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Taking on the role of paranormal investigators, Phasmophobia is the newest internet sensation to take advantage of online co-op.

There are several games like Phasmophobia that offer similar gameplay and enable online co-op, despite the large amount of ghost types and equipment to master in it.

We’ve compiled a list of the top multiplayer games like Phasmophobia for PC, console, and mobile that you can play in 2022.

Keep checking back for updates and let us know if we’ve overlooked any of your favorite games that are comparable to Phasmophobia!

Back 4 Blood

Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox One X/S

Back 4 Blood, the next Left 4 Dead-inspired co-op zombie shooter, is a good option if you and your friends are sick of hunting down supernatural beings.

Back 4 Blood – 'Người kế nhiệm' của Left 4 Dead ấn định ngày phát hành

A fatal infection known as the Ridden has transformed the people into terrifying monsters in the game, which may be played by up to four players.

There are a variety of enemy kinds and bosses in the game that you’ll have to overcome in addition to the regular zombie mobs.

The four-act story campaign also includes a variety of weapons, including rifles and melee weapons.

Ghost Hunters Corp

Window-based PCs

Ghost Hunters Corp is a great substitute for Phasmophobia, a supernatural horror game with a similar gameplay loop and eerie ambiance.

As a group of paranormal investigators, your job is to execute exorcisms in haunted castles, mansions, and abandoned homes in order to drive evil spirits back to the hereafter.

EMF K2, frequency analyzer, threat detector and security cameras are only some of the tools at your disposal, like Phasmophobia’s ghost-hunting equipment.

The Neutron-Gun, holy water, incense, and Tiger Eye stone can all be used in an exorcism once you’ve identified the entity.


Window-based PCs

Forewarned is a co-op survival horror game in which up to four players must prepare before venturing into ancient Egyptian ruins in order to examine some unusual phenomena.

Archaeological discoveries, treasure hunting, and unraveling a strange curse are the primary objectives of the game.

The Mejai, a group of cursed mummies with unique skills that allow them to be identified and cleansed while in their spiritual state, are your greatest challenge in the tombs.

Both games use randomization to ensure that no two runs are exactly the same, and they both have a loot system that allows you to improve your gear and buy more powerful tools than in Phasmophobia.


Windows and Macintosh

In Devour, a survival game in which 1-4 players work together to bring down a possessed cult leader named Anna, you’re likely to have heard of it.

Running and hiding are the primary game mechanics, with the goal of finding critical materials like gasoline, a fire pit, and goats to sacrifice in order to evict the demon inhabiting Anna’s body as secondary objectives.

These frantic chase moments are evocative of video games like Dead by Daylight and Phasmophobia as the demonic monster gets more aggressive.

Proximity voice chat, a server for viewing other games, and a Nightmare mode that increases the difficulty are all included in Devour’s offerings.


Window-based PCs

Instead, if you’ve vanquished ghosts, demons, and mummies, why not take a shot at pursuing Bigfoot alongside your fellow explorers?

It’s up to you and your team to put an end to the rumors and bring down the Sasquatch once and for all in this exciting new video game

In order to survive in the dark American wilderness, you’ll be armed with a variety of surveillance devices and weaponry, including cameras, motion detectors, and rifles.

You can play as an AI Bigfoot or have one of your party members assume the role of a Bigfoot and stalk your opponents.

Dead by Daylight

Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, and other platforms are supported.

Dead by Daylight | Download and Buy Today - Epic Games Store

There is an online survival horror game called Dead by Daylight in which four players must work together to escape a murderous killer that is being controlled by a fifth participant.

By fulfilling specified chores, such as fixing power generators, the survivors’ main goal is to get out of the map alive.

It is also possible to traverse the map, listening for any signs of survivors and using unique powers to catch the next victim.

It all adds up to an adrenaline-pumping survival game that substantially benefits from a large range of playable characters and cross-play support.

Piggy: Hunt

Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS, and Google Android

Piggy: Hunt, a fast-paced survival horror game based on the popular Roblox series Piggy, is currently available on PC and will soon be accessible on mobile devices.

Throughout procedurally generated stages, a group of survivors must complete chores, solve puzzles, and gather items in an effort to escape the Infected’s fury.

Additionally, the Infected’s mission is to follow the players, plant traps, and finally murder the survivors before they make their final getaway.

You can choose from three alternative systems, character customization, and more in Piggy: Hunt.

Lunch Lady

Window-based PCs

It takes place in a nasty school cafeteria with an even creepier cafeteria worker in this 1-4 player online co-op survival horror game called Lunch Lady.

You and your classmates resolve to steal the test answers before the school’s homicidal lunch lady can find you, because final exams are just around the corner.

The Lunch Lady will pursue you relentlessly as you walk the corridors, becoming quicker, stronger, and more unpredictable as time goes on.

