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Find the best Bennett build guide for Genshim Impact here and learn how to maximize your team’s potential.

Bennett, a 4* Pyro support character, can heal and buff the attack power of your primary damage dealers on the field. Because of this massive increase in attack power, Bennet is widely considered one of, if not the, most important playable characters. There is, at the very least, no question that he isthe best 4* character, and that his contribution to the team is greater than that of many 5* characters.

However, you still need to be careful about how you build Bennett if you expect S-Tier results, as we ranked him in S-Tier. This guide will show you how to make the most of Bennett by highlighting his most useful talents, discussing the strengths and weaknesses of his constellations, and concluding with recommendations for optimal weapon and artifact sets. We’ll also include the optimal Bennett F2P and Whale team compositions, as well as a backup team composition in case you went against our advice and activated the constellation early.

Since Bennett is the center of the game’s meta, we’ll have a special section devoted to him and his supporting cast.don’t rely on Bennett to make it possible for them. Bennett can only be used in one of your teams, so knowing this information is crucial if you plan on tackling the game’s hardest endgame content.

Having said that, let’s get started.

Talent Priority

Talent Description Priority
Common Assault
(Luck of the Draw)
Common AssaultUp to five quick strikes can be performed.

Directed EffortUses up some Stamina to perform two quick sword strikes.

Assault from BelowDrops from above, smashing into the ground with a resounding thud and dealing area-of-effect damage to anyone in its path.

While it is possible to use Bennett in a DPS build, doing so would permanently remove him from many team compositions’ support roles (more on this when we discuss his constellations). Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate tojust disregard all of this skill.
Power Over Nature
(Overload of Enthusiasm)
Bennett invests his entire heart and soul into his sword.
The outcome may change depending on his level of enthusiasm.PressA single burst of flaming fury that inflicts pyrodamage.

HoldBuilds up a charge, the release of which has varying effects depending on how high the charge is.

Hits twice with pyro damage and launches foes at Level 1.
At Level 2, Bennett unleashes a barrage of three attacks, the last of which causes an explosion that propels him and his foe into the air. The pyro DMG from these attacks is formidable.
Bennett is unharmed by the launch.

It’s neat when characters have unique equipment, but you’ll never need Bennett’s Elemental Skill in any of its other forms.
And you’re not using it for the DMG anyway; you’re using it for the Energy it gives you.You don’t have to max out this skill. either.
Explosion of the Elements
(Awesome Trip)
Using a jumping attack, Bennett deals Pyro DMG and generates an Inspiration Field.

Motive Dimension
• A character’s health will constantly regenerate if it drops to 70% within the area of effect or lower. Restored HP is proportional to Bennett’s Max HP.
• Characters within the area of effect who have a health total greater than 70% receive an attack bonus equal to Bennett’s base attack power.
Pyro is bestowed upon allies within the area of effect.

Bennett’s only redeeming quality as a unit is his access to Elemental Burst. The additional attack power is more valuable than the healing it provides.
This may sound problematic at first, but Bennett’s healing scales off of his Max HP and his ATK buff scales off of his base ATK.
Weapon and artifact substats have no effect on Base ATK, so you can dump everything you have into Health Points or Energy Recharge and still spam this incredible Burst off cooldown.
Bennett’s opinion alonetop-tier abilitiesIt’s a top-tier ability that ranks among the best in the industry.

Passive Talents

Recognized Talent Description Evaluation
It Ought to Be Secure… In Mondstadt, the time it takes to send someone on an expedition is cut in half. Even if you dedicate your entire day to this game, you can only send your characters on one expedition each day.
Rekindle Effects a 20% reduction in the CD of Passion Overload. This is a huge boon to Bennett, as using his Elemental Skills more often results in faster Energy accumulation and more reliable Burst uptime.
Fearnaught Bennett is immune to the launch effect of Fantastic Voyage’s explosion and the cooldown of Passion Overload is halved while he is within the circle of effect. While you should still keep your primary DMG dealer on the field while Bennett’s Burst is active, this ascension talent is fantastic for the same reason as the last one.

