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In search of some new brain-twisting strategy games? Come explore the most anticipated 2022 strategy games with us!

You’re probably looking forward to playing the best upcoming strategy games of 2022 if you enjoy coming up with new ways to outwit your opponents.

This year has a lot of promising-looking strategy games in a variety of genres, from turn-based to real-time, from 4X to city builder.

In this article, we will highlight the most anticipated strategy games for 2022, including upcoming turn-based strategy games and strategy RPGs, in chronological order of their release dates.

Keep checking back for updates, and if we’ve forgotten any of your favorite recent strategy games, be sure to let us know!

What is a “strategy game?”

The outcome of your game will be determined by strategy, not chance. This means that the players’ ability to make strategic decisions is crucial to the outcome of the game. When used excessively, elements of chance can distort the playing field, as one player may experience a run of good rolls while another suffers a run of bad ones. Victory comes from better decisions, and the experience for skilled players is greatly enhanced when they are given the freedom to choose their own actions.

These abilities in making choices are not acquired by chance; rather, they are the product of deliberate design on the part of game designers. Multiple options per turn, the relative value of which may or may not be known, is a hallmark of a well-designed game. Different strategies can be formulated by players at the outset of the game, or as the game’s state changes, if the game is good. Games where players are eliminated frequently are not recommended because good games give all players a sense that they are competitive throughout the entire game.

TOP 5 Upcoming Strategy Games of 2022 - MGW: Video Game Guides, Cheats,  Tips and Tricks

What are the main elements of a strategy game?

In this course, we create medium-weight, designer-style eurogames. Games in this genre have a strong focus on a central theme and feature gameplay that places a premium on player agency by providing them with a variety of options at each stage of the game. A well-designed video game should satisfy the player by conforming to their expectations. This is how I break it down for my students.

Theme is used in many games and refers to the incorporation of a specific topic or scenario world into the game. You can find board games based on just about any topic, from property development (Monopoly) to the defense of a castle from monsters (Castle Panic) to the pursuit of cheese by mice in a castle (Burg Appenzell) to monkeys driving bumper cars (Spin Monkeys). If you want to have fun while you’re designing games, it helps to pick a theme you enjoy. As a result, a game with players moving wooden cubes around on a board based on cards isn’t exciting, but working together to eradicate disease is really tense and exciting, and both are what make up the game Pandemic. While no one actually wants to play a video game in which they must flee a sinking island by swimming through waters teeming with sharks, whales, and other sea monsters, Survive! Atlantis: The Great Escape.

Because players can draw on their prior knowledge of the topic at hand, a compelling theme can also put them in a position to make smarter, more strategic choices. The outcomes of these games mimic the real-world repercussions of the player’s actions. In Risk, losing an army means discarding actual army pieces. Games don’t have to be based in reality for them to have themes that help players remember the rules. In Rampage, players move and attack with monster pawns by destroying buildings and hurling them across the board with their monster breath. Thankfully, our lives will never have to involve the destruction of cities by monsters, but the entertaining nature of the theme helps us to retain its basic rules, as they are consistent with what we already know from media depictions of such events.

You can also play abstract games instead of those with specific themes. Abstract games like Chess, Go, and Checkers don’t tell a story or try to replicate the real world in any way. Players of abstract strategy games are required to apply a methodical, rule-based line of reasoning to the problem at hand.

Because players are vying for the same finite pool of resources and opportunities, the game’s themes must be conducive to conflict. The game’s central conflict must be represented, such as the player’s quest to retrieve treasure from a labyrinth (The Amazing Labyrinth) or control a hot air balloon (Cloud 9) without crashing. The decisions players must make each turn—where to place a tile, whether or not to place a worker, whether or not to try to steal a city from another player in their next actions (Carcassonne)—should generate small-scale conflict throughout the game.

The Objectives are the predetermined conditions for victory. If the game is about penguins eating fish, the goal should be for the penguin to end up with the most fish by the end of the game (Hey, That’s My Fish!). Multiple conditions can signal the end of a game, such as the player reaching a certain score threshold or the game reaching its maximum number of rounds. The point of the game is to either complete your own goal or prevent another player from doing so.

