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Does anyone have a memorable, brief description of Discord that we could use? A cutting-edge, cost-zero messaging and calling app with all the bells and whistles.

It’s widely used by gamers, protected from DDoS attacks, and accessible on computers and mobile devices.

Imagine you were asked to explain Skype in the same way. Connect with people from all over the world using this one app that does it all: voice calls, texting, video chatting, and file sharing.

VoIP apps such as Skype and Discord are essential for workers to stay in touch with their coworkers and clients.

One of these two choices has to be better, but which one is it? Given its greater popularity and longer history, is Skype superior to Discord?

Is Skype less safe than Discord? These apps are from different places and aim for different people. Games tend to prefer Discord, but Skype is ubiquitous in professional settings.

Nonetheless, they both provide the standard features expected by VoIP app users. Who is the better VoIP app, Skype or Discord?

Which Platform Is Better: Discord or Skype?

We’ll be using some criteria that are relevant to any discussion of communication channels.

The interface, the supported platforms, the privacy and security features, the sound quality, the ability to make group calls, share your screen, record your calls, send and receive files, and the ability to share and download files all fall under this category.

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1. Privacy

It’s safe to say that Skype and Discord share the same category of “Voice over Internet Protocol” (VoIP) apps. Nonetheless, they differ greatly in design and target audience.

Nonetheless, both apps appeared to be wanting when it came to protecting users’ personal information.

Users of both apps have complained about data breaches, claiming that their private information and whereabouts were exposed.

When using either of these apps, we advise pairing them with a VPN service for added security.

2. Security

Discord provides its users with full client-to-server security, including protection from distributed denial of service attacks and IP address spoofing.

However, Skype has improved its security measures, which now include masking users’ IP addresses, after receiving low marks in the past.

3. Sound Quality

Discord’s audio transmission and data usage are different than those of Skype’s. Similar to a regular phone call, Skype continuously transmits audio data. Discord, on the other hand, only transmits data regarding a call’s audio when a user actually speaks.

The recommended bandwidth for making voice calls on Skype is 100 kbps, while on Discord it’s only 64 kbps.

This is why we think Skype is superior to Discord when it comes to audio transmission and quality.

4. Group Calls

Skype is the superior and more popular choice for making group calls, while Discord is more of a niche service.

Group video and audio calls with up to 25 participants can be made simultaneously using Skype. However, Discord only allows up to 10 people in a group call at once.

In addition, Skype users can call any number, including landlines, while Discord users can only call each other.

All things considered, Skype is the superior option for conference calls.

5. Screen Sharing

With the rise of remote work, the need for screen-sharing to facilitate professional collaboration has grown significantly.

When it comes to screen-sharing, both Discord and Skype perform admirably.

In addition to being able to make audio calls, Skype users can also share their screens with one another with just a click of the mouse. Also, users can easily capture screenshots.

Discord’s screen-sharing options, on the other hand, are more flexible and feature-rich, with options like fragmented sharing for those who don’t want to show their entire screen.

Discord has more tinkerable settings, but Skype is more dependable and easy to use in everyday situations due to its minimalistic feature set. Because of its adaptability, Discord is preferable to Skype.

6. Call Recording

Discord lacks an in-built audio/video recording feature or option, making Skype the clear winner in this category.

Video and audio calls can be recorded on Skype, but not on Discord.

It’s important to remember that Skype only recently began recording calls, in response to user requests for this feature.

Skype makes it easy to do so too, with just a click of the ” ” button and a tap on “Start Recording.” There is no difference in the process between the desktop and mobile versions of Skype; ”.

Users of Discord shouldn’t lose hope, though, because there is a solution to their call-recording problems:

Call recording is possible with the help of a third-party app, but given the controversy surrounding data breaches involving such apps, we advise caution.

7. File Sharing

Even though both Discord and Skype let you share with an unlimited number of people, the amount of data you can send to each person appears to be different.

There is a 300MB cap on file sizes for Skype users. If the total size of the uploaded files is greater than the specified maximum, the users will be redirected to OneDrive, where they can add as many recipients as they like.

In comparison to Skype, Discord’s free and Nitro users have different limits on the size of the files they can send and receive. For free users, the limit is a meager 8MB, while Nitro users have a generous 50MB.

