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Developed by Supergiant Games, Hades is the studio’s latest and finest release and has received numerous awards and acquired a large following of fans.

There are a number of other indie roguelikes that are able to deliver on this notion while also presenting a unique story-driven experience, and Hades is by no means the only one.

The greatest games like Hades to play in 2022 will be highlighted in this list, which includes games like Hades for Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

Check back often as we’ll be adding more games like Hades to this list in the near future. If we’ve missed any, please let us know!


PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Linux/Mac OS X, and iOS/Android

Isometric action RPG Transistor is our first choice for everyone who enjoyed Hades and shares many of the same features and design.

Transistor PC Gameplay | 1080p - YouTube

“The Process” is the name given to a group of technological foes that Red, a well-known musician in the futuristic city of Cloudbank, fights against.

Like Zagreus in Hades, Red wields a powerful sword weapon called the Transistor that can be upgraded to unlock new abilities.

Like Zagreus in Hades, Red wields a powerful sword weapon called the Transistor that can be upgraded to unlock new abilities.


In the same vein as Zagreus in Hades, Red has the Transistor, a deadly blade that can be upgraded to unleash new powers.

Pyre, a story-driven role-playing game from Supergiant, is the next game we’ll be spotlighting from their library, and it’s well worth playing even if it doesn’t share anything in common with Hades.

By competing in an ancient sporting competition known as the Rites, you’ll guide a band of misfits to release from the confines of exile.

Three-on-three team battles are the primary mode of play, with the goal of scoring more goals than the opposing team.

Similarly to Hades, the story of Pyre is driven by the results of each Rite, with characters either attaining their goals or being consigned to purgatory.


PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Linux/Mac OS X, and iOS/Android devices

Finally, we’ve got Bastion, an action RPG with a strong sense of place and a beautiful, meticulously constructed world.

the Kid” sets out into the world to collect specific shards to power the Bastion after a great catastrophe, and we follow him as he does so.

When you die in Bastion, you’re taken back to an early checkpoint on the map, just like in Hades. This forces you to rethink your strategy before moving on.

As you progress through the game, the difficulty increases, resulting in increasingly difficult confrontations that highlight Bastion’s amazing hack and slash combat.

Dandy Ace

Windows and Macintosh

Dandy Ace is best described as Hades’ primary character reimagined as a fantastic card-wielding magician.

Instead of escaping the Tartarus labyrinth, our hero pursues retribution against a Green-Eyed Illusionist named Lele for imprisoning him in a cursed mirror.

As you progress through the ever-changing palace, you’ll be able to combine different cards to get new abilities and develop your own unique playstyle.

To keep you interested, you’ll encounter numerous strange and outlandish people, some of which are more interesting than the characters in Hades.


Windows and Nintendo Switch are supported platforms.

Taking on the role of Cassidy, an action RPG roguelike, you’ll explore your subconscious in order to face your worst fears in Dreamscaper.

An ever-changing 3D world with a wide variety of objects, talents and challenges results in a unique experience for each player.

The lucid powers Cassidy possesses in the face of danger allow her to manipulate numerous elements, twist space, and even alter time itself.

Like Hades, the game offers a wide variety of powerful weapons and artifacts that allow you to craft your own unique playstyle.

Curse of the Dead Gods

Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch are all supported platforms.

For those who’ve made it out of Tartarus, you’ll have little trouble traveling the ever-changing labyrinth landscapes of Curse of the Dead Gods.

If you’re looking for great riches and endless life in an accursed temple that changes with each playthrough, this is the game for you.

Curses that are unique to each chamber and corridor of the dark temple will grow more prevalent as you progress through its various rooms and passageways.

Coins and resources can be used to unlock mysterious Relics and new weapons to use against swarms of opponents and dangerous monsters, just like Hades did in the original game

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and iOS are all supported.

Edmund McMillen, the man behind Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac, has created another amazing indie roguelike, The Binding of Isaac.

You play Isaac, a youngster who is forced to abandon his mother’s home after she goes wild and begins communicating with religious spirits, in Rebirth, a game loosely based on the biblical account of the same name.

To further entice you, keep in mind that despite the game’s cartoony graphics style and gloomy tone, it contains graphic imagery and language.

Zelda-like gameplay can be found in The Binding of Isaac, but Hades aficionados will like the randomly generated level designs.

