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Gaming requires more than just a keyboard and mouse. Even if this is owing to a lack of usefulness or comfort, there is an answer in the form of gaming keypads.

Especially if you’re into MOBAs and/or MMOs, you’ll appreciate these handy little add-ons that you never knew you needed.

An ergonomic gaming keypad differs from a standard number pad in that it’s made specifically for use with video games, as opposed to the more compact tenkeyless keyboards, which don’t have a dedicated number pad.

Check out our list of the best gaming keypads for 2022, which includes some of the most comfortable and flexible options available today.

Razer Tartarus V2


Reasons to Buy

  • The best choice for experienced online gamers
  • Designed for comfort and ease of use.
  • Infrared (IR) light
  • Under a hundred bucks.

Reasons to Avoid

  • There are no mechanical switches in this system.
  • sluggish applications

Premium features, ergonomic design, and exceptional performance are hard to find by in a gaming device with a mid-range price tag. At a reasonable price, the Razer Tartarus V2 is an all-in-one gaming keypad.

Bàn phím Razer Tartarus V2/Pro chuyên dụng cho game thủ | Shopee Việt Nam

In comparison to Tartarus Pro (which features optical switches), the Tartarus V2 is one of the best gameboards, and it has a firm hold on its market worth. Because the pad has the most dominant mechanical membrane switches, which provide maximum performance and tactile feedback, it’s a good choice. Tactile switches are by far the most requested feature by the gaming public.

Razer peripherals are well-known among gamers for their RGB lights and eye-catching appearance. Tartarus V2’s RGB lighting and movable wrist position are clearly visible in this model.

With 32 customizable keys, you can customize the pad to suit your gaming style. Furthermore, you may program the Macros and reset all the keys to your preferences. Using the keys without confusion will be a huge benefit. As an added bonus, the V2 keypad has a thumb switch and a scroll wheel that are perfectly positioned for optimal gaming performance.

the thumb can be positioned in eight different ways for improved comfort, as it was with the Tartarus V1’s programmable D-pad. Similar to the previous generation, this one contains 15 multi-touch keys and a 16.8 million color backlight. In order to meet your specific gaming needs, the V2 has eight user profiles that may be customized.

Due to its likeness to the human palm, the design is very ergonomic and provides a comfortable fit. The only drawback to this controller’s design is the use of plastic, which can be found on virtually every gamepad. Despite the fact that the material is long-lasting and well-constructed, it nonetheless has a cheap appearance.


For the Tartarus V2, Razer’s hybrid mecha-membrane switches are used on the face keys, combining the tactile and clicky feel of mechanical switches with normal membrane keys’ affordability. The keypad’s functionality is further enhanced by the inclusion of a scroll wheel and a thumb switch.

A leather cushioned adjustable ergonomic wrist rest further enhances the Razer Tartarus V2’s overall comfort. Razer products are known for their high-quality Chroma RGB lighting, and this one does not disappoint.


Tartarus V2’s primary flaw, as with many other Razer products, is the one we’ve already mentioned: its high price. For the price of this keypad, you could obtain a full-sized mechanical keyboard, hence its usefulness may be questioned by some.

Final thoughts

The Razer Tartarus V2 can handle any type of game, from RPGs to FPSs to RTSs to MMOs. The cutting-edge technology in this product is solely intended to deliver a higher level of support, comfort, and performance.

Redragon K585 DITI


Reasons to Buy

  • The Magnetic Wrist Rest is magnetic
  • Designed for comfort and ease of use.
  • Inexpensive keypad for gaming

Reasons to Avoid

  • Keyboards with a lot of white space
  • Switches that make a lot of noise

In the world of gaming keypads, the Redragon is a well-known name. Keeping the company’s name and reputation in the gaming industry has been a priority for them. Because of this, the Redragon K585 DITI keypad stands apart from the competition. This is why we included it in our list of high-end gaming keyboards.

