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Various Spirits can be persuaded to board your ship as you travel across Spiritfarer’s realm.

A quick explanation of each Spirit will be provided in this book, as well as instructions on how to obtain new passengers on your boat.

How To Get New Passengers

It’s not always easy to bring on board new passengers for Spiritfarer. With its open-world design and NPC-dependent progression mechanism, it is difficult to maintain track of the primary route. There are so many characters to keep track of, and so much to do, that it’s easy to miss out on a few.

Check each island you’ve already visited to see whether there’s a new Spirit that you haven’t seen in a while. Remember that spirits you can summon have an aura of color around them when you approach them..

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Focus on obtaining Obols or the necessary crafting materials if you need to upgrade a specific ability or boat before moving on. In the event that nothing else works, explore the map to the fullest extent possible. However, you may be astonished to locate an island in that tiny region of the map, even though Spiritfarer has a lot of empty sea.

All Spirit Passengers

Lost souls from the dead who now inhabit Spiritfarer’s world are shown as spirits. It’s Stella’s role to care for them and assist them in their transfer to the afterlife by taking them to the Everdoor when they’re ready.

Once on board Stella’s ship, the spirits of her passengers will take on animal forms. Additionally, Stella is entrusted for providing meals, lodging, and other services for each guest. Below you’ll find a brief description of each of the game’s 11 spirits.


Gwen, the tall female deer, is descended from a well-to-do family. As the first Spirit you see in Alt Harbor, she can be easily recruited by simply conversing with her. You will learn about the Loom and Jellyfish minigames, as well as many other game mechanics, from her.


Stella’s uncle, Atul, is a blue frog who emerges in the form of an amphibian. When the Sticky Fingers quest is completed, the second or third Spirit you’ll encounter will be found in Barkensheim Creek through the Sticky Fingers quest.

Atul is an expert handyman and will offer Stella wood planks and foraged berries. Thunderstorm is the final mini-game that he shows you.


It was Summer’s costume and inspiration for Stella’s career choice that made Summer a nurse. Depending on your strategy, you’ll either meet her before or after Atul.

After obtaining the Shrine’s Double-Jump ability, you can find her in Hummingberg. Playing music for crops to grow faster is Summer’s specialty, and she’ll do it for you! The Dragon mini-game allows you to collect Quartz, Aluminum, Silver, and Gold.

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His appearance is that of a snobby, red and black bird. He’s in Furogawa, and he’ll only join your team if you can retrieve his missing Woodblock Print.

Your boat’s Icebreaker Upgrade is required before you may follow his GPS coordinates. If you’re lucky, Gustav will gift you precious stuff, play music for the crew, and even make sushi for you. The Firefly Event is his mini-game.


As a mouse, Alice appears to be a nice old lady who has lost her memory. Prior to joining you, she will have you bring back a stray sheep to her corral on the mountain, which you can find near the summit.

She is an excellent cook and would occasionally provide you with meals. You can also customize the looks of Stella and Daffodil using her clothing, which offers additional possibilities as you progress through her journey.


She is a chattering female lion who is concerned about workers’ rights and has a difficult connection with Giovanni. After recruiting Summer and Atul, go to Bottom Line Corp. to find her.

First, you’ll need to get your hands on a Mailbox and learn how to perform Double-Jumps. Smelting expert Astrid can supply you with ores and, on occasion, fish.


A fungus assumes the form of a tiny toddler named Stanley. A mystery seed can be found in the fishing mini-game, but only if you’ve delivered at least one Spirit to the Everdoor. Plant the seed and then wait for it to grow so you may harvest it.

When you pull it out of the ground, there’s a chance Stanley will appear before running to the Captain’s cabin where he’ll hide until you build him a home. If you ask Stanley for a Tchotchke, he will offer you a random drawing of his. You’ll be able to play Dust Shades once you’ve finished creating his Playroom.


Giovanni, Astrid’s unfaithful husband, is portrayed as a lion in the film. As you progress through Astrid’s Humble Abode questline, which takes you back to many of the Central Region’s islands, you’ll run into him.

If you are lucky enough to get a present from Giovanni, it is likely to be a piece of jewelry. The Meteor Shower mini-game is also introduced by him.

Bruce and Mickey

This pair of brothers, made up of a bird and an ox, has a tough guy mentality and isn’t afraid to express it. After unlocking the Rock Destroyer upgrade from Albert’s Shipyard, you’ll need to travel to Southpoint Docks in order to recruit the group. When you see them, you’ll see them in the Pulsar Rays event mini-game.

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Stella’s sister’s best friend, Buck, appears as a green bird in Buck’s place. Upon unlocking the Bounce ability at the Shrine in Oxbury, he can be found atop Hikarishima Lighthouse.

Buck will be the last Spirit aboard your ship and cannot be released at the Everdoor, regardless of the order in which you enlist each Spirit. With him, you’ll get your first taste of the XP Potion mini-game and other such tasks.


Elena, a former teacher, serves as Stella’s tough and well-mannered instructor. She appears as a dog dressed in a robe. In Crow’s End Inc., after unlocking the Mist Cleaner 1000 ship upgrade, she can be discovered on the top of a hill.

For Elena, there are no rewards; instead, she has you complete three challenges in the Pulsar Rays, Thunderstorm, and Gold Dragon mini games.