Nitro has a monthly subscription fee of $4.99, so if you’re looking for a free alternative, Skype is your best bet.

The Discord free version has its limitations, and if you want to share media, you’ll need to upgrade to Discord Nitro.

Discord users, however, do have access to third-party cloud storage options. Oversharing on these storage platforms can be tedious, necessitating the use of bots to make shortcuts. In terms of general file sharing, Skype appears to be the leader.

8. The Interface

Skype’s user interface has always been streamlined and straightforward in comparison to Discord’s.

Since then, it has received enhancements and updates to accommodate for new features.

Historically, Skype has been seen as a business tool, perfect for making landline and international calls and fully compatible with most business apps.

However, Discord’s more convoluted interface makes it less user-friendly than Skype.

Unlike Skype, Discord’s functionality extends far beyond voice over IP. It’s vital for gamers to be able to broadcast their games, and it’s also used by online fan communities to spread news and content.

Discord markets itself as a social networking platform for young adults rather than merely a phone app.

Discord has a special feature where users are automatically connected to a server when they make a call, making it ideal for the gaming community. This server allows players to join in on the action without interrupting the current session.

This allows players to show off their abilities to others in a live setting. Drop-in calls allow you to talk to anyone in a server, regardless of whether you’re friends with them or not.

Improved usability is what makes Discord the clear winner here.

9. Supported Platforms

Discord is light-years ahead of Skype in this regard. Discord’s ability to sync with social media and messaging platforms like Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Steam, and many others facilitates quick and simple discovery and communication with loved ones.

It even lets you see what your friends are listening to on Spotify!

In comparison, Skype has many fewer features because it only works with Facebook. Its usefulness, however, lies in the fact that it is compatible with other business apps, such as Docs, Excel, and Powerpoint, as well as polls and a whiteboard.

The Office 365 plan, which includes Skype Business, now costs $8.99 per month.

Discord vs Skype: Which Is Better at VoIP?

10 Discord Gaming Servers You Should Check Out: The Ultimate List

1. The Pandemonium

The Pandemonium is a fantastic gaming server that is both UK-based and known for its laid-back vibe. To top it all off, the server regularly hosts gaming-themed events, which I found to be both fun and informative.

They have a great Welcoming Committee or Team that is always willing to pitch in and help out with things like role-delegation and general friendliness.

The server’s voice channels, which ranged from gaming to social to general chat, were also a big plus for me. In conclusion, I think this is an excellent server.

2. Grove Gaming

If you’re looking for a friendly, active server with fun events, look no further than Grove Gaming.

They have had a Rocket League tournament, Roblox tournaments, Jackbox tournaments, and Kahoot competitions in the past week alone! It’s guaranteed that there will be a tournament that you’ll enjoy, regardless of your preferred genre of gaming.

There is a wide variety of games and events to choose from; if you want to play the games you’re interested in, you should definitely sign up.

3. Friendly Realm

The community on Friendly Realm is one of the most laid-back online. If you’re looking for an all-around enjoyable server with a gaming focus, then this is the one for you.

One of the things I like best about this server is the positive vibe that permeates the community. Everyone seems genuinely happy to be here. This server, in contrast to others that tend to become very quiet after a while with little to no activity from anyone, is constantly bustling with conversation and exciting new opportunities for participation.

In general, a server with a positive vibe is preferable because it encourages players to have a good time. If you’re interested in reading about more chill servers, I’ve also written an article on super chill Discord servers.

4. Discord Guild Discovery

Here’s a pro tip that’ll lead you to even more online gaming servers. It’s possible you already know this, but just in case, I thought I’d mention it in case anyone out there who doesn’t know finds out and finds it useful!

You can browse additional servers by visiting the Guild Discovery section of Discord. Some of the largest Discord servers can be found there, particularly those associated with gaming.

Servers for popular games like Fortnite, Minecraft, and Valorant tend to be extremely active, with some receiving tens of thousands of messages per second. Since there are more people in a bigger server, it can be harder to make friends, but it’s still worth checking out.

There are more than 400 gaming servers to discover here; you never know which ones you might want to join unless you take a look around!

