Updated at: 05-06-2023 - By: Leo Hall
This list of the best upcoming MMORPGs is sure to pique the interest of any MMO gamer.

Failures and ambitious games that never got the attention or funding they desperately needed litter the history of massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs).

In 2022, however, the industry has changed due to the enduring popularity of MMORPGs like World of Warcraft Classic and Final Fantasy XIV.

The best new MMORPGs and upcoming sandbox MMORPGs will be featured on this list, along with the best upcoming MMORPGs overall.

We plan to add more games to this list in the future, so check back often and let us know if we forgot any of your anticipated MMOs.

What Does MMORPG Stand For?

Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs) are a subgenre of video games that merge traditional role-playing game (RPG) mechanics with those of persistent online game servers.

Despite their similar names, massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) are distinguished from massively multiplayer online battle arenas (MMOs) by their focus on social and role-playing elements, such as character creation and player progression. Players of massively multiplayer online role-playing games commonly abbreviate MMORPGs to “MMO,” but not every MMORTS is an RPG. Furthermore, many MMORPG titles have abbreviations or acronyms that are used by subcultures as internet slang, such as WoW for World of Warcraft or EQ for Everquest.

Best Upcoming Mmorpgs

Destiny’s Sword

Date of Publication: September 1, 2022

In the upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game Destiny’s Sword, squad tactics are more important than raw firepower.

This is due to the game’s innovative social mechanics, which give players responsibility for their squad’s emotional and physical health as they lead them into battle against hostile factions.

Destiny's Sword on Steam

Your character will develop mental illnesses as the war continues, which will have a negative impact on their team’s morale and performance in combat.

As a “community-first MMO,” Destiny’s Sword prioritizes the success of your team over your own.

Blue Protocol

Date of Publication: To Be Announced

Bandai Namco is developing and publishing an anime-themed MMORPG called Blue Protocol for a release in Japan only later this year, with a possible international rollout in the works.

The game is still in its early stages of development, but its closed beta status indicates that things are moving along smoothly so far.

The plot involves time travel, a strange light called Engram, and a long-lost civilization called the Bafarians, all of which take place on the planet Regnus.

There are currently four playable character classes in Blue Protocol, each with their own unique set of abilities and focuses, such as spellcasting or elemental specialization (air, fire, earth, etc.).


Date of Publication: To Be Announced

The upcoming Palia gives off the same kind of chill vibe that is so prevalent in most massively multiplayer online games.

It’s a fantasy RPG with elements from Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley like open world exploration, social features, and farming.

The game’s world has a homey aesthetic and an inviting atmosphere that’s hard to find in other massively multiplayer online role-playing games.

It puts you in the role of one of many recently revived humans tasked with discovering and reestablishing a magical and mysterious world that had been thought lost forever.

The Day Before

The date of release is currently unknown.

Survival in a post-pandemic United States rife with flesh-eating infected and untrustworthy survivors is the focus of The Day Before, an upcoming open-world MMO.

Your protagonist has amnesia and must fend for themselves while searching for the truth.

You’ll search through wrecked cars, houses, and other structures for weapons and supplies as you fight your way through a once-beautiful world gone mad.

Despite the lack of an official release date, the game’s current state of polish has left us wondering if the final product will maintain this level of quality.


Date of Publication: To Be Announced

Corepunk is a cyberpunk, steampunk, dark fantasy, and science fiction MMORPG in development from the top down.

A physical fog-of-war restricts your character’s field of view and four distinct cultures inhabit the game’s persistent universe.

This inspires adventuring and produces novel approaches to combat with the enemy.

To keep you interested and coming back for more, Corepunk also includes more traditional MMO features like professions, guilds, dungeons, raids, a karma system, and more.


Time of Publication Announcement

To set itself apart from similar games, Fractured aims to be the first open-world sandbox massively multiplayer online role-playing game to feature both real-time combat and fully interactive environments.

