Auto 2013 by giving it a neon makeover. By increasing the contrast between colors, Intensity ENB gives Los Santos a ghostly, menacing appearance, especially when the city is also drenched in rainfall. You’ll often feel like you’re in a J.J. Abrams movie as much as a cyberpunk film thanks to the game’s enhanced lighting effects.

Create an underwater megalopolis by triggering a tsunami

The best cities in the world are all submerged. A few of the world’s most beautiful cities include Atlantis, Rapture, and the one from The Phantom Menace. Is there any reason why you can’t find out how Los Santos performs under tens of thousands of tonnes of water?

When the waves of salty sea water erupt over the town and only the topmost skyscrapers can be visible above the surface, you may test it out right now with this mod. If you don’t believe me, just watch it in action in the game!

Take realism to a whole new level

This hyper-realistic mod is perfect if you’re the type who drives around Southern California obeying every traffic light and speed limit sign that comes your way. It improves the realism of GTA 5 by adding a slew of subtle, yet impactful, changes to the game’s interface.

You can replace a flat tire with spare tires in the trunk; bullets have projectile drops; cops act more tactically; and a whole host of other advantages and disadvantages. As good as it is, it transforms Grand Theft Auto into a full-on crime simulation.

Become a knock-off Rico Rodriguez with Just Cause 2 gadgets

While Grand Theft Auto has always been a fun way to wreck havoc, the open world mayhem that can be generated in the equally crazy Just Cause game can’t be matched by GTA.

GTA 5 players can now enjoy Rico Rodriguez’s grappling hook, parachute thrusters and more thanks to these bespoke Just Cause-flavored tweaks. When you jump out of a car, it actually causes the automobile to explode, which is fantastic for dealing with blockages.

Cross the fence and play GTA from the cops’ perspective

Why not join the Los Santos Police Department and walk a mile in the shoes of a local cop for a day to learn more about the enemy?

To obtain the complete LSPD experience, there are comprehensive missions, police-themed weapons and vehicles, and personalization options available to you. Possibly you’ll find it more enjoyable than your previous existence as a criminal.

Pay for your crimes the hard way by going to prison

If you’re a police officer, why don’t you ever witness what happens after you’ve been arrested until you’re released from jail or the hospital? Perhaps there is a court system in effect in Los Santos despite Grand Theft Auto’s broad definition of justice.

This prison mod provides the solution, allowing you to roam the jailhouse, communicate with inmates, and even attempt a break-out if you’re ever arrested by the police. There’s always the option of going through the motions of serving your sentence and hoping for the best. Not for me; a prison break is the way to go!

Use vehicles as bullets for maximum carnage

You can skip this one, don’t you? It’s a cannon for vehicles. A vehicle-shooting cannon. Other vehicles (or items) come out of the cannon when you shoot it, if you want to make a joke about it.

It’s ludicrous to think so. It is ridiculous. In a battle, it definitely provides you an advantage. And it was a lot of fun to use.

Unleash carmageddon

GTA 5’s wonderfully rendered explosions are widely regarded as some of the best video game “booms” since GTA 4. However, while you’re driving down the highway, listening to your favorite radio station, you don’t get enough of them. Carmageddon is the name given to this mod, which causes any car within a fair radius of you to explode on command. A five-star wanted rating will come quickly, but it won’t be a problem because the police cars will explode as soon as they come within range of you.

Take a walk on the interior side

Only a few structures in Los Santos are accessible to the general public, since the rest of the city appears to be completely sealed off from the outside world. The “Open All Interiors” mod has three guesses as to what it does…

The new buildings in Los Santos don’t hold any great mysteries, but they do add a layer of realism to the city and provide excellent cover for escaping the law. Stay alive in a zombie-infested Los Santos

As far back as 2010, Rockstar offered us Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, their last zombie game, so we’ve had plenty of time to get our zombie fix.

Simple Zombies transforms GTA 5 into a mini-survival sim, where players must build shelters, manage their health and hunger, and join fellow survivors dispersed throughout the zombie-infested terrain in order to live. Playing this mode can be terrifying, but it’s also a lot of fun.

Amp up the ragdoll physics

GTA 5’s ragdoll physics were never quite up to snuff compared to earlier Rockstar games like Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne 3, and GTA 4.