You may utilize keys and medkits to open doors and restore health, while proximity voice chat lets you talk to your teammates or just listen to their screams without interfering with the action.

Haunt Chaser

Window-based PCs

Haunt Chaser, a four-player co-op game in which you use ghost hunting equipment to remove evil from haunted areas, is another choice for Phasmophobia-style detective horror.

Their mission is to release trapped spirits from an abandoned orphanage, while the evil that pursues them relentlessly follows them wherever they go.

Random spawn points and secrets might aid or hinder the banishing process in Phasmophobia-style games, but they aren’t guaranteed.

Furthermore, the key to survival is to find and hold on to any equipment that can keep the enemy at away, as well as to stay as close to your comrades as possible.


Window-based PCs

What could be more terrifying than ghosts, demons, mummies, and zombies? Mazes in the hedges.

There’s nothing scarier than specters, demons, mummies, and walking dead, after all. Mazes made out of hedges.

She Released The Woman Of Hell! | LABYRINTHINE W/ Raeyei, Arch, Laden - YouTube

Each run in Phasmophobia dumps you into a dynamically created level with a variety of puzzles to complete and things to gather, as well as terrifying entities that will hunt you throughout the area.

Additionally, you’ll be able to level up and unlock new monsters and maps as you progress through the game.

The Blackout Club

Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

This first-person horror game revolves around a group of high school students who are researching a mystery that has been causing everyone to sleepwalk in their little town.

The kids, armed with drones, noisemakers, and grappling hooks, set out to find the truth by gathering evidence and outwitting mind-controlled zombies while they sleep.

Because the game incorporates procedural aspects similar to Phasmophobia, each playthrough will be different from the last.

The solutions to each challenge depend on how you and your pals mix the various powers and objects of the characters while avoiding an unknown enemy.


Windows and Macintosh

In Pacify, a popular horror game featuring online co-op, you and your pals take on the role of a paranormal research team tasked with tracking down and exorcising evil spirits from a variety of haunts.

In addition to the three main missions, there are three more creatures that must be defeated in a variety of environments and with different purposes.

Having a team on your side increases your chances of acquiring all of the necessary items to kill the spirit and escape, including keys, notes, dolls, wood, and matches.

The ghost will get smarter, faster, and more aggressive as time goes on, compelling you to respond quickly but discreetly if you have any hope of escaping.

Handy Harry’s Haunted House Services

Window-based PCs

A poorly animated monster, an object slicing through the surroundings, or any other fault might have the unintentional consequence of making you laugh rather than scream in terrifying games.

Many of the games on this list, including our next selection, Hand Harry’s Haunted House Services, fall into this category.

This online multiplayer haunt ’em up sees you and a team of buddies taking on the role of repairmen in a series of randomly generated stages.

Fixing broken flooring, fuse boxes, leaky pipes and whatever else the task requires while an ever-present ghost pursues your every move.

Secret Neighbor

Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox One X/S, and the Nintendo Switch are all supported.

There is a Hello Neighbor multiplayer spin-off called Secret Neighbor that takes place in one of the creepy neighbor’s house, and it’s mandatory viewing for any Hello Neighbor enthusiast.

Keys scattered throughout the house are the first step in obtaining access to the Neighbor’s basement where children are allegedly being held captive.

This time, the Neighbor disguises himself as one of the six kids, and tries to stop them from reaching the basement by tampering with their goal or killing them one by one.

Secret Neighbor offers a wide range of playable characters, each with its own special powers and a variety of traps and equipment at their disposal.


You and up to three companions must navigate a deadly maze of narrow passageways while dodging monsters on the prowl. It’s as if GTFO has taken inspiration from Phasmophobia, which gives a similar sense of fear and anxiety. The hordes of xenomorphs that harass the heroes in Alien sound a lot like GTFO in a positive manner, and that’s because it is. When working alongside your friends, you’ll need to be patient and perseverant in order to make it out alive.

You don’t have no control over the situation, like you would in Phasmophobia. Forget about running around in the dark with a crucifix. You now have a wide variety of monster-slaying weapons to choose from. Surviving your captor’s dirty work requires effective communication between members of your team. But completing tasks and delivering goods allows you to do it all over again – lucky you.

For those who prefer their horror games to be more action-oriented than their story-based counterparts, this is a great choice for a co-op horror first-person shooter to check out.


As a group of kids, you can now break into Mr. Peterson’s house in Hello Neighbor, the kitschy indie horror game with the frighteningly mustachioed villain.

Secret Neighbor: Hello Neighbor Multiplayer on Steam

Although there are no ghouls in this game, it still has its share of scares, and what resembles Phasmophobia the most is the teamwork and investigation that you must engage in to progress. To reach the sealed basement where your companion is being held hostage, you must solve riddles and find keys to go to new regions. Each child possesses a unique set of skills and powers, such as Leadership’s ability to blind others, or Brave’s ability to elude the grasp of his or her evil neighbor.