It’s unconventional in that your character’s strength is based on their abilities rather than their gear or their level.

The bulk of your time will likely be spent exploring the world, completing quests, crafting new items, trading with other players, constructing settlements with your guild, or engaging in PvP combat.

The three playable races in Fractured each have their own unique effects on the game’s mechanics beyond simply increasing or decreasing your character’s abilities.

Ashes of Creation

To Be Announced: Release Date

The upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game from Intrepid looks promising based on the alpha demo.

It features in-engine footage of one of the game’s raid bosses and a novel node system that allows players to populate the game’s world map with their own homes and invest in a variety of properties, from farms to mansions.

The ability to raid castles, complete with support for guilds and massive battles, is another standout feature.

Intrepid’s approach to a player-driven economy and property ownership suggests the game is on the cusp of something great, while Ashes of Creation’s high fantasy aesthetic may pull it a bit too close to a generic-looking territory.

Camelot Unchained

To Be Announced: Release Date

Camelot Unchained, an Arthurian fantasy massively multiplayer online game, has been in development for about six years.

So far, we know that players can side with the Arthurians, the Tuatha De Danann, or the Vikings.

From there, players can engage in a wide range of activities, such as multi-realm battles, base construction, trading, and weapon/armor crafting.

Even though the game is still in beta, players have a better idea of what to expect from Camelot Unchained in the future.

City of Titans

Date of Publication: To Be Announced

Developer Missing Worlds Media spent the last six years making a spiritual successor to the wildly popular superhero MMO City of Heroes, and it’s called City of Titans.

Players can make their own unique hero or villain and start shaping their adventures through branching paths, much like in CoH.

Flying, teleportation, super strength, and laser vision are just a few of the many superhero cliches represented in the game’s arsenal of abilities.

The latest developer update shows improvements to the game’s user interface and character creation tools, but the game is still a long way from being finished or even playable.


The exact date of its release is still unknown.

Elyon is a future massively multiplayer online game being created by Bluehole, the developers of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

The player embarks on a quest to find a new home in the game’s vast open world, which is set in a steampunk fantasy setting.

However, players will need to take to the skies on a variety of highly modifiable hover vehicles and flying mounts in order to make their way through the mostly vertical environments of Elyon.

The use of mechs, anti-air artillery, and cannons from ground bases further lends an air of epic fantasy to the wars fought on a grand scale in Elyon.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

Date of Publication: To Be Announced

Another upcoming massively multiplayer online game (MMO) that features swords and sorcery is called Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.

Players will assume the role of a once-great hero who has been stripped of their abilities and sent on a journey to Terminus, a world filled with dangerous enemies and ancient artifacts just waiting to be discovered.

Many of the most rewarding quests in the game can only be accomplished with a full party of players working together.

Pantheon’s strategic combat system is its strongest suit; it does away with the option to rotate abilities and forces players to think through their moves in detail.

World of Warcraft Dragonflight Expansion

Blizzard has announced Dragonflight, a massive new World of Warcraft expansion.

Blizzard keeps trying to win us over by updating and improving the game and reintroducing previously removed World of Warcraft features. Especially considering Blizzard’s announcement that level 70 will now be the new maximum for characters.

Blizzard published a massive, detailed game release report that details every new feature, class, area, and other addition to the game. For your convenience, let us briefly review them so you can get back to fighting, looting, and exploring.


Blizzard has revealed the first-ever creature class, the Dracthyr Evoker, which is essentially a new creature type bound to a class specifically designed for its creature type. Although the Neltharion intended for him to use the power of all five dragons, he ended up with only one. With the dragon class beginning at level 58, will this new creature class live up to our expectations?

With these new dragons, players will be able to switch between a humanoid appearance and a fearsome dragon humanoid appearance that, according to Blizzard, will be fully customizable to fit the player’s style and personality.

