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It’s high time you found out how each of Kingdom Hearts 3’s keyblades operates and which ones are the best. The keyblades from Kingdom Hearts 3 have been ranked from best to worst.

With the release of Kingdom Hearts 3, fans will have the opportunity to journey alongside Sora and his pals once again.

Keyblades, Sora’s signature weapon, are collectible loot from visited worlds. You can get some of them just by playing the game, while others will require you to do some extra work.

It can be difficult to decide which of the game’s 14 keyblades is best to invest time and upgrade materials into, as they all have their advantages and disadvantages and are designed for specific play styles.

To help you choose the best keyblade for your needs, we’ve ranked Sora’s entire collection from worst to best.

Kingdom Key

The Kingdom Key is adequate for a beginner’s keyblade, despite its weak base stats of 4 Strength and 3 Magic. It’s easy to use and comes with the Treasure Magnet ability, which attracts any item you drop to the ground and brings it to you.

Upgrading the Kingdom Key at the outset will help in earlier worlds, but it’s better to save your materials for better keyblades later on.

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Hero’s Origin

The Hero’s Origin keyblade isn’t much better than the Kingdom Key, with only 5 Strength and 2 Magic. This keyblade is ideal for the beginning to middle stages of the game, when you’re still learning the ropes of combat and can benefit most from its emphasis on physical attacks.

However, when compared to other keyblade abilities, Defender’s enhancement of defense when low on health falls short.

Shooting Star

Even though Shooting Star’s 3 Strength and 5 Magic will come in handy in later worlds where magic plays a larger role in combat, you’ll be given it at a time in the game when you have very few spells available.

Until you find a more suitable weapon, you will be oblivious to the keyblade’s potential strength.

Additionally, it lacks sufficient power as a melee weapon because of its formchanges that transform it into a ranged weapon.


Since you don’t get Starlight until near the end of the game, you might assume it would be much more powerful. Although it looks cool, this keyblade isn’t very impressive due to its base stats of only 4 Strength and 4 Magic.

Its MP Haste ability helps Sora cast spells more quickly, but its second formchange merely transforms him into an older version of Sora from Kingdom Hearts 2, which may please diehard fans but isn’t particularly useful in battle.

Hunny Spout

The Hunny Spout keyblade, which is slightly better than Shooting Star, has Strength 6 and Magic 5 attributes. Its attacks are effective for crowd control, and its formchanges make it a useful ranged weapon as well.

The Harvester ability of this keyblade, which grants an additional cooking ingredient with each harvest, is its main weakness because it is superfluous in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Crystal Snow

With a Strength base of 4, and a Magic base of 7, Crystal Snow is a respectable keyblade that is well-suited for magical users. With its Freeze Guard ability, Sora is immune to any Freeze effects, and its shapeshifting is excellent for performing impressive combos.

As an added bonus, its immunity to freezing is crucial in a number of endgame skirmishes.

Grand Chef

With its 5 Strength and 7 Magic, Grand Chef is another trustworthy keyblade that is also a lot of fun to use. If you use its formshifting ability, it can become a frying pan, which can be used to smash enemies with great pleasure.

To get it, though, you have to master every recipe in the Little Bistro in Twilight Town, which most players won’t do until late in the game, by which time they’ll have other, better keyblades.

Ever After

Ever After’s 2 Strength 7 Magic makes it a good choice for spellcasters, though it can drain your MP quickly if you don’t have any MP-restoring spells ready.

As an added bonus, Sora can use any form of Cure without having to worry about being interrupted by the enemy thanks to the Leaf Bracer ability. Although its shapeshifting abilities have powerful area-of-effect attacks, players who prefer close-quarters combat will be disappointed.

Happy Gear

The 7 Strength and 3 Magic in Happy Gear indicate that it is designed for physical conflict. The Assault Claw and Twin Yo-yo forms it can assume are great for dealing with crowds and heavy damage, respectively.

The keyblade’s only drawback is its Focus Converter ability, which makes small Focus prizes into massive ones but is otherwise useless in combat.

Nano Gear

Nano Gear’s combination of 7 Strength and 5 Magic is very well-balanced. Super useful against bosses with enormous health bars, as its Nano Arms transformation allows Sora to repeatedly target a single foe. As an added bonus, the Stun Protection ability can be used to stun and knock out particularly tough foes.

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Wheel of Fate

This keyblade is better suited for focusing on physical attacks, with 8 Strength compared to 5 Magic. The formchanges that Wheel of Fate has are powerful and useful for clearing out large groups of enemies, making it feel like a late-game keyblade should.

Its special ability gives you unrestricted access to the Waterza spell, further expanding its utility.