Bennett has an incredible arsenal. The error has been corrected; Bennett’s Elemental Burst is fantastic. Only Elemental Particles themselves, and not their DMG, can be generated with the Elemental Skill. But the Burst’s superiority makes this irrelevant.

Specifically, the Burst has a 12-second active time and a 15-second cooldown. So far, so good in terms of uptime. In addition, the ATK buff he provides lasts an extra two seconds, allowing you to keep it active nearly permanently. This talent’s ATK boost is enormous, exceeding Bennett’s base ATK by a small margin at level 10.

Contrast this with Sara, the other ATK buffer, whose buffs are more difficult to obtain, last less time, and scale less well. Simply put, a large number of DPS and sub-DPS characters rely heavily on Bennett and struggle to perform at their maximum potential when he is unavailable. Bennett’s proficiency with constellations improves, but there is one you should avoid at all costs, so let’s talk about that and more.


Label for Star Cluster Description Evaluation
Massive Hopes The HP cap on the ATK boost from Fantastic Voyage has been removed, and 20 percent of Bennett’s Base ATK have been added. Many people think this star pattern is crucial to have in your sky map. Regardless of the active character’s health bar, this feature guarantees that you will receive the attack bonus. If the active character has less than 70% HP, the ATK bonus (the most important part of Bennett’s kit) will not activate unless this constellation is in place.
The huge The increased scaling of the ATK buff is the icing on the cake. You can guarantee getting Bennett and his C1 by playing the game and saving up some Starglitter, as he rotates regularly on the Starglitter Shop.
Breaker of Logjams The percentage by which Bennett’s Energy Recharge increases when his HP drops below 70% is as follows. As has been discussed, one of the most effective strategies in Genshin Impact is to keep Bennett’s Burst active at all times. If you have him at C2, keeping his health below 70% is essential to keep his Energy Recharge buff active.
Unstoppable Fervor Raise the level of Overwhelming Emotion by 3.
The highest possible level of upgrades is 15.
The slight increase in damage dealt by his Elemental Skill isn’t a bad thing, but it’s also not very significant.
Unanticipated Journey When using the second attack of Passion Overload’s Charge Level 1, a Normal Attack can be used to perform an additional attack.
This extra blow equals 135% of the second blow’s damage.
This constellation isn’t helpful, but it’s also not harmful, so you don’t need to avoid it.
Genuine Adventurer Raise Fantastic Voyage by 3 levels.
The top level of upgrades is 15.
Bennett’s ATK bonus scales past talent level 10, so it’s impossible to overstate how beneficial this is. Talent level 13 increases Bennett’s ATK by an additional 19%, bringing his total ATK to 119. This is his second-strongest constellation, after C1.
To the Flames with Me! Within the range of Fantastic Voyage, characters wielding swords, claymores, or polearms have their weapons infused with Pyro, giving them a 15% Pyro DMG Bonus. STOP THE CONSTELLATION FROM BEING ACTIVATED!!

It’s a nice idea in theory, but in practice it rarely works out. This will switch your Eula’s damage from Physical to Pyro, your Ayaka’s damage from Cryo to Pyro, your Keqing’s damage from Electro to Pyro, and so on. This means that Bennett will no longer be compatible with a large number of DPS characters.

Since there is currently no way to deactivate a constellation, we strongly advise against activating Bennett’s C6 due to the potential increase in power of Hu Tao and Diluc.

Bennett is an excellent C0-level player who becomes a dangerously unstable C1-level player. At C5, his DMG boosting abilities significantly increase once more, while the levels in between are largely irrelevant.

Bennett builds with unusually high damage per second (DPS) can benefit greatly from C6. In addition, it has a major effect in competitive team settings. In other cases, however, it can have devastating effects—which is why Chongyun is so low on our Character Tier List—because many melee DPS characters are actually harmed by being forced to convert their attacks into Pyro. Bennett should therefore remain at C5 level.