While in dragon form, the Dracthyr Evokers can fly over the landscape and the battlefield with ease, and their claws can be used as devastating weapons.

The Dracthyr Evokers will gain two new specializations inspired by the expansion’s mysterious and loreful new dragon species.

Blizzard says the Devastation specialization is the best option for damage dealers because it draws on the might of the Red Dragonflight and the potency of the Blue Dragonflight’s magic.

If you’re more interested in healing, however, the Preservation specialization is the way to go, as it combines the Green Dragonflight’s healing abilities with the Bronze Dragonflight’s ability to manipulate time to cast heals more quickly and more often.

Blizzard has added a new spell type called Empower, which makes fighting, battling, raiding, and questing as these powerful dragon creatures an entirely new ballgame.

The ability to charge spells by holding a key has been added to World of Warcraft. The ability to long hold spells to cast stronger, more powerful spells with the chance to hit additional targets, or cast faster, slightly less powerful spells, gives the player more control and flexibility.

New Dragon Flying Mounts

Blizzard is updating the flying experience by adding realistic elements, such as dragons, while players have been using flying mounts in-game since the Burning Crusade expansion.

The new Drakes of the 4 Dragon Isles serve as the basis for these fully customizable mounts, which can be tailored to reflect the rider’s individuality. The time spent playing the game to reach maximum level in the dragon-riding skill will be rewarded with the satisfaction of finally accomplishing something.

NEW DRAGONRIDING MOUNT - ALL Customization Options - WoW Dragonflight 10.1  - YouTube

Gravity, which causes you to slow down as you climb and speed up as you descend, is Blizzard’s latest attempt to make World of Warcraft feel more grounded in reality. Some players are concerned that the new attributes will alter the in-game times they have grown accustomed to, specifically those who rely on fly speeds for their daily grinds on the dairy farm.

As part of their effort to make the game feel more realistic, Blizzard has implemented fatigue while flying, which improves along with your dragon-riding proficiency.

The improved agility and capabilities of these mounts will add a whole new dimension to aerial combat. While Blizzard brings back the concept of max leveling with the promise that leveling up while riding a dragon will unlock powerful new abilities.

The Dragon Isles

Players can now discover the lost magic of the Dragonflight and the mysteries of the ancient continent of The Dragon Isles. There is a lot of mystery surrounding the Dragon Isles campaign and storyline, but Blizzard has promised a lot of content. While we wait, we hope that the developers will soon tell us more about what to expect from this new area, which will feature four new zones, and whether or not the story will have any ties to the Shadowlands expansion and storyline.

There will be four new zones for players to explore, quest in, and fight across in the Dragon Isles. The lands of Azeroth are where the expansion is said to take place. While the landscape and narrative of each zone are unique, travel between them is possible from either Orgimar or
Blizzard says it’s the same as Stormwind.

The Waking Shores is the first of four zones in this expansion’s questlines, and it’s where you’ll get your first look at the expansive new lands and the new dragon magic they generate. Both the Horde and the Alliance have begun their journey here in search of this newfound magic. Queen Alexstrasza, the Life-bender, and her Red Dragonflight are introduced here. It is also rumored to be the Black Dragonflight’s ancestral home. There is so much mystery and magic in this land that we have to wait and see what happens.

The Ohn’ahran Plains, named after the god of the wind, are the second stop on your journey through the Dragon Isles. The Green Dragonflight will likely make their debut appearance here. While Centaur led by Maruuk and Teera keep the Green Dragonflight hidden in the coves. We’ll have to earn the Centaur’s trust and fight alongside them against the Protodragons that plague the land before we can hope to defeat them.

The Azure Span is the third region you’ll visit in The Dragon Isles and is home to the Blue Dragonflight. Given the overall dragon theme, it makes sense that this area will have the largest change in elevation of any zone currently being developed in World of Warcraft. Players can expect a coastal vibe in Grizzly Hills among the redwoods, but they’ll quickly find themselves in a snowy tundra as they climb to a higher altitude.