Dead Cells

Microsoft Windows, Sony PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Ubuntu, Mac OS X, and numerous other mobile operating systems

A 2D roguelike like Hades, Dead Cells is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a game that combines exploration and battle with dungeon-crawling.

Nhanh tay sở hữu Dead Cells với mức giá cực sốc chỉ dành riêng cho game thủ Android

Each run consists of acquiring materials to create stronger gear while chasing down larger-than-life bosses and minions in huge pixel art areas filled with numerous traps and secret passageways.

Every time you die, you’re sent back to the beginning of the game with a small amount of resources in your inventory, mimicking the “one more run” vibe that roguelikes are known for.

Keep in mind that this is an incredibly punishing game that requires a lot of experience and quick reflexes to overcome, much like Hades.

Death’s Door

Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox X/S Series

Death’s Door is similar to Hades, even if it isn’t a roguelike, in that both games feature heroes who aren’t content with the status quo.

For an authoritative afterlife organization that pursues souls that refuse to comply, you play as a low-ranking, but loyal, crow.

A third-person Isometric perspective like Hades allows players to see the battlefield at all times.

Additionally, the fighting system is comparable to that of hack-and-slash games, with the Crow being able to chain together a variety of powers and tools.

Enter the Gungeon

Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Linux, and Macintosh

Top-down 2D twin-stick shooter Enter the Gungeon features a roguelike element reminiscent of Hades.

You take on the role of one of four heroes entrusted with exploring The Gungeon, a massive randomly generated maze filled with foes, traps, and treasure.

To keep things interesting, each character has a special ability, such as lock-picking, faster reloads, or a lengthier dodge roll.

Additional weapons include handguns with bouncing rounds and rifles powered by cacti as well as beehives that hunt out their prey.

Children of Morta

Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch are all supported platforms.

Like Hades, Children of Morta is a great story-driven action RPG about a heroic family battling against an evil force known as the Corruption.

Players are given the option of focusing their resources on a single hero or distributing them among the members of the Bergson clan.

Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to playing through procedurally generated dungeons, such as crowd control and long-range attacks.

In addition, the game’s furious hack and slash combat is enhanced by breathtaking 2D pixel visuals.

Risk of Rain 2

Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch are all supported platforms.

An indie roguelike that went from being a 2D platformer to a completely 3D third-person shooter in Risk of Rain 2 has become rather popular.

However, thankfully, the sequel retains the series’ dynamic fighting and roguelike structure, which has you attempting to survive in increasingly deadly locales for as long as you can.

Defeating an endless army of extraterrestrial monsters earns you more powerful weapons and armor, as well as multiple playable characters.

Risk of Rain 2 presents a variety of playstyles and skills for each hero, despite the absence of character development offered to Zagreus in Hades.

Wizard of Legend

Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch are all supported platforms.

Wizard of Legend, a fast-paced, action-packed indie roguelike, is our final pick for fans of Hades.

In this game, you play as a spell-chaining wizard who takes part in a competition known as the Chaos Trials, a series of magical trials in which participants strive to vanquish the greatest wizards.

In these increasingly challenging confrontations, you’ll need to be extremely exact with your dodging in order to avoid being hit by hordes of hostile foes at once.

When you die in Wizard of Legend, you go back to square one, but you get to keep some of the spells you learned along the way, unlike Hades.

Gunfire Reborn

This game is currently in early access, but if Hades is any indication, it’s nothing to be concerned with. Even though Gunfire Reborn is a first-person shooter, it has a unique look. As a result, gamers will find themselves enthralled by the artwork.

Beware of the impression that this game is easy and fun, because it’s known for being extremely difficult, but that just makes it more satisfying when you defeat the game’s bosses. With a 9/10 rating on Steam and a price of only $8.99, Gunfire Reborn is a game well worth checking out.

Scourge Bringer

Scourge Bringer differs from Hades in several ways, the most notable of which is the game’s layout, which emphasizes 2D exploration over 3D exploration. This fast-paced Rogue-lite platformer lets the player hack and slash their way through the levels, allowing them to feel like they’re in Hades.

It’s frustrating at first, but stay with it and you won’t regret it. 76 on Metacritic and 9/10 on Steam are two of the key causes for this game’s low scores. This is a game that will keep you engaged for a long time, as well as rewarding and progressive.


The style of this one is really different from Hades, but that’s a good thing because it’s vital to try new things, especially when they have a 9/10 Steam rating and a lot of positive reviews! With each run, players gain power and skill, just as Hades did in his incarnation as a demon. It’s not only just one feature that’s satisfying, but the player also encounters and helps out well-written characters, making each adventure feel unique.

