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There are plenty of rewarding and engaging browser games, but those that use the “.io” extension have grown popular with Twitch streamers and younger gamers.

There are so many.io games to choose from in 2022 that we thought we’d give you our picks of the greatest ones, no matter what kind of internet connection or hardware you have.

Survival, shooters, battle royales, and more will all be included on this list of the most popular.io games.

Let us know in the comments if we’ve left off your favorite game.

Finally, don’t forget to check back in the future as we will be adding additional games to this list!


Survival fiction

Agar.io is by far the most popular of the.io games, and it’s nearly difficult to talk about them without mentioning it.

Agar.io - Apps on Google Play

You play as a cellular structure that must absorb nourishment in order to grow and survive, which makes for an exciting yet basic experience.

After reaching a specific size barrier, you can start devouring other players, giving a pleasant risk/reward for interactions.


Survival fiction

Slither.io, a popular.io game that appears to be based on Agar.io and classic snake games, has also gained a following.

It has you slithering over a battlefield covered with small orbs of food that you can devour to boost your growth and your score.

Moving about the screen is critical in Slither. If your snake’s body comes into contact with a different snake’s body, you are eliminated.



Brutal.io’s name should give you a good idea of what you’re getting yourself into. Playing this game requires you to direct the movement of a flail-wielding ball in mid-spin.

Eat as much food as possible in order to grow in size, and your weapon’s power, until you are the last player standing.

Your flail will eventually be used to try and take out other players before they can get a shot at you.



For those who don’t have an internet connection strong enough to handle 3D visuals, there are few.io games available.

Warbot.io is a top-down twin-stick shooter that combines keyboard and mouse cursor inputs for movement and aim for people with fast internet connections.

There, you take on the role of a robot equipped with various weaponry and take on other robots controlled by other players.


Survival fiction

Zombs aren’t strange to see in 2022, given the popularity of zombie survival games. .io games like io are extremely popular.

During the day, you set up your base, constructing defenses and securing any weak points in preparation for the nighttime assault.

Zombies will try to infiltrate your base as it becomes dark, and you’ll have to defend it with a variety of weaponry to keep them from eating you.



Diep.io is a tank battle game in which you fight against other player-operated tanks as well as any objects in the surroundings.

The more opponents you kill, the more experience points you earn, which may be used to level up your tank and personalize it with unique abilities and perks.

Several game modes, such as team battles and free-for-alls, are available, each with their own set of upgrades.



For those who prefer playing top-down shooter games, Gats.io is a great option.

Prior to entering a map, players can choose from a variety of weapons and armor before engaging in a life-or-death struggle through tight corridors and behind cover.

The mobility, protection, and damage output of your character are all influenced by the weapons and gear you choose to equip.



There are two-dimensional plane dogfights in the Wings.io plane combat game.

In order to avoid oncoming strikes or surprise your adversaries, your plane travels at a dizzying pace.

You can gain an advantage over your opponents by picking up numerous weapons and power-ups scattered around the map.


Survival fiction

Deeeep.io is a multiplayer survival game set in the murky depths of the ocean, where you play as one of many aquatic species tasked with gathering food and ensuring your own survival.

You can choose from a vast number of species to play as, each with a unique set of abilities.

Different marine animals will thrive in different biomes, giving an additional degree of strategy and difficulty to the game.


This is a social media

Gartic.io is a fun side game to play if you get weary of fighting other players.

A parlor game like charades, where one player tries to express a word through drawings, and everyone else has to guess what it could be, is evocative to this game’s format

The game handles all of the scoring and bookkeeping, and there are dozens of rooms for different languages.


Puzzles are the genre.

Hole. It is safe to say that io is an outlier. Like Donut County and Katamari Damacy, io games have similar gameplay.

In this game, you take on the role of an all-consuming black hole, sucking up everything in its path, including vehicles, trees, and other landmarks.

