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Picking a support hero like Lucio is a good first step if you want to be the one to lead your team to victory in Overwatch.

He may not be the best healer, but his speed and ability to switch out equipment at will can quickly change the course of battles and catch opponents off guard.

This Overwatch Lucio guide will focus on the character’s the best tips, tricks, and strategies for performing as the DJ who champions freedom.

In our Overwatch Beginner’s Guide, we cover topics like hero roles, team composition, and best practices for victory.

Lucio Abilities And Role Explained

As a healer, Lucio has a wide range of useful abilities, and his simplicity makes him a good choice for newer players.

He excels as a secondary healer, which allows him to explore the map and spot weaknesses in the enemy squad.

Lucio’s high mobility makes him particularly useful for gaining ground on opponents and distracting them while his allies sneak up on them.

We’ll explain how to make the most of his skills in combat and use them to hold a position and protect your team from harm.

How To Use Crossfade

Crossfade is one of Lucio’s best abilities because it allows him to instantly switch between healing and increasing his movement speed within a small area, indicated by a yellow or green aura, respectively.

While the effect is active, Lucio and his allies will gain health regeneration or increased movement speed, respectively.

Because Lucio can switch between the two at any time, you need to be aware of your team’s requirements at all times.

Healing can help keep your team alive during intense battles, and the speed boost is great for getting players from spawn to the objective quickly.

How To Use Amp It Up

By combining Crossfade with Amp It Up, you can temporarily boost the amount of healing or speed output generated.

It’s useful when you and your team need a quick boost in the heat of battle or when you’re trying to evade extremely powerful abilities.

The effects of Amp It Up won’t protect you from game-ending Ultimates like D.Va’s Self-Destruct, Reaper’s Death Blossom, McCree’s Deadeye, etc.

Finally, try not to overuse Amp It Up, and only use it when your team could truly benefit from its effects.

How To Use Soundwave

With the exception of Bubble Zarya, Shielded Reinhardt, and Turret Bastion, Lucio’s primary weapon has an additional fire mode that emits a burst of soundwaves to knock back any enemies in your line of sight.

Although the effect’s range is quite small, it can be put to great use by pushing enemies off of ledges, diverting their attention away from the objective, and so on.

You’ll get better at knowing which maps (like Ilios and Lijang Tower) to use Soundwave on to quickly dispatch your enemies as Lucio.

The cooldown on this ability is only four seconds, making it ideal for frequent use to disrupt the enemy’s positioning.

How To Use Sound Barrier (Ultimate)

When your entire team would be melted by an offensive Ultimate, Sound Barrier is a great failsafe.

A leaping Lucio slams his weapon to the ground, creating a massive soundwave that protects nearby allies.

Even though the shields can be destroyed by taking damage and will eventually vanish, they can be useful in the waning moments of a match when staying alive is crucial.

It shines as a defensive tool against otherwise devastating Ultimates (like the Rip-Tire used by the Junkrat, the Tank Configuration used by the Bastion, the Death Blossom used by the Reaper, and so on).

Lucio Strengths

With his passive ability activated by holding the jump button, Lucio can also ride walls in addition to his active abilities.

Getting this down takes practice, but it’s worth it to make the most of Lucio’s entire arsenal in games.

We’ve compiled a list of the best heroes to pair with him based on their level of mobility, as he excels with those who can take advantage of his speed buffs.

Which Heroes Combo Best With Lucio?

  • Reinhardt – Gains tremendously from Lucio’s speed increase and adds extra defense.
  • D.Va – Can use Lucio’s healing to keep her mech alive for longer.
  • Roadhog — Can survive without Lucio’s healing, and can safely avoid most of Lucio’s attacks.
  • Ana – Can do the bulk of the match’s healing, relieving some of the burden from Lucio.
  • Moira is the same as the previous two, but she has slightly more range of motion.

Lucio Weaknesses

Lucio’s mobility and ability to create space for his teammates are practically unrivaled, but he is far from perfect.

The main problem with Lucio is that his heals aren’t as consistent as those of other support heroes like Mercy, Ana, and Moira.

Due to his low health (200 HP) and vulnerability to being stunned or hooked, he struggles against heroes that can deal AoE damage.