5. Cherry Blossom Island

If you’re looking for gaming channels and events, look no further than this fantastic server. This server offers a wide variety of options, including many entertaining gaming channels.

Overall, I found the staff to be very helpful and approachable.

You can also experiment with the server’s excellent collection of bots.

6. Kronten Gaming

Kronten Gaming’s official server is a great place to hang out with other fans of the gaming YouTuber. This server had such a pleasant vibe, and the community spirit was awesome.

Check out some of the videos posted by Kronten Gaming to get a feel for the company and decide if there’s anything there about which you’re curious. If that’s the case, joining the server and interacting with the community can be a great way to make new friends and expand your social circle.

7. Official Game Servers

Make sure to check out dedicated gaming servers if you’re a fan of a specific game and are interested in meeting other gamers who share your passion for the game.

Simply searching for the game’s name in the search bar of a Discord server listing should return results for channels devoted to it.

Alternatively, you could sign up for the game’s official Discord server. The invite link is typically posted on the game’s official website or social media pages, but can also be discovered using Discord’s Guild Discovery feature.

The channels on these servers, however, will be very busy because of the thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of users who frequent them. Getting to know people on these servers may be more challenging due to the high traffic of messages and the large number of users; however, you should still give them a try.

8. Multiplatform Gaming

When it comes to gaming communities, Multiplatform Gaming is without peer. It’s a great server to join if you enjoy competitive gaming and tournaments, so I highly recommend it.

Additionally, I enjoyed the wonderful and upbeat vibe that permeated the server, as the staff members were always helpful and pleasant.

This server is expanding rapidly and deserves your attention.

9. YouTuber/Twitch Streamer Server

If you’re looking for gaming Discord servers to join, you can also see if your favorite Twitch streamers or gaming YouTubers have their own server.

Some streamers also hold giveaways and contests on their channels, so it’s a great place to meet other gamers and talk about the latest games and videos. You also won’t want to miss any of the live events or gaming competitions they host.

Check the channels of your preferred streamers to find links to their respective Discord servers. You can, hopefully, locate an invite link to their server.

10. Discord Server Listings

Server listings, which are websites that let servers add a listing about themselves, are another way to locate suitable Discord servers to join. Each server lists their intended community’s demographics, primary activities, and other distinguishing characteristics.

Top.gg and Disforge are two examples of server listing websites. If you’re looking for more gaming servers, be sure to visit those sites. If you go to the “Gaming” category or use a filter that filters by category, you should be able to find all gaming servers. If you’re interested in learning more about where to look for fun communities to join on Discord, check out the guide I put together for doing just that.

Discord Gaming Servers You Should Check Out

Some of the best gaming servers on Discord are listed below, along with resources for discovering more.
Title of Server Details
There was complete and utter chaos. A UK-based gaming server known for its exceptional friendliness.
Grove Gambling Grove Gaming is always holding tournaments and other competitions for gamers.
Peaceable Domain A wonderfully relaxed host with an awesome community.
Discovery of a Guild in Discord Using Discord’s built-in Guild Discovery tool, you can locate additional servers to join.
The Island of the Cherry Blossoms It’s nice to play on a server where everyone is laid back and friendly.
Video Game Publisher Kronten Kronten Gaming’s official server, where all of their videos are hosted!
Video Games Available on a Wide Variety of Devices There are frequent events on this server, and it’s also getting lots of new users.
Media Host for Twitch and YouTube Gamers who broadcast their sessions on Twitch or YouTube may also have their own private Discord servers.
Lists of Discord Hosts In addition to directories like Disforge, you can find other servers to join by searching the Discord server index.
Servers that are officially associated with a game Join some game-specific servers, or the official Discord server if you’re really into it, if you want to meet other players who share your interests.

14 Best Skype Games to Play in 2022

1. Trivia

Divide into teams, have one member of each read the questions aloud, and have everyone else respond in the chat to play trivia on Skype. In order to keep track of who is on your team, you can use the team name as your Skype display name or current mood.

We prepared some sample questions for your trivia night.

Keep track of the score as the game progresses. The victorious team gets the bragging rights for the next week.

Skype vs. Discord - Best Safety and Improved Version Comparison - Digital Overload

2. Bingo

Remote teams can bond over a game of Bingo on Skype to break up the monotony of long Zoom calls.

