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Creatures of all shapes and sizes abound on the expansive Anthem environment. Grab bits, on the other hand, represent little danger, while Titans are always on the prowl for blood.

It’s important to know where to aim your bullets, skills, and combinations at different foes in order to maximize the amount of damage you inflict.

Whenever an enemy’s weak point is hit, the game does an outstanding job of highlighting the location. However, in the midst of battle, you may not always be aware of this fact.

So we’ve put up this guide to help you get the most out of Anthem. Check out our other Anthem guides for more information on how to become the finest Freelancer in Fort Tarsis.

Targeted Enemies

Target Icon.pngIf a mission’s progress depends on defeating an opponent, that enemy will be labeled with

The Boss is always located at the end of a Stronghold or a Cataclysm, hence a targeted adversary can be any type of monster.

Anthem: Enemy Guide (All Enemy Types & Weak Points) - GamingScan

Enemy Classification

The following is a general breakdown of enemies:

  • Enemies
  • Exalted foes
  • Enemies of the Century
  • Enemies at the top of the food chain
  • Enemies from the Past
  • Bosses


Scars can be thought of as bug-like creatures. Insects have disguised themselves like people in order to appear scarier than they really are. “Scar” is a collective name for several distinct foes. The following is a list of each of them, along with a description of their known flaw:


  • Escari are enormous mechanical spiders with four legs.
  • Each of their legs has a weak spot in the form of metal plating. Stun the Escari with enough damage to one of its legs, and you’ll be able to deliver more damage.

Destroyers, Hunters, Scouts, Scrappers, Junkmaws

  • They all appear to be humanoids on two legs.
  • Destroyers have the ability to shoot out mines that explode when they find a player.
  • Scar’s leaders, Junkmaw, are able to hover.
  • Before firing a shot, scouts use sniper rifles to aim at the target.
  • Their heads are usually their weakest link.

Enforcers, Gatekeepers

  • Scars that are substantially larger than other scars appear to be the case here. Carry a shield that can’t be penetrated.
  • The combustible canisters attached to their right hand and back are the weak spot.


  • In the Stronghold, you’ll confront a large Escari.
  • Like the original Escari, but with missiles that track and deliver a lot more damage.
  • Each of their legs has a weak spot in the form of metal plating. It is possible to temporarily stun one of the legs, allowing you to deal more damage.


It doesn’t take much to get rid of skorpions, which have a horrible appearance. Their acid assaults can quickly deplete your health, but they’re also prone to attack in groups. The following is a list of each of them, along with a description of their known flaw:


  • The creature’s mouth fires long-range acid darts.
  • There is no obvious weakness.


  • Will make an attempt to bite you if you are within striking distance.
  • There is no obvious weakness.


  • Infected with explosive, bulbous acidic growths on their back.
  • The growths on their back are the weak link.

Swarm Tyrant

  • As a Stronghold boss, I ran into him.
  • If a web projectile hits the player, it restricts the player’s movement.
  • The sacs on its back and sides are the weak link.


They are lifelong adversaries of the Freelancers, and they seek to acquire Shaper instruments in order to rule over the whole human race. The following is a breakdown of the pros and cons of each one:


  • Soldier of the Dominion, as you might expect.
  • Their head is their weak spot.


  • Can fly and produce a protective shield around themselves like the Storm Javelin.
  • Elemental weapons can be fired.
  • Their head is their weak spot. But before you can go in for the kill, you have to take off their shield first.


  • Protective shields can be summoned by powerful creatures.
  • On their right long arm, they have a weakness.

The Monitor

  • Anthem’s major antagonist, who is also a Stronghold boss.
  • Physical and elemental bullets can be used in a variety of ways.
  • The weakness lies in its chessboard.

Other Enemy Types

There are a variety of distinct enemy factions that can call and deploy different types of monsters, but none of them have a monopoly on this. The following is a breakdown of the pros and cons of each one:


  • Big, bipedal animals that can be found all across the earth.
  • As well as orbs that explode when they detect a player’s location, there are numerous other attacks.
  • When they shine, their arms and chest are vulnerable, but only when they open.


  • A huge predator that can hop from one place to another.
  • Will hurl huge rocks at the player on a regular basis.
  • The weak spot lies in the bottom portions of its arms and stomach.


  • Massive automatic weapons systems.
  • This person’s main weakness is on the other side of their rifle barrel, on their back.


  • Humanoid monsters with powerful melee attacks that are large and human-like.
  • Their head is their weak spot.


  • Dog-like monsters that attack and attack gamers.
  • Their head is their weak spot.