In order to avoid being devoured by another player, you must keep expanding until you have the largest black hole.


Battle Royale is a type of video game

Surviv.io, a top-down 2D shooter modeled on popular battle royales like Fortnite and Apex Legends, features team-based battles on a diminishing map.

Surviv.io (Survivio) - Play Surviv.io (Survivio) on CrazyGames

Searching the map for weapons and armor will be necessary if you want to reach the end. Shotguns, SMGs, snipers and more are among the many weapons available.

Like many.io games, Surviv.io has a devoted following across various platforms, despite its lack of polish.



Fast-paced sword action and an eclectic cast of characters combine in Goons.io. Throughout the game, you must methodically slash your way through each and every enemy you come across until you’re the last one standing.

This is because your flee and slash skills are timed to leave you open to attack while they are on cooldown.

Even if you’ve never played a high-skilled video game before, this one is well worth the effort.


Role-playing video games.

Hordes.io, a 3D.io game, is also worth mentioning. To put it another way, it’s an old-school RPG adapted for the modern web.

A wide variety of classes are available, and you have the option of creating a unique character before you set out into the world.

Somewhere in Hordes. On the io map, you’ll find monsters to fight for experience points, various class abilities to learn, and other hidden treasures to discover.


Game type: Strategy in real time

Although it can be played in a web browser, Bitplanets.io is an impressively detailed real-time strategy game. Spaceships can be grown and sent to other planets in the game’s galactic colony.

Takeover of the cosmos by purchasing and mining as many planets as possible is the ultimate goal.

The use of “streams” to link nearby planets can automate much of the procedure. In addition to boosting their attack, defense, and range stats (among others), you can also customize each one to your liking.



ShellShockers.io is the final 3D shooter we’ll be mentioning, in which you take on the role of a gun-toting egg with arms on both sides of its body.

It’s as random in practice as it sounds, but the three game types it comes with — team deathmatch, capture the flag, and free-for-all — make it a fun to play.

Golden eggs, an in-game money that can be used to purchase a broad variety of cosmetics for your egg, are awarded for each elimination.


Survival fiction

However, Taming.io isn’t just another survival game; it also features a Pokémon-like creature-collecting mechanic.

It is your job to survive as long as possible while collecting resources to improve your community and taming the wild creatures you come across on your travels throughout the globe.

The elemental typing of each pet determines its specific powers, weaknesses, and strengths. There are eight elemental types in all.



SmashKarts.io is a stripped-down version of the fight mode in any of the Mario Kart titles that runs right in your browser.

Bunnies, cats, frogs, and dogs have mutated to the point that they can not only drive go-karts but also carry weapons in this new take on the Nintendo mascot.

Power-ups such as rockets, mini-guns, explosive charges, electrifying foes, and more may be found while driving through vibrant 3D arenas.


Survival fiction

In Superhex.io, your goal is to accumulate as many resources as possible in order to develop the largest possible hexagonal area.

In order to do this, you’ll need to strategically place your hexagon tiles over the map while also keeping an eye out for other players doing the same.

With its simple yet stressful gaming mechanics, Superhex.io ranks among many of the other games on this list.


This difficult side-scroller lives on as an Io game for those who know what they’re talking about. The 2014 mobile smash hit challenges players to control a yellow bird as it blunders its way through the sky. A new type of experience has been created by the developers of Flappy Royale.io, Orta Therox and Em Lazer-Walker, by modernizing the flappy concept.

As many green pipes as possible must be avoided before you knock your head on one of them in the 99 other flappers. Most players don’t make it past the first two pipes, according to the developers, so if you can keep yourself alive for that long, you have a good chance of winning. Just one play of Flappyroyale.io is enough to have you hooked on the game.


Diep.io is a 2D tank game created by Agar.io’s Matheus Valadares, who also worked on Agar.io. Initially, each tank can only fire one missile at a time, but as the game progresses, this number can be increased. When a vehicle is leveled up by destroying polygon objects and opponent tanks, it can travel faster, hit harder, and become more tanky. Players gain a lot of experience points by destroying powerful enemy tanks, which allows them to level up quickly.