Players will find Thaldraszus as they near the end of their quest and begin to reap the benefits of this new land. Here, in the main home of the dragons of all fractions, you can expect beautiful intact buildings while the rest of these new lands are in ruins. This is also where the players will find the lair of the Bronze Dragonflight. Valdraken, as the largest city in the region, serves as the economic and cultural center of the region. You can find lots of people in the typical city hub, either at the auction house or making their own stuff.

New dungeons, such as Neltharus Stronghold, where players fight against the ancient Black Dragonflight to reclaim the stronghold, have been announced by Blizzard for dungeon and raid players, so they need not worry. According to blizzard, players will be able to do things like defend the life pools of the Red Dragonflight, explore previously undiscovered chambers of ULdanman, and more. So many new options for serious and new gamers alike seem to be coming from Blizzard, including the ability to raid into the ancient dragon prison of the primal incarnates, before players can relish their power against the Dragon Aspect.

Talent Tree Update

The talent tree from the original World of Warcraft has been brought back and completely reworked by Blizzard. This time, the trees will be separated into two groups, letting you zero in on exactly the sort of traits you want to see in any given character you create for our class.

Class utility and your preferred play style (healing, damage, or tanking) will be the primary foci of the first talent tree you’ll use to flesh out your character. Blizzard says you’ll also have an extra point to put into the class tree at the outset.

Talent selection for specializations will be more like the current system in World of Warcraft in the second talent tree. Also, the developers are working to make the classes more adaptable to the build and spec preferences of the players.

They insist that they are making these efforts to restore player agency while protecting the dynamic talent system we enjoy at the moment. They are also adding features that make it easier to save and load out builds for later use, whether you’re raiding, plowing through dungeons with friends, or engaging in fierce PVP. They even let you save under different names and load them quickly so you can switch between them on the fly, letting you customize your experience based on how you play and the circumstances at hand.

Profession Re-Design

The occupations that involve extensive hunting and crafting are universally admired. Some items, when fully leveled, can be extremely lucrative in the auction house, in stacks for dungeon or PVP runs, or both. They have announced a plethora of new enhancements and features for the system.

A new system, known as crafting orders, is currently being implemented. As a result, players who don’t yet have the required level can still participate in higher-level crafting to some extent. It’s now possible for players to make requests of other players who have the necessary skill level or recipe. The items are crafted in front of you or by an NPC who brings them to the auction house to fulfill the orders, with the requesting players providing some or all of the ingredients. Valdrakken, the new city hub on the Dragon Isles, will also feature crafting tables so that players can place orders with one another in person.

You can now send orders to random players, to members of your guild, to friends, or to specific players if you know they are at the appropriate level to complete the craft or have the recipe. I think it’s cool that players can have items crafted by other players and have them soul bound to their character, opening up a whole new inventory to players who haven’t built up all the professions.

Finally, Blizzard has implemented a resource quality and crafting quality system. Crafting with better-quality materials will result in stronger items with greater or longer-lasting effects at all quality levels, which will, in my opinion, breathe new life into the profession.

Blizzard seems to be putting a lot of emphasis on letting players personalize their characters, so it’s no surprise that the profession is getting more room for specialization. A blizzard says this is for both crafting and gathering, so separate statistics are allowed for each. While it’s not new that crafting will let you focus on one profession at a time, the addition of new ways to earn experience for your professions is exciting. According to Blizzard, players will be able to learn how to specialize their crafting in World of Warcraft by stumbling across books or talking to NPCs in the game’s world.

As a final touch, Blizzard is implementing Profession-specific gear that players can automatically switch to when performing certain gathering or crafting tasks like mining or herb gathering. They also noted that the equipment doesn’t require any extra storage space, which is great news for anyone trying to build a profession while traveling.