The heroes who present a serious challenge to Lucio and know how to take advantage of his weaknesses are listed in greater detail below.

Which Heroes Does Lucio Struggle Against?

  • The area-of-effect attacks used by Junkrat can reduce Lucio’s effectiveness.
  • Pharah – As Lucio, she can be difficult to avoid in open-air combat.
  • Mei – Has the ability to stop Lucio in his tracks, leaving him defenseless.
  • McCree – Capable of stunning Lucio briefly before killing him.
  • Roadhog – Using his hook, he can yank Lucio off of walls and stop him from escaping.
  • Tracer – Outruns Lucio to the point where his health bar empties.

General Tips for Playing Lucio

Your familiarity with Lucio’s skills and how they can change the course of a match should have increased by now.

No matter your level, positioning and cooldown management are critical to your success with Lucio in team fights.

Several more suggestions that didn’t find a home elsewhere are highlighted below; put them into practice, and you’ll quickly find yourself moving up the ranks.

  • If you want your healing/speed boost to have the greatest possible impact, stay as close to your team as you can.
  • Use Lucio’s wall-riding ability to sneak around corners and gain precious seconds when fighting for control of the payload or another critical objective.
  • Lucio can increase his speed by jumping from one wall to another without ever touching the ground.
  • Use your Soundwave ability to boop enemies away and keep a safe distance.
  • Avoid using Sound Barrier in open areas where snipers can easily kill you before the animation is finished, as it is only activated when Lucio’s weapon touches the ground.

Overwatch Lucio lore

More background information about Lucio is forthcoming in Overwatch 2.
Really, who doesn’t adore Lucio? Despite the fact that he hasn’t been given the same lore treatment as other heroes due to his lack of comics, short stories, or cinematics, Lucio-Ohs, the Overwatch breakfast cereal, was created specifically for him.

Lcio Correia dos Santos was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and he spent his childhood in a poor, overpopulated favela that had been hard hit by the Omnic Crisis.

Lcio looked to music as a means to improve the mood of his community. As he grew older and more well-known, he began to perform at a series of legendary underground shows, but he first got his start performing on street corners and at block parties.

However, Lucio’s close-knit neighborhood was threatened by the Vishkar Corporation’s (the same company Symmetra works for) plans to redevelop large portions of Rio. Residents were used as cheap labor and curfews were imposed to prevent what the company considered “lawless” behavior.

Until finally Lucio had enough and stole Vishkar’s sonic technology to use against the corporation. His father invented the technology, but the business now holds the patent. This is the secret behind his effective healing and speed songs.

In-game voice lines between him and fellow hero and international music star Hana ‘D.Va’ Song are flirtatious, lending credence to the theory that the two are romantically involved.

Overwatch Lucio weapon

In the hands of a skilled user, Lucio’s reliable Sonic Amplifier can be extremely lethal. Primary fire fires a four-round burst, with each slow-moving projectile dealing twenty points of damage on impact; yes, you can also hit a target in the head.

Sonic Amplifier

  • 20 bullets in a clip.
  • To reload in 1.5 seconds
  • 0.935% of a second, or 1 blast

NOTELucio is at his best in close quarters, where his foes have less time to react and avoid his projectiles, but he is also capable of punishing probing DPS from a considerable distance if they stray too far from their shield or cover.

Lucio abilities

Soundwave, also known as the “boop,” isn’t limited to just Lucioball.
Because of his abilities, it’s clear that Lucio is at his best when he’s helping to keep his team alive and serving as part of a group. With his speed and healing abilities, he’s almost like having two heroes in one, and he’s very flexible.

Wall Ride (passive)

  • Jump at a wall and keep pressing the Jump key to begin a Wall Ride. As long as it is maintained, Lcio will keep trying to Wall Ride.
  • To initiate a Wall Ride while in midair, without looking at the wall or making any preparatory movements, Lcio must have the option “Allow Backwards Wall Ride” enabled. It is strongly suggested that you enable this!
  • When Lcio bounces off a wall, his speed increases and his forward motion is not completely lost.

NOTE:Using wallriding, Lucio can stay in battles to heal his team without putting himself in danger. Once you get the hang of it, the speed boost when switching surfaces will make it much easier to traverse the map.

