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Here is the definitive manual on how to sharpen your shooting skills and raise your score in FPS games. Everyone is capable of doing it because it is so simple to begin.

It takes a lot of time and effort to get better at shooting games, especially if you want to be a top player in a competitive setting on a game like Overwatch, Counter-Strike, or Apex Legends.

You don’t have to aspire to be the next e-sports champion to improve your aiming and start winning more games.

Here, we’ll show you exactly what to do to sharpen your aim in FPS games. Making sure you have the right gear and forming good aiming habits are all part of this process.

You’ll be able to knock heads off with ease after receiving some instruction, practicing regularly, and showing some patience.

Step 1 – Identify The Problem

You should take a few moments to figure out why you’re having trouble aiming before you even touch the mouse. Instead of identifying the underlying cause of their poor performance, many players rush to buy expensive mice and keyboards or spend hours running aiming drills.

Your strategy will change depending on whether your aiming issues stem from being unfamiliar with the mouse and keyboard, having trouble keeping track of your character’s movements, or some other factor.

Using Mouse and Keyboard

If you’ve never played a shooter with a mouse and keyboard before, don’t worry if you’re not as good as you would be with a controller. The way you hold the mouse is the first thing to consider. The three most common grips are the Claw, the Palm, and the Fingertip.

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There are a variety of options that can help you get a better handle on your mouse, and they’re all designed for specific play styles. However, the best mouse grip is the one that feels most at home in your hand as you move it around the screen.

Tracking Movement

You may be having trouble tracking other players’ movements if, despite being able to line up shots accurately, you somehow always fire at the wrong time and narrowly miss your target.

This happens frequently, especially among less-seasoned players. You can easily hone your tracking skills by competing against other humans, making it a distinct skill from aiming.

Humans behave very differently than AI, so the next time you’re playing a game, you shouldn’t focus so much on getting kills as you should on how your teammates move around the map.

Humans are more likely to duck behind objects or hide in nooks and crannies, to jump or slide when firing, and to avoid running in a straight line. If you remember these things, you’ll soon be able to anticipate your opponent’s moves with greater accuracy.


If you’ve finally accepted the fact that you’re a terrible shot, you’re already well on your way to improving your aim.

Since each shooter makes use of different mechanics, the key to accurate aiming is developing muscle memory specific to the game and class you’re playing. Aiming does require some practice, but there are two fundamental techniques to remember: tracking and flicking.

If we use Overwatch as an example, DPS characters like Soldier 76 are usually assigned tracking automatic weapons, the goal of which is to keep the crosshair on the target at all times.

Flicking, on the other hand, requires the user to line up a shot, pull the trigger, and return to a neutral position, making it a good choice for users of single-shot weapons like Widowmaker or McCree. When perfecting your aim, focus on both your weapon and your crosshairs.

Step 2 – Get The Right Equipment


If you’ve already pinpointed your weak spots, then you know exactly what to look for in a gaming mouse to improve your performance. A lighter mouse with only one or two thumb buttons for essential abilities is what you should aim for in most games.

You’ll have much less resistance when whizzing around your mouse pad with a lighter mouse.

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Mouse Pad

When it comes to mouse pads, a good rule of thumb is to get one that is as large as your gaming desk will allow. This should give you sufficient room to move the mouse around without having to pick it up and potentially leave your character vulnerable while you readjust.

If you’re having trouble moving the mouse without straining, a wrist rest may be a good investment.

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Finally, think about the keyboard layout you’re using. A mechanical keyboard offers greater precision, making it the ideal choice for competitive gaming. It doesn’t matter too much how big the board is, as long as the user is happy with the size, but larger boards with larger keys are preferable.

If you do most of your gaming late at night or in a dim room, you might also want to invest in a keyboard with backlit keys.

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Step 3 – Adjust Your Settings

Mouse DPI Settings

In order to aim accurately, mouse sensitivity should be adjusted to the highest possible value. Setting the DPI (dots per inch) on your mouse is not something that can be done with a universally applicable formula. The best way to figure out what works is to experiment with different options and tweak them as you go until you find the sweet spot where you can aim with ease.

This is typically between 800 and 1600 DPI, but newcomers to mouse and keyboard use should begin with 400 DPI.