The mechanics of a game are the rules and guidelines for how the game is actually played. While mechanics like “Roll and Move,” “Action Point Allowance,” “Set Collection,” and “Pattern Recognition” are among the most frequently used, game designers have come up with dozens of new and interesting mechanisms. In Niagara, players direct the flow of a river represented by transparent plastic disks. Game developers are always on the lookout for novel and unexpected gameplay features to include in game prototypes.

The game ends when the players reach the End Game Condition, which is a specific event, condition, or combination of those things. There are games where you have to win the most rounds to win, and there are games where you just have to win. Some come to an end when a certain number of points are earned or spent, while others conclude when a certain amount of money or territory is amassed. In other games, players must either complete a puzzle or eliminate all other players. To win a strategy game, you need to meet both the game’s objective and its end condition, which together form the victory condition.

The prototype is the board and bits given physical form to represent your ideas. The prototype should accurately represent the game’s theme and make use of the mechanics as little code as possible. The pawns, if meant to represent pirate ships, should have a design resembling those vessels. Additionally, the pirate ships should be a snug fit on the designated areas. The artwork ought to be appropriate to the subject matter, and the layout ought to be well thought out. The game space and player components are crucially important, and good designers give careful consideration to the number of regions, hexes, or squares, the different types of spaces available, and the way in which those spaces are used.

The game’s rules are its most crucial document. In fact, some argue that the rules themselves are the game, and that without them, there would be no such thing as a game at all. Successful rules are those that convey to players exactly what they need to know and do to play the game in the way that you intend. The rules need to be comprehensive and straightforward for players to enjoy themselves. There are usually many iterations of the rules manual.

How Are Strategy Games Different from Luck-Based Games?

The following components are present in nearly every strategy game, albeit to varying degrees:

  • Players win (or lose) based on their own strategic choices, not on chance.
  • No trivial knowledge is required, so everyone can play.
  • There are a variety of options available to players at any given turn, each with their own set of benefits and drawbacks.
  • Players can devise plans that will require a number of turns to execute.
  • The game is designed so that each new playthrough offers a unique experience.
  • Specific and attainable outcomes define wins and losses.

Best Upcoming Strategy Games

Card Shark

Date of Publication: June 2, 2022

Windows, Nintendo Switch, and the Mac

The upcoming indie game Card Shark combines elements of card strategy with action-adventure narrative.

It’s set in 18th-century France, and you play the part of a con artist who wants to rise to the very top of French society by any means necessary.

Before moving on to the high-stakes games among royalty, you’ll get a crash course in fleecing opponents using different card techniques in local card parlors.

In the future, if you cheat, you could lose your life, so be careful.

Starship Troopers: Terran Command

Launch Date: June 16th, 2022

Microsoft Windows

We’re hoping the upcoming Terran Command will have the same campy writing and satirical take on classic science fiction as the Starship Troopers movies.

It puts players in charge of the Mobile Infantry as they defend the Kwalasha people from an alien race called the Arachnids.

Combat in Terran Command is surprisingly deep for a licensed game, making use of battle mechanics like True Line of Sight/Fire and terrain elevation to expand players’ range of tactical options.

In addition, as they progress through the story campaign, players will gain access to a wide variety of specialized units, each with their own set of skills and arsenal.

Clash II

Date of Publication: September 2022

Microsoft Windows

Clash II, developed by Prime Bit Games, is a sequel to Leryx Longsoft’s Polish strategy RPG from 1998.

The game takes place in a fictional historical setting on the eve of war and is inspired by the Heroes of Might and Magic and Warlords series.

Players will explore the magical land of Karkhan almost fifty years after the events of the original, pledging allegiance to one of two opposing factions.

The campaign will feature turn-based battles that can be approached from a variety of angles, including diplomacy, technology, spirituality, and brute force.