The ergonomic shape of the Redragon K585 DITI not only enhances its visual appeal, but also enhances its user comfort. There are approximately 43 large keys, of which 7 macros can be mapped to them. Not all keys can be programmed, however 7 programmable keys make a keypad worth purchasing.

The Redragon K585 DITI, which is made of plastic, has Outemu Blue switches. It has already been said that the blue switches are noisy, yet they are really effective in terms of performance. Precision comes at the cost of noise reduction.

The detachable magnetic wrist rest and USB Pass-through port in this keypad pleased us greatly. The ergonomic design of the wrist rest provides a higher level of comfort.

The RGB backlighting on this low-priced keypad can be customized in five different ways. In terms of RGB lighting effects, they were quite reminiscent of Razer’s offerings. The increased sensitivity of the keys is worth mentioning. We weren’t prepared for the keys to have such excellent feedback at this price point.

Final thoughts

Redragon’s K585 DITI is a well-made, comfortable keyboard that adds performance without breaking the bank.

GameSir GK100


Reasons to Buy

  • a low-cost gaming pad
  • Switches that are made by hand.
  • Keyboards with complete programmability

Reasons to Avoid

  • MX Blue Switches Make Noise

GameSir is another likely contender to become a household name in the gaming peripheral industry. Gamers may not love it, but GameSir is doing everything it can to make an affordable gaming keypad that’s worth buying. GK100 is a tribute to the GameSir GK100 company’s efforts

The keypad has a keyboard-like appearance, yet it’s small and creative. It has 34 fully programmable keys and four macros keys that may be customized and saved according to a gaming strategy. However, the mechanical keys are quiet and tactile in design, which is a positive aspect of the keyboard.

Contrary to what the name says, this is a one-handed gaming keyboard. Despite being made of plastic and being inexpensive, the keypad looks and feels high-end, and it’s built to last.

The Gk100 has a detachable wrist rest, unlike other gamepads, which means you may place your hands in any way you wish and remove the wrist rest if necessary. Unfortunately, there are no RGB effects on the keypad backlights, however there is an LED backlight with eight presets that can simulate the RGB effect.

The Pros:

  • Keys that can be pressed by hand.
  • Affordably priced
  • Programmable to the hilt

The Cons:

  • There are only blue switches included.
  • Inadequate wrist rest


The GameSir GK100 gaming keypad, with its 34 buttons and four macro keys on the side, is more compact than the Koolerton gaming keypad described above. The keys on this keyboard are mechanical as well, and they make use of loud and squishy blue switches.

The keypad, as shown in the image above, appears to be fairly minimalistic. It’s made of quality plastic, has a removable wrist rest, and comes with an LED lighting that can be adjusted to eight different brightness levels.

Even though it lacks RGB lighting, we can’t really hold this keypad’s lack of RGB lighting against it because of how cheap it is despite using mechanical switches.


People who are used to other, quieter types of mechanical switches (or simply those who are used to membrane keyboards) may find the GK100’s blue switches to be a little off-putting. Unfortunately, there are no viable alternatives at this time.

Adding to this, the wrist rest is constructed entirely of plastic and lacks any type of cushioning, making it difficult to use for long periods of time.

Final thoughts

Only a few issues may be found with the GameSir GK100. Blue switches, which are noisier than the other options, are the only option. Furthermore, the wrist rest is devoid of cushioning, making it less comfortable to use for extended periods of time. The keypad is reliable, however, even for small hands to play for extended periods of time.

Razer Tartarus Pro


Reasons to Buy

  • 32 Keys for Customization
  • Convenient and practical layout
  • RGB lighting that can be customized

Reasons to Avoid

  • If you press the keys hard enough, they get stuck inside.
  • Costly

Razer is the most sought-after brand when it comes to high-quality gaming keyboards. That’s why Razer created a third keypad. The Razer Tartarus Pro is yet another gaming keyboard that can be customized to your preferences and provides the best possible comfort.