Favorite Deputy

The Favorite Deputy you get early on is one of the game’s strongest keyblades. It has only 3 Magic and 6 Strength, but its formchanges are incredibly effective at dealing massive area-of-effect damage.

When combined with the Lucky Strike ability, this makes it very likely that enemies will drop loot, which is great for gathering Synthesize components.

Classic Tone

Classic Tone can be obtained by completing the 23 Classic Kingdom minigames, and it has a starting Strength of 11 and a Magic of 14. The MP Haste ability constantly refills your magic meter, making this the perfect keyblade for spellcasters.

It has a wide variety of forms, including the group-focused Boom Hammer and the single-target Clock Drill.

Ultima Weapon

Even though you can’t get the Ultima keyblade until the very end of the game and it takes a lot of hard-to-find materials to make, its 13 Strength and 13 Magic make it well worth the trouble.

It has the highest stats of any keyblade and comes with the abilities Combo Boost and Air Combo Boost, making it the go-to weapon for melee attacks.

Additionally, its Ultimate formchange unlocks a plethora of additional abilities, such as Teleport, Combo Master, Leaf Bracer, Second Wind, Withstand Combo, MP Hastera, and Overcome, which provide additional Strength and Magic when facing off against a formidable foe.

Midnight Blue

The PlayStation-themed keyblade Midnight Blue. The color scheme of this blade is identical to that of the PlayStation 4.

Only those who preordered KH3 for PS4 prior to its release were able to access it.

It’s shaped like a moon, which is pretty neat. Adding to the weapon’s mystical air is a moon charm that dangles from its keyring.

If you level it up to its maximum, you’ll gain eight points and eight points of magic.

The Midnight Blue and the Star Seeker are the same keyblade except for the color scheme and the name.

The X and O buttons from a PlayStation controller have been incorporated into the design of the keyblade, further cementing the idea that this weapon was inspired by Sony’s best-selling video game console.

Phantom Green

Phantom Green is very similar to Midnight Blue in appearance, but uses a different color scheme. Only by preordering the game for Xbox One could players obtain the Phantom Green.

There are different hues on this keyblade to represent each button on an Xbox controller. Really neat!

It’s no wonder it’s become so popular among Xbox gamers.

It can compete on par with the Midnight Blue keyblade thanks to its thunder powers.

Dawn Til Dusk

The only difference between the Kingdom Key and the Dawn Til Dusk is the color scheme.

The green color scheme was chosen because of the resemblance to a 7-Eleven, the inspiration for the keyblade. To get it, you had to preorder the game, either on Amazon in the United States or at 7-Eleven in Japan.

These keyblades, along with the Midnight Blue and Phantom Green ones, are no longer for sale.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Tips

There’s a lot going on in Kingdom Hearts, and it’s easy to miss cues that would make the game much simpler by accident. We’ve compiled some helpful Kingdom Hearts 3 hints to ensure that Sora and company stay on the winning side:

  • Use magic and items more quickly and efficiently by taking advantage of shortcuts. Simply navigate to the menu and create shortcuts for your spells and equipment. These are available in combat via L1/LB and will prove invaluable in the course of the fight.
  • Spend those APs! Sora and the other members of the party will gain more AP as they advance in levels. A number of useful abilities and skills can be activated with these. You should spend all of your AP on these, as they will prove invaluable in combat.
  • Try to pick up hints from the other guests. Many times, Donald and Goofy will yell out clues about where ingredients or Lucky Emblems are. They will also inform you if you are heading in the wrong direction, which is especially helpful in the more maze-like sections of the game, such as the Frozen World.
  • Put down that Munny. You will eventually have more Munny than you can possibly spend. The Gummi Ship store is a great place to invest your money. Purchasing and improving ships will greatly simplify the space parts of the game.
  • To quickly switch between your special moves, press L2/LT. When facing off against numerous foes, it’s common to charge multiple special attacks simultaneously. The L2/LT buttons allow you to toggle between the two, allowing you to select the appropriate button to press in any given circumstance.
  • You can improve your Keyblade by visiting the shop. It’s an effective method of increasing your damage output as you move through the game.
  • Using triangle/Y to communicate with your party members will greatly enhance your experience.
  • In the options menu, you can change the speed at which combat animations play if you prefer a more rapid pace. Seeing special moves is always exciting, but it’s sometimes desirable to shorten their duration.

Kingdom Hearts 3 File Size on PS4 and Xbox One

Since Kingdom Hearts 3 can be preloaded, you may be wondering how much storage space you’ll need. Kingdom Hearts 3 for the PlayStation 4 does, however, need at least 40GB to play. In terms of Xbox, you’ll need precisely 39.1GB, which isn’t too bad.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Controls – Type A or Type B?

