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When it comes to selecting a GPU, it’s difficult enough to find one that meets your requirements and stays within your budget. We’ve narrowed it down to the top picks.

In the end, you’ll be shelling out a significant amount of money for something you expect to use for many years, so it’s only logical to want the best graphics card possible.

But how can you know which one is the greatest fit for your budget and your requirements?? What makes a “good” graphics card manufacturer, and what distinguishes one manufacturer’s graphics cards from those made by a different one?

The following questions will be answered in this tutorial, as well as some of the best graphics card manufacturers in the industry today.

Graphics Card Manufacturers – How Do They Differ?

There is a difference between a graphics card and a graphics processor.

By “graphics processing unit” (GPU), we mean the specific chip used to do graphics-related activities on computers. Additionally, a “graphics card” is a general phrase that encompasses a variety of components in addition to the graphics processing unit (GPU).

Best Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) & Graphics Card Brands for Computers -  Tech 21 Century

Nvidia and AMD, on the other hand, produce and sell GPUs to companies that can then freely change any of the aforementioned components of a graphics card as they see fit without affecting the GPU itself in any way.

The manufacturer, of course, can still have an impact on the performance of the GPU, mostly through the sort of cooling system they use. The difference in raw performance, on the other hand, is rarely more than a hair’s breadth.

Given that the hardware is not a concern, there are two more criteria that play a vital role in determining which manufacturer is best: the price and the warranty coverage.

Although the pricing is self-explanatory, let’s clarify a few points.

Everyone is aware that some manufacturers provide their graphics cards at a lesser cost than the competition. Despite the fact that “cheap” does not usually equate to “excellent,” there are some low-cost graphics cards that do provide good value for the money. Even while a more costly graphics card might come with a cooler that is more efficient, the price increase may not be worth it.

Another self-explanatory term relates to warranties: how long is the typical warranty period? Is there an option for an extended warranty with this product’s maker? If a product is defective, how quickly and efficiently is the manufacturer able to fix it?

While some manufacturers offer a two-year limited guarantee on graphics cards, in general, most manufacturers give a three-year limited warranty on graphics cards. You may also be able to purchase an additional few years of warranty coverage by registering your product and paying a small fee.

Some consumers also consider the reputation and dependability of the maker, but it is difficult to assess this. Why?

That’s because the experiences of individual customers can vary so widely. Some people have nothing but praise for a company’s customer service, while others have nothing but terrible stories to tell. Most of the firms on this list provide a wide variety of graphics cards, and it’s inevitable that some of them may have issues with their products.

Following this introduction, we may go on to a list of the greatest and most well-known graphics card manufacturers on the market right now!


Affiliations: AMD and Nvidia

Three-year guarantee

To put it mildly, Asus is a household name when it comes to computer hardware. Laptops, displays, motherboards, smartphones, and a variety of other computer accessories are also produced by this Taiwanese manufacturer in addition to graphics cards.

Republic of Gamers is an Asus graphics card brand that is well-known. Aside from the exorbitant costs, the ROG Strix cards are well-known for their aggressive and RGB-heavy design and their effective cooling.

Best Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) & Graphics Card Brands for Computers -  Tech 21 Century

Many of their other series are focused on more budget-friendly options, such as their blower-equipped Turbo cards or their blander-looking but still economical Dual and TUF series.

This means that in general, the ROG Strix models from Asus are a versatile manufacturer that can suit both the needs of performance-oriented but also average gamers, albeit they are a bit more expensive than other rival models that give a similar level of performance.


Affiliations: AMD and Nvidia

Three-year guarantee

MSI is a well-known Taiwanese computer hardware maker, much like Asus. Laptops, motherboards, displays, and other peripherals are all available for purchase through the company. Everything from entry-level options to top-of-the-line graphics cards are available; there is something for every budget and every level of enthusiast to choose from.

The Gaming X series from MSI is the company’s most popular graphics card line, and it offers not just a sleek and attractive exterior but also extremely efficient and silent cooling. Asus, on the other hand, offers a range of less expensive graphics cards for individuals who are on a tight budget when purchasing a graphics card.