Ideally, miHoYo will allow users to toggle the visibility of gathered constellations at will. For some squads, this would make Bennett even more valuable. Until then, you should give serious consideration to whether or not activating that C6. If you play the game with a sole focus on Diluc, then yes. However, complete commitment is required at that stage.

Best Weapon

Rareness of Arms Explanation
Blade in the Sky
Both the high base ATK and the high Energy Recharge of Skyward Blade are fantastic for Bennett.
Vows of Liberty
Bennett doesn’t find procing the Freedom Sworn passive particularly easy, but he also doesn’t find it particularly challenging. The passive also adds significant benefits to the team’s performance.
A Burning Yearning
Festering Desire stands out as the best option among 4* ER Swords, and Energy Recharge is generally considered the best weapon substat you can give to your Bennett. In addition to having a fairly high base ATK, it will also increase the damage dealt by your Elemental Skill.
Blade of Favonius
Despite the Favonius Sword’s low base ATK for a 4* weapon, its high Energy Recharge makes it useful for keeping your Burst active for longer periods of time.
The Archetype of Malice
How does Bennett benefit from Prototype Rancour’s Physical DMG supplemental stat? Absolutely not!
But the high starting ATK is a given. Choose a weapon with the highest base attack rating (ATK), and disregard its substats and passives if Energy Recharge isn’t a concern. The 5* Mistsplitter Reforged and the Aquila Favonia are also good choices, as are the Alley Flash and the Blackcliff Longsword.

Best Artifacts – 4-Piece Noblesse Oblige

Artifacts have no effect on Bennett’s ATK buff, so he should use them to improve the reliability and healing of his Burst. Therefore, we suggest that you present him with anPower-Restoring Sands, an HP Goblet, and an HP Logos. You can even go HP on the Sands if you have a lot of Energy Recharge from your weapon or substat.

You want to shoot for in the range ofRecovery of VitalityHP%, and flat HPControl of the Elementshelpful, but it’s not a must-have by any stretch of the imagination.

When it comes to set bonuses, you’re pretty much down to theBand: Noblesse Oblige, 4 Piece. Bennett doesn’t benefit at all from the 2-piece bonus, but the 4-piece bonus builds upon his already impressive strengths by increasing the team’s ATK%.

However, there is a fantastic pairing of two 2-piece bonuses that you shouldn’t pass up. We’re Discussing the2-piece Millelith’s Resiliencein addition to the additional HP,A Broken Fate’s Symbol, in Two Partsfor a Boost of Extra Energy.

You could also, in theory, choose the 4-piece Tenacity of the Millelith set. We don’t recommend getting the 4-piece bonus because it’s just another ATK buff with a much shorter duration and the requirement that Bennett be in play in order to reapply it.

Important Synergies

Bennett’s versatility and effectiveness in many different pairings is based on the concept ofsnapshottingSnapshotting is a feature of some (not all) long-lasting abilities in the game, in which the damage done is determined solely by the character’s statistics at the time the ability was cast.

Take the case of boosting Xiangling’s Pyronado’s DMG with Bennett’s Burst. If you use Bennett’s Burst after you’ve already cast Pyronado, the latter will remain unaffected by Bennett’s ATK buff even if she enters the field of the former. This is because Pyronado takes a snapshot of Xiangling’s current stat values at the time of casting, and uses those numbers for its entirety. Insinuation: if you use Pyronade inside Bennett’s Burst, it will be able to absorb and deal damage as normal.maintainthe attack bonus even if you leave the area affected by Bennett’s Burst or after it has ended.

The following is a rundown of which characters have what skills. Skills that have a plus sign next to them take a snapshot, while those with a minus sign don’t. A character’s abilities won’t snap if they aren’t on the list.

Character Confidence in the Elements Extremely High Levels of Elements Explode

Best Team Composition


  • Bennett
  • Xiangling
  • Xingqiu
  • Chongyun

Those supposedlynation’s squadis a tried-and-true free-to-play powerhouse capable of handling challenging endgame content with ease.