To demonstrate how the game is played, we prepared a sample Skype Bingo card.

Starting with sending out greeting cards to those who are taking part. It’s important to mix up the winning squares so that everyone doesn’t get a prize at once. Teams can play together in one large group on Skype for business since there are no separate meeting rooms available. To determine which teammates go in which squares, players will either offer up information or ask questions of one another. In a group setting, players cannot put the same coworker’s name in more than one column, row, or square.

The microphone and chat allow players to interact with one another and pose questions. Players who want to find clues without alerting others can use the private messaging system. The screen-sharing feature is also available for participants to use in order to demonstrate their point.

First player to check off five in a row wins.

3. Word Jumbles

As a pre-meeting icebreaker for your Skype conference, try playing some word jumbles. Display a puzzle page and give participants one minute to type as many solutions as they can. At the end of a minute, the winner is the player or team with the most correct answers.

4. Hangman

Skype’s digital whiteboard feature can be used to play Hangman. One player on the team comes up with a word or saying, and the others fill in the blanks with the corresponding letters. Players take turns guessing letters; if their guesses are correct, the first player fills in the blanks; if not, he or she draws a portion of a hangman. When someone gets the word or phrase right, or when player one finishes their drawing, the game is over.

5. Backgammon

There was a time when the “extras” tab on Skype allowed users to run plugin games while chatting. One of the most well-liked games on the site was backgammon. Despite the demise of Skype’s “extras” section, you and your coworkers can still play a round of Backgammon over the internet.

Try playing a multiplayer game of online backgammon like 247backgammon or VIPbackgammon. Then, have your friends and team members join you on the online game. Use the split-screen feature in Skype to see each other’s windows simultaneously.

Backgammon is a timeless board game that can be played by anyone thanks to its straightforward ruleset. The same procedures can be used to play a wide variety of board games with distant coworkers.

6. Virtual escape rooms

The virtual escape room is one of the most enjoyable games to play with coworkers through Skype. Online escape rooms require cooperative problem-solving between teammates. To “escape the room,” players must solve the mystery within a certain amount of time, usually an hour. Some “escape rooms” are simply collections of puzzles on apps or Google Forms, while others are live video meetings challenges led by actors. Regardless, working together to solve these problems is a good way to practice online teamwork and put teammates’ skills to the test.

7. Would You Rather

The object of the game Would You Rather is to make a decision between two alternatives. The choices put before the reader are frequently unappealing ones, involving unpleasant or even embarrassing circumstances, absurd possibilities, or radically different worldviews. There’s no doubt that this game will get people talking and learning to see things from each other’s perspectives.

Here are some examples of appropriate workplace questions:

  • Which do you think is more important: a high salary or an unlimited vacation policy?
  • Which would you prefer: to have your boss forget your name, or for you to forget theirs?
  • To what extent do you value success over integrity when deciding what kind of company to create?
  • Which do you prefer, high pay for doing nothing, or low pay for doing something you enjoy?

Playing a game of “Would You Rather” over Skype is a great icebreaker for distant coworkers because discussing the reasoning behind each player’s choices fosters a better understanding of each other’s thought process.

8. This or That

It’s easy to play This or That, one of the many Skype business games. In this game, you’ll have to decide between two paths that are similar but distinct. This or That is a great icebreaker for the beginning of online meetings because it is simple to learn and even easier to play on Skype.

Workplace-appropriate This or That questions are provided below.

  • What kind of a person are you—an early riser or a night owl
  • Which is more comfortable: a couch or a desk?
  • Does the schedule allow for a snack or lunch?
  • Ability or background?
  • Whether you prefer to work from home or a local coffee shop, you have options.
  • If you had to choose between flying and driving, which would you choose and why?
  • Should I go to the company coffee dates or the company parties?

By facilitating the discovery of shared passions and connections among far-flung team members, This or That can speed up the bonding process.

9. Online murder mysteries

Players in an online murder mystery try to determine who the killer is through roleplaying. Coworkers can relax and have fun while getting to know each other better by taking on different roles. In addition to providing a stimulating mental challenge, solving the mystery can help teams learn to work together effectively in virtual settings.