One of your “teammates” is working with the neighbor under the guise of a kid and has their own unique set of skills in order to prevent your “teammates” from succeeding. Even without the ghosts, the Halloween-themed mansion with its stretched cobwebs and gloomy corners makes this creepy game of cat and mouse an entertaining experience.


There are so many ghosties in Man of Medan that you’ll be shivering in the corner by the time the credits roll. All five of your characters must be saved. Isn’t that simple, isn’t it? What if you’re in the middle of heavy seas with nothing but the wind roaring through creaky cabin doors to keep you company and an unknown lurking below?

As you wander around the ghostly ship, trying to get action cues perfect to keep a character alive while leading them towards certain death, expect to make a lot of stupid, anxiety-induced decisions. A seemingly trivial choice you make early on could come back to bite hours later and expose your deepest darkest fears as a result of Man of Medan’s constrained setting. You may play Phasmophobia solo, but if the co-op multiplayer action is what you’re after, you can do it in online two-player co-op or on your couch with up to five other people.


We came to see the memes, but Jason won us over. Taking on and escaping Jason Voorhees in an asymmetric online multiplayer game challenges you to hone your survival abilities. Game takes place on a remote campsite, where teenagers and counselors are spending the summer. Of course, Jason is going to turn his attention to the campers, so it’s on your group to band together and make it out alive. Playing as the Crystal Lake Killer is a great option if working together with others isn’t your cup of tea (pun intended).

The slasher subgenre, like Friday the 13th, has its share of glitches and hiccups, but that just adds to the fun of the film. Play as an adolescent counselor in a group of eight or online with pals, each of whom has their own set of abilities and distinctive capabilities.

Gather weapons and strategize with your friends to ambush Jason, or pool your resources and beat the brute to a pulp with saucepans if one of your group members is taken hostage. When you’re scurrying along a dark dirt road, certain that Jason is lurking somewhere nearby, ready to attack, Friday the 13th is at its most thrilling and terrifying. This game is similar to Phasmophobia, except the emphasis is on teamwork.


A stretch, since it doesn’t actually feature ghosts, but this game sits in a genre-less state and hurls horrors, actions and PvP in our faces like we’re a frenzied ghoul. Your online bounty hunting duo sets out to slay monsters and extract as much money as possible in the deep, dark, misty depths of the Louisiana bayou, between decrepit farms and abandoned industries.

In the beginning, the game appears to be a typical online multiplayer gunfight, but as you venture deeper into the dungeon, you’ll encounter a slew of unexpected dangers, including mutant spiders, mutated zombies, and fully-formed monsters. You don’t need any investigation skills, just grab a rifle, look for resources, and survive the storm.

Somewhere In The Shadow

  • Four players

This is an investigation-based horror escape room game. Players must work together to solve a variety of difficult riddles in order to escape a sinister mansion. Demons and other weird creatures that live in the house are following you and trying to stop you at every turn. Somewhere in the Shadow is a co-op horror adventure that is surprisingly affordable.

Chupacabra: Night Hun

  • 5 people are involved.

The chupacabra, a mythical beast from Latin American folklore, is your primary target instead of evil spirits. It’s up to you and your comrades to gather every weapon and precaution necessary to destroy the savage beast of the woods. There is a twist, though, in that one player might be the beast and be chased by his or her allies.

Chupacabras: Night Hunt | GamePlay PC - YouTube

Ghost Hunters Corp

  • Four players

Phasmophobia and Ghost Hunters Corp are two games that share a lot of similarities. To send the ghosts they’re dealing with back to hell or heaven, a group of pals must first discover out what kind of ghost they are dealing with. You can expel a ghost with the use of God’s might and some holy water once you’ve determined what kind it is.

When confronted by an entity, you must maintain your ground and refuse to flee.


  • Players: Two

To put an end to the hauntings, players must figure out what type of spirit is lurking in the building. Ghost hunting is Obsideo’s specialty, and he prefers to use clues and remembering prior encounters as a detective in his investigations.

Rather than being only scary, ghosts are taught to think. Their hearing and familiarity with the house are superior to yours. In the near future, the creators want to implement four-player multiplayer.

Sign Of Silence

  • Four players

Some players find Sign of Silence frustrating owing to the random attacks by big, frightening, and extremely loud monsters that blend in with the surrounding hordes. In this game, you and your pals must gather all the materials necessary to fix a car and escape from the dreadful and cursed forests. You have the option of separating from your buddies or working together.

It’s best to play in stealth mode to avoid attracting the attention of your foes.