While increasing the DPI will increase your mouse’s speed, doing so at the expense of precision and fine control is not a trade-off worth making. As a rule of thumb, it’s preferable to set a baseline DPI in Windows and then fine-tune it in-game.

Furthermore, turn off mouse acceleration, as it can greatly hinder your ability to aim accurately.

Game Settings

To fine-tune your mouse settings for a specific game, you should consult the game’s own configuration menu. In some games, you can tweak controls like mouse sensitivity and acceleration, zoom level, and field of view.

Games like Overwatch go even further by letting you adjust crosshairs for each playable character individually.

Physical Positioning

When playing on a personal computer, it’s easy to neglect the importance of maintaining a healthy posture and sitting in the optimal position. If you tend to sit with your back arched or slouched, it may be impacting your accuracy when aiming.

This isn’t usually a problem, but competitive shooters demand that you be on the ball and ready to fire at a moment’s notice.

As a result, you should work on adopting healthier sitting patterns. One should maintain a healthy posture by sitting at least 20 inches (roughly an arm’s length) from their screen.

Step 4 – Practice, Practice, Practice

You’ve done everything in your power to improve your chances of success; now all that’s left to do is put in the time and effort necessary to build muscle memory and sharpen your aim. Several approaches can be taken, so let’s quickly review them all.

Practice Range / Custom Games

In-game practice ranges are fantastic for mastering your aim without having to risk anything serious. Shooting ranges, training modes, and other practice areas are available in a wide variety of games, including Overwatch, where they are often used for training.

Steam Workshop is a great resource for players of competitive games like CS: GO because it hosts a wide variety of user-created content, such as custom training maps and scenarios.

You can also practice your aim in custom games by changing the game’s settings to your liking, such as making the AI more challenging, allowing you to take less damage, and so on.

Training drills for aiming and other aspects of gameplay can be facilitated by player-created custom game templates for various games. Spend some time honing your skills so you can aim while your character is in motion.

To use the crosshair for tracking, aim at a single point and begin moving and strafing as you would in a real fight while still maintaining that aim. You should repeat this later with a moving target, such as an AI-controlled foe or a friend who is willing to help you train.

You should practice keeping your crosshair pointed at places where human players are likely to appear, such as around corners, behind cover, and through doorways, when you flick your shot.

Aim Trainers

Another option is to use a browser-based aim trainer, such as Aiming Pro or 3D Aim Trainer, to hone your aiming skills. These can be downloaded at no cost and offer a less complicated method of training the motor skills essential for shooters. The practice of these games is also excellent for developing and maintaining hand-eye coordination.

Play The Game

Playing the game you want to get better at is a great way to improve your aim, which may sound obvious. It’s up to you if you want to make it as serious as playing at a high level in a tournament or ranking system.

Play a few Quickplay matches or form a group of friends willing to help out with the heavy lifting while you experiment with the game’s settings.

Practicing in a live game against other players has many built-in advantages, including acclimating to the current Meta and developing the ability to deal with the unexpected, both of which are essential to playing at a high competitive level.

Step 5 – Remember To Take Breaks

Last, but not least, learn to take a break from gaming when you need to. The body is an incredible instrument, capable of learning an almost infinite variety of tasks. On the other hand, in order to do so successfully, rest is required so that the system can recharge and resume its efforts with renewed vigor.

Take a five-minute break every fifty to ninety minutes to refuel with water, go to the restroom, or just get up and move around. This will help you feel rejuvenated and reduce your risk of developing problems like carpal tunnel, repetitive stress syndrome, and strained muscles. If your body isn’t functioning properly, no amount of target practice will help.

Quick Gaming Keyboard Shopping Tips

Keep the following in mind as you look for a good gaming keyboard:

  • There is no point in even considering a keyboard that isn’t mechanical if you’re a gamer, and most gamers probably feel the same way. For most gamers, the tactile feedback, precision, and accuracy offered by mechanical keyboard switches is preferable to the gummy, unresponsive feel of membrane switches.
  • Is RGB required or optional? It’s not true that all RGB bulbs are the same. Zone lighting restricts your control to specific areas of the board, while per-key RGB allows you to program the color of each individual key. A keyboard with a single color backlight will be cheaper, but it won’t be as fun to use. You should either be a touch typist or plan to play in a well-lit area if you go with a keyboard that has no backlight.
  • How about full size, tenkeyless, or a more compact version? Sixty percent of keyboards do away with the arrow keys, while 65 percent do away with the numpad. While some users, like massively multiplayer online game players, may want a full-sized keyboard, others may want a compact model to free up desk space.
  • To customize the response and noise of each key press, the best gaming keyboards offer a variety of mechanical switch types. For example, the Cherry Viola switch is one of many recent innovations in this area. Your preferences for typing and playing will determine which type of switch is best for you.