If you only have 20 minutes, UnderMine is the perfect game for you, but it also has that “one more attempt” atmosphere. When Hades gets a little frustrating, this is the perfect game to play.

Neon Abyss

As a result of these issues, many gamers are urging the creators to put their efforts towards improving Neon Abyss rather than generating further DLC. This hasn’t stopped the game from receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews, with a Steam score of 9/10. This game is often compared to a cross between The Binding of Isaac and Enter the Gungeon, and who doesn’t love that?

This game’s cyberpunk/neon style is stunning, especially when you get your hands on a new weapon and unleash its devastating power on your enemies. The unique and interesting combats and gunplay given in each run will keep you engaged in the game’s distinctive skills and combats. It makes the player feel like they are doing havoc while also keeping them enraged by their own power.

The Binding Of Isaac

Since it was a seminal roguelike and is still one of the most well-known to this day, The Binding of Isaac, with its 84 on Metacritic and 10/10 on Steam, is well-known to everyone. This game will transform your life if you haven’t played it yet.

Even if you don’t enjoy playing as a bald, nude youngster who uses his tears to battle poop, you’ll be hooked by the game’s obstacles and the frustration of never making it past the third floor. In the end, this is a rite of passage for roguelike fans.

Ancient Abyss

Ancient Abyss, which was released on January 15th, is still in early access at the time of this writing. Because it’s so new, it doesn’t have the highest number of reviews, earning a score of 7/10 on Steam. To get inside the game before its official release, like many did with Hades, would be ideal here.

Hades fans are known for their love of creative and well-drawn designs, so this one should be a fun experiment! In addition, this Zelda-like roguelike is fully randomized, providing gamers that unique experience they adore.

Diablo 3

However, the Diablo video game series isn’t the most recent one on the market. As a roguelike action game, Diablo has been an amazing illustration of how great a game can be when done well. A good example of this is Diablo 3.

Third in the series, Diablo 4 was published in 2012, introducing a wide range of content and refining the mechanics of earlier games in the series.

One of the greatest games in the series, it retains the isometric perspective and hack-and-slash gameplay of its predecessors.

Diablo 3 is a top-down hack and slash game similar to Hades, although it differs substantially by relying on treasure to drive progression. DLC additions like the Reaper of Souls DLC have been added to Diablo 3 over the years.

Since its release on the Nintendo Switch, the game’s popularity has skyrocketed. As a result of a fractured fan base, Diablo 3 received an average Metacritic score of 83 and a low average user score of 4.1.

To sum it all up, Diablo 3 is an excellent RPG that should be played by anyone who enjoys grinding for loot, as well as those who enjoy Roguelike games in general.

Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon shares many of the characteristics of a roguelike, despite its own visual design and gameplay mechanics.

Turn-based RPG Darkest Dungeon controls a party of heroes as you lead them into the dark to confront evil. Roguelikes are famously difficult, and this game is no exception. Its difficulty level is comparable to Hades.

Darkest Dungeon©: The Butcher's Circus trên Steam

In the same way as Hades uses a gothic aesthetic, Darkest Dungeon does the same. With a rating of 84 from critics and an average user score of 8.3, the game was well-received when it was published in 2016.

Overall, Darkest Dungeon is similar to Hades in many respects, but it also has a few notable differences. If you’re looking for something new and challenging, this is the game for you. It’s an excellent roguelike.

Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons brought dungeon crawling to the popular sandbox game Minecraft. This action-adventure dungeon crawler was released in 2020, giving a new twist to the genre.

In this way, it proved that the Minecraft series was more than just a one-trick pony. Roguelike and adventure game enthusiasts alike found a new home in the Minecraft universe, thanks to the game’s release.

Like Diablo in terms of treasure but with the addition of multiplayer, powerups and other aspects that make this game stand out.

The PG roguelike of the genre, Minecraft Dungeons, introduces younger generations to games like hades to the genre. Criticism for Minecraft Dungeons was mixed (70/100), with players giving it a grade of 6.5, indicating that the series’ future installments will require more work.

Despite this, the game is a huge step forward for the series. To sum it up, if you’ve never played a roguelike before, give this one a shot.

Official Launch Trailer of Minecraft Dungeons:

Enter the Gungeon

Dodgeroll and Devolver Digital’s Enter the Gungeon is a new kind of roguelike game.