Advance Wars 1 2: Re-Boot Camp

Date of Publication: Not Currently Known

Nintendo Switch as the system

There hasn’t been an Advance Wars game in over a decade, despite the series’ reputation as one of Nintendo’s best in the strategy genre.

Fortunately, that will change later in December when Advance Wars 1 2: Re-Boot Camp launches for the Switch.

It’s being billed as a total remaster of the first two games in the series, Advance Wars and AW2: Black Hole Rising, with improved visuals and a more streamlined experience.

Players take command of the Orange Star Army and lead them into battle, using a variety of ground, air, and sea-based units to conquer territory and eliminate enemy forces.

Company of Heroes 3

Date of Publication: To Be Announced

Windows Is The Platform

Company of Heroes 3 pits players against the harsh realities of WWII and is the third entry in the acclaimed tactical RTS series.

This time around, players will take on the role of General and lead their army into battle as tensions rise between Italy and North Africa.

In order to win, you’ll need to come up with innovative strategies that make full use of your ground, air, and naval forces and completely destroy your opponents.

Company of Heroes 3 features challenging online multiplayer battles in addition to a new Dynamic Campaign Map, which will introduce randomized elements to keep players on their toes.

Homeworld 3

The exact date of release is currently unknown.

Platforms: Still Undetermined

After experiencing a meteoric rise to fame in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Homeworld eventually faded after the release of Homeworld 2 in 2003.

While remasters of the original and its sequel were released in due time, players have been asking for a third game for quite some time.

Homeworld 3, which has been in development since 2019, continues the franchise’s tradition of science fiction with its unique blend of tactical combat and role-playing game mechanics.

As far as we can tell, the game will offer a sizable campaign that brings back a lot of the elements that made the first two Homeworld games so enjoyable.

Metal Slug Tactics

Date of Publication: Not Yet Determined

Windows, Nintendo Switch

Given that the Metal Slug series is best known for its retro run-and-gun games, the announcement of Metal Slug Tactics came as a surprise to many.

The trailer may not be the best judge of quality, but if it’s anything to go by, Leikir Studio has a real winner on their hands, one that takes obvious cues from titles like Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem.

The game will reportedly feature roguelike elements, which will make both gameplay and advancement feel new and exciting.

We’re willing to take a chance on Metal Slug when it releases later this year to see how well it meshes with tactical RPG gameplay.

Terminator: Dark Fate – Defiance

Indeterminate Release Date

Windows Is The Platform

Another announcement that came out of nowhere is the real-time strategy game Terminator: Dark Fate – Defiance. Players will be thrust into a conflict between humans and robots.

Common RTS elements like resource management, competing factions, and massive battles will be present in this game, which is currently in development by Cats Who Play.

The cinematic teaser and gameplay trailer that have been making the rounds online don’t reveal much else.

You should bookmark this page so you can check back for updates, and in the meantime, you can add it to your Steam wishlist.

Frostpunk 2

Indeterminate Release Date

Windows Is The Platform

After the incredible success of 11-bit Studios’ city-builder survival game Frostpunk, a sequel was inevitable.

Frostpunk 2 places you in the role of mayor of a brand new city on the verge of collapse 30 years after the apocalyptic blizzard that plunged humanity into hardship.

Finding a new source of power in the form of oil while negotiating political divisions among your people is essential if you want to keep your population alive.

Like the original, this sequel will require players to make difficult choices along the way in order to secure a brighter future for humanity.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Date of Publication: To Be Determined

Available on PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Switch.

Firaxis Games’ upcoming tactical turn-based game, Marvel’s Midnight Suns, aims to stand apart from the studio’s other titles, particularly XCOM.

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Midnight Suns’ most noticeable change is its card-based combat system, which limits heroes’ abilities to those found in randomized decks of cards.

You play the role of a playable hero named The Hunter, who joins forces with other Marvel heroes to prevent the demon queen Lillith from awakening a dark lord reminiscent of Cthulhu.