Bàn phím cơ Razer Tartarus Pro - Hàng chính hãng - Bàn phím chơi game | ThiTruongSo.com

Built with analog optical key switches, the Tartarus Pro has 32 fully programmable and pressure-sensitive keys. This allows for greater flexibility, precision and speed. Tartarus, like other gaming keyboards, has macros that can be programmed and configured to suit the needs of the game. Using macros is a surefire way to get better at your game.

The Tartarus V2 has a similar adjustable wrist rest. Because of its optimal placement, you won’t get fatigued playing it for long periods of time. Custom profiles can also be saved, allowing you to use pre-configured settings for various games.

Final thoughts

Razer’s popularity may be due in part to the integration of stunning RGB lights. Razer dominates the RGB accessory market, whether it’s a gaming mouse or a gaming keyboard. Razer’s Tartarus Pro provides this in every way.

Logitech G13 Gameboard


Reasons to Buy

  • Sophisticated Natural Ergonomic Design
  • comfiest keyboard layouts
  • The game stats will be shown on an LCD screen.
  • Onboard memory can store up to five different gaming profiles.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Ambidextrous design does not exist for the Add-on Joystick.
  • During gameplay, the display distracts from the action.
  • Costly

“Logitech” is the name of the company that manufactures the next gamepad on our list. Gaming mice and keyboards have already established the company’s reputation, and now it’s making a name for itself in gameboards. For this narrative to be true, you need a product like Logitech’s G13 Programmable Gaming Keypad.

When designing the G13, we took into consideration the curvature of your hands and fingers. It means that long gaming sessions will be more comfortable and precise.

The G13 is still the best gaming keypad on the market, despite its superior features and performance. Additionally, the LED screen’s onboard memory gives it a competitive advantage over its competitors in terms of design. The onboard memory is a great aid, allowing you to create five different game settings that run flawlessly.

The G13’s 25 programmable keys are similar to those found on other top gamepads. There is no sound when you push the keys, and they feel good in your hand. It is possible to build and preserve macros for a more enjoyable gaming experience because the keys are programmable.

Despite the dark illumination, the lighting is amazing and there isn’t a lot of glare to bother the eyes. During low-light use, the light might be adjusted. The range of color options makes it easy to locate and press the keys.

We were also drawn to the joystick attachment. Even while we didn’t find it really useful, it could come in handy if you’re playing an RPG.

Using the joystick for navigation or unit movement was a frustrating experience because of its positioning directly below the buttons on the right side. If you’ve used the add-on joystick in the past, you’ll appreciate this new feature.

The inclusion of a GamePanel LCD display on this gamepad should not be overlooked. There is a decent amount of information displayed on the screen, including system information, game data, and chat messages with other players. Because of this, it’s important to keep in mind that the display could be detrimental to your gameplay. Use it if your player is not in immediate danger.

Final thoughts

Overall, the Logitech G13 is the greatest controller with an LCD display, 25 customizable keys, and five personalized gaming profiles to employ for an exceptional gaming experience. Consider these keyboards for folks with long nails instead of this one because of the tiny keys.

XFuny T9X Gaming Keypad


Reasons to Buy

  • Inexpensive keypad for gaming
  • For a reasonable price
  • Inspired by vintage keyboards, this style

Reasons to Avoid

  • Language difficulties in computer programming.
  • There’s no snazziness about it.

Xfuny, a firm relatively unknown in the gaming market compared to the most popular brands, has managed to be the greatest brand in gaming keypads with T9X keypad. If you’re looking for an affordable, high-quality keypad with amazing performance, this is an excellent choice from Xfuny.

The fact that the company isn’t a household name among gamers doesn’t matter if you’re getting a high-quality keypad. The keypad’s low price and six-month money-back guarantee make it enticing.

This isn’t enough: you’ll soon be able to use a one-handed version of a classic keyboard that’s both ergonomic and performance-oriented. In addition, this keypad has an RGB feature that helps you avoid accidentally pressing the wrong key and brightens up your surroundings in the dark.