Best Gaming Keyboards You Can Buy Today

1. HyperX Alloy Origins


HyperX Red (linear) switches.
RGB key backlighting
The size is a full-sized one.
Dimensions are 44.3 x 13.3 x 3.6cm (17.4 x 5.2 x 1.4 inches)
Expressed in grams, the weight is 1,075 (or 2.


Slender and space-saving layout
Positives: RGB lighting that really pops
Adjustable height (in the back) across three settings.


-No macro keys or media controls
-The distance required to activate the switch is 1.8mm (instead of 2mm). sounds and feels like a marketing ploy
The -NGenuity software suite could be more user-friendly.

The HyperX Alloy Origins is the finest gaming keyboard for casual players because of its small size and high-quality construction. You can type in comfort on its premium-looking keys, sturdy frame, and eye-catching RGB backlighting. The red switches on this keyboard will feel very familiar to anyone who is used to the faster but less responsive linear switches. We’ve also tried out the clickier variant with HyperX aqua switches, which can be purchased from both Amazon (opens in new tab) and HyperX’s store (opens in new tab).

If you’re willing to spend more than $100, you can get a gaming keyboard with extra features like media control buttons, a USB pass-through port (for quickly connecting another accessory like your best gaming mouse(opens in new tab)), and superior software. Still, the Alloy Origins excels at providing its few features.

Keep in mind that HyperX also sells two more compact and affordable variants of this keyboard: the tenkeyless (no numpad) HyperX Alloy Origins Core(opens in new tab) and the 60% HyperX Alloy Origins 60.

2. Asus ROG Strix Flare II Animate


Hot Swappable Switches: NX Red/Brown/Blue or Cherry Red/Brown/Blue
Per-key RGB backlighting
Larger than life
17.4 x 5.4 x 1.6 inches (44.3 x 13.8 x 4.1cm)
Weighing in at 3 lb. (1.4 kg.)


Positive LED Dot Matrix Screen
Media-Specific Access Codes
Aluminum Sheet
Comfortable wrist pad
PCB swapping with hot swapping


Inconvenient RGB keypad software
Faulty assembly of the wrist support

You can get everything you need in a cheap, ready-to-use gaming keyboard with the Asus ROG Strix Flare II Animate. Although it has a high suggested retail price of $219, it is less expensive than similarly-performing custom-built enthusiast boards. The board also features a distinctive piece of bling not found on any other boards: a dot matrix LED display (the “AniMe Matrix”).

Switch options for this keyboard include Cherry’s red (linear), brown (tactile), and blue (clicky) varieties, or Asus’s own ROG NX. Add in some soundproofing material and a quick-change circuit board, and you’ve got yourself a complete package.

The aluminum top plate and double-shot PBT keycaps make this keyboard very sturdy. You also have media controls (including a volume wheel) and a genuinely comfortable wrist rest, which is a pain to set up but can stay put.

The per-key RGB lighting on this board is the only area where it falls short, requiring the use of the cumbersome Asus Aura Creator app. Yet the time spent tinkering is well worth it: This board’s AniMe Matrix lighting can be programmed to show in-game reactions to certain triggers, or to show off your own custom gifs and images in the top right corner.

This is a level of functionality rarely seen in keyboard lighting, but when combined with a reasonable price and a sturdy construction, it hardly seems like a gimmick. This is a solid foundation for both classic and cutting-edge gaming styles.

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3. Cooler Master CK552


Gateron’s Red, Blue, and Brown Switches
RGB backlighting per key
Larger than life
The dimensions are 46 x 13.5 x 4.1 cm (18.1 x 5.3 x 1.6 inches).
1.91 lb (861.8 g) in weight.