Soundwave (Sonic Amplifier Secondary Fire)

  • Creates a blast wave with a short range to drive your foes back.
  • Pause for 4 seconds
  • Distance limit: 8 meters
  • Does 25 knockback damage.

NOTEAs an added bonus, it can lead to some spectacular environmental kills while keeping Reapers and other DPS away from your fellow healers and in front of your tanks. While some maps, like Ilios Lighthouse & Well, may seem more suited to boop eliminations than others, almost any map will have at least one suitable location.


  • Lcio constantly pumps himself, and his surrounding teammates, up with music. One song boosts his speed while the other helps him recover lost health.
  • The effective radius is 12 meters.
  • Time to cast is only 0.8 seconds.
  • No timeout required.


  • Friends: 16 times per second
  • Self: ~12.3in every

Quickness of motion:

  • 25% buff


  • Both tunes call for clear sight lines, and Allies behind enemy lines are unaffected.
  • If a teammate leaves the area of effect without switching songs, the effect of the current song will remain for 1 second.
  • Doable even while reloading.

Amp it Up

  • Lcio cranks up the volume on his speakers to amplify the impact of his music.
  • Momentary delay in casting
  • Radius of 12 meters of effect
  • Three seconds’ worth.
  • Waiting time: 12 seconds


  • 52 for allies per second
  • Id: 40 times per second

Rate of travel:

  • 60% buff

NOTE: When you first spawn, you may be tempted to use your speed boost, Amp Up, to get back into the fight as soon as possible. However, the long cooldown time means that you won’t be able to provide as much healing to your team when you catch up to them.

Lucio Ultimate ability: Sound Barrier

  • Grants 750 temporary shields to nearby allies, which will eventually wear off.
  • The radius of effect is 30 meters.
  • On level ground, the casting time is 0.72 seconds.
  • It lasts for 7 seconds.

NOTE: The duration of Lucio’s ultimate can be reduced with little effort. He jumps in the air while the beat is dropping, and if he lands on something solid, it will be his own fault.By beginning at a higher elevation (the payload, perhaps, or a flight of stairs) and working your way down, you can reduce the amount of time it takes to deploy the shields.

How to play Lucio: Tips

Lucio performs best when he is surrounded by his teammates.
Since Lucio’s healing and speed auras share the same area of effect around the hero, you should position yourself near your frontline tanks, who should be taking the bulk of the enemy team’s damage. Players who prefer to sit back and observe won’t be left wanting, but there’s plenty for those who prefer to take the initiative, too.

Lucio’s self-healing makes him surprisingly resilient for a healer/support with only 200 HP. Don’t back down if you get ambushed by an enemy DPS; just hop around and make them pay with a few well-placed shots.

How can I safely remain near my team without putting myself in danger? The Wallride, as was mentioned before. If you can help it, avoid touching the ground unless there are no nearby walls or other surfaces, or an enemy DPS always seems to have you covered.

Flying above the battleground will also reveal how many Overwatch players, for some reason, never look up. Staying out of sight for a while will allow you to heal your team and prolong your survival.

Lucio’s primary appeal is undoubtedly his healing, but even seasoned players often overlook the value of his Speed Boost. Immediately following a Sound Barrier cast mid-battle, for example, a 25% increase in movement speed can be more useful than healing.

Overwatch Lucio Skins

Name Tier Cost Skin
Blue Lucio Rare 75
Laranja, Lucio Rare 75
The Luminous Mr. Roxo, Lucio Rare 75
A Red-Haired Lucio Rare 75
Auditorius Lucio Epic 250
Synaesthesia of Lucio Epic 250
Andes, Lucio Inspiring(Winter Magic) 250
Bitrate, Lucio Epic(Anniversary) 250
Gorgon Lucio Superb(Fright Night) 250
Capoeira star Lucio Legendary 1000
HippityHop, Lucio Legendary 1000
Dr. Lucius Ribbit Legendary 1000
Breakaway, Lucio Legendary 1000
Slapshot, Lucio Legendary 1000
Jazzy Lucio Legendary
Goalscorer Lucio Legendary
Summer Competitions
Selecao Lucio Legendary
Summer Competitions
Equalizer Lucio Legendary(Archives) 1000
Snow Fox, Lucio Winter Wonderland – The Legendary 1000
I, Lucio Samul Nori Legendary
(New Year by the Moon)

Lucio Basics

Primary Fire

Lucio’s regular gun fires in bursts of five, each consisting of four shots; if all five bullets hit the target, the body will take 80 damage and the head will take 160 damage. Which is insane for a secondary protagonist. After every four shots, you’ll have 1.5 seconds to reload.