This feature can be programmed, but because the software is in Chinese, you’ll have to deal with language issues. In spite of this, the company has yet to offer software in the English language, which is a glaring omission. You can, however, achieve it after some hard work if you are familiar with keypad mapping. Now it’s up to you: save money or buy the greatest English-language programmable keypad.

Final thoughts

This keypad may not last as long as other low-cost alternatives. The buttons aren’t sticky and they’re not very long-lasting either. Breaking buttons is possible if you put too much pressure on them, however you have the option of returning it and getting a new one if this happens during the first six months.

Aula Excalibur


Reasons to Buy

  • More than enough reprogrammable macro and hotkeys for customization
  • It was a stunning display.
  • Gaming keypad with many functions.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Size is a little out of proportion
  • Only LED lights are used (No RGB)

The Aula Excalibur is the greatest medium-sized gaming keypad on the market today.. This keypad is a great value for the money, combining a classic design with cutting-edge functionality. It’s important to keep in mind that Aula is already a brand that manufactures high-tech gadgets.

Programmable macro keys and an LED lighting are included in this gaming keyboard’s circular design, which is coated in matte black color. The advantage of this is that it can be utilized for both gaming and business.

Personalizing your gaming experience has never been easier thanks to the 30 completely programmable keys, a variety of hotkeys, and an 8-way thumb-pad. To top it all off, even a novice user may effortlessly set the hotkeys or macros without any difficulty.

An excellent gaming experience will be yours thanks to the Aula Excaliber’s Blue Switch Mechanical Keypad. A drawback of mechanical switches is that they can be a little noisy and less responsive than Tactile ones.

Additional features include a keypad with a streamlined design that’s easy to operate. After more than five hours of use, we were surprised to find that we had not grown tired of it, despite the small spacing between the hotkeys.

When Aula Excalibur is not in use for more than ten minutes, it goes into sleep mode. However, tapping any key on the keypad will reactivate it. An interesting feature of the LED backlight is the ability to choose from five different lighting effects.

The Pros:

  • Keys that can be pressed by hand.
  • Has a plethora of keys to show off

The Cons:

  • Expensive
  • There is no RGB lighting.
  • Some people may find it too large for their hands.
  • There are only blue switches included.


Because of the large number of keys and the presence of function keys, this keypad can serve as a suitable alternative to a full keyboard for gaming as well as desktop applications. The keys themselves are mechanical, with the clicky blue switches acting as the action sensor.

If you’re looking for a keypad that’s both functional and visually appealing, this one falls short. In addition to the LED backlight and a total of five fonts, this keyboard has a lot of customization options. Note that the manufacturer displays the Excalibur as having RGB lighting, but it is simply not the case.

If you’re looking for a keypad that’s both functional and visually appealing, this one falls short. In addition to the LED backlight and a total of five fonts, this keyboard has a lot of customization options. Note that the manufacturer displays the Excalibur as having RGB lighting, but it is simply not the case.


This keypad’s design is a little too over-the-top for its own good. The LED lighting has a total of five modes, and the fonts are some of the most extravagant I’ve ever seen. There is no RGB illumination on the Excalibur as advertised by the manufacturer.

Furthermore, it is somewhat expensive for a device from a less-known company and lacking in RGB lighting. Additionally, it only comes with blue switches, which some people may find a little too loud for their liking.

Final thoughts

Overall, the Aula Excalibur is a dynamic gaming keypad that is best for gaming and desktop use. Additionally, this versatile keypad may be used by both professionals and novices. As a final point, the design is ideal for shorthand players, which is a feature that some gamers would appreciate.

Delux T9


Reasons to Buy

  • Overall, the Aula Excalibur is a dynamic gaming keypad that is best for gaming and desktop use. Additionally, this versatile keypad may be used by both professionals and novices. As a final point, the design is ideal for shorthand players, which is a feature that some gamers would appreciate.
  • Excalibur’s dynamic keypad is ideal for both gaming and desktop applications. As a bonus, this multi-purpose keypad may be used by both professionals and novices alike. There’s little doubt that certain gamers will be delighted by the design’s suitability for shorthand gaming.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Macro buttons are missing.