RGB backlighting, which looks stunning
Top Plate Constructed of Solid Aluminum
Different kinds of switches can be found.


It’s easy to accidentally flip a red switch. -press

Although some gaming keyboards can be quite pricey, good gear doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive to use effectively. The Cooler Master CK552 is a full-size keyboard with a durable aluminum top plate, a feature typically reserved for more expensive boards.

The CK552 features linear, clicky, and tactile Gateron switches, which provide a satisfying mechanical feel (albeit with a bit less durability and premium feel than other mechanical switch brands, like Cherry MX).

While using Gateron Red switches, we experienced some accidental presses while testing this keyboard for both gaming and general use. The CK552 has some less-than-stellar gaming performance, but it makes up for it with up to four profiles of onboard memory, on-the-fly macro recording, and per-key RGB. In terms of peripheral software, the CK552 is compatible with Cooler Master’s Portal, which is, to be fair, not as feature-rich as its rivals’ offerings.

4. Corsair K70 RGB TKL


Cherry MX Red, Silent Red, or Speed Silver
RGB key backlighting
Genre: Tenkeyless
Measures 14.2 by 6.5 by 1.9 inches (36.1 by 16.5 by 4.8 centimeters).
2.1 lb (952.5 g) in weight.


Sturdy, compact design
Keyboard Skins (Premium)


In some cases, you may need some time to get used to the close key.

It’s not cheap, but the Corsair K70 RGB TKL is well worth it. Because of its compact TKL design, it’s easy to store away, but it also seems durable and won’t easily break. The K70 RGB TKL from Corsair comes with media keys and the ability to adjust RGB effects without installing any additional software (though the iCue app is required for more advanced adjustments).

The doubleshot PBT keycaps on the K70 RGB TKL are resistant to smudges and sweat, ensuring you never miss a beat in-game while still being comfortable for typing. Extra ABS keycaps are included in the box for a lower price, adding a touch of flair and fun to the board. It may take some getting used to the close proximity of the keys on this board before you can type quickly and accurately.

The K70 RGB TKL stands out due to its own multi-threaded SoC, which allows it to achieve a polling rate of 8000 Hz. This is 8 times faster than the polling rate of many of the other keyboards on this page. (But even with an AMD Ryzen 5950X CPU, we couldn’t tell a difference.) This TKL’s responsiveness, advanced tournament-style feature set, and plethora of onboard profiles (up to 50) were particularly useful.

5. Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro


Both clicky and linear switches are available from Razer.
RGB key backlighting
Extent: Completely sized
Inches: 17.7 (36.8cm), centimeters: 9.8 (2.2cm), inches: 1.7 (4.4cm), millimeters: 0.0 (0.4cm)
Three and a half pounds (1,423 grams)


The doubleshot keycaps are high-quality and won’t get dirty easily.
An Excellent Wrist Rest


-Sensitive to low battery conditions
There are no shortcut keys.

In our testing, the Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro proved to be the best wireless gaming keyboard for those who wanted an experience comparable to that of a traditional full-sized mechanical gaming keyboard but without the hassle of wires. While many wireless keyboards are designed with portability in mind, the BlackWidow V3 Pro keeps the size, weight, and features of a full-sized mechanical keyboard, such as a premium tactile volume dial, media keys, an aluminum top plate, and doubleshot ABS plastic keycaps.

With the BlackWidow V3 Pro, Razer spares no expense. A maximum of four user profiles can be stored locally, and colorful per-key RGB lighting adds a splash of style. Because of this incompatibility, advanced RGB enthusiasts will need dedicated software in order to match RGB colors and effects to specific profiles.

The BlackWidow V3 Pro can pair with a computer via a 2.4 GHz dongle (which we encountered no problems with during testing) or via Bluetooth (with support for up to three computers at once). Our test unit only lasted around 14 hours on average with RGB at maximum settings and no dimming effects, but you can get up to 25 hours with RGB on power saving settings. Before the battery reaches 3%, it’s a good idea to plug it in so that power saving features can be disabled and the keyboard can return to normal operation.

The Logitech G915 Lightspeed is a great and dependable full-sized wireless gaming keyboard with low-profile switches that some gamers and travelers will enjoy. However, the BlackWidow V3 Pro is the best option if you want to experience mechanical gaming on a full-sized keyboard.