System Updates

Blizzard regularly updates the game’s user interface (UI) and adds new UI options and features with each expansion. Blizzard has promised a plethora of system updates to bring the game up to date. With this new release, they are putting out a lot.

They are adding a lot of the addons that players love and that are essential for dungeon runs and PVP. This will be great for players who aren’t familiar with add-ons and will bring the ideal of customizable gameplay that Blizzard has been pushing for a while now.

As part of the visual overhaul, a slightly expanded minimap, health bars, and action bars will be introduced. The teaser images also show that they included more modern art graphics in the game, such as action bar griffons or wyverns, which look great.

Whether you’re into basic gameplay or want to optimize for serious gamers, you’ll appreciate the extra screen real estate and the enhanced gameplay that comes from being able to reposition more of the HUD’s elements.

The latest content update from Blizzard appears to be a complete rework of the game, giving players greater control over how their characters look and play.

To restore World of Warcraft to its former glory, the development team is bringing back and maintaining features that players loved in the game’s early days.

They have pretty big shoes to fill, and we hope Blizzard doesn’t disappoint, but only time will tell if this new expansion will actually help or hinder the resurgence of World of Warcraft. Comment on Blizzard’s latest expansion and share your ideas for restoring Wow’s former glory.

Dual Universe

Date of Release: Currently in Beta, Final Release Set for 2021
Novaquark, the developer
Novaquark, Inc.
Instances: PC

Every building and ship in the upcoming MMORPG Dual Universe will be created by players themselves within the game’s virtual universe. It’s a sandbox in which players are responsible for creating their own civilizations, economies, trade routes, and armies. Players will have to make their own foes (or defend themselves from those made by others) in order to play.

This means that players will make their own alliances, establish their own civilizations, and possibly use their military to keep others from gaining access to scarce resources. Infinite potential exists.

In Dual Universe, for the first time, players will have the opportunity to actively shape the game’s universe. And right now, it’s tough to say whether that’s a good or bad sign. On the one hand, we share a common passion for construction and handiwork. However, there are griefers, which has been an issue with games like this in the past. No one knows how Novaquark plans to stop trolls from ruining their game.

A continuous single shard server means you can play with millions of other players, rather than thousands, making this an intriguing concept. There is only a single, enormous server, not a network of smaller ones. There are comparisons to Eve Online, as well as Minecraft and No Man’s Sky. So, you can basically include us.

Right now, the game is in its beta form. To learn more, click here.

Mad World

Date of Release Unknown, Currently in Alpha Testing
Jandisoft, Inc.
Jandisoft, Inc.
PC, Mobile Devices, Etc.

Mad World is a future 2D isometric MMORPG with a dystopian theme. It was designed to work on multiple platforms and is therefore browser-based. It’s got a distinct hand-drawn art style that looks gritty, and it’s going to have a weapons-based system without classes.

The above trailer also provides a glimpse of the game’s extensive skill tree.

Here you can keep up with Mad World as it unfolds.

Starborne: Frontiers

Date of Publication: May, 2022
Solid Clouds, the developer
Solid Clouds, the publisher
PC, Mobile Devices, Etc.

The real-time strategy game Starborne has spawned a massively multiplayer online adaptation called Starborne: Frontiers. It’s a persistent space MMORPG where you and your friends embark on missions across the galaxy and engage in PvE and PvP activities together.


The release date is set for 2021.
Created by: Frozenbyte
Frozenbyte, Inc.
Instances: PC

Starbase, a science fiction space MMO featuring robots, spaceships, and mega-sized space stations, was recently announced by developer Frozenbyte.

Since the Steam page only appeared this morning, we don’t have much information to share. On the listing page, however, you can watch an announcement trailer and click through to their website for additional information.

The developers have stated on the official site that everything in Starbase can be destroyed or dismantled with the proper equipment and methods.

Play and interact with thousands of players” is about all the site has to say about the potential user base.

Participating players will aid either the Empire or the Kingdom in their conflict. When the game finally releases, hopefully players won’t have to pick between those two options alone.