The Delux T9 gaming keypad has the largest keys onboard, with 46 keys. As a bonus, there is a limit to how many keys can be mapped; however, only 32 keys can be programmed at any one time.

Bàn phím Delux T9 Pro Professional chơi game Esport có dây USB một tay / một tay 29 phím LED Backlit | Tiki

A big number of keys may be too much for some gamers to handle. Gaming aficionados who utilize the switches for a variety of reasons and who are truly dedicated pros are the only ones who require them.

Overall, the design is medium-sized, ergonomically shaped, and coated with a non-slip mat beneath the wrist to prevent slippage during long gaming sessions. In order to minimize the chance of a misclick and maximize your gaming enjoyment, the keys have been designed to last. Moreover, the inclusion of four groups of unique keys for fps gamers is a wonderful touch.

As an alternative to RGB, this keypad provides an LED option. LED lighting, despite its lack of aesthetics, can nonetheless provide the best brightness for the keys. Furthermore, you have complete control over the LED illumination, so you can make it just how you want it.

The Pros:

  • The cost is quite low.
  • Lots of different types of keys

The Cons:

  • Some users may find it too huge.
  • You won’t be able to customize any of the keys.


As a result of this keypad’s symmetrical layout, there are 46 membrane keys and two additional function keys.

Additionally, the keypad has a non-detachable wrist rest and a lower-quality design, but that’s only to be expected. The red accents on the Delux T9 help it stand out as a gaming monitor, and the LED backlight, which has only three presets, does the job quite fine.

Like the Aula Excalibur, the Delux T9’s keypad is large and may be difficult to operate for persons with little hands.


This keypad’s main flaw is that it lacks any customizable keys, aside from the fact that it’s bulky. The Delux T9’s lack of customizable keys is a major drawback, as programmable keys are a major selling point for gaming keyboards.

Final thoughts

If you want an inexpensive gaming keypad with a lot of keys and a lot of comfort, check out the Delux T9. The AWSD keys on this keypad are red for easy identification and use, making it the greatest one-hand gaming keypad on the market.



Reasons to Buy

  • Microcontroller Unit (MCU)
  • Keyboard for gaming on the go
  • 44 Keyboards with Customizable Functions
  • Minimal storage space is required.

Reasons to Avoid

  • LED lighting alternatives are scarce.
  • Programming keys has a limited number of options.

The Pros:

  • A variety of color options are available for the switches.
  • Compact and easy to carry along.
  • Programmable to the hilt

The Cons:

  • Expensive
  • With no color selections available in the LED lights,


All of the 43 keys on this keypad may be mapped, and the keypad itself has inbuilt memory for saving profiles, which is great if you plan on using the keypad on many computers.

Furthermore, the Cherry MX Black, Blue, Red, and Brown switches are available in a variety of colors, so there’s something for everyone.

In terms of appearance, it resembles a standard no-frills keyboard—or at least half of one. In addition, there’s a golden backlight, which is both brilliant and visually appealing, but also a touch constrained. RGB or at the very least a number of color options are usually expected to assist the keypad fit in aesthetically with various layouts.

To add to its portability, the keypad’s simple and small design should be mentioned.


This keypad’s lone flaw, aside from its exorbitant price tag, is its single constant lighting color: gold. But despite the fact that this colour is rarely used in gaming devices, there may be some color clashes when paired with other accessories.

Logitech G13 Programmable Gameboard

Gaming keypads come in a variety of designs and sizes, with varying degrees of functionality. The Logitech G13, with its hybrid design, comes into this category, providing you with all the information you require while also keeping your fingers fresh.