Reworking the Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul is a new attempt to bring gameplay in line with such games, with more realistic movements and reactions. Slapstick comedy is never better than it is in this mod, making it an essential addition to your collection.

Hulk smash

Bruce Banner’s transformation into a gigantic green wrath monster is an excellent metaphor for unleashing one’s aggression in video games.

For those who enjoy terrorizing Los Santos with wild abandon, this Hulk mod allows you to soar kilometers into the sky as Hulk, snatching up automobiles and hurling them at will. Wait for the military to arrive, too, because that’s when the fun begins.

Live large in a luxury safehouse

Michael, Franklin, and Trevor may not all be materialists, but in Grand Theft Auto 5, it’s all about having as much goods as possible. A country safehouse replete with vehicle parks and helicopter pads and airplane runways would be a pleasant alternative to your luxurious apartment.


You may even throw Great Gatsby-style parties at the bar. That military fighter jet stowed away in the garage? Make sure your guests don’t have access to it.


In order to observe what happens when you adapt Superhot’s primary concept—that time only moves when you do—to GTA 5, someone had to do it. The effects are stunning, to say the least. It’s like the Matrix, but you’re an angry Trevor instead of an enlightened revolutionary, and you’re killing police officers, not Agent Smiths. It’s not quite The Matrix, but it’s still a lot of fun to experience Rockstar’s urban jungle in Max Payne-style bullet time.

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Whistle while you wreak havoc with the mobile radio

It’s the tiniest alteration, but it makes all the difference. You’re driving along to a thumping melody in your automobile, but you’re forced to get out of the vehicle because, well, I don’t know, the vehicle is suddenly flying down a cliff and seconds away from exploding.

You’ve lost your groove because the song is gone. Mobile radio solves this problem by allowing you to listen to your music everywhere you go, even if you’re walking, swimming, or fighting. GTA is a video game, so why not allow players to listen to music while driving?


The streets of Los Santos have never looked better thanks to GTA V Redux’s new weather, skies, and a slew of gorgeous 4K textures. Refinements to vehicle handling and police system, as well as enhanced weapon feel and behavior and more complex NPC behavior are all included in Redux.


First Response makes GTA V into one of the best police games out there, even though the phrase “it’s like a whole new game” is overused. Start at the police station and design a character before venturing out into the dangerous streets and dealing with robberies, dynamic crime events and vehicle chases. There is no better time than now to learn out just how terrifying a police chase can be.

Mod-rdr.com is run by the LSPDFR crew, who are also seeking to branch out into RDR2 Mods.


Environment of Variety is a single-player DLC for GTA V that incorporates automobiles and components from GTA Online to give the world a more vibrant and varied appearance. This contains the new expensive cars from GTA V’s most recent DLC.


If you’re looking for a quick way to replenish your bank account’s funds, try your hand at ATM Robberies & Bank Heists. Using this patch, you can take money from any of the 47 ATMs or the 10 banks, but you’ll need to flee to a safehouse to keep your loot safe.


Play as a randomly created Avatar who must fight NPCs in a constantly diminishing world — sounds familiar? Complex Control is a fun and hard addition to the game, inspired by the best battle royale games and incorporating rogue-lite aspects.


Many regions are restricted in GTA V’s Los Santos even though it has a large population. There are several tourist attractions that appear to be open, only to have their doors permanently locked when you arrive. To give the game a more realistic feel, the Open All Interiors update unlocks previously restricted structures.


Since Valve included the Gravity Gun in Half-Life 2, practically every modding community has relied on it to manipulate things in zero-G. This is GTA V’s Gravity Gun mod, and it does exactly what you expect it to. Watch out for hurled vehicles.


Since Valve included the Gravity Gun in Half-Life 2, practically every modding community has relied on it to manipulate things in zero-G. This is GTA V’s Gravity Gun mod, and it does exactly what you expect it to. Watch out for hurled vehicles.


Since Valve included the Gravity Gun in Half-Life2, practically every modding community has relied on it to manipulate things in zero-G. This is GTA V’s Gravity Gun hack, and it does exactly what you expect it to. Watch out for hurled vehicles.


As soon as Valve included the Gravity Gun in Half-Life 2, practically every modding community included it as a standard feature. For GTA V, there is a Gravity Gun Mod that works just as expected. Watch out for automobiles launching themselves at you.