Xianglingis the go-to person for DMGs because of her Pyronado, which you should always snap a picture of. As the team’s second Pyro, she activates the Pyro Resonance to give everyone a boost. Everyone can play Xiangling for free, so don’t settle for imitators. Many strong teams have been built around Bennett and Xiangling, not just F2P ones.

Xingqiuperforms a lot of DMG off the field, too. Hydro DMG, which will Vaporize the enemies affected by Pyronado, is what we’re talking about here. Since no other free-to-play character has access to this level of Hydro, we recommend switching to eitherKaeya or Rosariato increase your usage of Melt DMG in the absence of Xingqiu.

Chongyun does some Cryo damage himself, but more importantly, his field transforms the attacks of all melee characters inside it into Cryo, just as Bennett’s C6 would transform their attacks into Pyro. Because of this, he (or anyone else) can attack and apply Cryo while the Pyronado is active, keeping Melt reactions consistent.

For Whales

Bennett’s amazing performance with so many units makes this section particularly challenging. It would be simpler to make a list of the game’s units that don’t improve thanks to Bennett. The majority of these DPS characters aredon’treduction in their ATK scale. First, I think of Albedo and C6 Noelle. Players with access to all characters can use Bennett in a wide variety of fantastic team compositions, including the ones listed below.

  • Bennett
  • Xiangling
  • Ayaka
  • Kazuha

Xianglingholds on to her position here. You can’t afford to have anyone else in this room besides she and Bennett.

Ayakais the raw DPS in action. Ayaka can infuse her weapon with Cryo to consistently proc Melt off of Xiangling’s Pyronado, in addition to providing her with the incredibly powerful Elemental Burst. Melt does perform better with more instances of DMG, but this team’s ability to keep Melt reactions coming consistently will make up for the weaker than ideal power of each individual Melt proc.

Kazuhais used to increase the Elemental Damage of Ayaka and Xiangling, add damage to Swirl attacks, and destroy Elemental Resistance with the Viridescent Venerer set. He can also assist in enemy grouping, increasing the effectiveness of Burst attacks like Xiangling’s and Ayaka’s.

For C6 Bennett

You can either pair Bennett with a ranged DPS character or use Diluc if you accidentally activated C6. Here’s a Diluc comp that brings out the best in the DPS king’s power creeps.

  • Bennett
  • Diluc
  • Xingqiu
  • Kazuha
  • Sucrose

Dilucdo the damage per second on the field. He also turned on the helpful Pyro Resonance.

Xingqiuuses Hydro, letting Diluc turn every Pyro hit into a Vapor. Diluc is the team’s primary DMG dealer and cannot succeed without Bennett and Xingqiu.

Sucrosegangs up on foes using the Viridescent Venerer set bonus, weakening their resistance to your Pyro attacks. Sugar is interchangeable withhelp for AnemoHonestly, she’s a 4* character so that’s why we went with her.Kazuhafits in nicely with the rest of the squad as well. Alternately, you could do without an Anemo support and rely instead onZhongliwith the intention of better protecting oneself.

How to build Bennett as healer support/DPS in Genshin Impact

Alternatives:Sword of Favonius, Rotting Passion

Bennett, whether constructed for support or damage, benefits from a weapon that provides additional Energy Recharge stats.Horizontal Swordis your best bet because it temporarily increases CRIT Rate, DMG, and SPD in addition to increasing Energy Recharge. Find a copy of Skyward Blade if you don’t already have it.A Sword of Favonius or A Burning YearningEnergy Recharge is also enhanced by these.