A central hub area allows you to build relationships with your party members and unlock special team combo attacks to use in battle.

Blood Bowl 3

The exact date of release is currently unknown.

Available on PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Switch.

Blood Bowl has always gone its own way, fusing elements of American football, turn-based strategy, and Warhammer lore.

Fans of the series will enjoy Blood Bowl 3’s many additions and upgrades, despite the fact that it is one of the more specialized games coming to Xbox.

To begin with, the game’s rules are faithful to those of the most recent board game edition, including all of the new abilities and passing changes.

There is also a new competitive PVP mode with league management tools and a customizable single-player campaign open to any of the 12 playable races.

Terra Invicta

Currently, we don’t have a release date.

Microsoft Windows

The developers of the XCOM 2 Long War mods are behind the new game, which aims to shake up the grand strategy genre.

Terra Invicta takes place in the not-too-distant future, and tasks the player with preventing the collapse of humanity by navigating the solar system, establishing a new space-based economy, and commanding a space fleet.

Play as one of seven ideological factions, each with its own vision for humanity’s future, and then lead the nations of Earth into space.

Battles with aliens, political conflicts between rival groups, and cutting-edge tech advancements are just some of the things you can look forward to as you progress through the story and build up your fleet.

Manor Lords

Date of Publication: To Be Announced

Windows Is The Platform

Manor Lords, scheduled for release this year, combines city-building with real-time strategy combat in a Medieval setting.

Players can broaden their horizons as cities prosper and populations rise, opening up new opportunities for trade routes, fortifications, and armies.

Settlements need constant upkeep to ensure there are enough resources to keep villagers happy and healthy, so success won’t happen overnight.

Keep in mind the unfortunate realities of the game, such as harsh weather, disease, and famine, as you play.

Mario Rabbids: Sparks of Hope

Date of Publication: To Be Announced

Switch, a Nintendo System

Featuring cameos from Nintendo’s classic characters and the always zany Rabbids, Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle was a refreshing take on the tactics genre.

Mario Rabbids: Sparks of Hope was announced at E3 2021, surprising many who did not think Nintendo and Ubisoft would return with a sequel despite the game’s success.

In it, Mario and company join forces with the Rabbids once more to save their adorable Spark allies from a new galactic threat.

There will be many new bosses, abilities, and skills, and the game’s combat system will be improved to give players more tactical leeway.

Jack Move

Date of Publication: To Be Announced

Windows, Nintendo Switch, and the Mac

Jack Move is a pixel art JRPG with an original cyberpunk story that takes inspiration from the classic Mega Man Battle Network games.

You play as Noa, a rebel hacker whose father goes missing under mysterious circumstances, and who soon finds herself embroiled in a web of murder, kidnapping, and twisted research.

Turn-based battles give players a chance to experiment with different tactics by altering the contents of Noa’s Cyber Deck as the fight progresses.

Because of this, she can switch between roles and customize her offensive, defensive, and buffing strategies, all while benefiting from hardware upgrades that boost her stats and grant her access to new abilities.

The Settlers

Date of Publication: To Be Announced

Windows Is The Platform

Ubisoft’s purchase of Blue Byte means that the city-building series The Settlers will be getting a complete reimagining in the near future.

The Settlers, the first new entry in over a decade, is currently in development. It is said to include a slew of features meant to revitalize the series.

Real-time strategy elements, most notably during fights, have been added to the game’s gameplay.

However, the primary goal remains the same: efficient population and resource management for your town.

Diplomacy is Not an Option

Some of the titles on this list are intended to be taken in jest, including Diplomacy is Not an Option. In this game, you play the part of a feudal lord whose castle has been besieged. Rather than try to negotiate an end to the siege with an inferior force, the lord has decided to “show’em who’s in charge.” Nothing else will pique your interest if that doesn’t. While Diplomacy is Not an Option is still in Steam’s early access phase, it has already demonstrated impressive potential. The first few levels are playable right now in early access, and a demo is available for download right now.


