Updated at: 04-04-2023 - By: Leo Hall

Many of us haven’t played Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater in years, so it’s possible that you’ll need some extra time to refresh your memory and retrain your muscles.

Whatever your reason for checking out Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 is, we hope you enjoy it. However you choose to play, we’re here to help you learn the basics of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2.

This will ensure that when you’re at the skate park, you’ll be crushing score competitions and tearing it up online.

Learn The Controls

Even if the controls haven’t changed much since the original, it’s still a good idea to familiarize yourself with them. The controls for Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 on a PlayStation 4 or Xbox controller are shown in the table below:

Complete The Tutorial

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1 and 2 Controls

While seasoned players may scoff at the idea of playing through a tutorial for a game they loved as a kid, it’s a good idea to refresh your memory on how Pro Skater handles movement and tricks.

With a tutorial that’s not too long and a large range of movements covered, including manuals and reversals, which emerged in later THPS games but were included to THPS 1+2

There’s a strong chance you’ll lose out on key information if you don’t go through the tutorial if you’re new to the series.

Adjust Settings Using Game Mods

As an optional feature in THPS 1+2, you can alter the difficulty of various game actions through the use of Game Mods. If you’re experiencing problems, you may turn them on or off at any time.

The Options menu lets you look over all of the available mods before making your final decision. Keep in mind that some game challenges need you to disable game mods.

Listed here are all the game mods and what they do:

  • Allows you to grind without adjusting the slider on the left or right.
  • Perfect manual balance: You don’t have to adjust the slider left or right to do a manual.
  • Lip stunts are easier to perform when you don’t have to fiddle with the slider.
  • The ability to do special techniques without needing to build up your meter is provided by “Always Special”.
  • With no bails, you can perform tricks with confidence.

Practice Board Positioning

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1 and 2 Multiplayer

Landing tricks necessitates that your skateboard be in the proper position when you touch down. The risk of falling and breaking your combination increases if your board positioning is incorrect or your character is tilted.

Pay attention to how much your character spins to avoid this. Before landing, be sure you’re facing the right way every time you make a turn in the air. Skating on a flat surface is the same.

When going from a vert ramp to a flat surface, your character can get caught in an awkward angle, making it simple to botch up your landing and fail. The right trigger, R2, can be used to re-center yourself in the air. To guarantee a safe landing, straighten out your character.

Extend Combos With Manuals And Reverts

Perform manuals and reverses as often as possible to improve your combinations and become a more versatile fighter. By using them in conjunction with grinding, you can fast increase your score and maintain a running combination while you progress through a given level.

Press up and down on the Left Stick or D-Pad to conduct a manual. You may also execute a nose manual by going down and then back up. As you’re descending, hit R2 or Right Trigger to perform a reversal. With the help of both methods, you’ll notice an improvement in your scores.

Save Combos With Grinds And Wallrides

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1 and 2 Challenges

At full speed and with your Special meter full, the chances of your combo going wrong go up dramatically. In the form of Grinds and Wallrides, the game offers a few ways to try to preserve your combination before it is ruined.

To grind on the rail, you must hold the triangle or Y buttons while aiming at the bottom of the screen. Rails can be used to save your combo if you’re in danger of falling because they can be grinded from almost any angle. If you’re grinding, keep in mind that you’ll still have to keep your equilibrium by moving the slider.

Performing a Wallride will keep your combo going even if you’re not near any rails or about to smash into a wall. As you face a wall at an angle, you can accomplish the Wallride. Your character will instead do a Wallplant if you’re standing perpendicular to the wall.

Complete Easy Challenges

You must complete a certain number of park goals in order to unlock all of the skate parks in the game. Some objectives are exclusive to a particular level, while others are more or less universal. The following objectives should be prioritized if you wish to unlock all parks as quickly as possible:

  • You can compete in three different difficulty levels: High, Pro, and Sick. Worked as expected, even while mods were enabled
  • Reach a specified combination score before the end of a run in order to complete a High Combo challenge (Works with game mods enabled)
  • Obtain the following SKATE Challenges by completing the following tasks: To go through the level, you must collect all of the letters. Letters, for the most part, follow a predetermined course.
  • Gap challenges ask you to perform a certain technique in the space between two predetermined points. Watching the video for each stage’s introduction will reveal its locations. It’s possible to examine the proper inputs for a particular trick by opening the Options menu > Skate > Tick Mappings.

Other challenges, such as discovering the Secret Tape on each level, can also be used to unlock parks. However, most of them will require multiple attempts to finish, so if you’re just getting started, it’s best to stick to the fundamentals.