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Anyone who spends extended periods of time at a computer should invest in a wrist rest. Take a look at some of the top-rated wrist supports available today.

There are some accessories, like a wrist rest, that are easy to overlook because you might not realize you need them until you try them out.

However, they can be extremely helpful for people who routinely spend long periods of time playing video games or working on computers.

In this buying guide, we’ll take a look at some of the best gaming wrist rests currently available.

So, shall we?

Superb Wrist Support for PC Gamers

  • Textures that are easy on the skin
  • Superbly crafted item

What is Mouse Wrist Rest?

Wrist rests, also known as wrist pads, are cushions designed to support and cushion your wrists while you type. Your hand will be supported in a more ergonomic, curved wrist rest position on an ergonomic mouse pad, relieving pressure on your bones and muscles. This pad will help you keep your wrists and hands in a more natural position while using a computer mouse.

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Benefits of a Wrist Rest

Users of keyboards may find that wrist rests make typing for extended periods more bearable. In addition, prolonged keyboard use is less likely to cause fatigue and soreness in the wrists. Wrist rests may also be useful in avoiding such injuries. Wrist rests, for instance, can be used to avert the onset of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. In addition to doing hand and wrist exercises, you can also purchase keyboards that include wrist rests. Several high-end manufacturers supply keyboards that also feature an integrated wrist rest and desk-mounted elbow rest. Plastic, resin, memory foam, gel, and even wood are just some of the materials that can be found in an ergonomic wrist rest. Not all wrist rests are created equal, and this guide only covers the features and benefits of some of the available options.

Memory foam

Wrist pain from typing can be avoided with the help of soft polyurethane foam, which is made from memory foam and is both comfortable and long-lasting. The memory foam large desk pad wrist rest cushions the user’s hand and can be molded to the user’s specific hand shape. Gel-infused memory foam is also more effective at keeping you cool. This kind of memory foam is infused with heat-resistant gel beads or liquid, so it can absorb your body heat.


Wooden wrist rests typically have a smoother surface and less friction than their plastic or metal counterparts, in addition to providing firmer support. Wooden wrist rests are more durable than memory foam ones and can withstand perspiration and odor better.


The generous padding and generous support of these wrist rests make them incredibly pleasant to use. Because they don’t conform to the shape of the hand, these cushions are different from memory foam. Instead, they are elastic and spring back to form after being deformed. Gel wrist rests prevent gaming-related wrist pain and have the added benefit of not absorbing sweat or smelling bad.

Injury reduction

How about the next chapter in our wrist support manual? Users will have to make more of an effort to keep their wrists straight while typing without wrist rests. Tendons and their sheaths experience more contact stress and irritation at greater angles of bending. This issue can be made worse by excessive keying or repetition. Without a wrist rest, typing can be painful due to the constant rubbing of the wrist against the desk or other hard, sharp surfaces. If you type with your wrist and palm supported, you might find yourself in an uncomfortable position.

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Why Use a Wrist Rest

When you spend 40 hours or more per week at work, it’s crucial that you make healthy choices. Ergonomic workflows invariably include the use of wrist rests. Constantly pressing your wrists against the hard surface of your desk reduces blood flow, which can lead to tissue damage and eventual tissue death.

Consider using a wrist rest as an alternative to leaning on your desk. Typing on this keyboard will put your wrists and forearms in a neutral position, which is better for your health and will help prevent repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel. The use of a keyboard can also reduce strain on the wrists and the backs of the shoulders. You can maintain a healthy typing posture with the help of a wrist rest. The cumulative effect of these adjustments on your body will become clear by day’s end.

How to Setup Your Wrist Rest

The keyboard should be placed as close to the edge of the desk as possible to reduce the amount of time your wrists are resting on the desk. But if that’s not feasible for your process, a wrist rest is a great addition to any desk. The ideal placement for a wrist rest is next to the keyboard, with the height and slope of the rest matching that of the keyboard as closely as possible for maximum comfort. Pick a wrist rest that goes with your existing keyboard because you don’t want your wrists to be at a different angle than your hands.

How to Use a Wrist Rest

Use a wrist rest, as the name implies, to give your wrists a break from typing. The palm or heel of your hand, rather than the wrist, is what should rest against a wrist rest.

Even with a wrist rest, the correct typing posture must be maintained. Your legs should form a 90-degree angle with the ground, your back should be pressed against the chair, and your shoulders should be back and down. Make sure your desk is the right height so that your arms are at a comfortable, natural length, and your wrists and forearms are straight.

What Type of Wrist Rest Should I Choose?

There is a wide selection of wrist rests to choose from in the market today, but there are some key characteristics to consider before making a purchase.

  • Pick a wrist support that is the same length and width as your keyboard.
  • You should choose a wrist rest that provides adequate support without being too rigid to be uncomfortable.
  • Cover your wrist rest with a soft fabric like Lycra to prevent skin irritation from repeated hand motions.

Choosing one of our Goldtouch wrist supports takes the guesswork out of shopping. Look through our offerings and pick the one that’s ideal for your processes.

Best Wrist Rest

AmazonBasics Mouse Pad With Wrist Rest

Genre: Mouse
Gel, the Material

The Pros:

  • The Best Made
  • Affordable
  • Combo mouse pad/wrist rest

The Cons:

  • This mouse pad won’t last as long as some others.
  • In order to justify its purchase, one must be in need of both a mouse pad and a wrist rest.

The first is a wrist rest integrated into a mouse pad by AmazonBasics. While it lacks the adjustability of dedicated wrist rests, this product could be the perfect solution for those who want to save money by purchasing both a wrist rest and a mouse pad.