  • Eugen Systems, the publisher
  • System Designer: Eugene Systems
  • Windows, Microsoft’s Operating System
  • Date of Publication: January 20, 2022

Warno was designed to simulate a plausible scenario in which the Cold War became extremely hot.

To save the world from the evils of Communist Russia, you take control of a variety of NATO forces in this war simulation game.

The United States, Western Europe (including Britain and France), and the Soviet Union face off against East Germany and the West. You can choose a side and ensure victory by arming yourself with the most powerful units and well-thought-out plans.

Take in the action on a visually stunning battlefield and check out the variety of units at your disposal. Try out different strategies on the battlefield and see where the game takes you.

War Hospital

  • Studio of Bold Lamb, the Developer
  • Nacon, Bigben Interactive, Publishers
  • PC, XBox One, and PS5
  • Availability: 2022

When compared to the usual fare of war games, War Hospital offers a unique perspective. We’re in charge of the medical corps instead of the soldiers on the front lines. Players will engage in a life-or-death struggle during World War 1 to protect their fellow soldiers. You’ll set up a small base, send out troops into the mayhem of battle, and bring back wounded soldiers to the care centers. To give everyone a chance of making it back to safety when there are so few available resources and people willing to lend a hand, you’ll need to employ some careful planning.

Night is Coming

  • Studio Wild Forest is the developer.
  • Ravenscourt, Koch Media, Inc., Publisher.
  • Digital Personal Computer
  • Availability: 2022

Night is Coming places players in a fantasy world where they must survive and complete various simulations. In this world, you are responsible for overseeing a settlement as it develops through the phases of construction, resource gathering, population growth, agricultural development, and territorial expansion. On the other hand, this fantasy realm is also home to mythical monsters. Monsters that will soon rise up and attack your city and its inhabitants. Your job is to fortify your settlement against future attacks from wild animals by erecting new walls and strengthening existing ones.

Men of War II

  • Programming by BestWay
  • 1C Entertainment, Inc., Publishers
  • PC-Based System
  • Due out in 2022

In Men of War II, players enter a real-time strategy game set during World War II, where they can engage in online multiplayer or a story-driven campaign of epic proportions. When players head into battle, they’ll be armed with replicas of real-world weapons from the era. Meanwhile, reports suggest that both the Allies and the Soviets will play a major role in the campaign. Thankfully, the game will also feature robust mod support, allowing players to contribute their own original content in the form of custom levels and scenarios. There is no confirmed release date for the game as of yet; 2022 is just a rough estimate.

Terra Nil

  • The creator of Free Lives is:
  • Devolver Digital is the publisher.
  • PC-Based System
  • To Be Announced

Gorn, Genital Jousting, and Broforce were created by the same people responsible for Terra Nil. Compared to the other games by this studio, this one is surprisingly unique. It’s like being dropped into a peaceful city-builder game in the middle of a barren wasteland. You’ll need to devise a plan for creating a utopia from scratch. Creating flora, lakes, and rivers, and reintroducing animals, is part of this process. Obviously, catastrophe can occur at any time, forcing you to think quickly on your feet in order to save your work.

Stargate: Timekeepers

  • CreativeForge, Inc.
  • Slitherine, Inc., Publishers
  • PC-Based System
  • To Be Announced

Both the movies and the TV show based on the Stargate franchise were huge successes. Right this minute, a brand-new video game is being released. The events of Stargate: Timekeepers occur after the conclusion of Stargate SG-1’s seventh season. Here, we get a fresh adventure with story-driven objectives. When a mission to aid the Jaffra Resistance goes awry, players will take charge of a team of specialists to aid Commander Eva McCain and her squad. The group has been trapped in an endless loop of the past. From what we can tell so far, this is a single-player game in which the player makes a number of decisions that affect the course of events. The development team hasn’t announced when the game will be released, but we’re crossing our fingers that 2022 doesn’t end without it.