6. Patriot Viper V765


Kailh White Box Momentary Pushbuttons as Rocker Switches.
Backlighting is RGB color-changing per key.
Dimensions: Completely standard
This item has dimensions of 18.4 x 6.4 x 1.1 inches (46.6 x 20.3 x 4cm).
2,5 ounces (1,134 g) in weight.


Fantastic white toggles
Excellent Value
1 Modern aluminum construction


Subpar user experience due to mediocre programing
Awkwardly Small Feet
The palm rest is made of a hard material.

Although Patriot Memory is more well-known for its memory and storage solutions than its peripherals, the Viper V765 offers unrivaled key feel in a stylish and reasonably priced package. The Patriot Viper V765 has been around for a while, but it’s still a great low-cost option that packs a punch. This is one of the few keyboards to feature Kailh Box White switches, which, due to their shorter travel distance (3.6mm vs. 4mm), allow for faster actuation than standard Blue or Green switches. It has the most responsive keys we’ve tried, and their click is one of the nicest you’ll hear.

If the Viper V765’s Kailh Box White switches aren’t enough to sway your decision, it has plenty of other advantages. The aluminum top and sleek, rounded corners of this full-size keyboard are very 21st century. There are dozens of color schemes you can achieve with the RGB keys, and most of them can be accessed without even downloading any software. The IP56 water and dust resistance and media keys set this keyboard apart from cheaper alternatives.

The current price of the Viper V765 is only $90 (opens in new tab), making it less expensive than its main rivals. The V765 is our go-to cheap gaming keyboard despite its short flip-out feet and mediocre app.

7. Corsair K100 RGB


Linear Corsair OPX RGB or Cherry MX Speed Silver switches.
RGB key backlighting
Extensiveness: Major
Dimensions are 47 x 16.6 x 3.8cm (18.5 x 6.5 x 1.5 inches).
The item has a weight of 1,315.4 g (2.9 lb).


optomechanical switches with a 1mm actuation travel
Premium PBT keycaps and padded wrist rest.


-There are gimmicky touches here and there.

The Corsair K100 RGB is loaded with features, some of which you may have never even imagined a keyboard could have. An SoC with multi-threading, a 4,000 Hz polling rate (instead of the standard 1,000 Hz), the introduction of Corsair’s own optical-mechanical switches, and a media wheel with an RGB lighting system make this PC as enjoyable to use as it is to look at.

Particularly useful for time-saving purposes, the wheel made Photoshop’s zooming in and out a breeze. However, it was found to be less useful for gaming than some of the other features that contribute to this keyboard’s high price.

When it comes to gaming keyboards, the K100 RGB is still a top contender. The shorter travel and actuation point of the optical mechanical switches made a noticeable difference. You can also get this board with Cherry’s Speed Silver switches if optical mechanical isn’t your thing.

The Corsair K95 Platinum XT is a better option if you want to splurge for gaming purposes only. The Elgato Stream Deck and a macro key bank are just two of the gaming-centric extras that come at a hefty price.

8. Hexgears Impulse


The Kailh Box comes in two different colors, white and brown.
RGB key-by-key backlighting
Dimensions: Completely standard
Dimensions are 43.8 x 15.2 x 4 cm (17.25 x 6 x 1.6 inches).
Amount of weight: 918 grams, or 2 pounds.


Support for hot-swapping of key switches
Excellent, top-tier keyboarding experience


With no program
The light show is boring.

While the Hexgears Impulse is not without flaws, it is the best gaming keyboard for those who place a premium on typing speed. When compared to other keyboards we’ve tested, including those with Cherry MX Blue and Razer Green switches, this one’s Kailh Box White switches allowed for the fastest typing speeds we’ve ever experienced.

It was a bold move on Hexgears’ part to install a Blue-style switch under the space bar alone; the company justified this decision by noting that the largest key (which most people hit with their thumbs) should be a little stiffer. We thought it was odd to have a different switch under one key, but the extra protection proved useful. The Viper V765 has Box White switches under every key, including the space bar, but we found that we enjoyed typing on the Impulse even more.