Hand Simulator: Horror

  • Four players

Many versions of Hand Simulator have been released, each with a unique twist, such living on a remote island. This time around, the game is situated in a dark and spooky environment. You and your teammates must work together to overcome a variety of riddles and tricks while maintaining control of your hands in order to escape the location. And you’ll be OK.

Since you can only operate your hands and fingers using keyboard buttons, Hand Simulator: Horror puts a crimp in Phasmophobia’s ghost-hunting atmosphere.


  • Four players

In Devour, the actual terror of ghosts comes to you in more than just astral forms. To stop the blasphemy from occurring any longer, you and your pals must confront a cursed and terrible ritual and cult leader out in the woods. Trying to avoid being captured and killed at the same time.

Intended to be scary and cinematic but also chaotic and enjoyable, this game has a defined narrative that can be played in single-player mode as well as online.

Tales Of Escape

  • Players: Six

It’s a horror-themed escape room game that’s free to play. You and a companion must work together to solve a series of increasingly difficult riddles in a dark and foreboding cavern. The game may be played by up to six people at the same time, and there are additional DLC escape rooms. When you start the game, you’ll find yourself in a haunted house full with unusual noises and messages to help you figure out what’s going on.

Tales of Escape — Новинарски Steam център

Emily Wants To Play

  • Four players

In Emily Wants To Play, there are a lot of jumpscares and a lot of fear. There is no one at the house where you’re supposed to deliver pizza, so you leave the door open. As a group of up to 4 people, you must survive and then leave the house.

Unfortunate Spacemen

  • a total of nine individuals

This is a free-to-play game in which you and your companions must keep each other alive and escape from various locales as a looming monster lurks in the shadows. ‘ No two matches are ever the same since one participant is always a “monster.” Survival or death is the primary goal of the game’s supplementary story modes and random objective circumstances.

Unlike Phasmophobia, Unfortunate Spacemen includes proximity chat, but one of your friends is a ghost.

In Silence

  • Players: Six

Phasmophobia’s aesthetics and gameplay style make In Silence look the most similar at first glance. In Silence, players take on the role of a survivor and a monster in a head-to-head battle. As a blind beast that can only communicate via sound, the game’s proximity chat system adds an extra dimension of intrigue to the experience. Phasmophobia, Dead by Daylight, and Friday the 13th all come together in this game.

We Were Here 1, 2 & 3

  • Players: Two

However, there are puzzles and walkie-talkie radios in the We Were Here series. A decent walkie-talkie is a classic. These are games in which two players must rely on each other’s trust and communication in order to get out of complex puzzles and structures. In order to communicate what’s going on and how each player should get out of each room, the two players were separated and given only a walkie-talkie. There is no charge for the first game, but the other two are reasonably priced and well worth the investment.


  • Players: Six

A new free-to-play title has arrived. Deceit is akin to a “who-done-it?” encounter in an escape room. You and your companions must flee while simultaneously determining which of you is a full-blown demon. Because there are so many weapons available, no one is truly vulnerable in this game; everyone can take their pick.

Decide whether or not you can put your faith in your friends’ theories about the monster by casting your vote!


  • Four players

In order to survive in Labyrinthine, players must band together. Friends are stranded in a bizarre labyrinth filled with horrifying sights and perplexing challenges. This means the party must solve the puzzles and discover about its past as something lurks in the darkness.

Playing the game is the only way to discover what lurks and lurks in the maze. Labyrinthine is a multiplayer online horror game that is currently in early access. Co-op games and horror games are two genres that the game’s creators claim to love deeply, therefore they made a point of seamlessly fusing the two together.

Folklore Hunter

  • Unlimited

Are these phantoms or relics of a mythical age? Your group of Folklore Hunters is ready for the next challenge, but this time there will be no bears or moose to hunt. This time, the jungle is filled with strange shrieks. Claw marks and mutilated bodies of creatures you’ve never heard of. Friends gather in the cabin to await the arrival of the final adversary. Set traps, bait, and then go for the kill.

White Noise 2

  • 5 people are involved.

In 2014, White Noise attracted a lot of attention, so much so that a sequel was launched last year. A ghost-hunting crew is led by a group of pals in the game White Noise, each of whom is in charge of a different individual character. As always, you can either find the beast and escape, or you can turn into the beast and prey on your pals.

Milkstone Channels the Original White Noise in White Noise 2's Classic Mode


What type of game is Phasmophobia?

For those who want to play in first-person mode, Phasmophobia is a horror-themed first-person survival game. Up to four players can work together to finish a contract in which they determine the type of ghost inhabiting a specific location.

How do you cheat on Phasmophobia?

Take a look at ComputerHKEY CURRENT USER Software Kinetic Games Phasmophobia. Search for PlayersMoney h by pressing CTRL + F. Phasmophobia’s XP and money can be adjusted by adjusting the Decimal value.