Best artifacts for healer support: Maiden’s Beloved

Alternative:Please Do What Is Right, Out of Noblesse

The optimal equipment for Bennett is conditional on his intended purpose. We advise going with a 4-piece if Bennett is your only healer.Beloved of the Maidengrouping, even if only a 4-pieceWhat’s Due is Dutyalso effective for therapeutic purposes. The following metrics and sub-metrics should take precedence in this build:

Consider the following when deciding which statistics and substats to emphasize in a Bennett build tailored toward healing:

  • Logos’s Circular Sign:Gain in Health
  • Deserts of Time: HP
  • Eonothem’s Goblet: HP
  • Substats:Input and Output (I/O)

Best artifacts for DPS: Crimson Witch or Gladiator’s Finale

Alternative:Blending the two groups discussed previously

Bennett works best in a 4-piece or 5-piece DPS.Red-Haired Hagany quartetThe End of the Gladiator set. You could also use a 2-piece set of both of these kits together.

Bennett’s DPS usage requires consideration of the following statistics and substats:

  • Logos’s Circular Sign:The Bonus Damage from Pyro DMG
  • The Eonan Sands:Attack on Target or Power Up
  • Eonothem’s Goblet: ATK
  • Substats:Bonuses to Attack Power and Pyro Damage

Talent: Fantastic Voyage (Elemental Burst)

Building up Bennett’s experience levels shouldSpark of the Elementsbefore referring to hisPower Over Nature. You can raise his DPS stat if you plan on using him in that role.Standard Assaultsimilarly; this should be your last priority. Everything Bennett has planned is as follows:

  • Standard Assault– Can deliver up to 5 blows in quick succession.
  • Assault in a ChargeCosts some Stamina to use for two quick slashes with a sword.
  • Assault from BelowDrops from above, causing area-of-effect damage to anyone in its path and dealing additional damage on impact.
  • Ability of the Elements: Overwhelming EmotionBennett channels the energy of Adventure and Pyro into his weapon. The outcomes vary depending on the duration of his charging. With a single button press, you can deal pyro damage quickly and effectively. When held for a period of time, the effect changes depending on the Charge Level. First level attack deals Pyro damage and launches foes. Second level: unleashes three attacks in rapid succession, each dealing significant Pyro DMG, but the third attack causes an explosion that throws Bennett and the enemy into the air. While being launched doesn’t hurt Bennett, falling from a great height might.
  • Fantastic Voyage, a Burst of ElementsBennett executes a jumping slam attack that inflicts Pyro DMG and generates an Inspiration Field that lasts for 12 seconds. Each second, a character within the area of effect whose health is equal to or below 70% will recover 1 health point. Bennett’s Maximum HP is uncapped after receiving that much HP back. Any target within the area of effect whose health is greater than 70% receives an attack bonus proportional to Bennett’s base attack power. Gives the AoE’s target the ability to use Pyro.
  • Natural Ability 1Reduces the CD of Passion Overload by 20%.
  • Subtle Ability Level 2– While inside the circle of Fantastic Voyage, Bennett is immune to the launching explosion of Passion Overload, and its cooldown is cut in half.
  • Third-Rate Latent AbilitiesTime spent traveling is cut in half for expeditions sent out from Mondstadt.

Party composition: Healer build

  • Main DPS: Xingqiu
  • Backup DPS: Xiangling
  • Healer: Bennett
  • Support: Sucrose

Alternate 5* version:Xingqiu’s DPS role has been taken over by Tartaglia.

Bennett is so versatile as a healing support character that he can fit into almost any squad. Bennett’s Elemental Burst, with its massive buffs to attack and healing, has a chance to shine in this and many other DPS/sub-DPS/support combinations.

Try Xiangling, a free Pyro character, as a sub-DPS alongside a strong Hydro main: You’d be making a minor (but still appreciable) upgrade by switching out Xingqiu for 5* Tartaglia if you already have him because he’s the best of the 4* characters. When these two are working together as the party’s main offensive characters, they set off the Vapourize Elemental Reaction, which causes significant damage to be increased against affected foes.

Anemo’s Swirl can be applied to foes who are already being affected by another character’s element, allowing you to effectively group enemies. Despite the fact that 5* Anemo characters are relatively uncommon, Sucrose is a top-tier 4* who will perform admirably in this role.