The Impulse can also be accessed via the Kailh Box Brown tactile switches. Hot swap functionality has been added to the latest version of this keyboard, allowing you to swap in different switches without having to use a soldering iron. The Impulse offers a great typing experience and additional features for a reasonable price (around $100).

9. Razer Huntsman V2


Razer Linear Optical Switches and Clicky Optical Switches
Individual key RGB backlighting
Classification: Completely sized
Dimensions: 17.6 x 5.5 x 1.6 cm.
With the wrist rest attached, it weighs a total of 3.76 pounds.


Switches that are easy to use and quick to react
Proficient in programming


The lack of macro keys prevents it from competing with similarly priced products.
An 8 kilohertz polling rate is barely perceptible.

In spite of the fact that the Razer Huntsman V2 Analog is among the company’s most cutting-edge optical mechanical gaming keyboards, the original Huntsman V2 is the better option for the vast majority of users. It’s pricey, but it has a ton of features, including premium switches, nice media keys, keys that can be programmed with up to two functions by holding down a designated Razer HyperShift key, and 4 onboard profiles that can launch automatically with specified apps.

Instead of using physical contact, its optical mechanical switches are activated by passing a stem through a beam of light. These switches have gained in popularity because of their smooth actuation and the expectation that they will wear out more slowly than conventional mechanical switches. We put the Huntsman V2 through its paces with the noise-cancelling 2nd Gen Optical Linear switches from Razer. In addition to the switches’ silky smooth operation, the keyboard is fitted with sound-absorbing foam for a whisper-quiet typing experience. The clicky options are also delightfully light (with an actuation point of only 1.5mm and requiring only 45g of force to activate).

The Huntsman V2 is designed with comfort in mind, featuring a removable, padded wrist rest and attractive, doubleshot PBT keycaps. An absolutely top-notch keyboard in every way possible.

10. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT


Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Brown, and Speed Silver
RGB key backlighting
Dimensions: Completely standard
It measures at 18.3 by 6.7 by 1.4 inches (46.5 by 17.1 by 3.6 centimeters).
The item weighs a total of 2.9 ounces (or 1,306.3 g).


In addition to being incredibly cozy, the classic design also features a metal volume roller and separate media controls.
The wrist rest and Double Shot keycaps are higher quality.
Thanks to enhancements made possible by the inclusion of Elgato Stream Deck, macro keys now have a wider range of uses.


Poorly designed cable
Warning: the plastic clips on the detachable wrist rest look and feel like they might snap.
Due to Elgato Stream Deck’s dual-software requirement,

The Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT is an excellent choice if you want to splurge on a high-end mechanical gaming keyboard. It’s one of the best gaming keyboards we’ve tried, but it’s a bit pricey due to some extras that some people might find pointless.

This new version of Corsair’s flagship keyboard, the K95, features double-shot keycaps and a padded leatherette wrist rest, among other luxuries. The Elgato Stream Deck streaming software is also compatible with the keyboard’s six macro keys. If you buy a second Stream Deck, you’ll save another $150 (opens in new tab). Corsair includes the usual suspects of premium mechanical keyboards, such as a brushed aluminum body, volume wheel, and per-key RGB lighting.

Cherry MX Brown (tactile and quiet) and Silver Speed (fast and quiet) switches are included, but we used and evaluated the Blue (tactile and clicky) version. The switches worked well for general use, but for gaming, we’d prefer a variant that is either quieter or has a shorter actuation distance. In this case, you won’t find any straight choices like Cherry MX Red.

11. SteelSeries Apex Pro


OmniPoint Linear Adjustable, and Gateron Red Switches
Per-key RGB backlighting
Extent: Completely sized
17.2 x 1.9 x 4.4 inches (43.7 x 4 x 13.9cm)
It tips the scales at a hefty 2.1 pounds (970.6 grams).


Most key actuation points are programmable individually
Five user profiles with RGB and actuation controls are stored on board.
Made of lightweight aluminum
Cable management and USB passthrough


-Long-term typing experience that raises red flags

The SteelSeries Apex Pro has the most impressive per-key RGB lighting we’ve ever seen, making it the best gaming keyboard for RGB. The keyboard’s dark gray frame provides a striking contrast to the bright hues, which illuminate the rest of the chassis. Keyboards with protruding keycaps take it to a whole new level. The software and the ability to make adjustments in real time expand the range of what is possible.