The Boop

The boop does 25 damage at most and has an 8-meter range with a 4-second cooldown. You should know that, unlike primary fire, it will not quickly deplete your supply.

Of course, you already know that the boop’s primary function is to, well, boop people, and not to inflict harm.

Healing/Speed Ability

When you enter healing mode, nearby allies (including yourself) will receive healing. However, you will heal your team more than yourself. In the speed mode, however, you all advance at the same rate.

There is a 12-second cooldown on the healing boost provided by “Amp it up.” As a result, it’s crucial that you use it responsibly.


What is going on here? When Lucio uses his ultimate, everyone within a 30-meter radius will gain a temporary 750 HP shield in the form of his famous quote. If you have had a line of sight with the target within the last half a second, the ability will still activate.

The shield only lasts for 6 seconds, so you should only use it when you know you’re going to take damage.

Wall Ride

Whether you’re healing or speeding up your team, this ability gives you incredible mobility. However, if you switch to speed mode, your movement will be accelerated. This is a very challenging skill that will require significant effort to master. The options are limitless.

Your Lucio Playstyle

I will classify the playstyles into the worst, average, and best.

Healer Lucio

This style of play is typically associated with lower tiers, including Platinum and possibly Diamond. In essence, these Lucios spend most of their time in healing mode, which is not the best playstyle and should only be used by inexperienced Lucios.

This is not the best strategy, as speed is the superior mode to healing. Please don’t misunderstand me; on the contrary, you absolutely MUST get better. However, in a team fight, if you only focus on healing, you won’t be able to keep up with an opposing Ana, Mercy, or Moira.

Aggressive Lucio

In contrast to healer Lucios, these players focus on dealing damage. They’re constantly switching between healing and speed as they should, and they’re also frequently found up front with the tanks in an effort to initiate engagements more quickly, which is a fantastic tactic if you can pull it off.

Picking off an enemy Widow when she’s alone and exposed is a favorite tactic, but it requires a high level of skill to pull off successfully.

Shotcaller Adaptive Lucio

One who decides when action is taken Playing as Lucio is the most challenging but most rewarding strategy. It calls for initiative, clear speech, and an eye for detail in its leaders.

This Lucio is well-versed in all facets of the game and can effectively switch between healing, speed, frontline, and team leadership roles. When to attack, when to retreat, when to try a flank, etc.

If you’re looking to pick up some kills and carry your team in the lower tiers (Platinum and below), I recommend switching to an Aggressive playstyle.

Speed Over Healing

Like I said in the playstyles section, if Lucio is only used to heal, he isn’t being played to his full potential. There aren’t many healers you can outdo, and it’s impossible to keep everyone in range at all times so you can heal them.

When engaging, disengaging, flanking, or peeling, speed is invaluable. If a Genji were to dive your backline, how confident are you that you could outheal him in healing mode? No! You need to quickly clear the backline so the band can play without interruption.

Or, say, getting your sluggish as all get out Reinhardt up to speed so he can join the fight. How many times have you missed an easy kill on an opponent because you couldn’t get any closer? Rapidity is the key.

Become a Bodyguard For Your Supports

Now that we know you’ll be using speed more than healing, your primary role on the team should be protecting the other support player. Keep an eye out for the enemy’s second support and try to peel for him if a flanker or dive hero tries to kill him. Quickly get him away from danger, boop the aggressor, and ult if necessary.

In the event that you are unable to save him, you will do everything in your power to postpone the execution for as long as possible, keeping the killer distracted from the main action until help arrives.

It’s important to note that it’s pointless to waste time trying to save a dead man walking if he’s a bad player who is horribly out of position. Over time, you’ll develop a better gut feeling for which teammates to invest time and energy into saving and which to abandon in favor of the others.