Endless Dungeon

  • Amplitude Studios, the creators
  • Creator: Sega
  • Included Systems: Personal Computer, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch
  • To Be Announced

There will soon be a new game in the Endless series called Endless Dungeon. This time around, players must work together in order to explore a derelict space station in a rogue-lite tactical action game. The shipwrecked passengers will discover, to their dismay, that there are hostile alien species present on this space station. At the time this game description was written, we hadn’t seen much recent gameplay. Similarly, we have no idea when this game will actually be released. Fans of the Endless series, however, will likely be eager to read this new entry. When it finally does come out, hopefully it will bring in some new fans of the IP.

Falling Frontier

  • Stutter Fox Studios, the creators.
  • Hooded Horse is the publisher.
  • PC-Based System
  • Launch Date: 2022

In the upcoming real-time strategy game Falling Frontier, humanity has splintered into warring factions. In this game, your army has traveled to a distant star system and built a spaceport there. It won’t be long before you realize that other groups have also shown up. Now is the time to go to war in order to amass supplies and grow your fleet. Like most real-time strategy games, a lot of forethought is required. You need to gather supplies and construct your army and outposts. But there’s always somebody else to raid for supplies or fight over territory with. Since you’ll be in space, you can choose from a variety of ships. Shoot carefully, use asteroids as cover, aim for supply lines, or hope a shot ricochets off your ship and into the target’s ship.

Knights of Honor II: Sovereign

  • Black Sea Games, the creators
  • THQ Nordic is the publisher.
  • Machine Type: Personal Computer
  • Not Available.

The name “Knights of Honor” has been around for quite some time. We’ve been waiting since the game’s 2004 release for a sequel, and now we’re getting one. Another massively multiplayer online strategy game set in the Middle Ages. Here, players assume the role of a king bent on conquering and unifying Europe under his rule. Players will begin the game with a nation and work to overcome the many difficulties that will inevitably arise. You get to decide how you’ll govern your people. The road to a prosperous victory is yours to choose; it can be paved with war, the formation of a strategic alliance, diplomacy, or religious control. An official release date for this game has not yet been announced. Different gameplay features have been highlighted by the developers over the past year, and we expect that trend to continue throughout 2022. All of us here at KoH HQ are crossing our fingers that 2022 will also be the year that Knights of Honor II: Sovereign is released.

Old World

  • Mohawk Games, the creators
  • Hooded Horse is the publisher.
  • Host System: Personal Computer
  • Launch Date: 2022

The upcoming 4X strategy game Old World will focus on establishing a dynasty that will last for many years. You’ll begin with a small kingdom and build a dynasty that you hope will continue long after you’re gone. After that, you’ll try to forge alliances, start families, and appoint key figures to lead various departments of your kingdom as you construct an empire. This game also features some randomization to ensure that each playthrough is unique. For instance, the creators have acknowledged that technological progress is not predestined. The developers have also made it clear that they welcome mods to enhance the game after it has been released. There is currently no confirmed release date for this title, but it is expected to arrive this year.

Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters

  • Complex Games, the creator
  • Frontier Foundry is the publisher.
  • Computer-Based System
  • Availability: 2022

This year sees the release of yet another Warhammer 40,000 video game, titled Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters. This is a remake of the 1998 game Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate, which was the first in the series. Players take control of Grey Knights—virtual space marines—in an epic struggle against the forces of Nurgle. Players fight for the survival of humanity as a deadly plague known as the Bloom spreads throughout the galaxy. As far as we can tell, this is going to be a turn-based strategy game, and its release date is still set for this year. That being said, the creators have been keeping players informed via a variety of updates, including those posted on YouTube. We recently received a display of the various enemy displays you’ll be facing, from the Poxwalker to the Helebrute. You can get a better sense of their structure and the abilities they’ll need to use against players in these short videos.

