Updated at: 20-06-2022 - By: Leo Hall

The Interceptor Javelin in Anthem is the fastest and most stylish option if you’re seeking for a fast Javelin. We’ve compiled an Anthem Interceptor Javelin guide just for you, and it’ll tell you everything you need to know about this unique outfit. With this guide, you’ll learn exactly what to equip your Javelin with in order to get the most out of it in Anthem’s Interceptor mode.

Anthem Interceptor Javelin Builds

On top of that, this Interceptor Javelin is the fastest exosuit class in Anthem, but it is also the most compact. Assaulting enemies in the blink of an eye, doing some damage, and fleeing before they can react are only some of the Interceptor’s abilities.

Interceptor Javelin Melee Ability

The Interceptor has the “Double-Bladed Daggers” skill, which is only available to the four Javelin classes in Anthem. It allows the Interceptor to deal a large amount of damage in a short period of time by merging two daggers into quick assaults.

Interceptor Javelin Technique Gear

However, unlike other Javelins in Anthem, the Interceptor can only change one of its grenade powers. There are three different sets of abilities that you can equip and switch between throughout missions, one from each component that we’ll go over next.

Interceptor Javelin Assault Systems

You can use this weapon to shoot one sharp bullet that seeks for its target.

Using an acid bomb, you can discharge an explosive grenade that explodes and drenches your enemies in acid as they approach.

Cryo Glaive: Launches a locked-on object and freezes it with a single shot.

Interceptor Javelin Strike Systems

When a Star Strike is used, the target is charged with energy. It will burst into flames in a matter of minutes. The assault will be more powerful if you can kill your opponent before the charge is activated.

An energy-charged shuriken is fired towards one adversary.

Enemies are attacked by an Interceptor-like clone of Javelin called Nova Strike.

A single-target assault that can take out smaller opponents with ease.

Interceptor Javelin Ultimate Ability

The Javelin exosuit’s ultimate ability is known as “Assassin’s Blades” and is capable of enhancing the exosuit. The Interceptor’s twin daggers allow him to slash through opponents at a faster rate in a short amount of time.

Anthem Interceptor Best Loadout

The Interceptor’s shield is thin, but it’s swift and lethal at close range. Attacking quickly and retreating to recharge and resupply are the most important aspects of success in close combat. Doing things right is challenging. To inflict the maximum harm, though, follow these instructions.

In terms of gear, Venom Bomb is an absolute need. When adversaries are doused in acid, they are more prepared for combat. Having a weapon that can be detonated with just a few blows is a remarkable feature of this weapon.

Since it can be used in mid-range, take advantage of Tempest Strike to quickly enter the stage of this attack combo.

The Target Beacon Because it may be connected across opponents, Target Beacon is a useful tool for pinpointing specific targets for your strikes.

Frost Strike Build


Attacking Methods Primary Assault System Cryo Glaive Projectile that freezes its target upon impact.

System of Attack System of Attack Strike the Wind (Detonator) While energizing smaller adversaries, strike a single target with increased damage.


Increases melee damage from the use of Blade Inscriptions.

In order to increase the attack system’s damage output, it has been augmented.


Primary: Shotgun

The machine pistol/assault rifle is the second weapon.

Freeze, one of Anthem’s most potent state effects, is completely utilized in this build. Players can use Cryo Glaive to enhance numerous enemies before utilizing Tempest Strike to deal more damage. Frozen targets are vulnerable to damage and freezing for a period of time after the combination has been activated.

A modest set of inscriptions is featured in this design. It increases the damage of your blade, as well as your other equipment, making it more effective in combat.