You’ll be playing as a group of bad guys trying to reach the depths of the Gungeon in search of its ultimate riches.

Instead of the hack-and-slash gameplay found in typical games of this genre, the action takes place from a top-down perspective with firearms blazing. Loot-based gameplay is also a type of progression in Enter the Gungeon.

Exit the Gungeon, a game about characters trying to get out of the Gungeon, was released later as a sequel to this one. The dungeon crawling gameplay in Enter the Gungeon is influenced by titles like The Legend of Zelda and includes bosses and powerups. With comparable top-down gameplay features, the game is akin to Hades.

Additionally, the game received an 82 on Metacritic and a 7.6 from fans. If you’ve never played a Roguelike before, Dodgeroll’s Enter The Gungeon and Exit The Gungeon will show you what they’re capable of.

Hell Divers

This is one of those games that should have been a lot more popular than it really was. It was launched in 2015 to critical acclaim, winning the Dice award for handheld game of the year and IGN’s best PlayStation 4 game of E3 2014, among others.

The Helldivers, an elite fighting squad tasked with protecting humanity from alien dangers, are at your command in this top-down shooter action game.

Helldivers was a four-player cooperative game, with each mission contributing to a larger worldwide community of Helldivers as they battled the alien invasion.

Top-down hack and slash (shot) action is the focus of Helldivers, which differs from Hades in that it lacks the dungeon exploration. In spite of the fact that the game was well-received on normal home consoles, it proved to be more suited for handheld devices, shining on platforms such as the PlayStation Vita.

It was one of the first games to allow cross-play and cross-buy between PlayStation devices. A Metacritic score of 81 and an average user rating of 8.0 were given to the game.

In spite of the game’s excellent scores, Destiny and other third-person sci-fi games were more popular. If you like top-down shooters and hack and slashers, though, this is a good choice for you. You won’t be sorry you did.

Zelda: The Ocarina of Time As a top-down action game, Link To The Past has influenced many of the other titles on this list.

Zelda: The Ocarina of Time Third instalment A Link To The Past brought Zelda’s original top-down beginnings back into focus for gamers. As Ganon attempted to spread darkness across Hyrule, the game once again put you in the shoes of the villainous Ganon.

The Pegasus boots that were introduced in this game have since become a staple of Zelda games. Zelda: A Link to the Past is one of the first top-down action games.

As a result, it has earned a spot on this list, among games like Hades. Critics gave The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past a perfect score of 95, while gamers gave it a perfect score of 9, making it the best-reviewed Zelda game ever.

The game was believed to have sold over four million units globally, making it the third most popular Zelda game of all time in terms of worldwide sales.

An excellent top-down action game, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past should not be missed. It’s an important moment in the history of video games that shouldn’t be missed.

Dead Nation

Dead Nation is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a top-down zombie shooter. Shoot ’em up video game Dead Nation was created by Housemarque, and takes place after the world has been overrun by zombies.

Save humanity from the virus that has transformed most of the human population into walking dead as you fight and shoot your way through waves of zombies.

You play as either Jack McCready or Scarlett Blake as they try to save humanity and uncover the mysteries of the zombie virus in this action-adventure game.

Dead Nation has a compelling narrative and a punishing difficulty curve. You can play with a teammate in two-player cooperative mode and upgrade your weapons as you slay zombies.

Dead Nation is a lot of fun, whether you’re playing it by yourself or with a friend. It adds something new to the zombie genre that hasn’t been done before. As with Hades, you can anticipate the usual nitty-gritty action top-down gameplay in Dead Nation as well.

It’s a blast to play with friends and comes highly recommended for anyone who enjoy cooperative games. Metacritic gave the game a score of 77 out of 100, with users giving it a score of 6.9 out of 10.

Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy, like Dead Cells, uses the concept of permadeath as a gameplay mechanic. In the gaming community, Rogue Legacy is renowned as a notoriously challenging side-scrolling action roguelike.

In Rogue Legacy, permadeath is a fundamental part of the gameplay. Permadeath is used in the game, so that if you die, your child steps in to take your place in the dungeons.

Dwarfism, colorblindness, and other atypical traits are common among children. By dying often, you will not only become more familiar with the many sorts of enemies and dungeons but you will also be able to improve your characters’ stats and skills.