Dune: Spice Wars

  • Shiro Games, the creators.
  • Games by Funcom and Shiro Games
  • PC-Based System
  • Availability: Early Access in 2022

Dune: Spice Wars, a 4X real-time strategy game, will be released this year. In this game, we’re in charge of a group operating in the desert planet of Arrakis. The point is to get a hold of the Spices and make a killing. To remain on top, however, you must eliminate other groups, armies, and monsters. Even though you’ll be able to do things like go on quests, find loot, search for new and exciting areas, and fight over territory, this year won’t see the release of the full game. Instead, the developers are releasing the game in early access, which means that some features and content won’t become available until after the game has already been released. However, we also do not know when this early access game will be made available. As of right now, all we can do is sit tight and hope that we get to explore Arrakis before the year is out.

Total War: Warhammer III

  • Created by: Creative Assembly
  • Feral Interactive, a Sega Company; Sega.
  • PC-Based System
  • Due out on February 17th, 2022

A new mainline Total War: Warhammer game is finally arriving this year after a long wait. The third and final installment in the Total War: Warhammer series, this time taking players to the realm of Chaos. We haven’t gotten all the details yet, but there are more than the four groups you might be used to. Total War: Warhammer III, on the other hand, will feature six playable factions upon its release, including the four Chaos Gods, Kislev, and Cathay. We also anticipate that the map size will be significantly larger than in previous games in the series, meaning that you and your friends will have even more content to explore. Despite this, the game will still feature real-time tactics and take place in the Realm of Chaos, where all magic originates.

Total War: WARHAMMER III on Steam

How Get Better at Strategy Games

If you want to improve your performance in strategy games, consider the following methods.

1. Mimic the Best Player At Strategy Games

There’s always one person in the group who comes out on top. You give them the evil eye and listen to their gloating as they score the final point and advance their pawn to victory. The thought crosses your mind, “one day it will be me.” But alas, that time never arrives.

If there’s one person who consistently takes first place in your group, you should strive to surpass them. I know it’s easier to say than to do. They might have innate talent for board games, or they might have some skills you lack. Please pause for a moment of reflection. How come they never lose?

It’s time to do some soul-searching and figure out what it is that’s holding you back from becoming a great player of strategy games. You need to throw a monkey wrench into your opponent’s plans because they are doing better than you. It’s likely that they’re an expert in this particular area. In other words, the ability to read people.

Read People to Become Better at Strategy Games

To be the “best player,” you need to be an expert at reading personalities. This, I wager, is why one member of your group keeps prevailing. They can anticipate your every move and read your mind.

Adjusting your play requires thinking about and comprehending the intentions and moves of other players. Put your own needs aside. It’s important to keep an eye out for what other players are trying to accomplish so you can foil their plans. If you play your cards right, this could be your ticket to a prosperous future and even victory.

Here’s a case in point. You have probably played the board game “Ticket to Ride” at least once. You should feel bad if you haven’t already. Of course you should give it a shot, I’m just joking! Ticket to Ride is a matching card game in which players try to connect cities by laying down trains between adjacent card sets of the same color.

Every participant must link at least two points of interest in order to complete their mission. As the game progresses and players place their trains on the board, it becomes clear what their goals are. The goal of the game is to prevent the other player from reaching their goal by taking the shortest route, which will require them to lay down more trains.

The people you’re up against are probably only thinking about themselves and where they need to go. Here’s where you can go in for the kill and take charge of the situation. You only need intelligence and the ability to read your fellow players.

The next time you play, give it a shot despite the fact that it will take some time to perfect. You will discover that your odds of success are significantly increased by taking this approach.

2. Make sure to fully understand the gameplay and read the instructions

I understand that reading the rules of a board game can be a tedious chore, but doing so is essential if you want to improve as a gamer.

A rule book for a board game can be a daunting read. At first glance, I was like, “Woah, that’s a lot of words!” when I saw the manual. A lot of staring and page-burning later, I decide to read the book from front to back. There are times when I need to read the directions several times. OMG, can you even fathom that?

You should familiarize yourself thoroughly with the manual by reading it cover to cover. Why? Because learning the ropes requires absorbing the game’s rules and philosophy so you can follow the mechanics as they unfold naturally.