Diep.io includes eight different multiplayer modes, the most fascinating of which are the team-based ones. With a few friends, this tank game takes on a whole new level of strategy and cooperation. There is no need to have a thorough strategy in order to dominate other teams. Diep.io is at its finest when it can bring together two teams of equal ability to compete for the title.


What if you don’t own a Nintendo Switch and want to play Tetris battle royale? In terms of emulating a real-world experience, Tetr.io comes the closest without violating any copyright rules. To see who can clear the most blocks in the shortest amount of time in this online puzzle game, players compete against each other in teams of two or more. In Marathon mode, you can slow things down and enjoy a more laid-back experience.


A wide range of skill levels can be found in the community because this is a free and high-quality Tetris. Many newcomers play every day in the hopes of rising through the ranks. Competitiveness in Tetris can be strong because it has been around for a long time. If you’d want to see how you stack up against the finest players in the world, you can join the Tetra League.


2048 is a puzzle game based on Asher Vollmer’s Threes, in which you move numbered tiles around to merge them into one another. As the player moves the grid in a 44 grid, tiles with the numbers 2 or 4 will appear. The value of tiles with the same number can be doubled by merging them together. Creating a 2048-tile mosaic is the winning strategy.

In the first fifteen minutes of play, 2048 seems like a simple game, but after that, each move becomes like delicately removing Jenga blocks from a swaying tower. As time passes, your board may fill up with useless tiles that can’t possibly be combined.


You should know that 2D browser games aren’t the only option. An FPS game that mixes aspects from Call of Duty, Minecraft, and Roblox to create an approachable shooter with a lot of depth is Krunker.io. Players may gain momentum and speed through levels in Krunker thanks to the game’s mobility mechanic, which is based on bunny hops.

You don’t have to worry about finding empty lobbies in any game mode because Krunker has a large player population. In addition to the standard CoD-style game types, Krunker offers special servers with unique modes such as Parkour, Simon Says, and Prop Hunt.


You don’t want to download Minecraft to play a survival game? As you battle against the elements and dangerous beasts, you must also manage your character’s hunger and shelter in order to survive. Because Starve.io is a cooperative multiplayer game, you may rely on the help of other players across the United States and Europe.

Travel from biome to biome by gathering resources and making useful items from them. The dungeon awaits when you’re ready to take on the challenge of finding some riches. You should be aware that the treasure is guarded by fire-breathing dragons, so be prepared.


There are several card games to choose from if you don’t want to fight off waves of zombies or compete with other gamers in an online FPS. Play 40 classic card and board games at your own pace on Cardgames.io. But you won’t ever have to go up against real humans in any of these games.

You can’t keep track of your points because there is no login system, but this io game isn’t about keeping track of your scores. Relax after a long day by playing some light card games — don’t worry about the leaderboards or any other competitive aspects, just enjoy yourself.

That concludes our list of the top io games. If you’re a fan of low-budget games with simple, enjoyable themes, you’re likely to appreciate our list of the greatest indie games for PC. More attention was spent to the development of these standalone experiences than most of the io games in our list. Is there anything I can do to help you download additional games? Check out our selection of the top browser games to get a taste of what’s out there.


Flight simulator and vehicular combat fans may enjoy Wing.io. Using a variety of collectible armaments, players fly small, agile planes and try to outmaneuver their opponents. It is possible to rise to the top of the leaderboard in Wings.io without ever participating in combat. To earn points, players must find and collect tokens strewn throughout the sky. Each token is worth ten points.

Wings.io, despite its simplicity, has enough depth to entice browser-based gamers to keep playing.


Eatme.io is a massively multiplayer online game in which players take on the role of fish and attempt to consume their opponents while still attempting to survive. Like Agar.io and Slither.io, it has a similar gameplay style.