We’ll start with the keyboard because it has the most features. Programmable and illuminated 25 of them are available. Those colors, as well as several others, can be customized using the provided program. However, if you’re new to gaming or easily frustrated, setting up this board could take some time.

A lot of plastic is to be expected with the G13. Overall, we think it’s well-built and there aren’t many issues with the quality of the product. Using soft-touch rubber on a device is always a plus in our book, and we’re glad that Logitech chose this route. The palm rest is fixed, as you’d anticipate, but it’s really comfortable and will hold up well over time.

Small analog joysticks on the right side of this controller are also a nice touch. The little LED display works well with the customizable two-button remote. In-game data and critical system information may all be found right here. Finally, there is enough onboard memory to store five user profiles.

A customizable stick and a curved shape make the Logitech G13 a great choice for gamers that play a variety of games. However, the joystick is a touch shaky and the edges are a little rough. In addition, it’s not exactly a device that’s ready to use right out of the box. The Logitech G13 has a learning curve, but it’s worth it if you’re looking for a high-quality controller.

  • ergonomically friendly design
  • 25 keys that can be programmed
  • backlighting
  • high-resolution lcd
  • the cost
  • It may take some time to get everything set up.

How To Pick The Best Gaming Keypad For Your Needs

The Key Type

Choosing between membrane and mechanical keys is an important first step in purchasing a keypad (or a keyboard, for that matter). However, mechanical keyboards aren’t necessarily the best option for every user, and that’s something to keep in mind. A positive and negative side to everything exists.

When typing or playing games, mechanical keys are preferable because they don’t require full depressing to record a keystroke, and they’re also more responsive. You can tell when a keystroke has been made because to the tactile feedback provided by most switches. There are a few drawbacks to using switches. For one, they can make a keyboard or keypad more expensive.

These keys don’t have any mechanism because they are merely keycaps on a rubber dome that collapses with enough effort. Membrane switches have the primary advantage of being far more affordable to manufacture than mechanical switches. However, mechanical keys’ clickiness, tactility, and responsiveness are preferred by most users since they are quieter and gentler.

In the end, the type of keypad you buy should be determined by your budget. Mechanical keyboards do provide a superior feel and response, but unless you’re willing to spend a lot of money, you’re better off with the less expensive option.

The Games That You Mostly Play

Next, think about what games you intend to play with the keypad. FPS, MMO, and MOBA games are the most popular for which these goods are used. Is there anything else you should keep an eye out for?

If you spend a lot of time playing first-person shooter (FPS) games or other action games, ergonomics should be your primary concern.. With so much time spent on the keypad, you want it to be both comfortable and able to reach all the most frequently used keys.

When playing games like World of Warcraft or Battlefield, having a keypad on hand is essential for swiftly and easily executing macros and particular skills. When it comes to command sequences, the keypad must include programmable keys or it won’t work.

Make sure to keep in mind that dedicated macro keys for gaming keyboards and gaming mouse exist, so they may be a better fit for your needs.


Is a gaming keyboard good for FPS games?

A gaming keypad can improve the performance of any game that already works well with a keyboard, including first-person shooters, role-playing games, and strategy games. Fingers that are quick, eyes that aren’t glued to the floor, and comfort all go hand in hand.

How good are gaming keypads?

What Are the Benefits? One-handed gaming keyboards are less expensive than two-handed models. Adding a full 101-key keyboard to a keyboard with high-quality switch and key cap technology is too expensive. Many gaming keyboards address this issue by limiting the number of keys to those most frequently used in gaming.

Conclusion – The Best Gaming Keypad Right Now

Best Gaming Keypads 2019

We’d go with the Razer Tartarus V2 if we had to pick one of these keypads, and for the reasons outlined above. Programmable, ergonomic, comfortable to use, the hybrid keys feel excellent, and the RGB lighting is fantastic.

Although the GameSir GK100 is less expensive, the GameSir GK100 is an option if budget is an issue.

For the most part, you can’t go wrong with any one of the gaming keypad options listed here, but there are a few things to keep in mind.