There’s a good reason why manuals are so in-depth from the designers. To truly master a game, you must be familiar with every possible result and circumstance. The instructions cover all of this in detail. That’s what I’m hoping for, anyway.

I can’t even fathom trying to play a board game blind. You must be familiar with all possible means of success and constantly evaluate your options to determine the optimal course of action. NOW WE ARE TALKING STRATEGY!

When it comes to winning games, having the most points is far more important than having the most money or the most territory. I get that this is necessary for some games, and that you have to read the rules thoroughly to figure out what they’re trying to accomplish.

Whatever game you’re playing, you should aim to score the most points or win. Everything you do should bring you closer to your goal of success. Nothing you do should ever be done merely because you can. It would be silly to do that.

Okay, I can see that, but how do you determine the next appropriate action? So, peruse the regulations. The requirements for success are spelled out in the rules. Unless of course the rule book is terrible. Find another one on the internet if that’s the case. There are some excellent how-to manuals available on the web.

It’s crucial to have an understanding of the game’s rules and your options. You’ll learn the game’s intended play style much better if you take the time to internalize the game’s rules and resources. If you follow the rules of the game, you’ll have a much better chance of winning.

The rules of a game may be straightforward or intricate. Many games can be played in a variety of ways. As a result, you’ll need to get good at prioritizing which tactics to use and being flexible enough to switch gears mid-game if necessary.

Get excited about reading game manuals as if you were getting the recipe for your mom’s apple pie. That grandma’s secret recipe is too important to risk ruining, right?

3. Play Solo and Learn How to Get Better at Strategy Games

You know, I did just say that maybe it wouldn’t help to play the same game over and over again. If done properly, however, success is possible. Playing the same game multiple times and experimenting with different approaches is a great way to hone your skills as a strategist and player. This will aid in identifying and internalizing the most effective approach.

You can have fun without constantly involving your pals (or foes). In another article, I discuss the many benefits of playing board games solo, one of which is the opportunity to hone your skills.

If you’re playing a game with multiple players, pretend to be everyone. This eliminates the stress and stakes associated with competing against other people. You’re free to play however you like and experiment with different strategies to learn the game’s rhythm.

Once, I even went as far as to set up an entire board game in my basement and play every turn all by myself, against no one but the clock. Mom came down and looked at me like I had two heads. But hey, I was able to up my game thanks to it!

You want to enhance your skills, right? Then, you must be prepared to put in time and effort to study and improve.

4. Just Talk About How to Get Better At Strategy Games

Discuss the game with your friends if they share your enthusiasm for board games and are willing to teach you the ropes.

Try to put yourself in their shoes and learn from their successes and failures. Prod them to reveal their innermost thoughts and motives.

The Internet is also fantastic. There are a lot of people who are looking for answers online who are in the same boat as you. YouTube is a great place to watch walkthroughs, and many content creators have also made strategy videos and guides for various games. Mind what they’re doing!

Find some game-specific online forums, and jump in there. Want to get more specific? I’m sure someone will respond to your inquiry.

5. Be Confident About Your Every Move

I used to think the same way you do. I was terrible at board games when I first tried them. I was terrible at every game I played with my pals. It stopped being entertaining after a while. Because there was “no competition,” my friends stopped wanting to play with me. Ouch.

I knew I had to make some kind of personal adjustment in order to enjoy it again. I realized that I lacked the assurance to make riskier choices, so I consistently opted for the “safe bet.” I stopped taking any chances and ended up losing every game I played as a result.

I found that my rivals were constantly one step ahead of me, and were willing to take risks to do so. What was their secret?

A large part of winning board games involves getting involved in various aspects of the game and making strategic bets. Perhaps you’ve settled on a winning strategy that suits you, but keep in mind that there is more than one.

Don’t be afraid to switch things up, as a winning player will always strike a good balance between strategy and tactics.

The conditions for victory are subtle, and some players may have trouble keeping them in mind.


I’m hoping you picked up some pointers for improving your board gaming skills. Leave a comment below with your questions or suggestions!