Party composition: DPS build

  • Main DPS: Bennett
  • Backup DPS: Xiangling
  • Healer: Barbara
  • Support: Sucrose

5 out of 5 alternate:In place of Xiangling as the team’s secondary DPS is Hu Tao.

Bennett and his party can take advantage of the 25% attack boost afforded by the Fervent Flames elemental resonance by maintaining a Pyro character in the secondary DPS position. Since Pyro is currently the most common element in Genshin Impact, choosing a sub-DPS from among the many available is a breeze. While I’ve stuck with Xiangling because she and Bennett complement each other so well, this is a good opportunity to test out one of Genshin’s many 5* Pyro wielders like Hu Tao in a sub-DPS role, since nobody is going to outshine Bennett.

When it comes to healing, Barbara is second only to Bennett in Genshin Impact, and she’s also a 4* character, making her surprisingly easy to obtain. To make the most of her skills and the Vapourize reaction she can aid in creating with her Hydro powers, put her in a healing role. At last, Sucrose can function as effectively as crowd control/power amplifier outside of the Bennett healer team as she does within it.

How to level up Bennett in Genshin Impact

Ascension Materials

To reach the peak of Bennett, you must have:

Degree of Ascension Materials
1 Three Windwheel Aster flowers, three Treasure Hoarder emblems, twenty thousand Mora, and a sliver of Agnidus Agate
2 Three pieces of Agnidus Agate, two Everflame Seeds, ten Windwheel Aster flowers, fifteen Treasure Hoarder insignias, and forty thousand Mora.
3 Six fragments of Agnidus agate, four seeds of the Everflame, twenty aster flowers, twelve silver raven emblems, sixty thousand mora
4 Three pieces of Agnidus agate, eight seeds of everflame, thirty asters of windwheel, eighteen insignia of silver raven, eighty thousand mora,
5 6 pieces of Agnidus agate, 12 everflame seeds, 45 aster flowers, 12 golden raven emblems, and 100,000 mora
6 60,000 Windwheel Aster seeds, 24 Golden Raven emblems, 120,000 Mora, and 6 Agnidus Agate gems.
Total One sliver of Agnidus agate, nine fragments of Agnidus agate, nine chunks of Agnidus agate, six gemstones of Agnidus agate, All together, you’ll need 420,000 Mora, 46 Everflame Seeds, 168 Windwheel Asters, 18 Treasure Hoarder Insignias, 30 Silver Raven Insignias, and 36 Golden Raven Insignias.

In order to acquire enough Agnidus Agate, you must first vanquish the bosses of the Pyro faction (Regisvine and Hypostasis). The only way to get Everflame Seeds is to defeat the Pyro Regisvine. Traveling all over Mondstadt to collect Windwheel Asters and all over Teyvat to battle Treasure Hoarders for their valuable Insignias is also required.


Bennett requires the following to fully develop any of his abilities:

Talent Grade Minimum Ascension Grade Materials
2 (2) You’ll need 12,500 Mora, 6 Treasure Hoarder Insignia, and 3 Resistance Teachings.
3 (3) You’ll need 17500 Mora, 3 Silver Raven Insignia, and 2 Guides to Resistance.
4 (3) 25,000 Mora, 4 Silver Raven Insignias, and 4 Guides to Resistance.
5 (4) Six Silver Raven Insignia, six Resistance Guides, and thirty thousand Mora
5 (4) Nine Silver Raven Insignia, nine Resistance Guides, and 37,500 Mora
7 (5) Four Golden Raven Insignia, Four Philosophies of Resistance, One Dvalin’s Plume, and One Hundred and Twenty Thousand Mora
8 (5) 260k Mora, 1 Dvalin’s Plume, 6 Golden Raven Insignias, 6 Philosophies of Resistance
9 (6) Nine Golden Raven Insignia, Twelve Philosophies of Resistance, Two Dvalin’s Plumes, and Four Hundred and Fifty Thousand Mora
10 (6) 700,000 Mora, 2 Dvalin’s Plumes, 1 Crown of Insight, 12 Golden Raven Insignias, 16 Philosophies of Resistance, and a Golden Raven Insignia.
Total Three Principles of Resistance, Twenty-one Strategies for Opposition, The 38 Theories of Rebellion, Six Symbols of the Treasure Hoarder, 22 Raven emblems made of silver, 31 badges of the Golden Raven, 1,652,500 Mora, 6 Dvalin’s Plumes, and 1 Crown of Insight