While MSI and Asus appear to be on equal footing, we’d prefer MSI over Asus for now. For the most part, this is because we believe they are more cost-effective. In terms of aesthetics, we think they’re better, but that’s a matter of personal preference.


Affiliations: AMD and Nvidia

4 or 5 years of extended warranties are available (only select models)

Another Taiwanese business, Gigabyte, specializes in selling a wide range of computer hardware and accessories. They are one of the world’s leading graphics card makers, alongside Asus and MSI.

Gigabyte’s graphics cards aim to be more affordable in the low and mid-range price ranges. As a result, even though they don’t have the most impressive cooling, they’ll always appeal to gamers on a tight budget.

If you’re looking for something truly unique, look no further than Gigabyte Aorus. Gigabyte Aorus graphics cards, in particular, are known for their large, angular shrouds and strong RGB lighting, which can compete with Asus’ RoG offerings. RGB specialists might love this kind of exterior, however the general public could find it a too much.


Nvidia is a partner.

Extendable warranties are available in increments of 5 or 10 years.

EVGA is an American firm that specializes on making Nvidia graphics cards, as well as other hardware and accessories, unlike the other three manufacturers. EVGA, on the other hand, is known for producing high-quality graphics cards. There is a model for any budget, even if the most costly models are a bit pricey.

They also have some of the best warranty policies of any company on this list, to be sure. For a minimal cost, you may get 10-year or even 20-year warranties extended on your car. EVGA, on the other hand, has long been a favorite among Nvidia devotees.


Nvidia is a partner.

If you purchase an extended warranty, you’ll be covered for up to three years.

The ZOTAC company is situated in Hong Kong and, like EVGA, solely makes Nvidia graphics cards at the moment. They also make mini-PCs, and a few other peripherals.

A smaller range of products than some of the more well-known brands we’ve already mentioned, but ZOTAC still provides something for everyone—from high-end AMP models with a focus on vibrant RGB lighting to compact GPUs with lower price tags.

ZOTAC, on the other hand, is currently the best option if you’re looking to create a small form factor gaming PC, as their Mini versions are both compact and quite well-cooled.


Nvidia is a partner.

a three-year warranty or a five-year extended warranty

In comparison to the other companies on our list, PNY is a little less well-known. In addition to flash memory, they also sell a few graphics cards, so keep an eye out for them if you’re looking for one.

Overall, PNY graphics cards have a lot going for them because to their low price. With their graphics cards, PNY makes a lot of compromises in order to keep prices low, thus it’s likely that people looking to save money on a GPU will be interested in PNY’s offerings.

Best Graphics Card Brands & Manufacturers [AMD & NVIDIA]


AMD is a partner.

a two-year guarantee

Next up, we have Sapphire, another one of AMD’s exclusive partners and unquestionably one of the most well-known. Sapphire is a Hong Kong-based company that makes some of the top AMD graphics cards on the market today, so it’s easy to see why it’s a favorite among AMD enthusiasts.

The quality of their construction and the efficiency of their coolers are both excellent. In comparison to some of the other manufacturers on our list, Sapphire’s warranty is rather short, which may deter some potential consumers.


AMD is a partner.

A two- or three-year guarantee

In the same vein as Sapphire, XFX is another highly regarded AMD partner that prioritizes value and reliability over all else. Even though they are an American business with limited design options, their graphics cards make up for this by offering excellent value for the money.

However, despite their unassuming appearance, the newest XFX graphics cards offer good cooling and dependability at a lower cost than some of their competitors. Most of their standard cards come with a 3-year limited warranty, however other models only have a 2-year warranty.


That’s our pick of the top graphics card manufacturers on the market right now, in our opinion. To be sure, there are differences between each of them, but as previously stated, it is impossible to generalize and select “the best one”.

We recommend reading our list of the top graphics cards for gaming in 2022 to get a better idea of which cards are suitable for your specific needs and budget.

Get a deeper look at some of the most appealing graphics cards now on the market, and get answers to some of the questions you may have about picking the right graphics card!