The rubber backing of the mouse pad prevents it from moving around on the desk and complements the cloth top, allowing for effortless movement and pinpoint accuracy. The wrist rest itself is padded with gel and covered in the same material.

First and foremost, this is still a mouse pad. Therefore, this AmazonBasics product is not for you if you’re just looking for a wrist rest and don’t need or want a mouse pad. However, as was previously stated, the two together make a fantastic package.

ErgaComfort Wrist Rest

Animal: Mouse
Microbeads, the material

The Pros:

  • Soft microfleece on the outside and soft microbeads on the inside.
  • Cleanup and upkeep are a breeze.

The Cons:

  • Slightly Expensive.

If you’re looking for the most comfort possible, look no further than the ErgaComfort wrist rest, which stands out from the competition thanks to its custom design. People with CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) or other conditions that cause wrist pain or general discomfort will benefit greatly from this.

The exterior of the ErgaComfort wrist rest is made of a soft and comfortable microfleece and comes in just one color (a light grey). The best part is that you can easily clean the wrist rest in the washing machine thanks to the combination of microfleece and microbeads.

Our only criticism of this wrist support is its steep price tag, given how straightforward its design is. Other than that, it works as intended.

Glorious PC Gaming Master Race Wrist Rest

Keyboard, Mouse
Foam, the material

The Pros:

  • Superb craftsmanship
  • available in a range of sizes

The Cons:

  • Instability on flatter surfaces.

If you can get past the meme-inspired marketing, this wrist rest is well-made and comes in a few different colors. Here are a few examples:

  1. Miniature in size; designed for use on keyboards with fewer keys.
  2. Tenkeyless refers to keyboards without tenkeys, which are typically found on larger keyboards.
  3. As the name suggests, full size keys are designed to fit on standard-sized keyboards.
  4. Designed for use with mice; mouse

Additionally, several models are available in both standard and “slim” variants, the latter being the lower-profile variants designed for use with low-profile keyboards. Each one is expertly crafted with care, combining a sturdy rubber bottom and a soft, pleasant cloth top for a satisfying gaming experience.

The only real problem with these wrist rests is that the rubber on the bottom does not provide enough traction to keep them in place on smoother desk surfaces, but other than that, they are excellent.

Gimars Wrist Rest

Keyboard and Mouse
It’s made out of memory foam

The Pros:

  • Wrist rests for the keyboard and mouse are included.
  • Extremely cheap
  • Excellent worth

The Cons:

  • Lacking in durability
  • Quite unstable

It’s easy to see why the Gimars wrist rest is so popular after taking a closer look at it, as it offers everything desired in a wrist rest and costs next to nothing.

Gimars Ergonomic Mouse Pad Wrist Support Upgrade Enlarge Superfine Fibre  Soft... 799637099654 | eBay

As can be seen in the image above, the package includes not one but two wrist rests, one designed specifically for the mouse and the other for the keyboard. Both the left and right wrist rests are made of memory foam, wrapped in lycra fabric, and feature textured rubber bases to keep them in place on your desk.

Of course, nothing is flawless, so it’s not surprising that this set has some durability issues over time and that the rubber on the bottom doesn’t stick particularly well to every surface. Other than that, there aren’t really any problems worth mentioning, and this wrist rest is a steal for the price.

Aelfox Wrist Rest

Keyboard and Mouse
Memory Foam, the Material

The Pros:

  • Superior memory foam cushions, for maximum comfort.
  • Comes with a wrist rest for the keyboard and one for the mouse.

The Cons:

  • Can be a pain to clean at times

The Aelfox wrist rest’s primary benefit is its high-quality memory foam construction, which might not be obvious at first glance. It outshines both cheaper memory foam and gel wrist rests in terms of comfort. Like the others, it has a rubber base, which serves to disperse any movement and keeps the wrist rest in place.

Like the Gimars wrist rest we just discussed, this one serves as support for both your keyboard and your mouse. Aelfox offers these in two different colors, black and light grey, so you can choose the one that best complements your current gaming rig.

Aelfox’s wrist rest is great in every way except that it may be a pain to clean. While it may be more comfortable than Gimars’ offering, this wrist rest costs twice as much.

3M Wrist Rest

Keyboard and Mouse
Gel, the Material

The Pros:

  • The best gel wrist support available
  • An easy-to-maintain leatherette exterior
  • The portable workstation/lap desk platform

The Cons:

  • Expensive

Unlike the other options here, this 3M wrist rest is more like a lapdesk than a traditional wrist rest. In addition to the gel wrist rest covered in leatherette, it also has an adjustable platform big enough to fit a keyboard, or a keyboard and a mouse, depending on the model.

The tilt of the platform is customizable, and there are two variants to choose from: keyboard-only and keyboard-and-mouse. The latter provides more room for mouse navigation.

This 3M wrist rest is, without a doubt, a high-quality product; however, its price is, unfortunately, the biggest drawback. If the user wants an adjustable platform for their keyboard and mouse that can also function as a lapdesk, this wrist rest is significantly more expensive than other, standalone wrist rests.

Conclusion – The Best Wrist Rest For 2022

From all the wrist supports discussed, which one do we recommend as the best buy? The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race wrist rest is the clear winner here.

Putting aside the meme-inspired branding, we think this company’s wrist rests are the best you can buy. They strike a good middle ground between extremes, being neither the most comfortable nor the cheapest option. The wrist rests are adjustable to fit a wide variety of keyboards, which is a huge plus.

But that’s just the one we chose! Some of the other products on the list may be more suitable if you value convenience over cost, or vice versa. You can rest assured that you will get good value no matter which option you select.