Euro Truck Simulator, one of the PC’s most popular games, proves that we enjoy doing tedious jobs in games for free. Because of weak gun regulations and the meth-head population in Los Santos and the surrounding area, Trucking Missions provides a significantly more dangerous/exciting world than the motorways of Europe.


Although Grand Theft Auto V has a lot of missions, you’ll ultimately run out. Assassinations, gang clean-outs, and a new robbery are all included in The Red House, a mod for the game that adds more than twenty new objectives.


Why not GTA? Everyone else is doing it, so why not? For a round-based survival mode, this mod lets you to swarm the streets of Los Santos with hordes of the living dead. Bigger and higher rewards are at stake as you fight off each new wave of corpses.

Here are some of the best zombie games out there.


We’re not even close to having flying automobiles in 2020. Virtual Los Santos has a solution to this problem: writing a few lines of code and attaching jet packs to cars is all it takes. Get there on time, disregard traffic jams.


GTA V resembles more of an RPG than a video game due to its extensive world and lengthy campaign. This GTA RPG mod allows you to completely switch genres, so don’t settle for anything less. It has a questing system, a character creator, and branching dialogue trees. Make a lot of XP instead of a lot of money.


The only reason to drive around Los Santos in a car is because you don’t have the ability to fly like a superhero. With this Iron Man armor, you can accomplish just that. Having repulsor blasters in the hands and chest makes it useful in gang warfare. Upgrade to the Hulkbuster version if the war gets out of hand.

GTA 5 - Iron Man armor comparison - YouTube


The most popular mod for Grand Theft Auto IV was Icenhancer, which improved the graphics and gave Liberty City a more authentic feel. R*enhancer is a good choice if you want to achieve the same effect in GTA V. Photorealism is the best option. When it comes to enhancing the appearance of car reflections, this lighting change is a game changer. Enhancing the mood is made all the easier by the improved weather.


Even if it’s the quickest car in Grand Theft Auto 5, no one wants to drive a conventional car. In reality, you can accomplish that. A DeLorean DMC-12 time machine, or Batmobile, or that contraption from The Flintstones might be more appropriate. You only need to copy and paste a few files to be able to drive all of these vehicles in GTA V.


In GTA V, you spend a lot of time in automobile accidents because no one can drive properly. There’s no bent door pillars or motors dangling from ripped bodywork, but they’re still impressive. Better Deformation elevates the act of wrecking a car to a fine art form, hence encouraging you to put less care into your automobile.


All it takes for the cops to start after you is for you to hit a bicycle with your wing mirror. A caution won’t suffice because no one contacted 911. You’re going to jail, and you’re going to get shot before the cuffs even put on. It’s possible to make the case that this is an accurate representation of US law enforcement, but it doesn’t make it fair gaming. When you commit a crime, an NPC must first call the police, and you can prevent them from doing so. During a car chase, enemy accuracy will be reduced because of the increased speed. Silencers have also been improved, making stealth missions possible in greater efficiency. To make matters worse, if you get just one star, the entire LSPD will come after you.


In GTA 5, how do you operate the train? It has no intention of ceasing. It is emotionless. It looks like a physics-defying metal snake. Install this script, on the other hand, and you’ll be able to enter the train’s cabin and take control. Slow slowly, then speed up. Stop. Go. You can choose from a variety of train driving alternatives. Mind you, it’s a touch shabby.


This one allows you to soar through the air like a superhero. In order for it to work, you must be wearing a parachute, because your safety is paramount.


It is inversely related to the amount of time Rockstar put into developing Los Santos’ seabed to the amount of effort modders put into naming their mods. There’s an option to make the city into either Mad Max or Waterworld with the “No Water + Tsunami + Atlantis Mod,” which allows you to change the sea level in the game.


A throwback to the days of GTA 3’s cheat codes, the Pedestrian Riot hack makes everyone in the city hostile to you and your friends. It also equips them with a wide variety of weaponry, allowing for a wide range of unpredictability. Try to get a safe vantage point and watch the city disintegrate from a distance.


Once upon a time, in the early days of Grand Theft Auto, the military would show up to stop you from going on a killing spree for too long. This top-tier desired level was removed from Grand Theft Auto V, but this mod restores it. As soon as you’re a household name, you’ll be pursued by the best in the country. The pragmatic title of the mod also has an oddly poetic ring about it.