It’s easy to get the hang of the combat in Kingdom Hearts 3, as it primarily consists of mashing buttons and standing back. However, the interface is not exactly user-friendly, with many buttons and menus placed in unexpected places. We have outlined the various methods of playing Kingdom Hearts 3 below:

Kingdom Hearts 3 PS4 Controls, Type A

  • Verify – X
  • The Triangle of Command in a Crisis
  • For defense or escape, use a square
  • Stop, jump, or drop (from a high place) – O
  • The left analog stick controls movement.
  • Right analog stick to fine-tune camera focus
  • Camera will be reset behind the character (or centered on the locked-on target) if you press RS.
  • Keep holding to access quick-access menus; L1
  • Navigate the displayed situation commands by cycling through them. – L2
  • Lock-on/shotlock mode selection: R1.
  • Modify the lock-on pointer to R2
  • Hold – Choose
  • Touch the screen to activate camera mode.

Kingdom Hearts 3 PS4 Controls, Type B

  • Validate – X
  • Make use of the Triangle of Command in an Emergency
  • For defense or escape, use a square
  • To stop, jump, or let go (while suspended) – O
  • Left analog stick to control movement of character.
  • To make camera adjustments, use the R-stick.
  • Reposition the camera behind the protagonist (or in the center of the currently locked-on target) by pressing RS.
  • Keeping down the hold button will bring up the L1
  • When displayed, use the up and down d-pad arrows to cycle through the available situation commands.
  • Lock-on/shotlock mode selector – R1
  • Swap out R2 as the new lock-on point
  • Hold – Choose
  • Touch the screen to start taking pictures.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Xbox One Controls, Type A

  • Please verify – A
  • In this predicament, issue the command – Y.
  • Assist in preventing or escaping X
  • Break off, leap, or let go (while suspended) – B
  • Character movement: left analog stick
  • To make camera adjustments, use the R-stick.
  • Camera will be reset behind the character (or centered on the locked-on target) if you press RS.
  • Use the hold key to access quick links – LB
  • Navigate the displayed situation commands by cycling through them. – LT
  • Turn on/off lock-on/shotlock – RB
  • Modify the lock-on point by pressing – RT
  • Hold & Select Menu
  • Dial in the camera settings; alter the perspective

Kingdom Hearts 3 Xbox One Controls, Type B

  • Justify – A
  • Type in the appropriate command for the current predicament: Y
  • Counter/escape – X
  • Repudiate/Leap/Drop (from a great height) – B
  • Left analog stick to control movement of character.
  • Move the camera to the right using the analog stick.
  • You can put the camera back behind the protagonist by pressing RS, or you can center it on the locked-on target.
  • Press and hold for quick access – LB
  • Up and down on the d-pad to cycle through the current situation’s commands.
  • Shotlock/lock-on toggle – RB
  • Modify the lock-on target by pressing RT.
  • Hold and Select Menu
  • Dial in the camera settings; alter the perspective

Kingdom Hearts 3 Intro Choices – What Do You Desire?

Kingdom Hearts 3 opens with a brief recap and then gives the player a few options for customizing their character. The options you pick will have a minor impact on your special moves, but they do make a difference.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Wisdom, Vitality, or Balance

From the get-go in Kingdom Hearts 3, you’ll be asked to pick one of three different paths: Wise, Healthy, or Balanced. We’ve broken down the minor distinctions between the three below.

  • With this level of insight, you can focus your attacks more effectively, enhancing your special moves and damage output.
  • Strength; a concentration on health
  • To create a well-rounded character, strike a balance between health and attack.

It’s up to you to decide which path to take, though, given how simple the game is, we recommend going with Wisdom. Over the course of 50 hours or so, we only died once, and that was in a space Gummi battle, so we think more attack power is the way to go.

The following option is to select a class: Guardian, Mystic, or Warrior. This doesn’t function like picking between a sword, shield, and staff in the original games, but it does affect the skills you have access to. Details for each are still being ironed out, but what we know so far is summarized below.

  • Protector – Capacity to heal yourself and your teammates
  • The Warrior: Strong one-off attacks and brief periods of immunity
  • Focusing primarily on magical attacks appears to be more effective for a mystic.

After making those two selections, you’ll be asked to verify them again. It’s too late to back out now, so think carefully before you take action. We have yet to see any of the puzzles, bosses, or plot twists in this massive epic. If you want to get the most out of Kingdom Hearts 3, you should check out the rest of our guides.