Starbase’s building mechanics seem to be the most intriguing part of the game. The official website claims that players will have complete freedom in designing their own ships and buildings, down to the bolts. This has the potential to open up a lot of new avenues for innovation; here’s hoping it holds up in practice as well as it does on paper.

In keeping with the genre, there appears to be an enormous universe to explore and exploit.

The announcement trailer doesn’t show much variety in either the environments or the gameplay itself. Visually, it’s also a bit rough around the edges.

The game has been in stealth development for five years, but it’s still in the early stages of alpha testing, so there’s plenty of time to get everything just right before releasing it to the public. We’ll be eager to get our hands on it as soon as possible, so stay tuned for updates as we gather more details.

Project TL

TBA 2021 for the release date.
NCSoft, the Developer
NCSoft, Publisher.
Personal Computers

The progress on Project TL is astounding. NCSOFT just sent us the reveal trailer at the end of last year, and it was excellent. There are a lot of visually interesting concepts to mull over, such as colorful abilities, abilities that look different from anything we’ve seen before, and a fantastic top-down perspective that’s rarely seen in the genre. A character is also seen climbing up the side of a large, crumbling building, suggesting both verticality and scalability.

This new iteration of the game, which was formerly known as Lineage Eternal, will be powered by the Unreal Engine 4. There’s no way it’ll come out this year, but maybe by the end of the year we’ll see a beta. NCSOFT, please give us that.

The fact that NCSOFT is the publisher raises red flags because of the company’s checkered history. Most recently, they dissatisfied us with their handling of WildStar, which is closing down. The company’s recent closure of ArenaNet, which will be merged with NCSoft West, does not bode well.

Despite NCSOFT’s announcement in December 2019 that Project TL’s closed beta would begin in the first half of 2020, its full release is not expected until at least 2021.

Lost Ark

Early 2022 for the United States
Smilegate, Inc., Developer.
Smilegate, the publisher
Instances: PC

Lost Ark is a fantasy-themed action MMORPG currently in development, with a release date of 2017 being widely anticipated. That didn’t work out, and they’re still in closed beta as of right now.

We’re dying to see more, but there has been no word on when it might be shown in the West. It moves quickly and purportedly places a premium on discovery. What we’ve seen in the footage so far is stunning.

Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG

We also don’t know for sure if it’ll be released in the West, though fans have asked for it and it seems likely that it will be.

Project Gorgon

Elder Game, LLC, the developer
Elder Games, LLC is the publisher.
Early Access is Live, Final Release Date TBD
Personal Computers
Fantasy/Survival Horror

This fantasy role-playing game is currently in Steam’s Early Access, but our low expectations stem from graphics so bad they would make the original Xbox blush. If you can look past the game’s ugliness, you may find a hidden gem: it has an ambitious skill-based leveling system that will let you break away from the standard practice of assigning characters to predetermined classes.

The developers advertise that they won’t be explaining everything for you, so you’ll have to figure out how things work on your own. An intriguing feature that I don’t recall seeing in any other MMORPG is the ability to buy items that other players have sold to Shopkeepers.

Surprisingly, over 280 reviewers on Steam have given the game a “Very Positive” rating, so there is still hope. We are aware of it and will be on the lookout for it for the time being.

Untitled Alien MMO Shooter

Studio Cold Iron, the developer
Who is the publisher:?
Date of Publication: To Be Announced

The news that Cold Iron Studios is developing a “massively multiplayer online shooter” in the Alien universe follows this morning’s announcement of Alien: Blackout, a mobile game (yeck). The developers of the upcoming Alien MMORPG have yet to reveal the game’s working title.

We have made inquiries to see if we can learn more about it, but as of this writing, there is no information available.