In order to grow stronger and last longer in the lobby, players will have to feed on lesser fish in order to avoid being eaten themselves. Even though it’s a minor departure from the standard Agar.io gameplay, even the tiniest of changes may keep things fresh.


Gats is a simple top-down multiplayer shooter. Like Call of Duty’s multiplayer, io is more enjoyable than you’d expect because you’re only able to see the mini-map at all times.

Players can engage in team deathmatch, free for all, or domination battles, each with their own unique set of weaponry. Even though it’s simple, there’s enough here to pique the interest of casual gamers, and the multiplayer features foster teamwork and tactical thinking.


Players assume the role of a black hole attempting to devour everything in their path in Hole.io, a fascinating game. There are several things that must be consumed to achieve the ultimate aim of being an all-encompassing emptiness in the game. Fans of the independent game Donut County will feel right at home in this one.

In terms of.io games, Hole.io is without a doubt one of the most captivating and enjoyable. A completely 3D world allows for a more subtle take on the “large thing eats small thing” theme found in many.io games.


Mope.io is a survival game in which you must hunt and gather resources to survive. It’s up to the players to decide the monster they want to play as when they first join the server, and they begin the game as a member of the lower echelons of the food chain. To avoid being eaten, players must avoid the other players marked in red.

In order to acquire all of the game’s monsters, players must maintain their animals alive and watch them grow in size.


An online game called Surviv.io is based on the battle royale genre. From a top-down perspective, players fight on the field in teams of two. They can also use this time to hunt for weapons and other supplies. Guns in the game include shotguns and submachine gun systems (SMGS).

Additionally, they have long-range snipers and assault rifles at their disposal. The game has a significant fan base and is available on a variety of platforms, despite not being as well-known as other battle royale games like Fortnite.


In the truest meaning of the word, Aggie.io is a unique tool that allows several individuals to collaborate on an art production. Accommodating several users at once like Mario Paint, Aggie.io is a fantastic tool for creatives who want to collaborate with pals in a relaxed environment.

It’s not a replacement for tools like Photoshop, but artists who want to pass the time and collaborate with people from across the world might like this.


Fidget spinners are used in Spinz.io, a game similar to Agar.io. In order to slam into and remove other opponents, gamers need to collect more dots on their fidget spinners. Using a whirlpool to hurl a spinner at a rival or to flee from an assailant who is closing in on you is an effective strategy.

It’s enjoyable and addictive, but the fidget spinner craze was extinguished in 2017 and it’s not a secret. Spinz.io, on the other hand, is still a fun alternative to Agar.io.


Paper.io, one of the more relaxing.io games, is all about building an empire out of paper. While rushing into other players’ incomplete parts, each player’s goal is to cover the maximum amount of playable territory possible.

As in the traditional game Snake, if a player runs into their own paper trails, they are automatically eliminated. Even though the game’s round can be over in a matter of seconds, the art design is quite attractive to the eye.


Warbot.io is one of the few fully 3D.io games, and it has a level of depth not generally encountered in games of this type. A wide range of playstyles can be accommodated by a variety of bots and their upgrades.

This may not be the greatest pick for newbies to.io games because it is sufficiently complex to necessitate the use of a tutorial. Warbot.io, on the other hand, is a terrific alternative for individuals who are tired of playing web games that are too simplistic.


Superhex.io is a variation of Paper.io and one of the best.io games that use these gameplay components. It is imperative for players to leave their imprint on the playing field while also ensuring that they aren’t hemmed in by their rivals.

In Superhex.io, players can only gain progress in pre-defined hexagonal regions, which adds a little spice to the game. Paper.io, on the other hand, does not allow for as much flexibility of movement. However, Superhex.io isn’t breaking any new ground.



Extremely challenging and irritating, Brutal.. io will either keep fans coming back for more or push them to continually rage quit. In this.io game, the goal is to eliminate other players by swinging or flinging the barbed end of their tail.