Classic roguelike gameplay and a punishing difficulty make the game akin to Hades. Rogue Legacy scored an 85 rating from critics and a 7.7 rating from Metacritic users.

Overall, if you’re looking for a challenging game with soul-like characteristics, this is the one for you. You won’t be disappointed with this excellent roguelike.

Slay the Spire

Roguelike game Slay the Spire stands out from the rest because to its unique gameplay mechanics and gameplay style. It is a tower-climbing deck-building game where you battle your way to the top by beating your enemies and taking on bosses.

In the game, each part of the Spire is unique, which increases the difficulty of the game. Instead of action and battle, the game uses cards and deckbuilding activity that is unique to roguelike games.

Spar 66 % på Slay the Spire i Steam

As a result, the game stands out in a crowded genre and brings something new to the table. As roguelike dungeon crawling games that demand strategy and brains, this game is very similar to Hades, even though the two are very different.

Critics gave Slay the Spire an 89 and Metacritic users gave it a 7.5 out of 10. Roguelike fans who are looking for something a little different and those who enjoy TCG’s will both enjoy this game.


Among the reasons why Bloodroots is included on this list are its amazing gameplay, hilarious wit, and resemblance to Hades. Bloodroots is a top-down hack and slasher with a one-hit murder mechanism that draws inspiration from titles like Hades.

It’s possible to kill an enemy in one blow thanks to the game’s one-hit kill system, which lets you chain together adversaries and perform devastating combinations.

It’s a fantastic game to play, with amazing mechanics, controls, and humorous cutscenes that make it stand out from the competition. In addition, the game’s wide range of weapons allows you to effectively utilize any object as a weapon.

The lack of dungeon crawling in Hades, for example, sets it apart from Bloodroots.

Hack and slash gameplay is the same in Bloodroots and Hades. Bloodroots has a Metacritic score of 81 and a user score of 6.4, both of which are great.

Nonetheless, the game’s sense of comedy alone justifies its purchase. A fantastic top-down action game that deserves more attention.

Wizard of Legend

Roguelike action game Wizard of Legend recounts a wizard’s quest to become a legend. Role-playing game with fast-paced magic fighting in two dimensions. Chainable attacks, a wide variety of adversaries, and a variety of power-ups are all included in the game.

Over a hundred spells are included in Wizard of Legend, allowing you to modify your character’s loadout to suit your preferred play style, be it direct combat or covert espionage.

The game’s chaos trials can be completed in cooperative mode with a friend. The roguelike action game Wizard of Legend is comparable to Hades in many ways.

Wizard of Legend is a roguelike dungeon crawler like Hades because of its similar mechanics. Metacritic gave Wizard of Legend a 79 from reviewers and a 6.9 from users.

Roguelike enthusiasts and strategic gamers alike will enjoy Wizard of Legend’s unique blend of action and strategy.


Is bastion similar to Hades?

Hades-like action and a hub are present in Bastion, as well as people and changes as you travel through the game’s story. For the most part, Transistor favors a more linear approach, with combat that combines elements of action and strategy.

Why is Hades game so good?

Excessively well, in fact. There are nearly too many reasons to list why Hades is some of the best work from Supergiant Games ever. A compelling character-focused narrative, terrific gameplay, and stunning visual and audio design are all hallmarks of their games.

Is Hades the best game of the year?

“Best Representation” was Hades’ most prestigious honor, taking home nine of its ten nominations at the first-ever International Game Developers Association’s (IGDA) Global Industry Game Awards. Hades took home three trophies at the 21st annual Game Developers Choice Awards, a record number of

Should I get transistor or bastion?

If you’re looking for a game with universal appeal, Bastion is definitely your best bet. In terms of performance, transistors are on par with (if not superior to) their semiconductor counterparts. … Bastion is your best bet for an isometric gaming experience. Combat is a lot simpler than in Bastion, but it’s still fun.


There are a lot of fantastic games like Hades in this list. One of the best roguelike top-down action games of all time, Hades is excellent. Hades isn’t the only amazing RPG in the genre, as stated in the article.

Some of the top games in their respective genres are Bloodroots, Rogue Legacy, and the Darkest Dungeon (just to name a few).

High-quality games are plentiful in the Roguelike RPG genre, with some of the best-rated titles coming from inside it.

It’s possible that we’ll see more games like this in the future, perhaps even more than games like hades. The roguelike action genre is predicted to grow in popularity in the near future, opening the door for new products that push the boundaries of innovation.