  • Like Hounds, they are known for their tendency to attack in groups.
  • Their head is their weak spot.


  • Creatures that fly and breathe fire.
  • The wings of these creatures are particularly vulnerable.

Enemies and bosses in Anthem


There are many instances where turrets emerge in enemy strongholds, even if they aren’t actually enemies themselves. We have no idea what they’re like. Machine guns and guided missile launchers (the game will alert you to being targeted by a message in the middle of the screen and playing a warning sound – these attacks are extremely deadly) are all they can do. However, turrets have two weaknesses, one of which is a weak spot in the back of their turrets (fuel tank). The turret will explode if you fire at it, thus you won’t have to use up your entire health bar. Frozen turrets can’t move or fire, which is the second weakness.

Anthem: Enemy Guide (All Enemy Types & Weak Points) - GamingScan

Fighting the turret is easiest when you approach it in a circular motion and fire at the fuel tank — since the turret rotates slower than you, you won’t get struck. If you have a sluggish weapon (e.g. Colossus cannon) or don’t have enough room to circle the turret, this strategy won’t work.

Taking out turrets is a breeze if you’re playing with others. One player hides behind the turret and attacks it in turn when it rotates in the other player’s direction.

Legendary and Elite opponents

The majority of your group’s opponents will be Elite or Legendary foes. Outlaw shooters, for example, don’t have shields, but they’re still considered elites because they have shields. When you encounter a group of opponents and begin eliminating them, tougher reinforcements will spawn at the spot, making it common to run into enemies of both ranks during missions and free play. Random loot can be found after the death of legendary characters.

  1. When playing at a higher difficulty level, you’ll encounter elite/legendary opponents.
  2. Even if an enemy has a typical appearance and lacks any distinguishing characteristics, it might nevertheless be considered an exceptional or legendary enemy.

Outlaw Elementalists are notoriously difficult foes to deal with in battle. They have a circular barrier around them and can levitate. They use a variety of elements in their strikes, switching between them frequently. They are shielded from the loss of health and detrimental effects, such as freezing, by their protective armor. All attacks from the chosen element are protected by an elemental shield (if the Elementalist uses a fire element, a flamethrower will deal 0 damage to the shield). It is imperative that these units be destroyed as quickly as possible, as they may grant our hero unfavorable modifiers. Remove their shields first with weapons, then use skills to finish them out. In order to prevent the attacker from renewing his shield, you can use explosives.

When fighting Scars, higher-ranking opponents arise. Flamethrowers and massive shields are standard issue for Enforcers. Protected by their shields, they are unable to take any harm from any attack. If someone is distracting them, then striking them from a distance with their weapon of choice is the best option. Containers on their backs and right hands are their main weaknesses. There’s a lot of harm done by shooting at those places. To destroy an opponent quickly, concentrate your efforts on a single container rather than attempting to deplete their health meter completely.


In-game free play may bring you face to face with this mole-like monster. Although he looks intimidating, in actuality, he is a non-threatening foe. His main weakness is his head, and he primarily uses melee assaults and stone throws to defend himself.


There are two sizes of Titans: small and large. During free play, smaller titans are frequently seen across the realm (sometimes even outside of events). If you’ve played Anthem for a while, you should be able to take down the smaller titan all by yourself. It all depends on the enemy’s current attack, but their hands and chest/back area are vulnerable. With a yellow flame illuminating your target, you’ll know just where to strike. You should wait until he reveals a crack on his back before using his best attacks (such as special assaults).

Greater Titans typically appear as the primary antagonist in missions or contracts, and their health meter may be seen in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Along with increased health, they may call elementals, and each of their attacks is boosted by a factor of two. What can Titan do, and how can you defend yourself against it? In addition to doing fire damage and setting the player ablaze, Titan’s attacks also cause the player’s health to deplete rapidly.

  1. Summoning an elemental immediately puts the player in their sights. Upon contact, they detonate. You have a lot of time before they go off to dodge and wait for them to run out of health. With his shield, Colossus has the option of shoving them or protecting himself from the explosion.
  2. The Titan’s chest shoots a ray. The Titan’s back crack (a weak place) is open to your strikes for the length of the attack. To avoid the beam, you must hide behind a cover or conduct evasive maneuvers in midair.
  3. Fireballs that are guided toward the players emanate from the back and head of the opponent. It’s possible to hide behind cover, but you’ll have to find anything that’s bigger than a tree or a structure because the ball can fly right through. This strike is deflected by the Colossus shield.
  4. On the ground and roughly four meters above the ground, Titan emits radiation. To dodge them, you’ll have to jump; once you’ve been hit, though, you’ll have an overloaded suit and will be unable to avoid the following wave. The best method to avoid the waves is to fly above them. Many things and certain covers are transparent to the waves.
  5. It’s an attack that lands right where you are. A extremely particular attack that can be difficult to spot when you’re engaged in combat with others. Suddenly, a glowing ball of light appears right close to you, even if you’re shielded. It’s preferable to use L. Ctrl. for a quick dodge.