Brutal.io’s controls are basic, but mastering them is a challenge. Brutal.io matches might run as little as two seconds or as long as ten minutes, depending on the skill level of the players. In either case, participants are clicking repeatedly to respawn in order to demonstrate their superior skill at this game to the rest of the group.


Goons.io is a variation of Agar.io, however instead of growing in size, participants are given weaponry. The length of a player’s sword increases slightly with each elimination.

Even though the combat has no nuance, players who have just respawned have a fighting chance against more experienced foes. However, players who aren’t aware of the potential dangers of using longer weapons may find themselves the victims of cunning opponents who are just waiting for the right moment to attack.


Deeeep.io appeals to anyone who appreciates submerged experiences with its adorable façade and frightening interior. It is possible to select from a wide variety of fish species, each with a distinct set of advantages. It is possible to hide in anemones without receiving any harm as a clownfish character.

Certain types of fish are able to dive to the deepest depths of the gaming region, and players can swap between them at various stages. Deeeep.io is one of a select group of.io games that offers a more robust take on the Feeding Frenzy formula.


EvoWars.io, like Goons.io, features a variety of melee weaponry for users to use in their battle for domination. Although size is important in Agar.io, it isn’t as important here. Intimidating skins and longer-ranged weaponry become available to players as their level rises.

To survive in EvoWars.io, players must use a combination of chance and skill, knowing when to attack and when to retreat. There are, however, many frustrating fatalities due to the dice roll in combat.


Zombs.io is a great game for gamers that can play Don’t Starve or Minecraft for hours at a time. For as long as possible, build a base and maintain a gold treasure secure from zombies. Upgrades are necessary to keep the game going for a lengthy period of time, as each wave of zombies grows more powerful.

As an added bonus, participants respawn with all their gold from the previous round. Every.io player knows that multiplayer makes everything better, therefore Zombs.io enthusiasts can also team up with other gamers.


Colored bubbles are used to slice each other in half in Narwhale.io, an io game that deviates from the norm in some ways. Only Narwhale.io can be described as as fast-paced and competitive as some of the most popular io games on the market.

For a player to win, he or she must be willing to take risks in order to succeed. Despite the game’s simplicity, there is a sense of urgency that will have players coming back for more.


Even though this is one of the oldest.io games, it is still one of the greatest. For each object or person that is destroyed, the player receives points that can be used to enhance their tank. A tank’s body style can be changed as it progresses in the game, providing for a greater diversity of vehicles. Double-barreled blasters, machine guns, triple-barreled models, and more are included in this category.

There are a number of additional modes to explore in Diep.io if you don’t feel like doing it alone. There’s a 50/50 split option for those who choose. Do you prefer playing in a group setting? Teams of red and blue compete for control of three of the four turrets. Do you yearn for more power? Choose the Mothership setting.


What is the top 10 io games?

  1. Agar.io. This picture was taken from the website agar.io
  2. Slither.io. (Slither.io)… (Image credit)
  3. Diep.io. In this image, courtesy of Diep.io,
  4. Gats.io. (Image courtesy of Gats.io)…
  5. Brutal.io. (Image courtesy of Brutal.io)…
  6. Gartic.io. Images by Gartic.io can be found here
  7. Warbot.io. (Warbot.io)… (Image credit)
  8. Zombs.io. This image is courtesy of Zombs.io and is copyrighted.

What does .io stand for in games?

British Indian Ocean Territory’s domain name is.io, which stands for input/output. ” In the form of IO games, this domain has grown in favor among startups and online entertainment.”

How the .io game phenomenon went viral?

Due to the game’s basic yet intense gameplay principles, it became extremely popular very quickly. However, it was only until the game was taken up by well-known Internet gaming streamers on Twitch and Youtube that it went genuinely viral. PewDiePie, a well-known YouTuber, was particularly taken with the game.