The actuation point of each key on this keyboard can be adjusted independently, making it possible to create a truly unique experience. In a rare feat accomplished, the Apex Pro succeeds admirably. The trendy OLED(opens in new tab) display is another option, and it allows you to show off a tiny image or an uploaded GIF. The Apex Pro is even more user-friendly than a hot-swappable keyboard when it comes to customization.

The Apex Pro’s switches are definitely linear, so those who prefer a more clicky, tactile typing experience should look elsewhere. (Although banging on the aluminum frame will still make a lot of noise.) If you’re looking for a keyboard that you can leave your fingerprints on, stop right here.

The SteelSeries Apex 7(opens in new tab) is a smaller and less expensive alternative to the Apex 10(opens in new tab) if you’re interested in a gaming keyboard.

12. Logitech G915 Lightspeed


Logitech GL (slim) switches with tactile, clicky, or linear movement.
RGB key backlighting
Category: Full-Size
Product dimensions are 18.7 x 5.9 x 0.87 inches (47.5 x 15 x 2.2cm).
Weighs in at a svelte 1.02 pounds (2.3kg)


Excellent for use in both gaming and typing
Slender and aesthetically pleasing design


It’s simple to make a mark on the keys.
Lack of a wrist rest

The Logitech G915 Lightspeed is the best gaming keyboard you can buy if you value speed and the convenience of low-profile mechanical switches. A high-quality gaming experience can be expected from start to finish. It has a row of G macro keys for use in combat, media controls like an epic volume wheel roller, and a variety of connection methods. You can stick with tried-and-true wired connectivity, use Logitech’s trustworthy dongle connection, or tuck the dongle away in the keyboard’s integrated compartment and use Bluetooth. It’s a little less of a hassle to link multiple devices this way, too.

Although the G915 Lightspeed has gained widespread acclaim, its popularity does not come without cost. There’s no wrist rest, USB passthrough, or smudge-proof premium keycaps despite the $250 price tag. Our review of the larger Logitech G915 TKL model explains that the smaller Logitech G915 TKL model is less expensive(opens in new tab) but lacks some features, most notably the G keys.

However, the G915 Lightspeed (and G915 TKL) provides an impressively comfortable typing experience for such a compact keyboard. We’ve been using it for days with Logitech’s low-profile tactile switches, and unlike with other low-profile keyboards, we haven’t experienced any fatigue or the sensation that we’re typing through sand.

13. Razer Huntsman Mini


Razer Optical Clicky or Razer Optical Linear (2nd Gen) Switches
Color-changing LEDs illuminate each individual key.
Type: 60%
It measures at 11.6 x 4 x 1.3 inches (29.5 x 10.2 x 3.3cm) in size.
1.2 oz (521.6 g) in weight.


Switches that use optical light to activate
PBT keycaps with a matte finish and a textured design.
5 profiles stored in-memory
The ability to personalize the software


Not rugged enough for the asking price
Since the keyboard’s size has been reduced by 60%, arrow keys are no longer present.

A small keyboard that folds up to 60% of its normal size is a godsend for people with limited desk space or who frequently make broad mouse clicks. The lack of a numeric keypad and possibly even arrow keys will require some getting used to if you want to maintain your current level of productivity. The Huntsman Mini (also available in black) is excellent, but only if you’re okay with its diminutive size.

The Huntsman Mini, like the full-sized Razer Huntsman and the rest of the Huntsman line, is equipped with optical mechanical switch technology. Two options are available to you. While the 45g of force required by Razer’s Clicky Optical switches makes them ideal for gaming (Kailh Box Whites require 50g and Cherry MX Blues 60g), we have noticed a pinging noise, or metallic ding, alongside the clicky noise when pressing or releasing a key more forcefully. Razer’s 2nd generation Linear Optical switches, featured in the Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition TKL keyboard, are a good alternative to the clicky switches of the past due to their reduced noise output.

The Anne Pro 2(opens in new tab) provides arrow functions by lightly pressing the Windows, Fn, Ctrl, and Shift keys, and the Ducky One 2 Mini(opens in new tab) is a longtime fan favorite among 60% keyboards with additional switch options.