Finding a vantage point from which to assault the enemy is the greatest technique. You are only vulnerable to two of his attacks because of your posture.


They don’t come across this type of opponent very often. These are almost always seen in groups of two or three, making them extremely hazardous. They use brute force and teleportation to get to their target. They can also unleash deadly projectiles that are directed towards the player. As soon as their shields are destroyed, they activate a special black spherical shield that is resistant to all attacks. Fire at the sphere’s red spots to extricate them. Use your special attacks and go all-out on offense if you’re up against one of these Furies. They’re dangerous enough to take down a whole team!


Due to the fact that they can fire in any direction and cannot be surprised, large robots with steel legs are extremely difficult to fight. The machine’s top-mounted cannon must be pointed in the desired direction, but guided rockets can be fired in several directions at the same time, even backward. It is necessary to constantly employ things as a form of cover when fighting these opponents. Side-by-side rectangle-shaped magazines are the enemy’s weakness. There is only one exception to this rule: Escari Scelosa, a boss found in The Temple of Scar Stronghold quest, who is particularly vulnerable due to his weak leg.

Swarm Titan

In the Tyrant’s Mine Stronghold task, you’ll encounter this critter. The fight against this boss is straightforward: you must strike the large red patches on his back, each of which represents 1 life. Afterwards, the monster lies still for a bit, then proceeds to climb the rocks – throughout this time, you’ll be fighting reinforcements in the form of countless scorpions, and the boss won’t return to the arena until you defeat them..””” Attacks from the opponent include:

  1. Don’t get too near to the monster, for his strikes are quite powerful.
  2. If the boss enters the arena, it is more likely that he or she will jump, but it can happen at any time during combat. Avoid this jump at all costs; it can be devastating at higher difficulty levels due to its height and slowness.
  3. A web is thrown by the enemy, trapping you and preventing your motions, preventing you from attacking or defending yourself. To get out of this situation as quickly as possible, press the jump button repeatedly.

A few more pointers:

  1. It is possible to deliver more damage to the opponent before he flees if the players assault the monster from multiple angles. This may reduce the number of retries when the monster escapes.
  2. Attack the monster while he is climbing the rocks – he is still susceptible.
  3. Smaller scorpions may still enter the scene during combat, so be on the lookout for those as well.
  4. After defeating the boss, he leaves behind various valuables.


During the final mission of the game, as well as the Heart of Fury Stronghold mission, the Monitor emerges as an unique boss (and is mostly a repetition of the final mission). Combat with the Monitor takes on a unique shape due to the Monitor’s uniqueness as an opponent.

Three arenas are available for combat with Monitor. As the enemy travels, the vulnerable place on his waist appears from various angles, depending on the direction the enemy is facing. If you clear 1.5 to 2 health bars, the arena changes. Monitor conducts a variety of assaults based on the arena you are currently in.

It’s possible to take down the adversary on the first arena by using a combination of melee strikes and meteors that erupt with a massive explosion after a short period of time. You’ll want to keep an eye out for acid bubbling up between the stone slabs in the second arena. An acid elemental that explodes upon touch is summoned by the enemy during this phase. Aside from that, acid balls (L.Ctrl) appear adjacent to players, which explode after a short period of time – employ dodges to avoid them in the proper moment.

During the final battle, Monitor employs a combination of electrical discharges and devastating physical assaults. Waves of electrical strikes sweep across the arena, encircling it from every corner. During this stage, players are encouraged to move around and use the arena’s ruins to their advantage.

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What is a legendary enemy in Anthem?

Legendary Enemies are more difficult to defeat than typical opponents. They have more health and can deal more damage than the others. They are far more powerful than any other enemy rarity, except for the Bosses. Legendary foes can be found in every faction.

Who do you fight in Anthem?

The Observer
The Monitor is Anthem’s final and toughest opponent. Anti-Anthem will be on your side. The Monitor Boss as a gigantic titan after absorbing the power. There are three stages to a boss fight: fire, poison, and electric.

Are there bosses in Anthem?

Anthem for all boss fights Everything in Anthem has a final boss fight, as well as all of the Stronghold bosses.