Crimson Desert Doesn’t Appear to be an MMO

You may be wondering why we didn’t include the stunningly beautiful Crimson Desert; this is because Pearl Abyss is now advertising it as an open-world action-adventure, and not the massively multiplayer online role-playing game in which we were first introduced many years ago. It would appear that the industry has shifted its focus away from massively multiplayer online role-playing games and onto more traditional open world adventure games.

If you were wondering if Crimson Desert is an MMORPG, I’m here to tell you that it is not.

5 Characteristics of MMORPG Video Games

Although there are a wide variety of MMORPGs, the majority of them have the following features in common:

  1. First, most MMORPGs have multiplayer components, meaning that you’ll have to work with other players to accomplish goals like completing quests or defeating bosses.
  2. Some massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) charge a monthly fee to play, while others are free to play. Microtransactions are typically used to sell cosmetic items or character enhancements.
  3. Third, almost always you can make a character from scratch and give them unique abilities. Players can more fully immerse themselves in the role of a warrior or thief in the fantasy world thanks to character customization.
  4. Fourth, your playable character will level up as you progress through the game, granting you access to greater power and improved abilities. Leveling up in video games typically entails accumulating experience points through quest completion or monster killing. In most massively multiplayer online role-playing games, there is no definitive conclusion to the story.
  5. 5. Open-world gameplay: In this type of game, players are free to roam the world at their own pace in search of items, characters, and quests. When a new player logs in, they’ll find themselves in the same virtual world as everyone else.

5 Tips on Streaming MMORPGs with Streamloots

1. Incorporate the Social Aspect of the Game in your Interactions

There’s a key distinction between MMORPGs and other game types that’s reflected in the name of the genre itself. Due to the nature of massively multiplayer games, it is essential that players from all over the world be able to interact with one another in real time.

Remember this as you build your decks, and modify individual cards as necessary to accommodate the wide variety of possible interactions with other players. These can take many forms, from surprising your enemies with acts of kindness to provoking them to question your motives.

2. Keep the Challenge and Punishment Balanced

We’re well aware that MMORPGs provide the ideal setting for viewers to enjoy inflicting challenges and punishments upon you. The games in this genre typically feature a wide variety of gameplay elements, giving your viewers plenty of opportunities to interact with you and throw you challenges (or even trolling requests) in the form of requests.

There is one crucial takeaway from the best MMORPG streamers in this regard: always maintain command of the action. In order to avoid having your game become unnecessarily difficult or drawn out due to the punishments or obstacles your viewers throw at you, it is important to keep card balance in mind. Don’t forget to include cards like this, which force you to play without a mount for a few minutes or prevent you from using a certain spell, but make sure to keep their duration short.

3. Legendary Cards for Legendary Moments

The raids and dungeons with the highest drop rates and best loot are typically where the most memorable quests and moments occur in MMORPGs. Then why not link legendary quests to legendary cards?

Having one or two legendary or epic cards can help focus your content in a certain direction, whether that be arena play, running a specific dungeon, or farming for a specific drop. By involving the audience in the creation of your quests, you can give your collection of rarer cards a significant boost in value.

4. Get Your Community Involved!

We’ve discussed the social aspects of MMORPGs, but with Streamloots cards, you can take things one step further by having your community participate in the very actions that earn them rewards. Not only will this increase the quality of your content, but it will also strengthen your relationship with your audience, making it more worthwhile for them to subscribe to and support your channel.

Many of the fantastic suggestions we’ve received for making MMORPGs like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV more interactive for viewers have been incorporated into our official Original Collections. Find out what you can do with the help of your audience to achieve a common goal.

5. Character Building

Finally, make some cards available to let your viewers influence these choices; there are few types of games better suited to character development than an MMO. Publish cards that can determine your characters’ abilities, appearances, weapons, and clothing at some point in your adventures.

Ideas can have any sort of significance or rarity for your audience. Cards that only affect the character’s appearance, like a new haircut, belong in the common or uncommon rarity range, while those that affect the player’s strategy belong in the rare or legendary range.