People falling over has produced a lot of money for television, that outdated medium in which you passively see others performing tasks. With the Ragdoll on Demand mod, you can bring the candid camera humor of GTA to the game, and you – yes, YOU! – may determine when someone falls over! Adding a dose of humor to even the most serious gangster-business discussions is possible thanks to this technique.


Native is another trainer, which is more of a cheat than a mod, but it delved deep into GTA V’s source code to allow you to toggle on and off a range of fascinating settings. Is this something you’d like to try? To quickly bunny-hop down the Vinewood hills with big jumps and minimal harm to your health, simply hit the on button from an in-game menu. You can even play as a cat for a day and swap out your character models.


This add-on for the Native Trainer allows access to the North Yankton area, which is reminiscent of Fargo in feel. The game’s prologue takes place in this territory, which is not accessible from the city of Los Santos. So if you’d like to go back, this mod will allow you to do so.


It can be difficult to see everything in GTA V’s expansive world when playing in first-person mode. While you may adjust it via a slider in the camera settings menu, the highest setting is a meager 55 degrees. With a small bit of code, modder DrDaxxy has fixed this omission and made it possible for you to customize your field of view. You’ll have to update the fov.txt file, but after you do, you’ll be able to see Los Santos as it was designed to be seen.


Los Santos is the only game setting that truly deserves to be explored in virtual reality. You can run GTA V in virtual reality on an Oculus Rift DK 2 using a tool called VorpX, the FoV mod above, and the video tutorial below. It’s a little rough around the edges, but it’s still a useful way to take a virtual trip to Los Angeles.


SweetFX is a graphics post-processing injector that adds a range of elegant visual effects to games, but it is not a custom GTA V mod. Tests on Grand Theft Auto V demonstrate that it operates almost flawlessly on the game. The game’s washed-out appearance has been replaced with richer and deeper colors as a result of the improved visuals.


Is this the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “mod?” If the answer is “unlimited health and ammo,” then you’ll want to check out this trainer mod. The days of strolling slowly and reloading guns will be a thing of the past, thanks to the seemingly endless supply of food and supplies. A handy teleportation feature will also allow you to skip half of the game, as you won’t be driving a car to get about.

Rally map - GTA5-Mods.com


If you’re more of a modder, you’ll want to check out OpenIV. GTA IV and Max Payne 3’s game files may be accessed and edited using this toolset, but savvy PC players have figured out how to unpack GTA V. Open the game and start scurrying.


This GTA 5 mod remasters Vice City from Lunchxbles, bringing the city into the modern era. You can also add in Tommy Vercetti with a separate mod, to really take a step back into the neon dashed waterfront that captures 80s Florida so well.

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The best GTA 5 mods are now at your fingertips. Again, bear in mind that many mods mess around with memory allocations, which Rockstar may flag as cheating if you use them online. If you’re using a non-official program, it’s best to stick to one-on-one play. The GTA 5 cheats page has a set of console commands that you can use to change things up without having to mess around with directories.


What is the best website for GTA 5 mods?

In general, GTA5-Mods.com is the most frequently visited by players. Installing the mods requires the use of a variety of applications, all of which can be found online. They’ll be allowed to use GTA mods once that’s done.

What mods still work for GTA 5?

  • The Real Life Mod for GTA 5. Real-life GTA 5 mod.
  • Zombies Mod for GTA 5. … Simple Zombies is a GTA 5 mod.
  • Response from the LSPD. First response to LSPD mods for Grand Theft Auto V
  • The Gravity Gun Guns in Grand Theft Auto 5
  • The Hulk Modification. The Hulk mod for Grand Theft Auto V…
  • The RPG Mod for GTA V. RPG mod for Grand Theft Auto V…
  • Remastered version of Vice Cry. GTA 5 modifications – Vice Cry Remastered….
  • Intricate Controls. In GTA 5, Complex Control is a mod.

Is GTA 5 safe to use with mods?

When you download a mod from Nexusmods.com or GTA5-Mods.com, you can rest assured that it has been scanned for malware before it is made available to the general public. In any case, no matter where you get a mod from, make sure other people aren’t reporting concerns before you download it. Viruses can be created in.