Lucio Positioning Tips

Despite their incredible speed, Lucios are still vulnerable heroes, and many players forget this. You should stay close to cover and walls and avoid going out into the open.

If you’re playing a deathball competition, it’s usually a good idea to stick close to the center of your team. You’ll need to use your best judgment and learn to trust your gut in order to know when to help the divers and when to peel for the backline in a dive competition. If you’re against a scuba competition, the same holds true.

Becoming the Master Booper

You’ve probably seen countless crazy videos of Lucio boopin’ 5 people off the face of the planet. Do not waste your time trying to replicate the results of the lucky few cases that were documented.

The most effective use of a boop is to save a teammate from an attack such as Roadhog’s hook, Mei’s combo, or Rein’s pin. It’s great to boop an enemy into your team or into killing range.

If you’re close enough, you can combine melee with the boop for a nice little burst, which is a more advanced boop tip. Or, you could boost an opposing Reinhardt upwards or laterally in order to shatter his Rein.

Boops have an infinite number of applications; the only way to master them is through repeated use. If you want to get good at playing Lucio in Overwatch, I recommend training with one of our coaches who specializes in the character.

Don’t use Amp It Up Recklessly

Amping is not a skill used casually whenever it is no longer on cooldown. There is a lengthy cooldown of 12 seconds before it can be used again, so careful planning is required.

Misusing it can be the difference between victory and defeat in a team battle. A skilled Lucio will weigh the option of using it to heal or escape during team battles. When an engagement is decided upon, a good Lucio will use it.

It’s recommended that you use Amp when Soldier, McCree, Zarya, Rein, or Roadhog use their ultimates. Whether to help them get better or to let them go free. It’s a good idea to move quickly through a confined area where your team is likely to be attacked, but you should communicate your intended path to them.

Using the Ultimate Properly is Key

I can classify the ways in which your ultimate is used into four broad groups:

    • Using the shield to “burst” an opponent down in a team fight before the shield’s timer runs out.
    • Putting it to use for self-defense during a team battle
    • Fighting back against ultimate attacks
  • After the enemy has used their support, you can use it too.

The ult button is often used like a gun trigger by many players. As soon as they hear Genji’s sword or the Soldier’s visor, they’ll start carelessly popping it. That won’t work. First of all, you have no idea if the enemy is going to die instantly; he could be one of the last two or three survivors, and your team could wipe the map with ease; in a full 6-on-6 battle, you might not even need the ult. It should be used sparingly.

Of course, you’ll use sound barrier to counter the enemy team’s ults or keep your own team alive if you know that the majority of their team has ults prepared. Don’t throw it around carelessly. If you’re up against Sombra and she has EMP ready, it’s recommended that you wait until she uses it before popping the beat.

It’s important to not only use your sound barrier to slow down the enemy when your team is dangerously slow and disorganized, but also to slow down the enemy when you know a lot of damage is coming your way.

Keep in mind that your ult’s protective effect is only temporary; if your team has low health when the ult ends, they are at risk of death unless you heal them.


How do you play Lucio effectively?

Always ready for battle
Learning when to employ Lcio’s various abilities, such as Crossfade’s ability to toggle between healing and speed boosts, is crucial to success as a player of the character. You really can’t go wrong withnot giving up on recoveryand employing Healing Boost whenever the group’s health bar is dangerously low.

What is good healing with Lucio?

No. 7: Brigitte And Lucio
Both Brigitte and Lucio are armed with short-ranged Recovery from Areas of Effect (AOE) Passively These two are invaluable additions to any team that excels at staying together under fire and picking off foes one by one. When they work as a unit, they’re able to reach their full potential.

When should I amp Lucio?

Turn up the volume. For three seconds, Lucio’s Crossfade’s healing and speed effects are amplified. You need to pick up the pace. When you’re in a tight spot and need to break freeor when making a sudden advance, and you should increase your healing when your teammates are critically injured.


I really think you’ll find my Lucio guide to be helpful, and I hope you enjoy reading it. If you’re having trouble leveling up your Lucio skills, check out our Skill Rating boosting service and sign up for a piloted or duo boost so that our boosters can guide you through the process while you play the game.