You’ll need three sets of everything here if you want to give Bennett the triple crown of talent.Dvalin’s Plumes are only available as rewards for completing the Stormterror Challenge at Level 70 , while the books needed for Bennett’s talents can be found in the Forsaken Rift domain (only on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays). Final Crowns of Insight are obtained through special events or by presenting gifts to the Frostbearing Tree and the Sacred Sakura.


Bennett’s Sky Object 1is a wise investment because it improves his healing capacity significantly. However, wish for his Constellations at your own risk, as Bennett’sStar Cluster No. 6is one of the Genshin Impact Constellations that players despise the most. When Bennett uses his Burst, any character’s physical DMG bonus is nullified, so even a character like Razor, who is optimized for physical DMG, will deal less damage than normal. To give another example, Bennett’s C6 will nullify the Melt reaction used by a Cryo character like Chongyun. We advise against immediately activating Bennett’s C6 upon arrival, despite how tempting it may be. All of his Constellations (even the dreaded C6) are listed below.

  • Constellation Level One: Great Hopes– The ATK boost from Fantastic Voyage now has no HP cap and adds 20% to Bennett’s Base ATK.
  • Constellation Level 2 Impasse ConquerorBennett gets a 30% buff to his Energy Recharge when his HP drops below 70%.
  • Indestructible Zeal, Level 3 Constellation– Raise the Passion Overload Level by 3. The highest possible level of upgrades is level 15.
  • Constellation Level 4: An Unexpected OdysseyWhen using the second attack of Passion Overload’s Charge Level 1, a Normal Attack can be used to perform a third attack. This supplementary blow deals damage equal to 1.35 times that of the second attack.
  • Constellation Level 5 True ExplorerAdds 3 to the Fantastic Voyage level cap. Maximum level of upgrades is 15.
  • Join Me on My Fire-Based Constellation 6 Adventures!Characters within the area of effect of Fantastic Voyage who are wielding a sword, claymore, or polearm have their weapons infused with pyro, giving them a 15% Pyro DMG Bonus.

How to get Bennett in Genshin Impact

Bennett is a 4-star character who can be drawn at any time from either the Character Event Wish banner or the Standard Wish banner. Although Bennett is not currently being promoted with a higher drop rate, he is a fairly common featured character on Character Event Wish banners, so he will likely return in the near future.


Is Bennett any good Genshin Impact?

Bennett’s top-tier Genshin Impact construction
Thanks to his incredible elemental burst ability, Bennett is the game’s best pyro support character. We suggest pairing him with another pyro character, such as Klee from Genshin Impact, to take advantage of pyro elemental resonance and increase your team’s damage output.

Is Bennett better support or DPS?

Because it not only increases Bennett’s Q DMG but also gives your entire team a 20% ATK buff, Noblesse Oblige is practically mandatory. Excellent for dealing rotational damage as a team!

Primary data (for Help):

Sands Goblet Circlet
ER% Percentage of Maximum Health (or Maximum Pyro DMG) The Healing Bonus Percentage

What weapon is best for Bennett?

Weapons Power Rankings

Rating Weapon
Best Horizontal Sword
The Runner-Up A Burning Yearning
Below Average The Blade of Sacrifice


In other words, of all the 4* characters, Bennett is the most important and powerful. His initial constellation is incredible, but he doesn’t require anything else to maintain his high level of performance. And since Bennett is a free-to-play player, he can easily acquire the weapons and artifacts he covets by simply picking through the trash of other players.

You’re not doing yourself or your account any favors by not having a Bennett and rooting for him to succeed.