14. Cloud Nine C989 ErgoFS


Cherry MX switches come in a variety of colors.
RGB key-by-key backlighting
Size: Full-sized
Overall dimensions are 22.1 x 10.1 x 2 inches.
Mass: 4 ounces


The Standard Key Design
Wheel-mounted controller with multiple functions


-The Windows 10 keyboard layout is not standard.
Tents aren’t modifiable.

It’s not easy to find a split keyboard with all the features you need (or want) in a gaming keyboard and ergonomic design. Even more so if you require mechanical switches, especially of a high quality. Because of this, the Cloud Nine C989 ErgoFS is superior.

Unlike the C989 ErgoFS, which uses a nonstandard Windows key replacement that cannot be reprogrammed, this keyboard uses a standard key layout that makes it much simpler to get used to its wider, split form factor. The keyboard has programmable RGB lighting, macro keys, and your choice of clicky, linear, or tactile mechanical switches from Cherry. It may be a split keyboard, but the C989 ErgoFS has all the features that gamers look for in a good keyboard.

Not everything goes as planned. Be sure you have enough room for this massive peripheral before purchasing it. Because it lacks legs, the keyboard can only be tent-angled at the predetermined 7 degrees. Keyboards without backlighting would be unusable due to the difficulty in reading the legends on the keys.

The C989 ErgoFS is a good choice whether you’re new to split keyboards or just want a high-quality option to take into battle.

Valorant: How to improve your aim | Rock Paper Shotgun

15. Asus ROG Falchion NX


NX Brown, Red, and Blue Switches
Backlighting is RGB color-changing per key.
Type: 65%
It measures at 12 by 4 by 1.5 inches (30.5 by 10.1 by 3.9cm).
1 pound, 14 ounces in weight


Added fluidity when changing gears
With adjustable feet
Keycaps made of a material called polybutylene terephthalate (PBT)
Acquiring a Touch Screen
1 Capable of Wireless Interconnection


The Touch Screen Is Very Sensitive
Rough and ready RGB software

The Asus ROG Falchion NX is a compact gaming keyboard that includes nearly every feature competitive players could want. You won’t have to worry about losing any functionality thanks to the board’s 65% frame thanks to the inclusion of arrow keys, navigation keys, an innovative side touch panel, and wireless macro recording capabilities.

Asus’s own NX switches, which we found to be noticeably smoother than Cherry MX switches, are also featured on this board. Our testing also showed that they were slightly noisier than we’d like, but overall they’re a good option for those who are sick of Cherry and its imitators. In this case, you can choose from the red (linear), brown (tactile), or blue (clickable) buttons.

The per-key RGB lighting on this board can be customized, but only by using the clumsy Asus Aura Creator program. However, the premium double shot PBT keycaps and dual USB-C to USB-A and 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity more than make up for this drawback.

If you consider that the board’s side touch panel can store up to five gesture based actions, you’ll see that it’s a lot more versatile than most 65% keyboards, making it suitable for a wide range of uses.

16. HyperX Wrist Rest


This item has dimensions of 17.5 x 3 x 0.75 inches (44 x 7.6 x 1.9cm).


Extremely relaxing
Very good looking layout


More expensive by a few dollars than similar offerings from rival vendors

It only makes sense to complement the most comfortable gaming keyboard with the most comfortable wrist rest. The wrist rests on the vast majority of keyboards are uncomfortable and hard. Our top pick for improving your typing experience is the HyperX Wrist Rest.

The wrist rest from HyperX strikes a fine balance between comfort and support thanks to the use of cooling gel sandwiched between layers of memory foam. The black cover is accented with bright red stitching, and the HyperX logo is nearly invisible for a sophisticated look. No matter what keyboard you use, this will improve your typing experience.


A successful shot can often mean the difference between winning and losing. If you want to make a living as a gamer, practicing your aim is just as crucial as actually playing the game. However, not everyone has access to a mentor who can help them improve their gaming skills.

The efficiency of your hardware is also crucial to your gaming experience. A low-spec computer may give up on you in-game by providing a low frame rate when confronted by an enemy. Improving your gaming prowess can be facilitated by learning how to optimize your computer for optimal performance.