If you want to host a murder mystery party over Skype, you’ll need to pick a mystery and assign roles to everyone who will be participating. Collectively, the group will read the script, analyze it for clues, discuss possible suspects, and ultimately identify the killer. Skype’s ability to share files and screencasts makes it simple to examine evidence in tandem. Extra points for any groups or individuals who bother to dress the part!

10. Team building quiz

Remote coworkers can benefit from team building quizzes by learning more about their virtual coworkers. Use Skype’s polling features to create a group quiz. Ask the class a question and display the answers. One question per meeting, or a series of questions, can be used to conduct a mini-quiz. You can talk about your answers and share your stories with one another.

Team building quizzes can benefit from the following questions:

  • Please tell me about the best part of your job here.
  • Where did you all have the most fun as a group?
  • When do you feel most productive at work?
  • Who on your team has the most fun?
  • Who on your team shows the most concern?
  • Which office snack do you enjoy the most?
  • Where would you go on vacation if you could go anywhere in the world?

11. Online Poker

One of the most fun card games to play with coworkers online is poker. Playing poker is a fantastic way to improve your mental fortitude, emotional maturity, and ability to make sound decisions.

Discover a poker website or app, such as Zynga Poker or LiPoker, to play poker on Skype. The next step is to send out app invites to your team. The next step is to get on a Skype call with your friend, where you can either each use your own mobile device to play, or you can use Skype’s built-in screen-splitting functionality to see both windows at once.

12. File Roulette

A basic understanding of the concept behind “file roulette” is sufficient. The players open a Skype conversation and “drop” random files to one another using the service’s file-sharing functionality. As a dare, players could ask each other to show the most recently downloaded file or the oldest photo in their photo albums. Participants can use a random number generator to inject some chance into the proceedings. Send me the fourth file in your documents folder,” a player might say as an example.

No offensive or inappropriate material should be stored on a player’s work computer. Employees should use discretion and move on to the next relevant file if they do not have access to the requested file or if it contains sensitive information.

13. Phone a Friend

An excellent feature of Skype is the low cost with which international calls can be made. You and your team can play a global version of the classic game “Phone a Friend” via Skype.

Pick a nation where everyone speaks the same language as a first step. The next step is to call an international number, preferably that of a friend or teammate who lives abroad. You could also pick a public place like a cafe or a retail store, but make sure the person you’re calling isn’t occupied before you start talking to them. Keep timezones in mind when making phone calls.

The next step is to ask the caller a series of questions. Before making the call, it’s helpful if you and your team settle on a set of questions to ask. Here are some possible cases:

  • So, tell me, what exactly do you see when you look out your window right this second?
  • Just what is it that you’re anticipating with the most excitement?
  • Define the most desirable product that your company offers.
  • Please tell me about the day’s major events in your part of the world.
  • Do you have any experience with our country?
  • Do you have any questions for us?

Also, you can use it as a fun educational activity in the classroom. Just remember that the other person may be busy, so try to keep the call brief out of consideration for their time. Keep in mind, too, that international Skype calls are not free, so be sure to add some money to your account beforehand.

14. Copycat

The Copycat feature works wonderfully with Skype’s side-by-side video display. Participants hop on a video chat and vote for one of their number to act as captain. The group follows the leader’s lead as they perform a series of actions simultaneously. The later you get in the game, the more complicated the moves become. If a player fails to make a move correctly, they are eliminated. The winner is the player who survives the longest.

Skype Vs. Discord: Which One Should You Choose?

These apps provide a variety of features typical of leading VoIP apps, but they all aim to please a unique audience.

Discord is restricted to communications between apps, whereas Skype can be used to make calls to mobile phones and landlines after purchasing credit online.

You can use Skype’s search function to locate available bots. Even though they have bots for playing games and listening to music, these bots fall short when compared to Discord.

Bots on Discord reflect the interests of the platform’s user base by providing access to a variety of games, music, and meme-making tools.

Skype, on the other hand, is geared toward professionals and can accommodate meetings with up to 250 attendees.

Overall, each app is tailored to a specific user base and offers useful functionality. Depending on your demographic, some apps may be more useful than others.

Discord is the best option if you’re a gamer who enjoys chatting with other players and watching live streams. However, Skype is the superior choice for business professionals who need to host video conferences.